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Mika Mobile, the publisher behind many iOS games (Battleheart ,Zombieville USA ,Zombieville USA HD), brings Battleheart with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Battleheart games has been update to version 1.5.1 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This game is an awesome RPG with old school fantasy gameplay..
  • Great replay ability too..
  • This game is one of the best strategy games out there..
  • Are there any plan about multiplayer mode or something like that..
  • Art style feels lifted from Castle Crashers..

Overall Satisfactionc90
More characters and more level other wise it's AMAZING.
An amazing game all around for hardcore and casual gamers.
It's fantastic little rpg and is proving to be one of my favorite games.
I could say it is hands down one of the best iPhone games out there.
I recommend this game to anyone searching for a beautifully executed iOS strategy rpg.
not to mention game center achievements and a multiplayer option.
Why No Game Center.
It seems most of the best RPGs out there.
One of the best iPhone/ iPad game of it's type.
Fun & Engagingc89
More characters and more level other wise it's AMAZING.
An awesome game that kept me entertained for hours.
The graphics are awesome and the gameplay is super fun and addicting.
Now with more character classes for more fun.
Super fun and addictive.
All in all a very fun game.
Fun little game easily worth the normal price.
Combat is fast paced and interesting yet easy to comprehend.
Replay Valuec88
More characters and more level other wise it's AMAZING.
I would pay another 3 bucks for more levels and new bosses.
There is also quite a good replay value with survival levels.
This has no replay value.
You really get your moneys worth with hours and hours of gameplay.
Working on over 30 hours of play time and still having a blast.
the controls a re simple and easy to master.
Gets boring rather quickly.
The combat is fun and challenging.
Social Aspectsc83
Great graphics amazing game so addictive add multiplayer My team: healer.
because I'll pay anything to have this game with online multiplayer.
Also add more people and new classes.
and new people to chose.
Production Valuesc89
The graphics are great and the animations are even better.
Cute graphics ^_^ recommend it.
Great animations for characters and spells.
The music and sound effects are also very well done.
and put in a lot of great visuals with cool music.
Great visuals and super boring repetative gameplay.
It's a very well polished game.
not a finished polished game.
I am continually impressed by this company's production values.
Ease of Usec92
So fun to play with easy to learn controls.
Simple controls and tons of items to upgrade characters with.
This is a fun game with beautiful graphics and intuitive controls.
add a bar of character portraits for easy selection in battle.
Amazing game that is easy to get addicted to.
Difficult to make any progress when every game crashes.
Updates & Supportc89
One thing that this game need is.
I've been hoping for a second version.
Customer service is great.
Make a free version.

00 for a movie Which is 2 hours of entertainment. found in 7 reviews
This is a fun game with beautiful graphics and intuitive controls. found in 5 reviews
Good controls
love the simple controls and battle system. found in 13 reviews
Great animations for characters and spells. found in 7 reviews
One of the best iPhone/ iPad game of it's type. found in 19 reviews
I currently own Plants vs Zombies and Paladog too. found in 7 reviews
This game is simply a must have for any RPG fan. found in 12 reviews
I has amazing graphics and should be the game of the year. found in 4 reviews
so I'm playing this highly praised game for a few days. found in 3 reviews
Interesting real time strategy. found in 7 reviews
This is a old yet outstanding game. found in 5 reviews
especially for anyone with any sort of dungeon-based RPG experience. found in 6 reviews
Combat is fast paced and interesting yet easy to comprehend. found in 15 reviews
but how about some more levels with a variety of enemies. found in 4 reviews
So fun to play with easy to learn controls. found in 31 reviews
Addictive RPG elements Good graphics
It's a fresh spin on the action RPG genre. found in 27 reviews
The game plays smoothly and I love the art. found in 6 reviews
Relatively long playtime. found in 20 reviews
The combat is fun and challenging. found in 9 reviews
I haven't played a game to date better made. found in 14 reviews
Developer is actively searching for answers to the crashing problem. found in 5 reviews
But wait til they fix the crash bug to buy. found in 6 reviews
Great game but too short. found in 3 reviews
Decent play but needs a real story line. found in 34 reviews
• It is a completely linear dungeon crawl. found in 3 reviews
This app needs a storyline and new battles. found in 4 reviews
Would be fun if not for the interface issues. found in 3 reviews
but there is no story so it ultimately gets boring. found in 13 reviews
Characters bunch up on each other and become impossible to select. found in 4 reviews
FIX: game crashes at bad times and can be very annoying. found in 33 reviews
But a few more updates would be nice but remember people. found in 5 reviews
Really needs more characters and iCloud Sync. found in 1 reviews
had to drop to 4 due to the frequent crashing. found in 4 reviews
good graphics but crashes way too much it becomes more frustrating than fun. found in 2 reviews
It is a awesome games that needs more classes. found in 4 reviews
Needs Multiplayer would make this game 10x better. found in 12 reviews
Really fun game but definitely needs more levels and characters and fast. found in 279 reviews
Just needs crash fix and this is an EASY 5 star. found in 6 reviews
Fantastic game but needs an update desperately. found in 24 reviews
Needs more content like new classes and skills and levels. found in 17 reviews
Needs a story. found in 4 reviews
Horrible game do not buy. found in 3 reviews
Don't buy until this crashing problem is solved. found in 5 reviews
Lack of story and customization options killed it for me. found in 3 reviews
I'm now stuck from crash after crash on this screen. found in 3 reviews
Great concept Needs multiplayer. found in 12 reviews
Bad controls ruin a good game. found in 6 reviews
Difficult to make any progress when every game crashes. found in 33 reviews

The Battleheart is now available for $2.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 62.7 MB to download. The new Battleheart app version 1.5.1 has been updated on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later
More Info: Find more info about Battleheart in Mika Mobile`s Official Website :

Battleheart - enter a world of epic fantasy combatChosen as the App Store`s "Game of the Week""Battleheart is an absolutely effortless recommendation" -"Incredibly addictive and fun" - Attack of the ShowFrom the creators of ...
I lost very character being level 25 Add the cloudsave feature that Battleheart Legacy has              Great Game Needs Cloud Saves
This game is very fun up until the last boss After that there is hardly any room to do anything They even added in higher tier weapons and armor in the arenas but the chance of you getting the weapon you want is very low Got 8 hours out of this game           Lacking endgame
Battleheart is a fast paced single screen liteRPG realtime tactics game You control a squad of up to 4 heroes and duke it out in various combat areas with a variety of monsters Although each hero only has a few limited abilities on their own trying to control four different characters at once may take some getting used to and the characters all generally complement each other very well The controls are intuitive and no single battle will take too long to complete for playing Battleheart inbetween things during the dayIt might eventually seem a little monotonous as there is not much in the way of random content throughout and while there are many backdrops they all amount to a flat battle area the size of the screen Still you should give it a shot because youll probably finish the game once or twice so many hero combinations before it really gets to you                 Great Mobile Squad Adventure
I have to be honest I like this game a lot at first but eventually it got too tedious micromanaging all the different skills on all 4 characters and if youre not quick it gets really difficult Also I hit a level wall where I have to previous areas to level up more My tank simply couldnt withstand a single red slime even using all my defensive and healing spells An ok effort but I enjoy playing Battleheart legacy much more           An okay game
This is a great little game Hours of challenging fun and immersive gameplay Its rare to find a good game on mobile devices that doesnt flood you with ads or cut off half the game so they can milk you dry with micro transactions Mika Mobile has made a perfect gem with Battleheart and its refined gameplay simple yet elegant graphics and intense gameplay that focuses on your ability to manage a team while in the heat of battle I highly recommend Battleheart and any of the other games by Mika Mobile I hope to see more from them in the future                 A true gem
This game is ridiculously hardespecially with the bosses        Haaaaaarrrrd
I love this game but I finished it and need more levels Please upgrade and I will give 5 stars     This Game is the Best Game on The App Store
As always mika mobile does more than delivers Smooth and sharp great as always The only complaint I have is the crashing on the larger areas capital city some of the towers Playing on iPad 1 I would like to get more into the game but the crashing prevents this Hope its fixed soon Thank you              Excellent
I always enjoyed playing these types of games Manning a team of 4 from a list of heroes to choose from The most important part of design going into these games for me lie in the controls Targeting a hero during the middle of a fight is extremely difficult On screen portraits would be one possible solution for this           Fun at first frustrating toward the end
Dont get me wrong I LOVE battle heart but the game lacks updates In 5hrs I beat the game and there was nothing else for me to do with my equipment at fully upgraded There should be more levels and a new class For exampleNecromancerbasic attack dark magicshoots a bolt of dark magicequipmentstaffleatherfirst abilitynecromancyraises skeleton soldiersecond ability1 ring if deathlike the clerics guardian anglebut opposite It heals allies over time dealing damage to undead thingssecond ability2Antiarcane ballcrates a well of dark matter that slows enemies lasts 30 secondsthird ability1passiveSkeletons ragesummoned skeletons have 15 more attack damagethird ability2passivebone hardenSummoned Skeletons has 15 more healthfourth ability1bone graspbone hands emerge from the ground slowly dragging down the targeted enemy to hellunless they attack any herofourth ability2hell portala portal from hell summons behind the target spilling lava and leaving fire that lasts 15 secondsfith ability1passivevengeful soulupon death the necromancer banishes the enemy type that killed the necromancer from that battle unless in arena where it lasts 1 minutefith ability2passive forgiving soul upon death the necromancer grants 10 more attack power to his allies for the rest of the battlesixth ability passive necromancy8 chance for any monster attacked by any hero to be revived as a skeleton that fights for your team for 20 secondsseventh ability1 passiveSkeleton archer40 chance of a summoned skeleton warrior to be a archerseventh ability2 passiveSkeleton tankwhen a skeleton is spawned a 15 chance it will have full iron armor slowing it down by 10 but giving it more armorfaultsLow armorLow speedTakes X15 more damage from attacksstrengthsHigh damageTeam supporter                 My most favorite game
This is my favorite game on the app store Its a must get app                 Amazing
I am playing this in 2014 which is a bit late but I wanted to play through this before BH Legacy I am not a big RPG guy but this was an exceptionally simple game that provided 10 hours of enjoyment Well worth the cost                 Excellent a bit late to the party
I love this game but please add more classes like the battle Mage or ninja from the second game                 Awesome game
I want to know whats up with some updates for this game This is one of my favorites I feel like this game was made and left to die Help us out                 Updates
awesome excluding not iPhone 6 ready and some minor bugs because of iOS 8              almost perfect
Challenging hilarious epic bosses looks great Mobile gaming done right                 Great Action RPG
Definitely dont miss this or its sequel Both are some of the best games Ive ever seen on a phone                 Great game
I like it                 Fun
Ive had this game for a year and I consider in my all time favorite iOS game I gave it five stars for that reason for sure Its very smooth precise and fun to progress in The character designs crack me upOne minor complaint I have is about the characters and story The characters have zero depth dont try to get attached to them like characters in other games The upside is like I mentioned their designs are so hilarious I dont mind but its a worthy complaint And the storywelldoesnt exist After some subtitle conversation in the training when you first start playing theres no more If youd like a game for a little more depth storywise the sequel Battleheart Legacy is definitely worth your money as well                 My Favorite iOS Game
Very addicting and fun                 Great game
This game is simply amazing Its unique battle system rivals many console RPGs to date However the game hasnt been updated in years and needs more content or a sequel or in app purchases or something But at a base level this game is an absolute musthave for RPG lovers The replay value is practically endless and its well worth the purchase                 The best game Ive played on IOS
I just re downloaded this game after purchasing it years ago I got bored of the games I had on my phone and wanted to try an older game again Still fantastic controls animations and skill treesI love this game and I wish there were more of it                 Still one of the best games on iOS
I really love this game It is easy to understand and fun to play                 Great fun
For the price they give you they should put a little more content to itSuch a good game with terrible development what a shame1 star for content awareness     No updates
Ive had this game for a while now and still play regularly Ive had 6 successful playthroughs Great game guys                 Great game
I cant rate it a zero because this is what it is This is complete crap I cant even get passed the select save game screen I click on it and nothing A waste of money I guess they didnt bother to update when they want you to buy the other one for almost double the cost I will be calling my credit card and disputing the charge     What a joke
The game is too short Thats just 4 hours of gameplay              Good gamebut
Good game but needs some work on items in the game and the fact that it needs to be more about the users choice instead about what the story says you should be able to right your own destiny              Battleheart
NEEDS MORE LEVELS Or add challengestasks Overall great game though                 Amazing but
Plz update this app                 Plz update this app
Bought it this morning Played it all day My eyes hurt Anyway its awesome That was my review years ago still playing it and recommending it to others today cant wait for Battleheart Legacy and will continue playing any games you produce xDPS If you didnt know already there is a lot more content in this game than you see at first glance check out the Battleheart WikiSequel is out get them both ASAP                 Great
The only reason the game is not a 4 is because it fell far short of the hype if only in terms of playlifeBH is a nice little Strategy RPG with strong fantasy elements and a lot of movement in combat Little party customizability depending on play style but I strongly recommend any DD fans to check this one outNotes you cannot play your own music and there may be a lot of grinding to level up if you have to plow through due to party andor strategy           Short but sweet
I didnt expect this app to be as great as it is I hope you can make more characters though One of my favorite apps                 Such a fun app
Its a game that can be picked up and put down at any moment and offered to me a great deal of customization for my characters The controls are flawlessly touchfriendly and the graphics are pretty fun as well There is a sequel of sorts to this game called BattleHeart Legacy if you have a bit of cash to spend I definitely recommend getting it it too is a great game worth every penny both of them                 Simply great
Nice RPG but probably only worth a single play I was addicted right away though Good times                 Fun Little Game
Love it                 Battleheart is Awesome
I love this game a lot Theres only ONE thing I dont like and its that there havent been any recent updates and im begging you Mika Mobile please please please please please update this soon with more characters weapons items and levels this is seriously my favorite game ever but Ive almost beaten it twice but it would be amazing if there were more characters please add more stuff please                 I love this game so much
I got this game when it first came out and I loved it plus the characters Now its 2015 I hope they will make a new one and better one Hope so Haha                 Love and miss this game
This game is amazing and obviously wasis extremely successful But there hasnt been an update for two years I think this game still has a lot of potential and shouldnt just be left alone              Update
Its just the micro part of an RTS no base building but done very well using the touchscreens strengths to its advantage And if the wonderful game play doesnt win you over the characters that are a charming homage to classic Final Fantasy games will My only negative is that I beat all the levels but desperately wanted more since I hadnt yet tried out all the characters                 Fantantastic
Just read the title                 One of the best games
This game is fantastic on all levels Very pleasing design endless strategic possibilities and feels right as an iPhone game instead of feeling like its been crammed into your phone Just plain fun Now I gotta get back to work                 Phenomenally good
This is by far the best role playing strategy gane on the App Store in my opinion When I bought the game u thought I wasted my money but when i started playing it I loved it This is my favorite game on the AppStore It is also my favorite game that Mika Mobile has made So if your are reading this and wondering if u should get it or not GET IT It is 100 not a scan or waste of money Thanks Mika Mobile for the wonderful game battle heart                 Best role play game
iOS gaming has recently replaced console gaming for me since Im old and got wife kid job house etc BH legacy was recently purchased and is a great game in my opinion When I found that it was a long awaited sequel I had to check it out For the price of 8 I have two great games that will occupy many hours Love the grind when it is fun Keep it up Mika                 Found out about it from the excellent BH Legacy
How people post reviews about this being the best rpg they have played is truly mind boggling I was bored of the monotony after 30 minutes but still pushed to get through the first map thinking maybe something interesting happened after completing the last battle of the map some story a town something at all to break the monotony NOPE just right on to the next boring battle and map Yawn uninstall        Snooze fest
Im writing this for attention poop                 Poop
As is its a great game However there are a few issues holding it back from being the best iOS RPG ever such as a slight lack of character types sure there are wizards knights barbarians but as shown with the addition of the ranger and the paladin classes there are more possible classes Also me and my friend Michael had a what I consider great idea Make it an online experience friends playing together I mean Im surprised it hasnt already been added As for the gameplay its topnotch I love this game One improvement for it would be to add a few more levels to make it longer And as for the sequel legacy its great and worth it as well I appreciate those who read all of this                 Great game has potential
Had to wipe my iPad mini clean reinstalled this game on iOS 8 and now it wont even let me create a new game Its just stuck in the screen asking to create a new save file and wont let me do so This makes the game 100 useless now And of course no hope of this getting fixed since this game was last updated 3 years ago This is why I only get games when theyre free Why pay even a dollar to devs that abandon games so frequently This means this game has zero replay value or worse you may never get to finish it if you upgrade your OSdevice but the game is no longer updated nor compatible Just awful     Broken and abandoned
Great treat yourself to a fun game                 Great game
Battleheart is a tactical RPG that pits you against many diverse fantasy creatures In Battleheart you control up to four warriors You tell them where to go You tell them who to attack You can also tell them to use special abilities So the point of the game is to lead your four warriors into victory by fighting against waves of goblins spiders or skeletons Overtime your warriors gain exp and will level up Every five levels you can choose a special ability for them You also acquire gold and items The items are used to strengthen your warriors and the gold is used to buy new items and to upgrade existing ones Overall I was quite pleased with Battleheart Its combat and RPG aspects are done very well but the game can be tedious and get boring some times I would recommend buying this game it is worth the three dollars              A great game with few flaws

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