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Stylem Media , the publisher behind many iOS app (PinQuotes ,Backgrounds HD ,Backgrounds ,Karma Art ,PhotoPaper), brings Backgrounds with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Backgrounds app has been update to version 4.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I choose one of the Love wallpapers as a screen saver..
  • I was surprised by by the variety of pics to choose from..
  • I guess that's it..
  • Me and my frineds love looking at the funny pics..
  • I do love the idea of different back grounds..

Overall Satisfactionc80
I think they should add more names espiacially my name.
3this app but you should add more names.
You guys need to put in more girl names like Mallory.
You can get the best backrounds and it is free.
this has amazing high quality pictures in basically any category.
This is so far the most awsomest backround app ever.
Thx for all the awesome wallpapers and best of all it's FREE.
iT iS tHe BeSt aPp EvA.
you can wirelessly browse hundreds or even thousands of amazing pictures.
Fun & Engagingc78
I think they should add more names espiacially my name.
3this app but you should add more names.
You guys need to put in more girl names like Mallory.
Tons of awesome backgrounds and like that the backgrounds are in categories.
now that have stupid quotes more then awesome background pictures.
This app has awesome backgrounds and some are hilarious.
fun to browse and choose panoramic or other pics for my contacts.
You'll never get bored because it's always updated with new backgrounds.
I have so much fun looking through all the new backgrounds.
pictures are updated all the time.
i love how there are always new pics everyday.
the problem is that there's not new pics.
They have all kinds of catagories and have new wallpapers everyday.
You can downliad thousands and new ones every day.
I love how it updates every day and the catogories update too.
Family Friendlyc80
and Family Guy pics.
It's hardly fair to show only sexy women.
You have photos of sexy women.
hello have you forgot there r sexy men out there too.
so where r they sexy men at.
Repeat Valuec83
It never gets old.
never gets old.
Ease of Usec69
It makes it easy to find what your looking for fast.
makes it easy to find a specific topic.
Simple App.
Easy to save photo and set as wallpaper.
Easy to save and look through.
Nice graphics and easy navigation.
Very easy navigation.
Ads not Intrusivec58

Definitley download this app NOW. found in 6 reviews
I wanted to find better quality images for my phone. found in 8 reviews
Omg I love this app so much it gave me over 36 backgrounds lolz. found in 6 reviews
I love this app cuz I can find funny and cute backgrounds. found in 14 reviews
There's a wide variety of pictures to choose from. found in 6 reviews
Lots of choices and user friendly. found in 9 reviews
This is a wonderful application with great content for all ages. found in 3 reviews
new backgrounds added daily check back often. found in 6 reviews
The developers are giving us many beautiful backgrounds for free. found in 7 reviews
Backgrounds Is Thee Best BG APP. found in 3 reviews
Great quality photos and tons to chose from. found in 9 reviews
If u don download it then u equals crazy Luv dis app. found in 4 reviews
I have so much fun looking through all the new backgrounds. found in 4 reviews
This app is gr8 for people who luv looking at different backrounds. found in 3 reviews
You get good quality pics for free. found in 9 reviews
Awesomfulliest app evr. found in 4 reviews
This is so far the most awsomest backround app ever. found in 17 reviews
High quality backgrounds and images that are outstanding. found in 8 reviews
One of the best free background apps I've downloaded ever. found in 27 reviews
It's one of the very few I make sure to check daily. found in 13 reviews
when I search for stuff it doesn't have the pictures anymore. found in 4 reviews
There are NO anime wallpapers BRING THEM BaCK. found in 18 reviews
Ok needs better pics. found in 4 reviews
It's awesome only thing is it needs more pictures. found in 18 reviews
Please get rid of the adds at the bottom of the screen. found in 4 reviews
The only problems are that some don't fit the screen completely. found in 7 reviews
I live it yes if you agree. found in 6 reviews
Whats with the new version new Ads at the bottom of the screen. found in 4 reviews
How come there are no pictures of celebs anymore. found in 4 reviews
2 off for particularly annoying ads. found in 7 reviews
Great pictures but no sports teams pictures. found in 19 reviews
But it won't let me clear my search history. found in 4 reviews
this game needs wi -fi and i dont have it. found in 9 reviews
but I think it needs more common girl names. found in 4 reviews
" Fix the search suggestions or fix the pic choices. found in 7 reviews
The backgrounds are great but the frames don't work. found in 12 reviews
But needs more variety in backgrounds. found in 6 reviews
Half the stuff you search doesn't show up needs more pics. found in 23 reviews
Some of the backgrounds don't fit the screen well. found in 5 reviews
Needs pictures of hot girls in bikinis and almost nude. found in 20 reviews
There are no movie pics. found in 19 reviews
They need to fix the search engine QUICK. found in 32 reviews
Wat the hell y r there no more models. found in 13 reviews
They don't fit the iPhone screen and are blurry. found in 13 reviews
Search function stopped working and many picture have been removed. found in 11 reviews
If only Endless Walls still existed. found in 12 reviews
It's pretty cool but it needs more pictures it's worth free. found in 18 reviews
they removed almost all pictures like sports teams. found in 19 reviews
The frames don't work. found in 12 reviews
no more hot chicks. found in 12 reviews
Why are there no hot guy models. found in 12 reviews
What happened to all the good pic I seriously loved this app please fix. found in 20 reviews
No more twilight backgrounds. found in 11 reviews
What happened 2 all of the twilight pictures. found in 23 reviews
Use to be awesome but now every good background is gone. found in 22 reviews
Needs anime and twilight pics asap and more emo pics. found in 44 reviews
Idk what happened but bring them back. found in 18 reviews
but what happened to the search feature. found in 14 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Backgrounds for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Backgrounds app version 4.1 has been updated on 2014-11-01. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Backgrounds check developer Stylem Media`s website :

10,000+ Backgrounds from 100+ Artists and our Design Team. New Backgrounds added daily - check back often. IPad users: download "Backgrounds HD" instead add your photos and create your very own wallpapers Feedback email: apps Flickr ...
Plzzzzzzzzzzzz addddd myyyyyyyyyyyyy nameeeeeeee tanyaaaaaa anddddddddddddd myyyy sissss nameeeee emiliaaaaaa                 Tanya
the new update doesnt work at all     Crashing
Too pixelated     Hdjwjr
In DESPERATE need of an update Get some new photos or something     Needs an update
I love this app but in only giving 3stars cuz You need more common female names Some names on there Ive never heard of Zuelma Really How about Erica I know at least twenty including myself HaleyTammyJillian etc Put more common names and Ill give it 5     Needs more names
The previous update just made it worse I mean I cant even get into the app without it knocking me out Before it was a good app with an inventory of great photo Still hope that a new update will resolve the problem     Update Failures
Just got it and looking great 5 stars al the way                 Downloading now
Its good but they forgot the name grace in the names part              Nice but seriously
Please remove from my purchase     Mr
Errr It doesnt work for some reason But it works on my phone and not my iPod touch Idefk why but this is irritating me so much I just wanted to get a cool background     Keeps crashing
get it                 best image app
This app is awesome when youre just looking for a funny or sporty wall paper there are a bunch of other categories but those are my favorite ones I would just like it if they made it so you dont have to have wifi to get a background 5 stars                 Helpful
I try to go on the app and writhing 4 seconds it crashes Not impressed        Crashing
I love it dont listen to the people who hate it its amazing                 DOWNLOAD NOW
The app would not openI wanted a cool wallpaper that was on it     Im upset
Nice                 Its good
I really love this app It has awesome and creative pictures that Ive never seen but the only problem is that it takes a while to download              Great but
This app is ok but I feel like there are many other background apps out there Not a huge selection to choose from and I dont really like this app           Ehh
It barely has ANY wallpapers I cant even find anime wallpapers This was not worth downloading     Hate it
Before I got the update it was awesome now that I have the update I cant even open the app     OMG
I think its okay because I dont change my background a lot so this app is prefect for me but If you change your background a lot this might not be the app for you because there arent that many types of backgrounds to chose from           Meh its okay
I need new pictures              Please update
They should really update the app with a lot more stuff it has been the same stuff and I went through popular same stuff I saw from a year ago        KEEP IT NEW
I really like this app I have had this since my 3GS and it is still better than anything I have looked at for a long time I just wish it was available for the iPad as it is my go to wallpaper and things I can send to family and friends                 But only on iPhone
Please fix Loved this app but now it wont let me save any to my phone It says it saved it but when I go to my photos they are not there     What happened
Ok his app is the best I have had it since my first phone It is where most my wallpapers come from I love it                 AWESOME READ THIS
I used to find some really cute photos with thisWHEN IT WOULD OPEN Not everyone has an iPhone5 and not everyone has updated to ios71Please fix this so we can use it again     Hmph
I downloaded this app and it was on my phone a whole five minutes before I deleted it For some reason all the pictures seemed out of focus I thought it could be my eyes playing tricks on me but my husband agreed when I shared some of the pictures with him Strange     Wish I could do a halfstar
I have been having this app for some years now could you PPPPLLLLEEEEEAAASSSSEEEEE UPDATE THE PHOTO PART           I LIKE BUT
I would have given this a 5 star but theres an issue regarding the picture I got the newest iPod with 70 iOS Some pics get a little chopped Please fix              Pics
Unique and artsy wallpapers                 Beautiful
Its not satan                 So good
This is awesome I could find exactly find exactly what I wanted and the graphics are great                 Awesome
Works fine to me I dont see what all the complaining is about                 Ok
This app is not good It said my wifi was down when it wasnt and after I reset my phone it still didnt load     Ehh Not to good
This has been my go to app for wallpapers Ive had this installed since my iPhone 3GS and have loved it Their most recent update is awful It loads 4 at a time which makes it slow even on wifi The whole arrangement suddenly looks cheap The organization has been redone againawful I actually thought I was using the wrong app and searched my phone to see if I could find the one I used to use nope this was it I am now deleting this app and will search for something else Sorry mates     New version deleted
It was great but now i cant up it sense the update                 Great but it wont open
Ever since i got the update I cant even open the app I tried deleting the app and redownload the app and it didnt help WHYYYYYY     Crashing
A good simple to use app              Good
It does not have Anna under female names              A
This was my favorite app BEFORE the update Now the update makes it crash within 3 second of opening it I really liked this app because it had no hidden fees PLEASE FIX AND I WILL GIVE 5 STARS     Angry
Im goin for it Come back to read my next review     Yep
I like it but I do change my wallpaper a lot so its not a very good app for me I dont really like the pics to much but you should definitely download just to check it out           Its ok
Guys calm down I know it is annoying that it wont open but dont get angry at them and rate it one star                 Ok
Not good     Bad app
This app has great backgrounds and I really like it The only suggestion I have is to put an Anime category in              Great
Blurry as hell     Meh
I always go back to wallpapers from here and nowhere else                 Love it
Soooo helpful No more searching google and risking seeing risqué photos                 LUV IT

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