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Z2Live, Inc , the publisher behind many iOS games (Trade Nations: North Pole ,Nitro™ ,Trade Nations™ ,Battle Nations ,Shadowslayer: Dawn of the Lightforge ,MetalStorm: Online™), brings Battle Nations with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Battle Nations games has been update to version 2.1 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great game and it is a time passer..
  • This is a classic sandbox mixed with Role Playing..
  • Art work and game play is fun and exciting..
  • Best RPG game for my iPhone yet..
  • I've played various strategy games & this is the very best..
Overall Satisfactionclick me87
This is truly one of the best strategy games that I have ever played.
This is the best game n I really love playing this game.
I will not be playing this game until an update comes out.
Amazing game that keeps growing and getting better.
I like this game a lot literally one of my favorite games.
It won't connect this is one of my favorite games please fix.
I recommend this game to anyone who likes fighting games or Clash of Clans.
Battle nations is a ripoff would not recommend this game to anyon.
This has to be the best iPhone game I have ever played.
Haven't been able to play one game -- huge bummer.
This is a wonderful game and it's very well done.
Best game in the app store Add meBattle Nations=TheNiteMareWithinGame center=pantango.
Fun & Engagingclick me92
Awesome game should be a console arcade game.
This is a totally awesome game if you can load it:.
Very addictive you won't want to put this one down.
A very fun game I hope Z2live can make more games soon.
It is super fun and the story line is hysterical.
great game please play super fun.
It's taking a little brain work and it's hard to put down.
Can play it at my pace and still have loads of fun.
Great game with loaded with tons of fun a must a downloaded.
Nice graphics but it gets boring very fast.
Usefulnessclick me85
Well thought out play it every day for over a month now.
I play it every day I really like the story line.
This is one of the greatest and I play everyday.
One of the few games I play everyday Nuff said.
Everything takes too long to build.
everything takes too long to make.
Value for Moneyclick me49
Don't listen to all the people who say you need to spend money.
Forces you to spend money if you want to build certain building.
Keeps your interest with good progress without spending scared money.
You can't progress without spending large amounts of real cash.
Replay Valueclick me77
once you get in the higher levels it's get pretty fun.
Used to be fun please update to allow higher levels.
Need more levels to access all resources by land expansions.
Needs more levels can't even use whole map.
Nice graphics but it gets boring very fast.
Really fun and challenging I love it great free app.
Have been playing for over a year and it never gets old.
Fun strategic game that will help pass the time.
Hours and hours of entertainment.
Excellent game hours and hours of fun.
Social Aspectsclick me88
Costs too much to be competitive in head to head battles.
How about head to head battles.
This game crashes WAY to much in head to head.
but all in all great game especially to play with friends.
Love to play with friends and use tapjoy to get nano pods.
Lots of missions and multi player online games.
good multi player everything I love it.
The multi player crashes sometimes.
Production Valuesclick me87
Best game ever must buy trust me awesome graphics.
Great game with awesome graphics and game play.
Cool graphics good gameplay.
Fun game cool graphics.
Ease of Useclick me87
Reliabilityclick me64
This game keeps on getting better and better.
Game keep on crashing when using element attack.
Other then some server problems it is still very addicting.
they report "an unexpected error occurred".
Ads not Intrusiveclick me58
Watching ads all afternoon won't even get you close.
Updates & Supportclick me37
Vast improvements in customer service have made a good game great.
Great customer service.


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Introducing Battle Nations, an all-new action/strategy game from the team that brought you Trade Nations and MetalStorm: Online!

Battle NationsBattle Nations
Tags :   battle ,   nations ,   empire ,   battle nations


Take command of the elite Imperial Army as you expand and secure the empire. Gather precious resources and build a thriving nation to power your machine of war. Train your troops and battle the attacking rebel forces for dominance of the land.


Battle Nations Features Include:
- Robust Story Driven Campaign: Join the ranks of the Imperial Army and fight your way through over 130 missions
- Strategic turn-based combat: Command dozens of unique troops and vehicles in battle
- Real-time PvP Battles: Queue up and battle other Battle Nations players from around the world for prizes
- PvP Invasions: Fight with Friends and invade their empire or help a friend in need and repel an attack
- Base Construction: Build a network of structures to support and protect your empire
- Resource Management: Find, gather and refine precious resources to fuel your army
Battle Nations


Visit for more info!


Note: An Internet connection is required to play Battle Nations.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Battle Nations for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 84.8 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.1 has been released on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Battle Nations in Z2Live, Inc`s Official Website :


Battle Nations is the best game I ever played. found in 2571 reviews
Amazing game that keeps growing and getting better. found in 249 reviews
I like the character's sense of humor and the story lines. found in 37 reviews
city building and just challenging enough to hold my interest. found in 37 reviews
Fun strategic game that will help pass the time. found in 24 reviews
and balanced gameplay make this a very enjoyable game. found in 38 reviews
Awesome game should be a console arcade game. found in 1204 reviews
The game requires patience and long term strategy. found in 10 reviews
Unfortunately it crashes often and has frequent connection errors. found in 14 reviews
Not many people play anymore -PVP rarely finds an opponent. found in 15 reviews
Impossibly slow unless you are willing to throw down some$ for nanopods. found in 19 reviews
but again in game items would cost 65 twenty second commercials. found in 13 reviews
and -1 for periodical lags/closing out on loading screens. found in 10 reviews
Entertainment for days but of course it makes you buy stuff. found in 34 reviews
No one should be expected to pay to play a game perpetually. found in 72 reviews
The times are too long it gets boring after a while. found in 40 reviews
You can't really advance in the game without paying real $$$. found in 71 reviews
Only I constantly have connection issues even with full signal WiFi. found in 22 reviews
it gets a little frustrating at times waiting for things to happen. found in 14 reviews
Every time I try to open the game it crashes please fix. found in 14 reviews
Game freezes during battles in areas with a lightning tower. found in 31 reviews
A fun way to waste some time on the weekends. found in 76 reviews
For folks who are experiencing server connection issues. found in 10 reviews
Takes forever to progress unless you spend tons of money. found in 39 reviews
My only complaint is that the game crashes sometimes. found in 68 reviews
unless you want to pay to win. found in 115 reviews
I get that the developer needs to make money off the game. found in 63 reviews
Todays error was that i dont have an internet connection. found in 45 reviews
Can someone please make a decent game without in app purchases. found in 71 reviews
and their arbitrary limits on population make the game incredibly boring. found in 105 reviews
even if dropping cash for nano pods. found in 100 reviews
The game crashes anytime I need to go home. found in 68 reviews
This game must have the slowest game servers in the business. found in 44 reviews
Used to be fun please update to allow higher levels. found in 58 reviews
You can't progress without spending large amounts of real cash. found in 124 reviews
Fun but frustrating and unbearably slow if you don't pay to play. found in 72 reviews
Oh and the cost to heal your existing units is absurd. found in 184 reviews
I don't have a problem with the in- game purchases. found in 79 reviews
Very clunky and slow paced unless you want to spend money. found in 56 reviews
Unless you are willing to spend real money on this don't bother. found in 100 reviews
Impossible to play without putting up real money for nanopod. found in 339 reviews
It is now impossible to beat the missions without buying "nanos". found in 63 reviews
Unless you pay real money to speed up the game. found in 121 reviews
Forces you to spend money if you want to build certain building. found in 558 reviews
Hey this game is great but could you guys add a base editor were you can push a button and it take everything and puts it into a inventory slot were you can organize your base some what like clash of clans GUYS IF H WANT THIS TO BE ADDED KEEP ON REPOSTING this in the reviews                Add more base options
BN has been on my devices for about 2 years now I used to play it all the time Now a days i log on once every two weeks or so There is nothing to do missions require insNe troops at the end changing your base is like a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle the graphics are exceptional on some buildings and garbage on the rest I beg you to bring the BSs back and get rid of the ridiculous arena challenge Im about done with you guys                Do you even care
Z2 has abandoned any development of this game disappointing many many devoted users Spend your money elsewhere    Dont Bother
This game is really awesome but i have a few suggestions 1 Maybe instead of 1 nanopod per every hour Talking about the hurry maybe you should make it 1 nanopod per 2 hours I will take away a star if that doesnt change in the next few updates Also about nanopods decrease the cost of resourcestroops 1 nanopod for 25 stonewoodetc Maybe you should increase the resource to 100 You wont lose a star if that doesnt come though 2Medics and mechanics this is fir both of themThey cost gold 10 merits500 iron and 100 wood They unlock at level 15 take only 2 minutes to train and they work like this on your turn when a soldier NOT A VEHICLE gets hit and has lost at lease 20 hp the medic can heal him for 1000 gold They will take up your turn The medic cant fight unless its rank 4Then it acts like the shock trooper with a boost of healing the healing still works the same the mechanic is the exact same only it repairs vehicles instead of healing troops Rank 4 makes just like rank 4 medic only instead of troops it repairs vehicles including helicopters excluding ships Please dont make any of them cost nanopods Thats all and thank you in advanceUPDATE I cant load my progress from this device to the other device Fix itPS Ill rate one star till you fix                Best game Just a few suggestions
The strategic thought put into this game cannot be explained in words all I can say is I fking love this game                I love this game
Can you fix this can the vehicle factory have a glitch If so please fix it so I can build vehicles and that would be nice                I like this game except that vehicle factory keeps signing me out of this app
Used to be a great game before developers abandoned it But now it is dead    Update please
Its so fun to have a game with more than 100 troop in a game because you can use it over and overI think your game are the bestPlease make some new game with this and keep on upgrade Battle NationFew suggustion1can you buy Heavy Gernader with 10 nanapods because that a lot and you only get 1 nanapods for watching video                Battle Nation
warning the developers have totally abandoned this game since Z2 was sold to the Candy Crush people Dont bother downloading This game is dead not to mention the graphics are not great gameplay is buggy and the processes are poorly thought out    this game is over
TANK YOU for the boss strike keep going Z                TANK YOU
I played this game for 4 years got all the way to the top of the game just in time for everything to go silentNo updates in months and the last update made no real changes other than a big money grab So much potential wastedFor a new player it would be fun to do some of the levels just dont buy nanopods without them supporting the game theyre just not worth it anymore    No Longer Supported
I have played this game now for 2 years and am in an elite guild It was really great and I played daily But there doesnt appear to be any new development The game is adrift so at higher levels is is little more than Farmville You have to pay to stay at the top of the game but it is no longer worth it Items coming soon never materialized Have fun for a while but dont expect much more       This boat is adrift ratings downgrade
I like how you still have good combat mixed with the building in other games like COC             This game was great
I know its not on this game trade nashon was taken off App Store                Can you update trade nashon so it fits iPhone 6
Its about building a base and fightingIve been on the highest level for too long since they put a cap on levelsI cant build anymore Its no fun    Im throughfor now
The game has been abandoned by the developerThere used to be weekly events Now nothing in 3 weeks Monthly guild events have been abandonedBugs are not fixed and the game keeps getting more buggyTech support is nonexistent    Going down hill fast
This game has stagnated for months    Developers have abandoned the game
Love this game havent played in a while it needs a new update and it seems like the developers have left the game to probably work on something else             Where have the developers gone
Awesome game                Awesome game 123456789
Very god but a few bad things here and thereTo improve1 Lower nanopod prices for EVERYTHING ex mega tank instead of 85 nanos its 75 2Lower time needed to BUILD structures and a few units ex prestigious academy instead of 36 hr its 24 hr 3REMOVE SECRET VAULTS I know you need them for more money but it is so frustrating thinking yes Im going to get a lgnd boar And 2 seconds later you have a crappy hvy chem tankThat is most of it so please take this intomconsideration also to should make a vote to remove secret vaults or not and also vote for my other suggestions if you do implement a voting system make sure its available to people lvl 25One last thing increase the chances of getting a boss fragment like increase it to 8 percent for all fragments             Pretty good
Great game Can be humorous and addicting You can create friendships with people from all over the world I would rate it a strong 4 down 1 for some software platform issues BUT the developer was bought by a larger game company and development slowed and finally stopped They probably brought out things the first company was working on then nothing Players are dropping out This is a dead end game that you can expect to see dropped from the App Store Look elsewhere or at least dont spend money on it unless you see signs of life    No longer supported
This game was the best turned based app But now it has died Sold out and nothing new for months To bad cant imagine it making any money right now Use to spend money on it like everybody else but now nothing At least tell the people that have been playing for years something like sorry coming back soon or not coming back foff    Was awesome now not good
It has an Americanly amazing gameplay                Awesome gameplay
The game is great but it would be better maybe if we could upgrade maybe 35 things at once upgrading only one building upgrading is slow and angering just a suggestion             Upgrading
Used to be good until they stopped doing boss strikes vaultseventsetcetera DONT GET IT TRUST ME or or          DOWN WITH BATTLE NATIONS
First off dont bother downloading this game because the developers have stopped developing it Theyre keeping the servers alive but there hasnt been a new event eg Boss Strike Arena Challenge for a good FOUR months now They used to have it monthly Second if youre still here the game is HEAVILY paytowin but it does have a decent story A story that the devs have stopped adding to now that they have stopped development Third the devs SAY they listen to the players but theyre all in it for the money When one of the games events were first introduced ARENA CHALLENGE the only way to be in the Top 10 on the global leaderboards heck even Top 30 was to either spend buttloads of money on the premium currency or to not sleep at all and grind during the duration of the event The execution of the concept was so god awful that when they first announced Arena Challenge on the forum many players said that the only way to get decent rewards was to pay and they were right After the event and the backlash of the community the devs released a statement saying they were sorry that they screwed up and thought that it was going to be a great event Ha BS They then proceeded to fix the next Arena Challenge but it was still heavily paytowinDONT WASTE YOUR TIME There are a lot of better games and companies out there    Dont waste your time
The system works as followsBefore you attack it highlights what you will be hitting in a certain color More red it is more likely to be deflected and do less then 5 damage More green more likely to do full damage It works for units attacking vehicles but not vehicles attacking units which really lessens the already unbalanced on the weak side tanks I recommend an increased chance to miss A scout for example deflects a cannon shot to the face taking 4 damage but retaliates and does full damage to a tank It was a Shotgun shot WhatAlso get rid of the legend sandworms I have never seen something more overpowered compared to someone who does not have it in my entire lifePS Your clearly trying to push out old players stop The new players have the advantage of being able to plant sentries and wimps and old players cant possible compete with the overpowered TF2 and raid boss units What if someone wants to be self sufficient          Fun broken combat system and unfair units
This is a fun and great game The story is interesting and the gameplay is fun but one thing that irritates me is that Im at lvl 55 and the tenement and dormitory still havent unlocked yet If its a glitch in the system or something pls fix it cause I need them for a larger population since I just bought 1600 nanopods             Fun
It used to be that almost everything cost nanopods still do now but now they are easier to get and it makes it a evenly balanced game Although some units upgraded wimps are more overpowerd than most units it is still fun The story and humor is hilarious and the way this game is makes it different than almost any other game I would suggest you get it Their is always something to do and you should always join a good guild Save your nanos for the vaults or other special units Also I experience no bugs as everyone is whining about Probably using some old broken device Please add this game back on steam it was a bad idea removing it and everyone can agree                Amazing game easier to get nanopods now
I love this game better then clash of clans really its way better                This game is good
This game is awesome and I love it to bits but Ive seen some bugs were in the game when you need to upgrade a building as soon as you accept the mission it completes it and you get the reward and this annoys me because I feel like Im not getting the full game experience please fix this and thank you and this is still an amazing game             Awesome game but a few bugs
Ive been playing this game for 3 years now and I still love it to this day I just wish the game would get more popular                Amazing Game
I cant finish the silver wolves battle I am lvl 56 and I am doing the silver wolves battle at the outpost every time I try to continue the battle it says lost connection to server and wont let me finish it So that means I cant finish any battles around my outpost please help             Cant complete a battle
How about adding a medical truck or a medical trooper or a medical tank Also why did it get taken off of steamit was a lot easier to do stuff on it                Best game I played it way back
After king bought z2 there has been no real support for the game I used to love this game and hope it isnt dead yet Not a fan of king    No support
i am better than everyone                I have never played this game
Great game Too bad Z2 killed it off Z2 has stopped creating content for this game They wont even respond to customers Stay away from any game by Z2 you will not get support       Atty at war
Great game with potential Requires lots of sp skill point grinding which many players including myself do not mind The imbalance between nanopod IRL money and regular units is too far fetched and benefits a more lazy player whos willing to spend money for a better unit that requires little to no leveling Still a great gameHoweverDevelopers have recently made poor choices by short changing players with boring new units and story in order to make fast money Naval updates and story missions have been a huge upset alongside anytime pvp Players are leaving battle nations fast leaving empty guilds and dead bases all over Many players believe developers have left battle nations to work on King games which have been more profitable I think King bought Z2 not sure though battle nations is unique and could be a great game with more attention to increasing the amount of quality units and special events Tone down the obsession for limited time units and nano sales etc put some quality time into improving the game and listening to the community Money will come after          Developer issues
I have been playing this game for 2years now and Im glad this game was updated with new mission and everything else The sad part is that there isnt anyone online to join guild or war on each other Hopefully theres more players to join Battle Nation                Awesome but Sad
I downloaded this game years ago and got addicted to it but had to get rid of it for some reason Recently I thought hey why do I NOT have it so I got it again and I havent stopped playing it since                awesome
Updated Ive been playing this game for 3 years now and am max level I am in what was a very active guild that always went to level 10 in boss strikes However for a month now there has been no activity whatsoever in the game and various blogs are saying that the original developer was sold and the new owner of the game is not supporting the game any more Please be aware of this if youre thinking of downloading this game Sad to see such a fun and addicting game decline in this manner    Left to rot
All you do is going to having something going on every week to having things going on once a month or so And to top it off only make a new similar game only available in one county for testing purposes    A fine example of how to destroy a good game
Outstanding game and will offer new players a challenge for a while but they stopped adding new content a few months ago so the game has become a dead end          Game Over
Now its dead dedicated players still waiting yet the programmers or owners wont respond Sadly the game has died please dont waste your time Only core    Once was good
I have had this game for three years and love itI am in SgtStranglers second guild and it is very active There are also a ton of active players still playing BN If the DEVs could continue to update this you will most definitely not regret the amount of players that will take up this game againA suggestion Update this                Incredible game
Make it so you can convert stars to skulls at the Hall Of Bounty and this game is in all of its form just really amazing Add meKingdog101             Teeth
Developers have stopped working on the game No need to waste your money    Game no longer supported
I used to play this game on an ipod touch and i got to lv 26ish but then i was forced to quit because if the update I didnt have to quit but the update put a bug on my device So 1 12 years later i see nothing has changed at all The only diffrence is no more events so now i play in my iphone and i realized that a guild that i played with that was extremly active has fully shut down Why I managed to talk to tge guild leader and he said that the guid had quit the game because of lack attention I mean come on Z2 you only got 3 games why stop with one Any way i was disapointed to find out that i could not login to my previos acount The reason The server that it was on was temenaited So i said ok i can restart But the game made my risk all of my specs and i lost my dragoon right away So i saidok i can heal him right Wrong the coast was way above my budjet and whats up with the glitch that made the 3 story charecters not fight in a quest fight I lost my gunner and morter because if that PEOPLE THAT WERE AT LV 150 or so quit no joke One is in my current guild My acount name is killshot14 and i can prove that this game is fun but needs care msg me and i will show youFinal thing i had a friend that quit the game because of a raid that took his flag then the guy stole all of his resources so he couldnt play plz dont let this happen ever againOk one more thing an idea is to add a space area that way pros would be challenged          Good game


Z2Live, Inc
84.8 MB
Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.1
iPhone iPad

iOS Battle Nations 2.1 Mobile

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