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Bank of America , the publisher behind many iOS app (CashPro® ,Research Library ,Bank of America for iPad ,MyHealth BofA ,Research Library & Analytics ,BofAML Mercury), brings Bank of America for iPad with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Bank of America for iPad app has been update to version 4.0.032 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


With the iPad® Mobile Banking App from Bank of America, you can see all of your Bank of America accounts on one concise overview screen.* Our brand new
iPadtablet made by Apple
app offers an enhanced banking experience, customized and optimized for the iPad. Quickly and easily perform your banking transactions, such as transfers or payments (through optional Bill Pay), from convenient popover menus. View account details in an easy-to-read Online Banking ledger layout. And stay on top of your finances with the enhanced calendar view: See your eBills, scheduled transfers and payments all on one screen, or just tap a date to add a new task. And Mobile Banking is now available to our customers in Washington and Idaho too.


— View an enhanced calendar display of your eBills, transfers and Bill Pay transactions
— Review account balances in an easy-to-read Online Banking ledger layout
— Pay bills (through optional Bill Pay) and transfer funds**
— Find ATM and banking center locations using GPS, with no address input required***

Bank of America for iPadBank of America for iPad
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— SafePass® security is now available in the Mobile Banking App, just like in Online Banking.****
— You’ll enjoy peace of mind, knowing you have the same level of security as Online Banking, including our Online Banking Security Guarantee.*****
— Your personal information is protected by advanced
encryptionEncryption is the conversion of electronic data into another form
technology to help prevent unauthorized access.
— We are committed to protecting the privacy of your financial information. See the Privacy Policy for Consumers at
— We use the same SiteKey® technology to verify your identity as we do for Online Banking, providing an extra layer of security for your peace of mind.
— We never transmit account number information.


*Must be enrolled in Online Banking.
**Must have transfers and Bill Pay set up previously in Online Banking. For accounts located in Washington or Idaho, Bill Payer is currently not available in the Mobile Banking App.
***Technology limited to locating ATMs and banking centers only.
****SafePass is not available with accounts in Washington or Idaho.
*****Please read “Your Responsibilities” in our Online Banking Security Guarantee to learn about important actions required to preserve your rights under the guarantee.
Bank of America for iPad


Bank of America N.A. Member FDIC.


The Bank of America for iPad is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iPad owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 1.4 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 4.0.032 has been released on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Bank of America for iPad check developer Bank of America`s website :


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Icon 175x175 1
Pretty good app but dont understand why the iOS app only allows you to make payments to a single payor At one time there was a multiple payor option where you could pay multiple bills to multiple entities at one time Bring this option back and I say 5 stars          Where are multiple payer option
Would rate it a zero but must rate to review No Shop Safe credit card capability Absolutely essential for me Another update and still no ShopSafe capabilityTouch ID useless for me as TID will not read my fingerprints       Mr Taz
Good                Like it
Thank you                Thank you
Ongoing problem with the sign in screenYou have to hit the screen of the ipad multiple times and really hard in order to be able to enter your login infoAnnoying    Login issue
Love my Bank of America mobile app Its perfect for the in the go lifestyle we all have become accustomed to Paying bills and being able to transfer funds at any time of the day is a great way to stay ahead of the curb I would only suggest if they could put a transfer counter somewhere on the app You only get six a month and it would be helpful to know how many you have left at any point in the month instead of receiving a notification in the mail each time for going over again Either that or raise the limit                Excellent app
It worked fine initially but stopped recognizing me after 4 months so is completely useless I want to get rid of itAlso trying to write a review is difficult in that it rejects almost every nickname you try and enter obviously to rule out negative reviews    only worked a short while
Cant log in since last update Fix it    Frustrating
The camera will not focus no matter how long we have tried even with multiple different distances Tried iPad Air 2 after the failed attempts and worked fine Please fix for iPad Air 1    iPad Air 1 Problem
Shop Safe feature still NOT supported for BOA credit cards Generating secure credit card numbers is a key security feature for shopping onlineThis is a huge disappointment considering Shop Safe on BOA website also does not work with the iPad Also we need more transparency on future efforts For example a roadmap of new features to have BOA customers vote for Helpful Vote below    ShopSafe is STILL Not Available
Apple introduced support for Touch ID in June of 2014 yet Bank of America still has not introduced Touch ID support into its apps Many of your competitors support Touch ID Why is Bank of America so far behind the curve    Over 1 year later still no Touch ID support
First it tells me that my online id is incorrect which it isnt because I do online banking on my PC all the time But playing along I hit the forgot id button No way to enter the required info Deleted app and will make deposits the old fashioned way    Awful
Why would you take away an extra security step when you already have the most security issues of any bank out there Put the picture back If my account is hacked one more time Im done       Security Issues
If we cant stay on top of our banking as easily it will make it easier for BofA to extort penalty fees from its customers Makes sense from an imoral point of view We speak with our choices This is a chance for other banks to pick up BofA customers that refuse to be taken advantage of Can anyone suggest a decent bank with a working ap    I see their plan
I am not sure what all the grousing about unless it is mostly people who have ancient versions of iOS I just downloaded this app and had no issues logging in Sorry one of the prices you pay for moving into this realm of Appletablet PCs is that you need to stay reasonably up to date The software cannot be expected to remain endlessly backwards compatible The only issue I found which is why I dinged it a star is that I had a fraud alert on my account and the approval process for the transactions goes into an endless loop ie After I confirm that all is well the dialogue comes right back up again asking me to confirm over and over Logging off and logging back on again gets past this and all is well But it can be alarming if you are concerned that you may face limitations on your credit card             Works fine for me
Why does the iPhone version get TouchID but the iPad version does not Other banking providers do not exhibit this disparity       No TouchID
Used this app religiously until it stopped working recently It will not get past the ID screen Even deleted and reloaded the app to no available The iPhone version seems to work on my iPhone 5 Please fix the problem    Needs to be fixed
This app was working perfectly fine before upgrade now can not login on iPadhowever can login on iPhone 6 Please fix          Login error
iPad mini iOS 7Button continue at agreement screen doesnt work so I cant sign in    Not working
This app and upgrade actually works just fine for me I have no problems with it I do have a wish list of additional functionality like a singleclick travel alert in the app but these are really just nicetohaves                I feel like the odd one out but
Everything works great for me on the iPad Air2 The only features I would like to see added is the fingerprint login and multitasking          Works great
I would like to suggest to uninstall your currently installed BOA App if it isnt working then reinstall it from the App Store This worked for my wifes IPad I just installed a fresh install of the app on my IPad and it works perfectThis app does exactly what I need Love it             Works Great
I saw an update today and quickly downloaded it confident that it would fix the iPad login issues that have been going on for weeks I was totally shocked to find that I am still getting the same message and am still unable to get to my account from my iPad Please fix this BOA and Apple    Still cannot log in on iPad
This is a awesome app it works well with Apple Go Figure But If Bank of America would put a calculator within the app as a pop up to calculate your balances It would be nice at the top of the fields within the BOA app to use just saying Hopefully it will happen          Awesome But one thing
Has not allowed access to my account since logon screen change Have rebooteddeleted dowloaded Called BofA No Change Desk top has new logon screen works fine IPad screen no change no work No good    Will not work with IPad Air
You should test your app after making changes If that doesnt work fire your entire technical crew and hire somebody who can fix it Need help I have an 11 year granddaughter who can do a better job    No stars if I could
The app will allow you view your transactions but wonk let you manage accounts Ie pay on an account from an outside bank Renders its functionality virtually useless in my caseI have four other apps from other banks that allow me 100 functionalityMight as well go to the website for me       Poor function for a bank this big
Pretty good app after the update Works GREAT Maybe after the Touch ID upgrade I will give it 5 stars MAYBE             Not bad
Check deposit is a big joke    Frustrating
Forced to download new app today Bill pay crashes the app now every time Great job    Bill pay crashes
Im a very security conscious guy One of the reasons I have a Bank Of America credit card is because of the Shop Safe feature Given the recent spate of credit card breaches BOA has done a pitiful job of promoting the Shop Safe feature Currently this feature only works on a desktop browser One cannot access it from Safari on iPad no Java BOA could have easily integrated this into the App itself but they did notI can see a lot of benefit of having this feature on iPhone iPad app to allow generating a one time use credit card number that you can use while shopping through your IOS device    Does not offer access to ShopSafe
Havent been able to login for a good month now Nice work BOfA Try testing your app before releasing    Not good
This app has been broken for weeks You cant login at all on an iPadWorks on iPhone but who cares    Broken for weeks
I had to give it one star Im sorry it worked well and Id used it almost daily as probably everyone else It was a huge help Then it suddenly stopped responding so I deleted and reinstalled it with high hopes Nothing B of A it would be just about time to get it right I would even be willing to pay for the app if only it worked without fail ONE star    Not working
Works ok not great Crashes occasionally and the user interface just isnt all that pretty My biggest pet peeve is still the obviously purposeful exclusion of Touch ID Why Been available for for use by developers to incorporate in apps for a year now Every other major financial institution uses this for their apps Ridiculous Get with it BofA       STILL no Touch ID
Used to love this and now it wont let me login I tried to uninstall and reload but it still doesnt work Fix this BOA    Doesnt work
Thank you for implementing TouchID its a godsend for those of us with very long and complex passwords                Awesome update first banking app with TouchID on iPad
So I cant download this app because you must have 60 or greater OS I have an older iPad that does not support 60 OS Thats ridiculous So I have to go buy a new iPad to do my banking I dont think so Im a retiree and cannot afford to buy a new iPad when the one have is perfectly good for my purposes Or at least it used to be    Huh
Not working for a very long time Please fix    Not working on iPad
The socalled Help for this app seems to be written for their actual website NOT for the app itself It was completely impossible to resetup Bill Pay since the Menu tabs it tells you to use DO NOT EVEN EXIST I will stick with the website dont waste your time with this app    Absolutely TERRIBLE
The app stopped working on my iPad Cant log in This has been going on for about a week PLEASE FIX    Stopped working on iPad
Worse App I ever used please do your job and work on it it dont even deserve the one starI cant log in to my account what the hell is going onthis is no upgrade this is downgrade    Soooooooo bad App
Used this app for a long time with no issues now it does not recognize my signin ID New signin process has not been adapted to IPAd yet apparently Customer Service says they will have to work out the bugs in the new system Would be nice if they let their customers know that    So annoying
Still need to change Required iOS 6 to iOS 5 for those of us having older iPads We cant afford to buy new Everytime theres an upgrade    Mandatory
App is horrible but thats what Ive come to expect from BOA on both its apps and website Much much smaller banks have web based services that perform much better than BOA Meanwhile other large banks like Wells and Chase have apps and websites that outperform both know this from years of personal experiences that have convinced me that BOA doesnt get the importance of this aspect of retail banking    Embarrassing
Please fix the iPad version it does not let me sigh in It used to work so well    Can you fix it
The automatic image capture needs a ton of work but even manually taking the photo didnt work I just spent a half hour trying to get the app to accept an image of my check It had contrasting background good lighting and I even tried to mechanically hold the camera in case I was moving it slightly and the app kept telling me that the numbers at the bottom cant be read I took a regular photo and looked at the image to see if the camera system was somehow not working right and the image was clear as a bellno reason for the system not to accept it The app otherwise seems to work great Account transfers activity monitoring and bill pay have worked without issue for me          Good app except for check deposits
I have been very happy conducting my banking using this app It has been a secure and reliable tool that has kept me out of a bank lobby for several years I am further impressed with how they listen carefully to app users and respond with well targeted improvements                Excellent banking app
Update to my last reviewThe problem with the last update is that it was not made clear that the sign in screen had changed We were not informed that there was NO LONGER a SITE KEY which users have been using for years The passcode in now on the same page as the user ID And users are allowed to click sign in without entering a passcode thus giving the error that the information is incorrect or not on file You guys need to add some direction next time you do an update And change the wording of error messages so the exact problem is clear It seems that the reviews are still NOT BEING READ PREVIOUS REVIEW Apparently no one reads these reviews I had to call to let them know there was a problem And they are not aware I have not been able to sign in on my iPad since the last update It keeps telling me the password is incorrect It works on the site and the Phone PLEASE FIX So its a waste at this point    Since the last update
I ve not seen problems yet                Works Fine


Bank of America
1.4 MB
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 4.0.032

iOS Bank of America for iPad 4.0.032 Mobile

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