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Beautylish, Inc. , brings Beautylish with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Beautylish app has been update to version 2.0.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This is cool for teens..
  • I enjoy the community aspect of this site..
  • So many helpful tips easy to find with your finger tips :..
  • I check it daily like any other social networking app..
  • and goes back to my home screen :..
Overall Satisfactionclick me83
I love this app for too many reasons to write.
I love learning new hairstyles and nail designs.
I love reading the articles and reviews on products.
It's a must have for anyone who loves all things beauty.
I bought an eyeshadow and they sent a handwritten thank you note.
Best app ever girls best thing ever.
Fun & Engagingclick me85
This app is super fun for when your bored.
so many awesome makeup looks.
I am officially addicted.
well I'm obsessed with this app.
Hours of fun.
Usefulnessclick me86
I'm a beginner it gives me tips on everything I need to know.
So many helpful tips easy to find with your finger tips :.
and quantity of useful information available is fantastic.
I Love The Way It Works And It Helps Me Out A lot.
It tells you everything about beauty.
They have so many useful articles and how to's.
Reliabilityclick me62
Security & Privacyclick me41
Updates & Supportclick me75
The customer service is amazing and the shipping is super fast.
Not only did I receive excellent customer service.


Beautylish presents an the IPad application for beauty-lovers to discover, learn, and share the latest makeup tutorials, tips, product reviews, and articles.


- Watch step-by-step video makeup tutorials on how to produce your favorite looks
- Read articles on the latest trends and product recommendations
- View product ratings and reviews to find the best beauty cosmetic products for you
- Browse several makeup looks for your own inspiration

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The Beautylish is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iPad owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 2.4 MB to download. The new Beautylish app version 2.0.4 has been updated on 2014-11-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Beautylish check developer Beautylish, Inc.`s website : http://


This app allows me to browse for my favorite beauty secrets. found in 4 reviews
Love love love this site. found in 1 reviews
This is an awesome app for makeup and hair lovers. found in 23 reviews
Overall I recommend this app to all my friends. found in 3 reviews
The customer service is amazing and the shipping is super fast. found in 7 reviews
Best app for beauty tips and finding great products. found in 30 reviews
& even health tips that can help every day women also. found in 3 reviews
Must Have for all us girly girls. found in 3 reviews
Provides interesting articles on everything from food. found in 4 reviews
look at reviews and ask questions & more. found in 6 reviews
video tutorials and reviews on everything pertaining to beauty. found in 9 reviews
It's amazing I love it to pieces :. found in 1 reviews
I Love The Way It Works And It Helps Me Out A lot. found in 2 reviews
but sometimes videos or pictures take a while to load :/. found in 13 reviews
Looooved the app BUT the videos don't play anymore. found in 3 reviews
Edit your profile from the app. found in 2 reviews
etc is to log in through Facebook but it won't let me. found in 1 reviews
You can't : Edit your profile from the app. found in 4 reviews
cant hear a thing. found in 1 reviews
I don't like that I can't upload pictures on the mobile app. found in 2 reviews
It's fun but hard to access my profile. found in 3 reviews
Can't sign in with Facebook. found in 3 reviews
Update messed this app up. found in 1 reviews
Won't connect to facebook. found in 3 reviews
Low rating for issues that shouldn't be there. found in 1 reviews
Wish I could upload pictures and videos. found in 8 reviews
I liked it until I tried to watch the videos. found in 7 reviews
but half of the time the photos page doesn't open. found in 2 reviews
It will not let you update your profile or delete any photos. found in 3 reviews
You can't :
it won't let me past the log in screen. found in 2 reviews
Can't watch videos anymore. found in 4 reviews
Screen freezes a lot and takes time to load. found in 13 reviews
But u can't edit or delete your pics. found in 2 reviews
Bad app HORRIBLE. found in 2 reviews
You can't watch the videos in the browser. found in 7 reviews
now it crashes when I go to watch a video. found in 10 reviews
You cant even upload pictures. found in 8 reviews
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This is my go to when I want to find out about new products technology techniques and trends Or even just to kill time Once I get into the editorials I cant stop Also a good place to find inspiration                Love it
My sis has it and it works but mine keeps crashing Im having to delete it over and over again    
This is an awesome app for makeup and hair lovers                Awesome app
I cant even get on the app Keeps on crashing and bringing me to the homescreen    Crashing
This is seriously the best beauty app I check it for tips along wit shopping Totally awesome                Best app ever
Its really great I rate it 5 stars                Awesome
It crashed    
This app has everything I love it                Love it
Its a great app that contains beautyYou can also write reviewsupload videospost pictures and moreAnybody that likes beauty should get this fantastic app                Love it
is my boyfriend                Cameron Dallas
It was a great app until they deleted my accounts I cant even have one for the store          Good if only
Its a really good app I really love it but it doesnt tell you how to upload videos or how to delete pictures          Needs more instructions
I love to breeze through this app if Im in need of a little inspiration or a look to replicate It has a bunch of tips and tricks while having content for both beginners and professional make up users Very great app                Fun and Inspiring
this site is definitely something else when I first got the app somewhere back in 2009 or 2010 it was great I was just starting to learn about beauty and everything and I got a lot of help from the app I have been off and on with beautylish since then right now the app isnt that great everyone tends to repeat the same one sided information people are quite rude at times and they like to shame people who have different opinions other than the main beautylish users they just copy and paste the same information over and over and over again its very repetitive and annoying some of the information being spread isnt even true no one actually seems to want to help anyone it seems more like a competition as to who can give the same repetitive information first there tends to be lots of arguments on this website as well Ive been involved in a few so I cant say I havent contributed to this stuff but it is something to know before downloading or joining the moderators can be quite strict as well which is understandable I guess I just dont necessarily agree with their rules and guidelines fully they are definitely just doing their jobs but it can seem too strict at times but they usually do handle things such as trolls pretty fast so props to them for that havent had any incidents like that in as long as I can remember another thing is a lot of the younger users like to play administratormoderator and try to tell people what they can and cant do which is extremely annoying the talk section of this app is definitely not my favorite now there are other great things about this app though they sell products which is really cool you can buy some really good brands from them you can also read reviews and view pictures of real people using the products but you only see photos like that if people have tagged the products they used most people dont though lol including myself the app is also good for seeing new looks and hair styles if youre looking for inspiration also they have a section where you can read stories on all things beauty I always enjoyed reading their new articles that they put out sad thing is that you can never comment on the stories you used to be able to but I guess they took that option off also theres a lot of glitches not much has changed since 2010 besides the attitude of the site itself I really think they should try to make some changes and fix all the glitches on the app overall its a pretty good app just a few things have outweighed the positives for me and I am no longer an avid user       pretty good app just some things are off
I havent used it a whole awful lot yet but so far the only real problem is the birthday function glitched I clicked to add my birthday and nothing came up then it automatically set to August 11th 2002 and wont let me change it             Ok but glitchy
Just downloaded the app created an account and received a welcome email but app doesnt work at all Just a blank black screen    Doesnt load
Thank you for this amazing app The interface is fab and Im completely addicted                Thank You
The app seams really great but I cant watch any videos because the app keeps on crashing       It looks great but
Glitches to much and crashes then logos you out all the time especially with iphone 6 plus I use to love this app now I hate it ugh    Bad app HORRIBLE
I dont have to go to YouTube anymore to look up anything I just go to this app I LOVE IT its amazing                LOVE IT
I love it because you can get new ideas and help people out while youre at it but you cant find what you posted very easily under the talk section you cant find what questions you asked etc it would be a fivestar app for me if you found someway to keep all my posts together to make them available to me          Love it but
Beautylish helps me stay on top with the latest beauty trends and its great to use when youre unsure about purchasing certain products The only problem I have is that when you join a talk topic or ask a question and get a response it doesnt notify you and you have to scroll through a lot to get the subject Other than that I highly recommend             Great Beauty App
I wish it had more tutorials Some stuff is really cool like the videos I just wish there would be more photo tutorials for hair and make up             Helpful but
Its a really great app but it think that there should be more notifications For example if someone replies back to a talk topic you posted it would be convenient to receive a notification rather thank having to go back and look for it             Overall great app
It wont even let me on it The screen goes black then takes me back to the home page I really wanted this app Did anyone else have this problem    
Everyone is so kind and helpful no complaints                
All this time before I discovered this app I would use yahoo and ask and answers for my beauty answers but now I simply ask a question and receive an answer within 510 minutes So much faster then using ask websites or answers ect And not only can you ask questions you can answer questions you can buy things on cart whatnot Its the perfect beauty app for on the go Buy beauty products look at reviews and ask questions moreThe only problem is when I want to upload a photo to go along with my question it will take forever to load and when I shut down and open the app again its there So its fixable just fix the lag a bit Otherwise you should get this                Great app for Beauty
So this app is basically a bunch of beauty videos and other beauty related photos and products to buy etc all in one place And it is nice and I really enjoy the videos the most However it crashes constantly So thats annoying Also its hard to search for what you really want For instance I searched for Wayne Goss and all that came up were his brush videos You can click on his icon and be brought to his 300 videos however its just not as nice of a video format as going to youtube itself All these videos are from YouTube anyway So I prefer to just search channels out on YouTube to find what I want in his tutorials So this app is nice to find new beauty gurus I guess but not anything special          Meh
It appears that this app is disguised as an app but in reality it is a site to sell products Less than a minute after I registered this app I was sent an email for products to buy Then you only see pictures of different people with different looks Pictures can be inspirational but compared with other real apps this one is getting deleted and I am unsubscribing from their email list    Not very instructional
This is the first time Iv ever had to write a bad review before Usually I always write positive things about different apps even if I didnt like them for one reason or another but this app was so bad that these things need to be said Its not user friendly at all Keeps crashing ALL the time The app in general seems unfinished and not ready for the public This app left me feeling frustrated and bored Pinterest is WAY better    Hate it
After signing in with Google Plus as prompted after opening the app it just stopped working could not get it to reopen    Does NOT work
If you love beauty then get the app I give it a thumps so should you                Amazing
This app is getting me mad I go on it then it says the name of the app then it just goes back to the home screen    
The app overall is fun and practical but im having problems opening the section of My Cart and My Account actually it just doesnt open It closes the page it seems to be a problem with the version of the app My ipad is iOS8 and i dont even know what version this app is Really sad that it isnt updated          Not what i expected
Every time I try to upload pictures on this app it freezes up And its not an issue with my phone its just the app Ive used this app with a Samsung and now I have an iPhone and it still messes up Please fix this because I love this app too much to delete it          Love This App Hate The Problems That Come With It
Best virtual makeup try on app I have used Super realistic and love the 3D mode                Super realistic
Ive really just started looking around this beauty site I love it Ill write another review when I look more into it                So far so good
I used to go the thing everyday now it doesnt even let get on the friggin appI tap on it and it goes back to the home screen so IM DONE    Epic fail
I love this app so much Ive added it to all my devices Apple version easily the most direct and well put together                Best Beauty App
You can post on the talk section but barely anyone answers your questions Theres better make up social groups on Facebook that are more kind and willing to answer your questions Also it takes forever for a response Unless youre very well known on the app youre barely ever gonna get any help This app was a waste of my time    Not worth it
This app is totally legit Started in San Francisco and Funded by the guys who started yelp PayPal and YouTube And a former Marie Claire editor is on staff which makes it even better An all in one place to shop prestige beauty boutiques read reviews browse beauty tips by users with profiles you can check out and might I add communicate with Its like beauty version of Facebook All those videos you YouTube on how to make the perfect messy bun or smokey eye are on here Easy peasy to navigate so check it out Nothing else like it And theyve been around since 2011 just launched their e commerce tho Good brands that sephora carries                Legit all in one beauty app
I this app it is amazing but the only problem is that I dont know how to uplode a video if any body knows please tell me             Awsome But I do u uplode vids
It helped me learn new tips                Fabulous
This app is so awesome you guys should defenitly get it you will love it                Girly girl
Ok all I can say is nope 1 It crashes every five minutes 2 It barely has anything on it    Read
the app is great i love it to death but the birthday glitches so now im like 12 according beautylish also the moderators are WAY TOO SERIOUS like deleting chats bc you posted something similar a day or two before and its ridiculous like i understand them moderating to a degree but its gone so far its gonna catch fire but other than those two things i love this app to death          its okay but glitchy and too serious
i would love it if it worked i have an ipad mini it doest let me tap on any section like whenever i do it goes to the main page its annoying       ughh
This app is amazing Ive been on it You get advice from others look at ideas and everyone is nice to one anotherBut I would like you to fix a few thingsI want to be able to edit your profile on the app and when you click on a photo and just slide to look at the photos it glitches and wont move                Obsessed
Loved this app as soon as I downloaded it The products sold from Beautylish are pricey but there are some treasures in there And they package their shipments beautifully Even if you dont buy from the store the articles and product reviews are great Favorite beauty app I have so far             Wonderful beauty app


Beautylish, Inc.
2.4 MB
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.0.4

iOS Beautylish 2.0.4 Mobile

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