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Heavy Duty Apps , the publisher behind many iOS app (PushUps 0 to 100, Lite ,10K Runner: couch to 5K to 10K app ,Speed Dial Images - Dialer App ,5K Runner - Start running from Couch To 5K app ,Sleep Pillow Ambiance: a white noise machine lite ,Battery Boost Magic App, free), brings Battery Boost Magic App, free with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Battery Boost Magic App, free app has been update to version 7.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Free gift cards..
  • Great app gets the job done and helps conserve battery life..
  • This app lets me know how long I can play games..
  • This app really helps me keep track of my battery usage on my ipod touch..
  • The app provides a lot of useful information..

Overall Satisfactionc90
The best battery app that I had ever downloaded.
It tells you how much time you have from talking to watching videos.
But I like how it tells you how much battery life is left.
I get longer time knowing how much battery I have left.
I love being able to see the percentage.
Love this app because it shows how much battery charge I have to use.
This app is tha best my battery last much longer.
I would deff recommend it.
Fun & Engagingc97
This is the most awesome battery app ever work really well.
and it has awesome battery feartures.
Boost Magic is Awesome.
This app is very helpful to know the exact percentage of my battery.
This app really helps me keep track of my battery usage on my ipod touch.
This app is very convenient and helps me manage my battery consumption.
It's just really slick: 'tells me everything I need to know about my battery.
Keeps you up to date with your battery life.
Very helpful tips to conserve and lengthen battery life.
The app provides a lot of useful information.
This tells me everything i need to know about how much music play time.
Repeat Valuec93
It really helps to keep tabs on your battery levels.
Great way to keep track of battery level.
Does not boost battery level.
Ease of Usec75
Simple app that lets you gauge battery life in an instant.
Simple app that estimates how much battery life you have.
Really useful and simple to use.
Useful and simple to use.
Quick & easy way to check my battery charge.
Easy way to check my battery status.
Updates & Supportc68
I have the lite version and still love it.
They should not make the full version lots of money.
It's really helpful to know how much battery life I have left.
its awsome cuz i need to know how much battery at certain times.

It doubled my battery life almost all the time it's great. found in 4 reviews
This app really helps me monitor my battery life. found in 9 reviews
Must-have app for ipod /iphone/ipad users. found in 8 reviews
it's pretty accurate and helps me manage my phones battery life. found in 5 reviews
Keeps me informed on how much life I have for photos. found in 4 reviews
Very helpful and useful App is helpful and user friendly. found in 24 reviews
Best battery booster EVER. found in 240 reviews
Gives you an accurate reading of how much talk. found in 8 reviews
Awesome app
Tells you exactly how much time you have remaining for each activity. found in 9 reviews
Great app very useful A must have for any iPhone user. found in 7 reviews
I love the boost magic it is amazing. found in 256 reviews
This app is very convenient and helps me manage my battery consumption. found in 19 reviews
Also helpful tips to keep your battery working in tip top shape. found in 5 reviews
I love being able to see the percentage. found in 15 reviews
Best battery saver for your iPhone or iPod Out there. found in 36 reviews
Awesome app really boosts my battery when it's low. found in 9 reviews
This tells me everything i need to know about how much music play time. found in 8 reviews
Great utility to keep track of battery life in detail. found in 9 reviews
It works and helps with battery management. found in 7 reviews
This app actually helped me increase my Ipod's battery life. found in 5 reviews
but if battery is below 20 % it reads all 0's. found in 7 reviews
Battery needs 100%. found in 2 reviews
This app does NOT boost your battery in any way. found in 29 reviews
Helps you know when your battery is fully charged. found in 7 reviews
But I can see the battery life percentage. found in 3 reviews
I don't notice a difference with the battery. found in 3 reviews
It doesn't have some battery tips though. found in 3 reviews
I honestly dont see a difference in my battery life but oh well. found in 8 reviews
Sometimes it's inaccurate. found in 3 reviews
I got it and it doesnt boost battery at all. found in 3 reviews
Battery life will decline over time until it can't hold a charge. found in 4 reviews
But it is still considered 3rd gen and runs in backround. found in 3 reviews
If app suggested power saving steps. found in 3 reviews
but the fact is it's old. found in 2 reviews
Please give sum upgrade for battery life expectancy. found in 4 reviews
it doesn't do anything "Magic" to improve battery life. found in 6 reviews
I needed a way to view battery consumption. found in 4 reviews
My iPod stays charged for days. found in 3 reviews
Not a dysfunctional app. found in 1 reviews
it is good advice but the title is misleading. found in 5 reviews
It's inaccurate and silly. found in 3 reviews
Worst app ever doesn't boost your battery life at all. found in 29 reviews
Does not work on my new 4s. found in 4 reviews
Useless for power consumption optimization. found in 3 reviews
but does nothing else to extend battery life. found in 16 reviews
Useless for seeing what's using your battery. found in 3 reviews
Obviously someone is paying people to post fake reviews. found in 3 reviews

The Battery Boost Magic App, free is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 9.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 7.1 has been released on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 3.1 or later
More Info: Find more info about Battery Boost Magic App, free in Heavy Duty Apps`s Official Website :

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This is really awesome now I can know the of my battery                     Awesome Sissie131
This app worked so well I bought the upgrade Then the updates stopped keeping up with the OS Now it s so far out of date 3 year s and counting that it no longer works with the latest OS So unfortunately this will remain a 1 Star as long as it remains not updated     Huge disappointment Big Poppa 4467
This was a really good app in the past when my phone was dead somehow this app made my phone charge to 50 And I had about 2 times the battery life So PLEASE UPDATE THIS TO IOS 11 I would but it I had to but just please                 Make it IOS 11 please GameHawk103
I keep getting messages that this app needs to be updated                 Update Merry Su
Long time user and satisfied NEED A NEW UPDATE SO IT WORKS WITH IOS11                     Excellent App jorosa
Doesn t help you manage your battery Most estimates are wrong     Mostly useless Nasty_McGrit
Obviously not a supported app if it doesn t work effectively with operating system 11 0 just wasted time and space downloading it     Not updated for 11 0 dennis desktop
This is a very good app for iPod touch But for iPhone it s pointless because iPhone can get battery percentage but the app is very good for iPod touch                     Noice TaniaMonteiro
For the next iPhone update                 Please renew this app dharma36
Needs an update Oh well Bye     It doesn t work anymore Bobloveschicken
Good app but seriously needs to be updated or will be deleted no updates in c 4 years seriously                 Battery Life 2ba4
I like this app but where is PRO                 Meh Business jdvjnc
My phone always says on lock screen that its 100 charged and when i open this app it says 95 it drains your battery     Annoying xharambex
Works great please update app to future versions for iphone 7 and 7                 Review she got it_101
This app is useless         AKM_❤️
Awesome and cool                     Hi Oscar20052005
Just shows you time left for various things Does not improve the performance     Don t waste your time Ameykulkarni
My iPhone keeps telling me this app may be useless soon if not updated to 2017 systems Last update in 2013             Going to be useless soon lixd
Nonsense Does nothing     Battery Oceglou
Was a fan in the past Wasn t useful for iPhone 6 Took it off     Last update since 2013 Pugmamma
App creators stopped updating this app in 2013 Consequently it is NOT compatible with iOS 10 iPhone Shows an error message saying that the app needs to be updated to work properly But if you try to contact the creators you get redirected to some Fitness website instead of their customer service You d be better off passing on this app Bottom line is No update No way to contact the company No service Not compatible with iOS 10 No refund if you bought the paid version DELETE     Used to be a great app until iMikeCarl
This app only tells you how much time you have left on your battery Doesn t tell you which app is draining it         Misleading Bj32;44
Greatest app                     Good app to save power and show you how much left battery Iraq best
1440 reviewers and it had 4 5 stars It didn t really tell me anything Knowing how much time you have to be on LTE or 3G or whatever is really pretty useless I would have wanted to know things like how many recharge cycles have been done How much charge the battery is holding etc the only useful piece of info you get is you charge level I can do that by looking at the little battery icon on the upper right hand corner of my phone Nice graphics but there is only one screen to look at and it s not laid out very well I d give it a half star for the effort Also it s not been updated by the developer so you get a warning when you first start it up that it will cause your phone to use more power than usual because it has not been updated     Wow that was a total waste of time cebu3
Poor doesnt help any     Does nothing for me horrible Dope festiva
Don t bother     Worthless Mike Fortier
App has not been updated since 2013 It is not effectively functional with iOS 10 App needs to be updated badly In addition the free version does nothing more than to tell you the charge on your battery     Out of date Food Shopper
This app hasn t been updated in over 3 years It slows my phone down and doesn t really do what it says it s supposed to do         Need to update the app LCordina
Tryna see if it works                     Idk PrincessToii
Doesn t save your battery Just tells you to do a full charge once a month but if you need a battery saver I can guarantee your phone is dying and you re doing a full charge more often than that I don t think the stats are correct either My phone was at 60 after an hour of use and it said I had hours of the same activity left     Misleading Swim4urlifex3
yo o t eg et it                     Just Get It Asic Seven
I expected more from this app every time when my battery has less than 20 this app does not show the correct time until the battery sit fully     Disappointed Bivol-wow
Don t bother getting     Terrible bluestreak426
Wow so if I charge my phone up my battery lasts longer Basically what the help section tells you This does nothing other than taking up memory and telling you approximately how long you can use device for a service But it does nothing to keep the battery from being drained and I would think it actually contributes to battery drain problems since it is running I have been trying to like apple but 3 months and I don t have a good thing to say other than I love the hardware I hate how almost every app is useless like this one         Does nothing special Nonhalal
This app can t even tell me the proper battery percentage remaining     Nope Kirk Lantz
The app info was incorrect like with my battery percentage was at 69 according to the iPhone setting and 60 according to the app     It s wrong Apple_sock
Charges your phone in 3 stages I played music had apps running in the background and played a game for almost an hour and barely lost any battery percentage Would recommend to anyone                     Works great Jskkakendnndmslelm
I already can see my battery percentage on my iPhone why do I need an app for it     Useless app Mr. Tony Nguyen
what does the u s iTunes app store have against system optimizer apps system memory refreshing apps battery boosting apps seriously every time i find one that does it all inevitably the app store phases it out these types of utilities are readily available in every other store but not in the u s store it s as though apple doesn t want it s customers to be able to enjoy the benefits of this type of utility and they don t have the right to decide that for their customers and yet they have done just that hasn t anyone out there noticed this i cannot be the only person                     ari yo ari-yo
Fast charge easy to use works very well can say enough about it very worth downloading                     The best battery app out there Johnnyp3301
I think everyone should have this app It is so helpful to the knowing of my battery life It has come in handy so many times like when you need to know how much time you have left Download now                     This is an awesome app Berry hard to please
This app is really helpful At first I was a little confused about how to use it and then bam It clicked to me on how to use the app It really helps you time manage your apps so your battery doesnt run out right away You should really get this app and check out their other cool ones                 Awesome app
This is pretty good at helping the phone recharge It also has a very useful log for noting the deep charges that have been done My only complaint is that the battery percentage reading from the app doesnt match the battery percentage from the phone For example the iPhone percentage will display 72 power while the app will display 74 power It makes me wonder which is more accurate              Battery Life Magic Power Readout Different from iPhone
This app is so awesome it charges so fast                 The best app ever
Does the job I need it to do No muss no fuss                 Great app
Good app                 Battery minder
Yup                 Yup
Have had this since the beginningwouldnt charge without it                 Great App
Perfect for my iPod 5 because unlike the iPhones it does not show the battery percentage at the top right corner And its accurate                 Perfect
Good battery app it does what it says and has all the info you need              Great App
Handy app Worth downloading                 Worth Downloading
Totally awesome                 Great app
This app is amazing My husband and I have been using it for years                 Boost magic app
Should be called Magic BS Battery cuz its all slight of hand and its all crap I must be missing something because its magical how it got such rave reviews Bizzare     Uselessness
Use this app all the time A must have Love it                 Great app
Great app with lots of detail                 Great app
Allows me to see how much time I have to use my iPhone and what I can use with the time I have THANKS                 Awesome
I like it It shows me exactly what my battery is                 Hi
This app is so amazing its helped me keep my battery on a good level thx for even thinking of this app                 Amazing
Like the app have only had it less than a week Felt like I had to get one because when I upgraded to an iPhone 6 from a 5 the battery life left feature disappeared This app is great tells me how much life I have left depending upon what Im doing or how Im using the phone Id recommend it to others                 Seems great
Never crashes like every other thing I use so helps me prove nothing is wrong with my iPod and when I plug it in it increases 5 every time so one moment 20 the second 25 yay IF THE PEOPLE DONT MAKE THIS TOP APP YOU ARE TO ME MY HEROS well to a 13 year old who plays this iPod 247                 Should be top app
cbndndicjbnv                 frgvfdnn
This app is the bomb If u have an iPod 4like me it doesnt tell u ur But this app does Not only that U can also recharge ur iPod if u go somewhere and u cant bring ur charger or just forgot it                 Magic
Wow this app really works its super fast me and my family cannot get enough of it it                 Amazing
I thought this app would just allow me to see how much battery percent I would have in my iPhone but it has much more great features this app really just breaks it all down in an awesome way                 Very pleased
Definitely extends battery life                 Works great
Shows your battery percentage           I like this app
This app is worth downloading Works great                 Great App
I wish I never down loaded it wasted my battery and I saw my percentage was on 55 and I went in the app for 2 minutesAnd then came out and BOOM My percentage was on 51 even after I deleted it happened And after an hour that happened I charged it was fast but its on 80 but 20 minutes later while I use it 68 so not download it     IT SUCKS
Its very accurate and sweg 98 IGN Very sweg much awesome Doge 3mlg5me Meh                 Really good app
Guys I know its a battery but its alegail cops will get the owner will go to jail ps alegail              This is alegail
Really great and accurate battery detector I check it everyday and it never fails to disappointment                 Battery saver More like life saver
Exciting game                 Diamond strike
Love this app                 The Best
Its actually a good app because it tells me how long I can do stuff on my ipod                 Good App
This app is always right on with the projected level of my battery life as shown in the picture in the top hand right corner I love since the phone in itself doesnt display the battery percentage that this app shows me exactly how much I have and have left I would recommend this excellent battery percentage app to anyone                 Great app
it doesnt charge the phone     I dont like it
This is a great app This is neat easy to use and I can look the battery life in one place              Hahaloveyo
This app is amazing i love it very very great love it                 Amazing app
This is the best app              Awesome
Useful app Gives what you need and more              Pretty good
Love this app because it is useful                 Super App
Ive had a lot of trouble with my iPhone battery This charged my 18 battery in about 30 minutes instead of the usual 2 3 hours I wish I had found this app sooner                 Fast
Ima keep this short simple When I first got my iPhone Ill admit the battery went low very fast so I got this app and I didnt really see a difference but today I just deleted this app and now Im realizing that my battery has been charged at no more than 10 in 20 min Im really liking this app keep up the good work              Ive seen a difference
Great app                 Awesome
The description seems to promise much more but in fact all this app does is tell you how full your battery is and how much time youd have left doing various activities For free Im not complaining but I really need an app that tells me more about whats consuming my power           Doesnt do much
His is an amazing app Now I know what my battery percentage is now matter where I am And it tells you how much time you would have on anything you can do on your iPodiPhone To sum it up you should get this app so you can manage your battery                 Love it
If I could rate something 0 stars I would to this coz guess whatITS WRONG it said I only had 25 seconds on anything and I had 3 hours Also it said I had 2 percent when I had 49 And my friend got it and it broke his phone Because the charge died and it never came back Luckily a shop repaired it and said it was the app SO I THINK U GUYS SHOULD STAY AWAY STAY AWAY     WORST IN THE WORLD
I needed for my iPod touch 5th generation I love it works good                 Battery percentage
I like this app a lot Helps with planning my phone use throughout the day The battery on my 6 lasts so much longer than it did on my 4 I can usually go to work and back without charging it unlike my previous phone Nice to see how much time I have for different activities on my phone since it categorizes the time for each function Nice that its free too              Stefush
I love it                 Awesome

Battery Boost Magic App, free Utilities Battery PerformanceBattery Boost Magic App, free Utilities Battery PerformanceBattery Boost Magic App, free Utilities Battery PerformanceBattery Boost Magic App, free Utilities Battery PerformanceBattery Boost Magic App, free Utilities Battery PerformanceBattery Boost Magic App, free Utilities Battery PerformanceBattery Boost Magic App, free Utilities Battery PerformanceBattery Boost Magic App, free Utilities Battery PerformanceBattery Boost Magic App, free Utilities Battery PerformanceBattery Boost Magic App, free Utilities Battery PerformanceBattery Boost Magic App, free Utilities Battery PerformanceBattery Boost Magic App, free Utilities Battery Performance

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