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Jaidev Soin , the publisher behind many iOS app (Productive - Habit tracker - Daily routine & reminders for goals & chores ,Good Habit Maker - New habits through positive thinking ,Stop Swearing ,Smile More - Reminders to help you stay positive ,Balanced - Get more out of life), brings Balanced - Get more out of life with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Balanced - Get more out of life app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Best customer service and a great app..
  • It is really helping me keep track of my goals..
  • Helps me to stay motivated in many areas of my life..
  • Excellent productivity app..
  • Seriously the best motivational/habit tracker/ task manager /reminder out there..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Will show this to everyone I know with an iPhone.
I love the clean design and the entire concept is brilliant.
and this app is STILL my favorite.
Fun & Engagingc95
Awesome simple life-shaper.
A really neat app that helps me stay on track with the little things.
It helps me remember to do things I want to do without feeling nagged.
intuitive and simple to use app that helps build positive life habits.
so I need ways to organize myself that keep things simple.
It's wonderful helps me organize and keep my life simple while sweet.
It helps me focus when I'm distracted by the negative.
helps me feel like a slightly better person.
One of my most useful apps.
Production Valuesc100
Simple interface and easy to use for setting goals.
Clean design and interface.
Ease of Usec92
Great app to keep track of goals and provide some extra motivation.
intuitive and simple to use app that helps build positive life habits.
Simple reminders to meet my goals.
The elegant and cheerful aesthetics make this app easy and quick to use.
" so that you can do so whenever you find it convenient.
Great goal setting utility with very easy interface.
Updates & Supportc82
Best customer service and a great app.
Great customer service.

and lots of positive reinforcement of good and balanced life habits. found in 8 reviews
I instantly favored this app's simplicity of helping me achieve my goals. found in 3 reviews
Great accountability tool with my life coach. found in 3 reviews
It really keeps me on my toes. found in 2 reviews
It's a pleasant way to keep track of things I want to accomplish. found in 17 reviews
not technology" this app is the perfect tool to achieve that. found in 10 reviews
Actually I was just looking for a habit tracking app for studying. found in 15 reviews
I've tried a lot of goal setting /habit building apps. found in 7 reviews
Great for proper use of time and correct time management. found in 3 reviews
one feature lacking. found in 1 reviews
Needs due dates. found in 3 reviews
It's a great app but needs better reminders. found in 1 reviews
Great app but need the upgrade. found in 1 reviews
Needs a delete button. found in 1 reviews
-Although it asks for permission to send push notifications. found in 4 reviews
Still love but why iOS 6 support no more. found in 2 reviews
but there's no other way to leave feedback. found in 2 reviews
Great but small details would make it better. found in 1 reviews
But needs some change. found in 1 reviews
Wish the free version had more. found in 2 reviews
Y no iOS 6 support anymore. found in 1 reviews
Needs Syncing and iPad App. found in 2 reviews
It doesn't make me feel guilty. found in 2 reviews
It's not annoying and isn't pushy. found in 2 reviews
yin yang symbol was spotted
Waste of time. found in 1 reviews
7 not working for iphone 5. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Balanced - Get more out of life for $1.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 2.8 MB to download. The new Balanced - Get more out of life app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-05. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 6.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Balanced - Get more out of life in Jaidev Soin`s Official Website :

Balanced is a simple, beautiful & supportive way of tracking the things that you wish you were doing more often. Balanced helps you prioritise, stay motivated & get more out of life. With Balanced you: Feel ...
Constantly sends unwanted notifications Needs ability to set different notification options     Terrible notification settings
I love this app The joy of swiping right when I accomplish something is a great motivator I only wish that for the things I want to do more than once daily the app would start those items fresh every day I want to drink water six times a day and once completed Id love for that icon to show clear again the next morning But thats personal preference This is a great app and I use it everyday              Great but want more
This app helps me to get a balanced lifestyle I set a few priorities and make it a habit Im feeling better already only having it for a few day                 Organized
Great app very user friendly and simple Makes it pleasing to work with as it uses different colors and pictures for a more enjoyable experience The only thing I wish is that you could make more than 5 goals on the free app 399 is a little steep for me for an app especially one as simple as this           Pleased but wanting more
I really like how this app handles habits that I dont need to do every day Other apps especially coachme are built on an assumption that a habit is daily I dont need daily for lots of things I dont have time for that Its great that Balanced helps me build streaks with the necessary gaps                 Best app for nondaily habits
its great for building good habits it reminds you when you havent checked the app in a while its helpful and the colors make it pretty so its pleasing to the eye as well                 i love this app
Best app for helping you to create and practice the healthy and productive habits that you want to develop as your own I have tried other habit apps or list apps but the functionality and user interface were simply not as fun Change and discipline are hard but this app helps take the difficulty out It is exactly what I didnt know I wanted and needed                 Good habit personal trainer
So if you only want To use on iPhone then its good           Does not sync with iPad
This is a very simple and useful app that helps with balancing your days I like the gentle reminders it gives and the interface is beautiful                 Very lovely
Great app The free version was okay Paid for the full version and I would say its worth it                 Love it
Im a person that means to do well but I am easily distracted i can honestly say with this app i have transformed myself into a productive powerhouse certainly worth the price of admission                 Great app transformed my life really
Good for helping to keep your goal in mind                 Simple and helpful
I bought the premium version only 5 minutes after using the app Its so wonderful Balanced keeps me motivated and on task with kind reminders and helpful pushes when I need them most Ive never been so productive in my life This is better than my todo list app or even Habitica I love seeing all of my accomplishments and this app truly helps me keep my stress and anxiety down Balanced saved my life when I needed it most                 One of my favorite apps
I procrastinate a lot but this is amazing I have a problem drinking enough water but when I saw that it was time I immediately went and had a big glass This app gives me a huge satisfaction with my self totally recommend this                 Truly helps
I love this app because it is a gentle reminder to do stuff that will make me a better me                 Keeps me focused
Balanced has helped me remember to drink more water take my daily meds practice music and read I love this app                 Great for developing good habits
Ive tried many habit trackers but this one hits the sweet spot for me Balanced gives me just enough of a gentle nudge to stay on track without the nagging and guilt and with the upgrade I can track all the habits Im trying to include in my daytoday The combination of positive reinforcement with gorgeous designUX love the darkdisco mode makes this app a pleasure to use Kudos to the developer for both this and Productive I have both but for now Balanced is my choice Its friendly upbeat lowkey approach is so so supportive of positive change Though theyre both outstanding apps                 Simple and perfect
This app is very helpful                 Well done app
Ive had the app about 10 days and value its simplicity and directness Reminders keep me focused on balance priorities This is just what I wanted to avoid being swamped by busyness May add another star as I learn the app              New User
This is a stellar app with a simple and stunning design I use it for less serious and less specific goals I have for the dayweekmonth versus a calendar Its super encouraging and easy to use I have the upgraded version and it has been worth Every Single Penny 1010 would recommend                 Absolutely love it
This app has helped me so much Since I got it I have been so much more productive                 Love it
Great app Awesome                 Hakuna Matata
Helping me stay on track with the little things I never make time for but are so important Keeps them on my mind but I also like that the app isnt too pushy or invasive Thanks                 Cute fun and motivational
This app is a breath of fresh air                 Finally an app thats a GOOD habit
We need to be able to use this on iPad universal with syncing Also this is perfect for Apple Watch Many task related apps already have an Apple Watch app This app is behind the times Too simple and too limited Will add stars as more functionality is added        No iPad or Apple Watch app
Sends alerts to keep you on top of the things you know you should be down The app actually gives you a sense of accomplishment when you complete tasks Perfect for college students                 Very effective tool for people with busy schedules
Life is short and this app reminds you and takes all the guess work on how to live life to the fullest especially if you have a very busy life I wouldnt change a thing to this app reminds me to take time for family I was even able to create a reminder to spend individual time with each one of my 3 children Love this app                 Life is short right GREAT APP
Easy to use nice formatting                 Easy to use
Simple clean and works just like it claims to                 Great app
Encourages productivity Put a few dozen things in and focus on the top 5                 Solid
Great way to ensure a balanced life Easy to use No gimmicks or unnecessary features Love it                 Simple helpful addictive
With such a busy schedule having this app is absolutely perfect You get to choose the reminders you want how often and its great Truly helps you keep balance in your life Recommend for SURE                 Amazing
I really do appreciate this app it keeps me going when I dont have the motivation to do the things I need to on my own                 Good App
This app is not only aestheticallypleasing easy to use but very helpful Its great for anyone trying to integrate more selfcare into their life wonderful for anyone since is so easily customizable 1010 would recommend for everyone                 Cute Clean OhSo Worth It
It reminds you of the things you should do and encourages you to be the best version of yourself After all it is the little kind things that you do that matter Other than that it has many categories that aim to improve you and your relationship with others I absolutely love it                 Great app for selfimprovement
I actually look at it often and each time I skip the workout one I created I become fully aware of what I need to work on Really like being able to add my own                 Nice design and useful
This app is seriously awesome It is aesthetically pleasing and it has truly helped me revamp and change my life                 Change your life with this app
A great blend of simplicity and breadth Balanced captures everything that your focused on without overwhelming you with it                 Great task manager
I cant get over how well this is designed Each little prompt is unique to your interaction with the app I have a higher standard for myself now that I can check things off my balanced list as a little pat on the back                 Wonderful even for the most time efficient
Love this app Very helpful at organizing my tasks and helps keep me on track                 Love this app
I just got it but so far I love the daily reminders Its a bit annoying when I havent done what its asking me to do but then it also forces me to try and stay balanced              Feeling better
Great app for keeping track of priorities and life goals Complete customizability of goals along with templates With the full version you get graphs and other things that keep track of what your doing well at and which goals you could focus on An extra plus I love the fun motivational ways they remind you of stuff                 Sweet App Worth the full version
Had a real life coach This app is almost as good Definitely worth a try                 Should TRY
Beautiful interface Easy to use Not annoying with the reminders It actually has some flexibility built in You can choose to skip items when life gets in the way of a goal item We all know that happens and sometimes you gotta choose life Now you wont have an annoying notification just swipe it to skip You can see how often an item is skipped so you can decide if you should continue or delete it                 Helping me meet my goals
Love it Its very simple and straight forward and the unpaid version even offers enough for me to keep it Only problem is I cant figure out how to send myself reminders Oh well Still love it              Great
This was a great idea and the interface and ease of use are superb                 Nicely done app
All I can say is Best App ever like OMG                 Love this App
I love this app It helps so much                 AWESOME
So Benificial to me when i really need it                 AMAZING
Im giving three stars because the App is over priced Its an amazing concept and app the graphic icons are cute and it is an easy to use app but I want more than five activities and have to pay 4 for that that is too much Id pay two maybe please lower the price           Good potential but pricey

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