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Davide Gullo , brings BackUp Gmail with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. BackUp Gmail app has been update to version 1.9.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download BackUp Gmail for 9.990 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 1133171, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.9.4 has been released on 2014-11-29.
Bottom Line: For more information about BackUp Gmail check developer Davide Gullo`s website :

Creates a local backup of your Gmail account. Lightweight, silent and reliable. BackUp Gmail is the easiest way to backup your Gmail account and protect your data. Features: Multiple accounts Very simple Restore procedure (with resume feature) You ...
Back in October I had written a review of this product and to put it mildly I was not happy at all I could not find any way to get it to work and I felt that their support staff wasn t responsive Since then they did contact me and spent a LOT of time with me getting it to work For a 10 dollar app this was amazing I ve spent thousands on computers only to find their support was non existent Finally got it working I think the problem was probably my fault in setting it up and it works great I have years of emails including a lot of documentation and emails from friends who no longer are with us and was worried sick about losing them some day I cannot recommend this too highly try it you will love it                     Update on my experience Great Jimbob67x
I wanted to like this app because it s so much more user friendly than the open source program Gmvault But I could not get BackUP Gmail to work reliably despite many attempts Over the course of a week I had one successful backup and an endless series of crashes After that one successful backup I was not able to replicate my success I hope the developer can overcome these problems because this has the potential to be a valuable utility that addresses an important need         Crashes continually MysteriousTrousers
Aside from backing up all you want you can create specific snapshot folders of email threads that are most important to you for any reason This allows quick rapid review of email trains and items like all the emails in your home renovation folder etc Remember to use app specific password if you have 2 factor authentification enabled which you should and it works great This app is a must have for gmail users                     Snapshot makes this special Radlink
I saw this program in the app store and was almost not going to buy it because of the negitive comments But since I run a Mac Mini as my 1 computer and my Gmail account is filled up I decided to give it a try I must say the setup is so simple to use and the running in background is using the advantage of a Mac there is nothing to do once it is set up As for backup size if you have 10 gigs of Gmail space used you will have about the same on the saved backup I highly recommend this software if you have a Mac and as a former Windows user with Gmail Backups you can t beat the price One suggestion is it would be really nice to have a built in viewer of the backup emails I give this 5 stars                     Needs 5 stars bdspvl
The purpose of this application is to create a backup of ones gmail account This program does not seem to be able to do that Clearly is a waste of money Sad     Disappointing Morrisonmj
It failed to back up gmail Specifically it backed up everything to sometime in 2013 and then omitted every more recent email from the backup The cause was probably that the the app took so long that I needed to shut off the computer to transport it while it was still in 2013 When I restarted the computer and ran the app to finish the job it declared that it was finished and even put a little green checkmark on the icon But it was missing everything from 2014 I don t want to have to restart it from scratch only to deal with the same issue down the road     Failed to do the job constanto
I was devastated when my emails went missing from all of my Gmail folders I immediately went searching for an email back up and BackUp Gmail has been working great It definitely brings me peace of mind Davide is also very prompt and supportive to any needs or questions Thanks Davide                     Works great Life saver ChaeBear
The application works well but I m trying to find out if it backs up the sent folder Can t find any reference to backing up sent items in either the FAQ or application itself                     Works well lonewolfdj
Easy to setup When I reached out for support Davide responded promptly to resolve the issue Highly recommend the app                     Works Great Excellent Support Hari.Subramanian
This is a really great app for any gmail user Davide provides excellent support as well Great job Davide                     Works great and Davide is very kind and helpful shakinmabootay
Just have one thing to say GARBAGE     Backuo ss154usa
I double click this app from my Applications folderto run it Nothing happens I cntrl click and select Open Nothing happens Because why would an app do anything instead of nothing     Doesn t work at all AJ MusicMan
I m migrating off of GMail and wanted to make a backup just in case This app worked well except for one problem it either leaks memory or keeps a lot of data loaded in memory and it uses a lot of RAM if you re syncing a lot of email After 62 000 emails it was at 11G of allocated memory However I was able to restart it and it picked right back up where it left off Minor issue by it might causes users with high volume gmail accounts issues                 Handy little app one problem thesandbender
After a quick chat with customer care the issues were solved tweaks in the avast settings I suggest the developer makes a page about potential conflicts with other software Anyway now up and running after a frustrating start Thank you to the app tem for great customer care                     UPDATE working now Jazzolini
It doesn t work Clcik on the icon and Nothing Really Another app that is a waste of money     Seriously DRStuff
This is should be a Five Star App If you are looking for a solution to backup your gmail this is it The support is great too I had BackUp Gmail running out of sight and out of mind for ages I upgraded my OS and changed my gmail settings and had a glitch I emailed support and got an immediate fix Works great and responsive support                     Terrific program solves gmail backup BlueLining
This app used to work great until I enabled 2 factor authentication in within Google Now the app won t back up at all         Used to work great Steve--1984
This app works It batches 100 emails at a time and there is a time lag between batching sequences I think the lag is related to the size of the 100 emails it is batching Nonetheless this app backed up 20 000 emails over several hours It works great MDD                     good app Tybee beach bum
It doesn t back up more than a few months and it does NOT back up your Gmail account as promised it does not backup the Sent Mail folder at all Misleading advertisement     DECEPTIVE description Don t Buy USA Angel
I think there were some issues with the earlier versions which led to a handful of 1 star ratings which is really unfortunate because in its current form this app is great It backs up multiple gmail accounts to my backup disk every hour runs in the background very nice polished app Feels great to know that my gmail is fully backed up                     Deserves far better rating Osaka Sean
This app does exactly what is meant to do Fast backups sits in background you configure and then forget it Multi accounts work great and it s 99 9 pefect The last 0 1 would be a retina display resolution icon for the statusbar Great app                     Works Great StefanoCristiano82
After this program backups up my E mails it marks all of my unread mail as read Please Fix This Also for people who are getting the application crash I assumet his is becuase your Gmail account doesnt have IMAP or POP enabled If this is the issue I hope the developer fixes this soon             Marks all mail as read Demasterpl
Worst app purchase App won t open at all No customer support 1 99 down the tubes     App won t even open Beware Kangopsych
I installed and backed up a sq lite file It is lightweight but does not allow for any other controls like backing up local copies of your email and deleting them from Gmail Also you cannot specify a range of dates for emails that you d like to back up If the dev can get this right he is going to make a lot of money For now I m asking for a refund     expectations cgibaldi
Worked liek acharm unti lI upgraded to 10 8 Now it won t connect to my google apps account     Wokred great until I upgraded to 10 8 123123142342341231`23145124
BackUp Gmail has always worked well until the last update I visited the website and they said they were working on a fix It is now fixed with this latest update My Gmail is getting backed up seamlessly again                     It works bobinson6
Crashing all the time don t buy     Crashing all the time don t buy
I click the Backup Now button but nothing happens     Does not work Prius Envy
You should be aware that this app stores your Google password in PLAINTEXT in a SQLite database in whatever folder you designate for your gmail backup storage This is rather a security hole anyone with access to your computer could easily get your password         Good but dzgilad
Is v1 1 working for anyone I ll give this a temporary three stars because support staff have been responsive but we still haven t been able to get this working on my machine MBP running 10 7 3 trying to back up a Google Apps business account I ll update this review if my situation is resolved this is more a public question for other users re functionality since there aren t any reviews for v1 1 right now             Not Yet Working for Me Junius Maltby
it would be a much better option than using Mail or other email client for local backup if the app would support multiple gmail accounts                 no multiple accounts support amcan1
The same thing can easily be accomplished by using any email client i currently download all my gmail via POP for backup purposes but this is actually pretty convenient since it just runs in the background Ron Cilizza I suspect that you are geting that error because you need to enable the IMAP access in your Gmail settings as it states above in the desciption and in the FAQ on the dev s website                 it works as advertised MacSamurai
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