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Baker & Taylor , the publisher behind many iOS app (Axis 360 ,axisReader), brings Axis 360 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Axis 360 app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • plus has audio books..

Ease of Usec46
Easy to use.
Very easy to checkout a book that was available from my holds.

you can also check out ebooks for ereader apps x2013. found in 1 reviews
Significant improvement to the previous apps. found in 1 reviews
and I like the appearance of the app. found in 1 reviews
Very easy to checkout a book that was available from my holds. found in 1 reviews
2. found in 1 reviews
0 is buggy and crashes. found in 1 reviews
Having trouble connecting a Blio account to read a new e book. found in 1 reviews
delete and reinstall seemed to fix that
it does not keep tract of where you left off. found in 1 reviews
No problems until the last week or so. found in 1 reviews
after you enter country it locks up before you can enter state. found in 1 reviews
My iPhone and iPad are fairly new so that's not the problem. found in 1 reviews
I keep hoping they will fix it. found in 1 reviews
Then if you stop listening for over a minute or so. found in 1 reviews
My Library takes a long time to open. found in 1 reviews
Getting very frustrated. found in 1 reviews
To make matters worse. found in 1 reviews
Unable to put a hold on books. found in 1 reviews
or phone rings the app quits. found in 2 reviews
They should be forced to use their own app daily. found in 8 reviews
Beyond frustrating. found in 1 reviews
but the Name field is uneditable. found in 2 reviews
It crashes when you try to check out a book. found in 2 reviews
If your library uses this one - good luck. found in 1 reviews
Crashed when I enter my library name. found in 2 reviews
Pretty much impossible to listen to a book without connecting to the Internet. found in 2 reviews
So bad it can't be described in words. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Axis 360 for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 5.6 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-08-20. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Axis 360 gives library users the ability to search, browse and discover ebooks and/or digital audiobooks available for lending through their public library with ease. Designed to provide a mobile experience for users of the ...
The update fixes a lot by combining apps so you dont have to jump between them Ive had a couple crashes hopefully they get ironed out and they make it easier to return items without having to download them              Better but a bit further to go
The bookmark feature works half the time and within the last few weeks the app doesnt work without a WiFi connection To make matters worse none of the staff at the library I use knows what they are doing and will not return calls to help rectify the problem Horrible     This App Is Lousy
To Being My Favorite App But Still A Ways to Go The Good Visually appealing Deletes expired content automatically under Preferences Great selection Easy to read icons for book or audio that are grayed out if checked out Easy to navigate to My Stuff which includes Checked Out On Hold Wish List items Much Improved Combined allinone search audio and eReader eBookeAudio filter for mobile devices Want to be a 4 Star App Fix this stuff Timer does not work It times out in seconds instead of minutes Audio download time slow Frequent connection error messages Error The Request timed out Error Oops Weve encountered an error please try again Does not remember where I left off Sometimes bookmarking helps and sometimes it doesnt Occasionally starts playing then skips to end of chapter Want to be a 5 Star App Behave like my Podcast App Pandora or Audible Dont ever time out even when my iPhone goes to lock screen Open the ebook or eAudio exactly where I left it I hit one button play and it starts Allow pause from my earbud controller Tip for those frustrating timeout error messages Turn off wireless and just use cellular to get it going Then you can turn wireless back on           Its Getting Closer
When I zoom in it brakes my book so I cant read the diary of a wimpy kid Im so sad I had to re download it but 3 stars        DO NOT ZOOM IN
Just downloaded the app and Im unable to login using my library card number and pin Wish our library went back to overdrive     Terrible app
Ugh     Ugh
Downloaded to my iPad Wont even open     Crashes instantly
I have to use this app to download audiobooks from my library It is slow and cant hold the place in the book consistently I cant go directly to my audio books I have to go through the library and then the audio reader Takes forever I wish the library would go back to the Acoustik app     Sad app
Great idea but extremely poor implementation Works fine for the first listening session but the bookmarks feature is useless you will need to make a note of where you were in the book if you hope to find the place again For me the app shuts down randomly if I stop it for a moment while shopping I have to reboot it reestablish the connection my library find my book and then find my place WITHIN the book the whole process takes about 5 minutes which basically negates any advantage compared to the oldfashioned system of copying CDs onto my iPhone Hoopla is slightly better bookmarks work great for me likewise Overdrive which sometimes will keep my place in a book and is much quicker to restart     Frustrating app
This newest update is so bad that the app cant even open I get the intro screen and then it automatically closes leaving me with zero access Wish my library would go back to blio     Developers need to check if it actually opens
If this is the best someone can up with for downloading books the we are all in trouble This app is non responsive and continually times out I have no good comments because I still have not got on for the first time     Awful app
I had to update to this latest version a week or so ago and while searching for books was a bit easier the app has crashed multiple times while I was trying to read        I miss the old version
Super easy to check out books However getting to those books to read after checkout is a constant source of frustration Once I download a book and start reading I feel like thats where the app should open Im not sure why the app forces me to go through my library wall to get to my stuff and finally to the book Im reading Ugh           Almost
This update seems to have taken us backwards It doesnt make sense not to be able to read the books offline many of us use our readers while traveling and no access to wifi Why cant we go back to downloading the book and using the axis reader to read them when we want Also the app keeps crashing Hope the designers are reading this and all other similar reviews     No good review
I am a new user Ive used the app once to read a book No issues App was easy to use              Works
If I go to my library website I can login just fine If I try to login with this app it keeps saying invalid login or password This app is making OverDrive look good and I hate using OverDrive     Just horrible Cant even login
This app is horrible Im always kicked off my apps     Fr do
You need to change this app so that if a book is being read the app should go directly to the book and to the page that was last being read I hate that I have to click on my stuff then the book and sometimes even a third click to get into the book Very frustrating Blio was better           Fix this please
Doesnt even deserve 1 star Since this is now the only way to read Ebooks from my library its very frustrating that it doesnt work I liked the blio app which I guess is no longer thanks to this app If you are going to take away a perfectly good app then you better at least replace it with a better or at least equal app I liked that I could read on multiple devices like my phone then iPad This is why I never liked axis Would be nice if I could just get it to work since my digital rental is counting away and I cant even sign in Fix please     Please fix or bring back blio
Initially I though this app was an improvement over its olde version It streamlined the borrowing process a bit though I still couldnt opt for the app to retain some info from one use to the next THEN today it utterly failed me I used it on a flight and went to use it while waiting for my next leg Suddenly all my books were expired Huh I had 2 more weeks use on all of them Ive got a 10 hour flight ahead and no books Thanks for nothing     A bomb not THE BOMB
Asks for country and state to find library Cannot make it to state Stuck on country even when country is selected     Cannot configure
The experience of searching for books putting a hold on them and checking them it is satisfactory But once Ive checked out and started reading a book its an exercise in frustration I shouldnt have to go through a severalclick process to reopen a book At the very least there should be a setting to select open book in process the default when you open the app I will say that I have not had the problem mentioned by others where their place is lost in print books but it has been the case in audio books Developers check out and emulate the Kindle app if you want to have a good app        OK for finding books subpar for reading them
Ive had to reinstall several times just to read the 2 books I checked out from my local library The app crashes every other day     Terrible
This is so annoying Even when I set a bookmark it rarely works If you pause your book you will lose your place This app is good for downloading and finding books but abysmal at resuming your book once you started it I am so sick of starting at chapter 1 every single time and then having to manually find where I was before I paused Really guys        Bookmark is broken
It wont let me download my book or read it Tried from iPad and iPhone Would recommend my library quit using this     Terrible
How and why did my library pick this app It chooses random times not to work at all If they want this app to survive they need to work on fixing asap     Garbage
Latest upgrade now limits me to using only one library system I have cards at multiple libraries they are paying BT for this service and I cant use it Overdrive is SO MUCH BETTER     Where are my OTHER libraries
The old app allowed choosing which library to use but the new one doesnt I use a couple to get better selection of books Not an improvement Also the help text is TINY and cant be enlarged by spreading fingers Not very helpful especially for those of us with poor eyesight who may want to use the speech option Never got to reading tried to use old app but wants me to download new one     Only allows one library needs multiple option
Endless 504 errors on setup     Unusable
Every time I try to open a book on my iPhone 6S the app crashes The app was working on my old iPhone 5 Please fix        Keeps Crashing
Loved Axis Reader but do not like Axis 360 Have a very hard time logging into libraries Should be able to switch libraries easily Dislike the app very much and it is a shame because my 6 year old son loves reading his books on his iPad through here or should I say he used too     Horrible
Needs to have easy for goodly sarvis could not painful mm like yea for need to having help     Has need for geeting better
This is a terrible App Search for my library doesnt work I cant get past the initial screen Blio works great Axis360 is terrible     Doesnt Work
Will not load my audiobook           Bad so far
California residents can apply for multiple library accounts This app and blio does not know what to do with multiple accounts Now I am unable to open a book I borrowed simply because I switched libraries Very very frustrating     Will not work with multiple library accounts
The phrase YOU HAD ONE JOB always comes to mind when I try unsuccessfully to use this app Why am I still trying Do I think so little of myself that I cause myself this pain No longer After this review I will gladly pay for something rather than use this awful free buggy nightmare Technically Axis360 has two jobs To open my book and to play my book where I left off It does neither Starting Axis360 is a nightmare Sometimes itll only hang for three minutes while trying to load your library wall whatever that is Oh you who wait three minutes you are fortunate The other half of the time it just crashes SO THATS FUN Then you want to play your book Surely an app for listening to books remembers your place in a book NOPE Axis360 seems to just start from somewhere random each time Maybe its a chapter back Maybe two Can you find your place or jump to your further place Nope I think Ive spent more time listening to chapters again then listening to new chapters This app makes me question whether life is worth living     Horrific and unusable Cannot save your place in a book Crashes constantly
Im a librarian and an audiobook listener and I have to say that the new app iOS is worse than Acoustik for listening to audiobooks and Acoustik is TERRIBLE Here are the frustrating aspects of using the Axis360 app for audiobooks First every time I open the app it has to configure my Library Wall Im not interested in my Library Wall I want to listen to an audiobook To get to my audiobook I have to click My Shelf which also takes seconds to configure though this time without the message just the spinning wheel of waiting If Im starting a new audiobook I can click Listen Now and the audiobook begins Ive Im returning to a book Ive already started I can click Continue allowing me to pick up where Ive left off Assuming I have a wifi connection for some reason If Im not connected to a wireless network even if the book is already downloaded the Continue link wont work Instead I get an Error message indicating that Wifi connection not available Why do I need wifi I can get around this error by clicking the book cover and opening the Details screen which takes a moment more spinning wheel of waiting Now I can click Listen Now but sometimes it doesnt pick up where I left off instead it starts at the beginning of whichever chapter Im in There are other troubling inconveniences When Im listening to the audiobook with my phone in sleep mode I can pause the audiobook but as soon as I do the controls disappear and I have to open my phone and get back into the app to start it up again if Im lucky my phone will open directly to the Details page of the audiobook and not make me go through Reconfiguring My Library etc When the controls disappear they are also unavailable in my Control Center I have used the Acoustik app for a year and it was terrible The new Axis 360 app does not have the same problems as Acoustik but instead has an entire new slate of problems which make it impossible to enjoy listening to audiobooks on my iPhone I am a frequent user of both the Overdrive and Audible apps for iOS and neither of them have the same massive inconveniences that Axis 360 has I hope a new version of the Axis 360 app is forthcoming as it is I find it impossible to use and will likely suggest to my library that we reconsider our investment in Axis 360     Terrible for Audiobook Listening
Please update the app I cannot read a book Ive been waiting forever to read because every time I try to download it the app crashes     Crashes when i try to download book
On my iPad this app works amazing Running the latest iOS 9 runs great Love how fast it is              Great App
I cannot even get past the choose your state and country portion of the app I would give this 0 stars if I could You guys arent even trying to make this right Its sloppy work and a bad reflection on your company     So is this just a concept app
I put in my library card and pin and could easily download Easy to useplus has audio books                 Ask your library to get Axis
I would delete this app but my library makes me use when I check out an audio book It doesnt save your place When you open the appthe player does not open up You have to go through several screens and reopen the book each timevery annoying You have to manually bookmark Please fix these issues and make it like other audio players     Horrible app
Return an item in the separate app you must have to even read books and have it haunt your account with no way to remove it Wont know if it automatically deletes when expired because despite the site saying that feature can be done via the options no such thing exists This is a terrible app     Super buggy interface
Easy and intuitive                 Mr
Constantly crashing Cant get inblio was much better Please fix     Terrible
300 is SLOW Click on any title and WAIT and WAIT for the details to load     Version 300 Worse Than Previous
Please fix the bugs I sign up and login check out one book open it up and bam The app crashes I think to myself oh okay lets just try that again I open up the book again and the app crashes again I do that process over and over and I get the same result each time Again and again and again Get my point I just want to read and this is certainly not the app Im going to do it on    
I was able to log in and checkout books without a problem The book came right up for me to read I like the new app and reader              Much Easier than the old App
What happened This app went from being awesome 100xs better than Blio to shoddy in just a few updates Man do I WISH I NEVER UPDATED I know my library is paying for this app ppl donate money to the library thats how it worksonly you guys have failed big time with your current update seem to be taking advantage of these libraries Check out Overdrive THAT is what you Axis360 devs should strive for Dont you take ANY pride in your work PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING BACK the ability to make NOTES HIGHLIGHT especially to use the DICTIONARY Please guys this is a serious heartfelt plea from an appreciative reader who feels your pain even if you could just go back two updates that would be significantly better than this version Thank you for your time     Cmon guys No notes No dictionary

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