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Med ART Studios , the publisher behind many iOS app (Baby Feeding Tracker • Sprout ,Baby Diaper Tracker • Sprout ,Fertility & Period Tracker • Sprout ,Sprout Baby + ,Baby Sleep Tracker • Sprout ,Pet • Book), brings Baby • Sprout with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Baby • Sprout app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • - Thank you for adding the solid food tracker..
  • Has been essential in helping us track sleeping and eating..
  • Sprout: Baby is an AMAZING app for any new moms..
  • Great for first time parents to keep track of everything :..
  • This app helps me remember everything my little one does..
Overall Satisfactionclick me91
We loved Sprout Pregnancy and the baby app is even better.
This app has so many baby tracking features.
and pumping to medical info and daily tips.
I love the timer for pumping and breast feeding.
love the charts and tables.
Highly highly highly recommend it for mums.
Usefulnessclick me91
This app is great to keep track of everything related to your baby.
I think this app is especially helpful for first time moms.
This app helps me remember everything my little one does.
It is so great to have everything in one place and easily accessed.
I love to stay organized and found keeping track of feedings.
Multiple useful tools to track sleeping.
Very useful app for tracking everything for our baby.
Diaper and feeding tracker very helpful and user friendly.
Ease of Useclick me62
and the ability to enter medical data.
It makes life so much simpler as the parent of a newborn.
I can keep track of everything in one convenient place.
Nice easy app.
Updates & Supportclick me90
Great customer service and great product.
Happy customer - great customer service.
Love this app so much I bought the full version.




✭✭✭ From the Makers of Sprout Pregnancy Essentials – named TIME.COM Top App; Recommended by Consumer Reports; Named #1 Pregnancy App by BABBLE.COM ✭✭✭

Baby • SproutBaby • Sprout


Med ART Studios™, a globally trusted source in baby advice, brings you Sprout Baby.


It is the ultimate personalized app for your new baby - for iPhone, and iPad!
Baby • Sprout


This fabulous app includes:
✔ Great milestones section that lets you capture your little one`s biggest moments!
✔ Innovative, personalized home page that showcases all of your baby’s daily activities
✔ Monthly development updates
✔ Handy and fun daily tips
✔ Convenient medical records tool, MD visit planner, and medication monitors
✔ Feeding, pumping, diaper, growth, and immunization trackers


Try the app for FREE with our two-week free trial.


✔ Attractive and innovative personalized homepage shows a summary of your baby’s daily activities
✔ Breast feeding tool times, records and charts each nursing session
✔ Bottle feeding tool tracks and charts the your breast milk or formula feeding sessions
✔ Pumping tool helps you track and chart your breast milk production
✔ Diaper tracker tool records and charts each diaper change – pee, poo or both – with bowel movement color and texture tracking
✔ Growth tracker records and charts height, weight and head sizes as your infant grows and compares them with CDC percentiles
✔ Immunization tracker records your baby’s immunizations and any reactions
✔ Medical records tool allows you to keep a comprehensive record of your baby’s wellness checkups and sick visits, plan for upcoming doctors’ visits and track medications your baby is taking


✔ Time and record nursing session with one hand
✔ Store baby’s feeding, diaper, growth and immunization info in attractive displays
✔ See changes to your baby’s feeding and diaper habits at a glance
✔ View your baby’s biggest milestones in a beautiful “book” format
✔ Email functions for easy sharing of records and updates with your healthcare provider and others


The Baby • Sprout is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 25.6 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-11-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Baby • Sprout in Med ART Studios`s Official Website :


It's really a one stop shop for everything. found in 2 reviews
capability to add pictures and create diary of baby's activities. found in 9 reviews
In the first few days after my son was born. found in 9 reviews
I am going to upgrade so I can keep track of milestones. found in 5 reviews
This app is by far the most useful app for new parents. found in 39 reviews
This app has so many baby tracking features. found in 46 reviews
I use it everyday to track feedings and diapers for my newborn. found in 5 reviews
like the questions for doctor notepad and the newspaper headlines. found in 11 reviews
A sleep deprived parent's best way of keeping track of baby's activity. found in 13 reviews
Very helpful for tracking feedings and diaper changes in first few weeks. found in 19 reviews
but purchased the app to be able to sync with my husbands phone. found in 5 reviews
My husband and I were writing everything down in the hospital. found in 3 reviews
Also consider a potty feature for potty training parents. found in 4 reviews
Very helpful during the early days especially breast feeding. found in 45 reviews
It's super easy keeping up with appointments and questions for the doctor. found in 5 reviews
I love to stay organized and found keeping track of feedings. found in 6 reviews
A necessity for FTM. found in 4 reviews
I use it all the time and it keeps me sane. found in 3 reviews
Looks great and works well. found in 1 reviews
Great but the trend chart needs fixing. found in 1 reviews
Just needs one more feature. found in 1 reviews
I have a few complaints 1. found in 1 reviews
All this app needs is a sleep/ nap tracker. found in 3 reviews
choosing times with the apps time wheel style becomes frustrating. found in 1 reviews
but without making data entry easier I cannot recommend use. found in 4 reviews
I wish there was a sleep time tracker. found in 4 reviews
This doesn't seem to work perfectly. found in 16 reviews
Missing important timers. found in 1 reviews
Please take this into consideration for the next update. found in 2 reviews
Needs add own memories and notes function. found in 1 reviews
Would like to see it track how much pumped milk gets frozen. found in 4 reviews
Love the app except there's an issue with weight conversion. found in 2 reviews
but sync is broken in last update. found in 1 reviews
Feeding tracker needs a pause key. found in 1 reviews
Wish I had this app from the beginning. found in 5 reviews
Uninstalled same day. found in 1 reviews
I suppose if you are only going to track dirty diapers. found in 2 reviews
I'm soo unbelieveably frustrated right now. found in 2 reviews
society treats it as if it's something that needs to be hidden. found in 1 reviews
Recent update was awful. found in 1 reviews
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This app has been amazing as a new parent I am able to track everything in one app and the app is very user friendly                Great app
Im liking it so far          Ok
I love this app Im a first time mom who has been struggling with lack of sleep and being able to keep a record of feedings and diaper changes has been so helpful to me When I go to the Doctor I show her the patterns overviews in the appso much easier than trying to write it down or remember all the info                Helpful convenient
This app is great for keeping track of everything baby related Well worth the 499                Great App
So my baby came early and while he was perfectly fine I was caught off guard with the surprise due date about 3 weeks early Then we had to do jaundice treatment for him and nursing was heavily pushed to help his levels get back down This app reassured me I was feeding him enough and letting him sleep enough too Nurses would ask me when i fed him last and its easy to forget when youre running on E with a newborn Highly recommend this for any new parent It is also helping me get more sleep by keeping track of any sleeping pattern within the weekmonth that he has                Helped me feel reassured as a new parent
Its a great interface for tracking babys sleep and food and diapers etc Way more flexible and easier to use than Baby Thyme And the multidevice syncing just works No need to be on the same iCloud account Totally worth the price                Great
Fantastic app wouldnt use anything else                Love It
With my first baby I used a different app but as a second time mom I found this app and absolutely love it Im able to keep track of everything and anything and I love that it tells you when you last fed pumped changed a diaper I didnt like that it was 5 but it was worth it                Love this app
Overall great Just a few weird thingsmy husband I synced our iPhones to this app so we can stay in the same page however quite often there are discrepancies like a timer may look as if its still running on his app version whereas in reality I stopped it on mine hours prior This often throws off the data if youre into reviewing how many minutes your baby breastfed X amount of days ago but the timer even though YOU stopped it on YOUR phone ran up to X amount on your husbands phone I dont take the data aspect too seriously but new parents who need to strictly monitor a newborns feedings may find these discrepancies annoying Also pumping timer is weird when you stop it to plug in how many oz you pumped the timer still runs in the background but its a random number So if I pump for 10mins stop it to log the oz it might read something like 3612 in the background but then once I save the log it accurately logs the right amount Doesnt really bother me but just a glitchy thing Lastly it would be GREAT if the UX of the breastfeeding tracker used some sort of color variance to differentiate LEFT RIGHT PAUSE SAVE Too often I accidentally tap the wrong button bc at a 3am nursing glance it all looks the same to me Maybe the buttons could be different colors once activated With a squirmy 3mo old in 1 hand my other hand brain can only take 3 of a second to figure out which button to tap bc theyre all so close together I often fudge hit the wrong one Minor things Great app overall I LOVE the way you can view stats             Great tracker wa few quarks
Im not sure a nonparent would understand how cool this App really is Its got a lot of great features and they are thoughtfully interlinkedFor the OCD or just the conscientious there are trackers for feeding changing pumping and sleeping We dont actively use them all but we certainly track feeding and changing and the pediatrician actually wants that information The home screen also has a dashboard that shows elapsed time since each of these activities which keeps tired people from doing bad math in the middle of the nightWe are also having a lot of fun with the memories features which is encouraging us to create a little digital scrapbook of the early daysVery impressed                Does a lot for new parents great App
Keep track of everything that really matters especially within the first couple months of a newborn babys life                Great for new moms
This product helps with those late nights keeping track of feeding diaper changes and reviewing sleep patterns however I got a new phone and lost all the feeding records diaper changes and pumpings I love that it is like a baby book and that I can send it to my family since we are so far away but wish it was a little easier to transfer the data seamlessly between devices          There could be some changes
Its a great app and does everything I need it to so I can feel more prepared while breastfeeding                Definitely recommend
I was using Medela for tracking my feedings I found Sprout and Im loving it Its super easy to use and well worth the 499 it cost me I like the daily tips it gives me on my little man Would recommend this app to everyone who are going to be new parents                Great App for new parents
I loved this app Until I added another device my iPad using the same iTunes account and lost all of my data The data then backed up and all I had was a back up of nothing I wrote to sprout about this That was a handful of days ago and I still dont have a useful solution If this app had backups from various points and not just the most recent I probably would be fine And its a little irritating that I still dont have a solution Yes Ill be fine without every diaper sleep cycle feeding and pumping recorded since birth But I did pay for that in concept          Could be perfect
This use to be my preferred app for tracking breastfeeding So much so that I purchased it Something I seldom doHowever after reading their privacy policy I really wish that I had not paid for this app because Im deleting it now    Read their privacy policy
In the weeks following the birth of our second 2013 and third 2015 sons the Sprout app was a lifesaver With little sleep and so much going on the app let me prepare for future spots track sleep and feeding patterns monitor nursing and wet diapers all without having to think It was fantastic I only wish I could have transferred the data from my old phone to my new when I upgraded several weeks ago Its a lifesaver Appreciate that it does both feeding etc along with medical so I just need the one Excellent app                Awesome App
App is great and worth the money With this app remembering when he was last changed and fed less stressful now Great for doctor visit for answering questions on soiled diapers and feeding habits Would like to see a bath time tracker The little extras of this app are fun tooNow using for my second sonstill love the app I love them memory section to record milestones of the boys life I will say I have had to use customer service a couple with hickups from the app and they have always responded within 24 hrs and solved my issue                Worth the money And I dont buy apps usually
Love this app Helps me track everything in one place and see improvements in my babys sleep schedule Couldnt ask for much more                Perfect
This app provides an easy way to track all the info your pediatrician is going to want during the first few days and weeks as well as proving to be a valuable tool as they are older as you try to notice patterns in behaviors to help with planning out a schedule Only complaint is having to switch between lots of different threads to track various different things and then needing to go somewhere else entirely to see overall patterns however its not too bad Very useful             Great for 1st few weeks and for establishing patterns later
This App really helps a first time parent to keep track of all baby related activities made MD appointments much easier and helped when sleep deprived mom couldnt remember even her own name Easy to use intuitive and aesthetically pleasing                First time mom
I love this app My husband and I mostly use it for the feeding tracker so that were both on the same page The memories feature is cool too Great App                Great Feeding Tracker
Really well thought out great features and easy to use Love it Worth 499 totally                Best baby tracker ever
Easy to use This app is great it provides so much info The option to make a memories album is a nice detail I love that I can link it with my husbands phone                Amazing app for 1st time parents
The synching is very impressive between devices I realistically dont think we can keep this up long term but its a great easy to use interface and reassuring at a time when we are slightly freaking out                Great app for first time parents
We like this                Good
JUST what I needed to keep track of my newborns stats Its super userfriendly which is great for a sleep deprived mama I have recommended it to all my friends                Awesome
I like the app a lot It offers short daily messages about babies that I find helpful and informative You can also store a lot of information about your baby in the app The downside is that it takes quite a few taps to get to some features like timing breast feeding tummy time and etc             Good baby app
We found it hard to sync the app across my phone and my wifes phone The directions and FAQ are not terribly helpful Id pass on this app    Dont love this app
Simply a great app for the new parents Perfect                Fantastic
My wife and I love how we can sync the app across devices If I am away from mom and baby I still stay up to date on how many diapers have been changed last feeding etc This allows me to better support my child when I am doing my fatherly duties Its easy to use beautiful layout and we love the extra features like the memory book graphs description of developmental milestones If you and your partner both have the app on your phone youll be all set Oh ya its free for a second device after you buy it once                Functional easy to use well rounded app
I found this app very helpful I have only used it to track my babys sleep but there is so much more you can do                Very helpful
I have never bought an app before only got free ones I must say I had to purchase this after the free trial I am horrible at remembering things so this helped me keep track of how much baby ate when when she took her medicine Also feeding at night I cant remember always what time I fed her so this helps me see how long she is sleeping at night For the first few weeks I kept track of diapers as well Helps me remember things to ask the doctor as well and keep track of her weight appointment all the details Love                Awesome Tool for New Moms
I use this for everything and it helps me make sure my son gets what he needs when he needs it Worth the money for sure                A total lifesaver
I used a different app with my first baby which was good but I wanted to see what else was out there With my second baby I tried several baby apps before deciding on this Sprout app It does everything I want and more I really like that data can be entered from more than one device and synced Plus the graphs are very useful and a great tool to quickly visualize feeding history and look for patterns There is even a spot to track pumping as well as breastfeeding Growth can be tracked and plotted on growth charts too Wish I had this app the first time around Definitely worth the purchase                Great app
I am revising an earlier review After a month of backandforth with tech support including at one point when they lost all of our data we finally got the app to work and now that its working its great Id give it 5 stars but for the month of constant effort trying to get it to sync across 2 devices one of its main selling points             Great app but tech issues to sync
In my opinion this is the best baby tracking app out there Super easy to use clear functionalbut I would really really like a temperature tracker with it Considering babies can throw temps up and down a lot when sick I like to be able to keep track of them and I cant on this app so I have to download a separate app I would rate it a 5 star if it had this But other than thatI paid the 499 because its just an amazing app             Best tracking appminus one thing
Love this app So easy to use Really helps to get through these tough times You will really like if you want to see your babys patterns and behaviors in charts and graphs                Best Baby Tracker
Overall it tracks what we need I find it similar to baby connect But sometimes if I start it wrong for a feeding I cant correct it midstream Need to wait until I save the entry if I can remember in my sleep deprived state Mostly great but not always intuitive             Useful features but some quirks
As new parents we use this app to keep track of diapers and feeding timesamounts Its simple to use and allows multiple devices to update the babys information which was the selling point for me I can change a diaper take out my phone and record it while my wife can record a feeding with her phone and it all goes to the same profile I can even modify feedings on my phone that she started on her device its slick You need this app                Great app love that its connected
This app is absolutely wonderful It keeps track of everything I could want in relation to baby Even my pediatrician was impressed                Love it
I love the data analytics and the fact that the trackers canbe adjusted in case I dont think of my phone first thing when baby needs something A great help as we keep track of our forst baby and make sure all is well                We love it
Super easy to connect with partner Love all the available trackers             Good but not perfect
It is a great app for tracking all things baby It has helped me stay on a schedule             Great app for tracking baby things
Easy to use tracks feeding along with left or right breast Also great for tracking memories with photos                Easy Use tracks feedings perfectly
I love this app especially since it will since with my wifes phone in real time             New Dad Great App
Love this app but after using it for the first week and a half of my sons life a popup appeared telling me I have 5 days left on my trial Im going to be very upset if Ive entered all this data into something that I thought was free but turns out to require payment only after Ive become invested          Trial
For our second child I wanted to find an app that would communicate info between our phones and this one actually the upgraded version I couldnt review the 5 app since it was an inapp upgrade is almost perfect There is occasional lag time in syncing but nothing major But now I want it on my watch Maybe only a few functions to start but it makes perfect sense                I want it for my Apple Watch
Perfect tracking app for a newborn Love that my husband and I have it synced for both phones                Awesome
It is very versatile and can keep track of as little or as much info about the little one as you want Ive used the feeding diaper and pumping tracker and they work great Its only missing voice commands since theres never enough hands with a baby I wish the alarm reminding you of feeding time was louderlonger Ive slept through it enough to resort to the native Apple alarm It would also be nice if it remembered the custom alarm interval between uses             Great tracker


Med ART Studios
25.6 MB
Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
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iOS / 1.0
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iOS Baby • Sprout 1.0 Mobile

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