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Sevenlogics, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Tip Calculator! ,Budget $ ,Baby Nursing / Breastfeeding ,Baby Names ♂♀ ,Wedding Budget ♥ ,Baby Diaper), brings Baby Nursing / Breastfeeding with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Baby Nursing / Breastfeeding app has been update to version 1.1.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Minus pop ups is super convenient..
  • The export feature is great and organized for simple documentation..
  • It really helps me stay organized and keep track of my baby's daily activity..
  • Despite the graphics this is the best baby tracking app I've tried..
  • Great for keeping track of feedings and diaper changes when you are sleep deprived..
Overall Satisfactionclick me86
Great app I love being able to track everything for baby in one place.
Despite the graphics this is the best baby tracking app I've tried.
It's the perfect tool organizer for moms who are breast feeding.
This app is awesome and I'd recommend it to any new mom.
Just what a new nursing mom needs.
Love the timer feature & it's easy/straight forward to navigate.
Fun & Engagingclick me100
Great app for first time moms or moms of newborns.
This is a wonderful app for first time moms.
It's awesome for keeping track of your baby day to day.
Awesome for keeping track of baby's schedule.
Usefulnessclick me85
Awesome app to keep track of everything especially as a first time parent.
Great app I love being able to track everything for baby in one place.
Very helpful app for new mom.
The app is very helpful for a first time mother new to breastfeeding.
Helps keep me organized with my feedings and pumping while at work.
I use it all day every day to stay organized.
Super useful for first time mom.
Very Useful and User Friendly.
Ease of Useclick me85
Makes it so easy to track my baby's feeding and make sure he's getting enough.
Minus pop ups is super convenient.
Has everything you need wrapped up in one simple app.
It's very handy and easy to use.
99 to keep everything all in one convenient place.
Interface easy and intuitive.
Fantastic and easy to use.
Best app and super intuitive.
Reliabilityclick me83
Ads not Intrusiveclick me48
Updates & Supportclick me64
I had to contact customer service is outstanding and very responsive.
Great customer service too.


Keep track of your baby`s nursing records and more!


Baby Nursing is a great app to help you keep track of your baby`s nursing progress!
With our simple and intuitive app, stay on top on your baby`s progress!

Baby Nursing / BreastfeedingBaby Nursing / Breastfeeding
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Track your nursing records real time with our easy to use timer. Simply press "Start" and "Stop"! When you have started the timer and have left the App, we will mark a badge number on the app icon and also schedule a notification to remind you to stop the timer! (iOS4.0+ firmware required for notification)


Detailed and useful information about your nursing progress is shown! Such as the most recent nursing, daily averages and accumulative totals! We can even help you calculate how much in ounces have you fed your baby! Simply either enter the before and after weight of your baby or enter an estimate of "ounces per minute" and we will do the calculations for you!
Baby Nursing / Breastfeeding


Baby Nursing can also let you take or choose photos for all kinds of entries, so you can have photo references!


We can also track your current location to help you keep track of where you have fed your baby! Simply turn your device to landscape in the nursing screen and we will show you all the locations you have nursed your baby!


In addition to tracking your baby`s nursing progress, Baby Nursing allows you to track your baby`s growth progress! We can track your baby`s height, weight and head-size and plot all those data onto a growth chart so you can see how your baby is growing!


Baby Nursing also has a Diary feature where it will list everything that’s happening to your baby and you can put in your own custom Diary entry to mark milestones or special moments with your baby!


That`s not it! By purchasing our in-app purchase features, you can track even more things for your baby!!


*** In App Purchases ***


-- Premium --
Our Premium in-app upgrade unlocks EVERYTHING BELOW!! And it`s at a discounted price!!


- Bottle -
Bottle upgrade allows you track your bottle feedings for your baby! Formula, breast milk, juices or anything you want to track!


- Diaper -
Diaper upgrade allows you to track diaper usage for your baby! Whether it’s dry, wet, BM or both Wet and BM!


- Pumping -
Pumping upgrade is for mom`s who`d like to keep track of their breast milk pumping progress! Like Nursing, you can use our simply timer to track your real time pumping progress!


- Sleeping -
Sleeping upgrade is to keep track of sleeping times of your baby! Again like Nursing, you can use our simply timer to track real time sleeping!


- Solids -
Solids upgrade is to help keep track of your baby`s eating routine! We have a comprehensive food list you can select from! We also have an intelligent "Recent" meal list that will help you list out recent keywords to speed up the selection process!


Have fun with your baby!


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Baby Nursing / Breastfeeding for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 4.9 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.1.3 has been released on 2014-11-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later
More Info: Find more info about Baby Nursing / Breastfeeding in Sevenlogics, Inc.`s Official Website :


This app is fantastic for a new parent to keep records. found in 71 reviews
There is a lot to keep track of especially for a newborn. found in 11 reviews
Especially while trying to figure out being a new parent. found in 14 reviews
I also appreciate the other logs - dr visits. found in 11 reviews
Works great and is extremely handy for this first time mommy. found in 141 reviews
Which really helps with mommy brain and all the exhaustion. found in 15 reviews
Awesome app to keep track of everything especially as a first time parent. found in 95 reviews
Perfect app for first time moms to keep track of all the excitement happening. found in 175 reviews
As first time parents it's really helped us stay on track. found in 18 reviews
Exactly what I was looking for to keep track of my newborns feedings. found in 9 reviews
is perfect for breastfeeding moms and lets you pause a feeding. found in 50 reviews
Great app for new moms who are trying to track nursing. found in 269 reviews
Great app that has everything we need for newborn activity. found in 12 reviews
especially during the first few weeks with all the doctor appointments. found in 13 reviews
This newest version crashes if I'm not on wifi. found in 1 reviews
Timer doesn't let you overlap or forget. found in 3 reviews
Very nice useful app annoying pop ups. found in 7 reviews
Just wish there wasn't so many pop ups. found in 11 reviews
Would be 5 stars if there weren't so many pop -ups. found in 13 reviews
The app just started having advertisements that automatically play music. found in 1 reviews
I was kinda forced to rate to unlock the pumping feature. found in 5 reviews
This thing keeps track of everything a new mom needs. found in 10 reviews
Really helpful to log nursing times and diaper changes. found in 28 reviews
I wish I could sync my entries with my husband's. found in 5 reviews
I just wish they'd fix the ad placement & button lag time. found in 3 reviews
and you can adjust the settings to your baby's needs. found in 6 reviews
This asks to rate the app way too much. found in 2 reviews
For a nursing log this app is just ok. found in 4 reviews
Hate the constant pop ups that prompt users to rate the app. found in 6 reviews
stop asking me to rate the app every time I open it. found in 5 reviews
Sleep deprived and unhappy I'm being forced to rate this app. found in 6 reviews
Hate the pop ups. found in 4 reviews
but photos don't work. found in 1 reviews
Forced to write a review. found in 3 reviews
Annoying reminders to rate them. found in 4 reviews
And now it has annoying ads in multiple places. found in 4 reviews
Loved this app until the latest update. found in 5 reviews
but to use certain features. found in 3 reviews
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Helps keep track of everything all in one place                Love this app
Very useful for keeping up with diapers and feedings                Great for tracking baby
This app was great for a few weeks then suddenly started crashing every time I opened it It crashes within seconds of opening Not recommended I have moved on to another app    Crashing
Perfect app Does the work                Perfect App
The app constantly asks for a review So here it is negative 1 star    Stop asking for reviews
App is doing a great job Easy to track diapers and feedings                Love it so far
I like the app and what it offers but twice Ive accidentally tapped on an ad at the bottom and cannot get back to the app Ive had to delete and re download this app twice losing all of my previous data          Ads annoying
I recently downloaded this app to keep track of my newborns feeding and diapers and Im pretty happy with it             Great app
This app makes it easy to log and track but I would really like to adjust the option bars on the home page to prioritize what I actually use             Helpful
Very helpful I love it                Love this app
I highly recommend this app It has helped me keep track of every minute yet important detail of my newborn daughters day Thanks                Beat postpregnancy brain
Used the app for a day so far so I havent explored it completely Its been useful and userfriendly though in tracking feedings which is why I selected to try it             So far so good
This app has been perfect for tracking all my babys feeding sleep and diaper changes It has worked great so far                Love this app
There is so much that happens after having a baby it can be nearly impossible to remember everything This app helps me keep track of feedings diapers pumpings etc by having all the information in one spot and not having to torturr myself with remembering every little detail Im able to focus more time on my precious little one Great app and super dependable                Ideal for first time moms
I quite enjoy this app its helpful in reminding me for my babys vitamins plus breastfeeding timings is super Plus I am now using the diaper version Apart from all the adsits a great app             Good app
Love this app Only thing its missing is an alarm to feed                Great app
Very easy to use breast feeding recorder             Breast feeding
Easy way to track feedings very helpful             Easy
Every time I go to put in diaper change the rating pop up appears Giving it s low rating because of that and all of the ads throughout the app    Annoying rating pop up
Im so glad I found this app It makes it so easy to keep track of everything in one place feedings diapers weight sleeping patterns etc                Makes life easier
Love all that this app can do As a mother of three its nice to have this to help me remember feelings and stay organized                Excellent
I like it Re a great way to keep track of everything baby does especially if youre like me and cant remember anything                
It is a good app I only use it to keep up with nursing sessions and dirty diapers My only complaint is it asks every time if you want to write a review hence the reason why Im doing this in attempt to make it stop             Good app
Every time you go to log anything in this app an alert pops up asking you to rate the app Every time Terrible to use    Insufferable requests for ratings
I used this app for three months and loved it Today I tried to open it to log a nursing session and it crashed It continues to crash after about five seconds of opening I am now unable to access all of the data I logged over the last three months which means I have no idea how much breast milk I have stored in my freezer which makes it very difficult to map out my plan for future pumping PLEASE fix this or send me my data so I can plug it into a different app          Love ituntil it crashed
Detailed app works great Would like to see a timer on the bottle feeding option             Works great
Good app helps keep track of things when you are exhausted and cant remember a thing             Good app
Could be more simple             Pretty good
I do like using this app Helps keep nursing and diapers straight for a first time mom                Useful App
It does everything I need it to             Pretty good
Occasionally it randomly quits but for the most part this app is very functional and helpful I only use the bottle and diaper tracking functions so Im unable to speak to the rest of the appbut it helps me and my baby out tremendously instead of logging things into a piece of paper that I lose in 2 minutes             It works
Happy after one month             So far so good
Ive been using this app for almost 5 months and I love it I use it to keep track of my babys feedings which side he fed on his wet dirty diapers how long how much I pumped how many oz he was fed I have reminders set up so I know a feeding is coming up Its great since I cant remember anything these days Now for the but For the last month or 2 it takes forever to open if it doesnt crash Its getting really frustrating I am assuming it takes a long time to open because of all the data it has but its only been a few months I intend to breast feed my son for at least a year If this issue doesnt get better I may have to use a different app          Awesome app but
This app has allowed for me to track a lot of minute details It is a lifesaver right now because we are trying to figure out what is causing stomach issues for my breastfeed child I plan to buy the premium version to support development This is much better than the app I used for my first child and I like that I can add pictures             Very detailed tracking
This app is great when its working But in the last few days it keeps crashing and closing within a couple of seconds when I open it How can I use the app if it wont stay open       Keeps crashing
I really like this app it has lots of features I can see how often my baby eats and poops but too much ads they are distracting             Great app but too much ads
The last thing you need at 130 3 and 430 am is this app asking you to give it a rating Or asking you if you want an upgrade But if it werent for that it would have 5 stars          Its helpful but pop ups are annoying
I am so upset right now Ive been tracking my daughters feedings for 6 weeks now and looks like I will loose my data because the app wont stop crashing    Crashing
Seems to work well Significantly easier than the other free apps Im worried about the crashing after I read previous posts Only had it for a day but my phone persistently wants me to rate it The rate it buttons pop up each time I open the app or switch to a different section             App
Works fine so far Wish I could enter a 2nd decimal though on amounts And wish the main menu listed the since or last time in a big bigger font The main screen would be nice if it werent so scrolly either Tighten up your real estate a bit             Works fine so far
Recommend to anyone                Great app
Works great             Great
Great design but crashes often and has constant ads             Useful
Love this app So simple and love the reminders Everything about this app is organized and very detailed for Dr reports etc                Perfect new mommy app
I just started using this but so far its easy to navigate and unlike the details                Easy to navigate
Except for the annoying pop ups on every screen to rate the app or do something But it is a free app so thats how they make money                Awesome
4 stars             Super useful
Would recommend to all moms out there trying to remember the last feeding or diaper change I pumped and it was helpful to remember how long the last pump was             Would recommend
Very simple and easy to use                Great app
So far this ap has been my favorite for tracking feeding             Good ap


Sevenlogics, Inc.
4.9 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.1.3
iPhone iPad

iOS Baby Nursing / Breastfeeding 1.1.3 Mobile

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