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PopCap , the publisher behind many iOS games (植物大战僵尸2 ,Solitaire Blitz ,Bejeweled® 3 ,Vacation Quest ™ - The Hawaiian Islands ,Allied Star Police ,Escape Rosecliff Island HD), brings Bejeweled Blitz with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Bejeweled Blitz games has been update to version 1.2.3 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • My family loves competing every week on Facebook..
  • Great quick game to play while waiting to pick up the kids..
  • This game only improves hand eye coordination and keeps my mind sharp..
  • LOVE the updates..
  • It's easy to lose track of time when playing this game..

Overall Satisfactionc75
One of my favorite games I highly recommend this for everyone.
This is one of my favorite games but I am very dissatisfied.
Love playing this game it's just as fun as playing on the computer.
Love playing this game but it constantly crashes now.
Very addictive and I love trying to beat my Facebook friends.
It's an amazing game and it runs absolutely fine for me.
Other than that it is a wonderful wonderful game.
This used to be a wonderful game to waste time with.
This game always keeps me entertained and frustrates others around me.
Ur alls fone must be damaged cuz I love blitz.
Do yourself a favor and if you love Blitz.
I highly recommend this game to improve your concentration.
Wouldn't recommend this game because you will become too frustrated.
Fun & Engagingc79
Awesome game very addicting would recommend to everyone.
you have totally destroyed an awesome game that I played everyday.
This is a very addictive game love love love it.
Very addicting fast paced game LOVE the updates.
This fast paced fun game needs a fast bug fix.
I loved Bejeweled and used to play it all the time.
Super fun with high scores possible and stunning graphics.
This game was super fun until the last update.
This is pure fun and challenging at the same time.
I like it a lot it is fun fun fun.
This game is totally addictive and a pain to stop playing.
I play everyday & my family and I compete each week.
Play everyday and never get tired of it.
I play every day in competition with my cousin.
I have to play every day before I go to work.
Family Friendlyc87
My family loves competing every week on Facebook.
Everyone in the family loves this game.
Value for Moneyc51
I never spend any real money.
Up to over 14 million coins without spending a dime.
I like how I can get high scores without spending.
Replay Valuec79
This is pure fun and challenging at the same time.
Never gets old been playing since I was a lil kid.
I like the new update same great classic just more levels.
New version is slower and no more levels.
The game is very addictive and challenging too.
Social Aspectsc75
I play with friends and family & recommend it as fun and addictive.
Ever since the update I can't play with friends on Facebook.
A great way to kill some time and compete with friends.
can't connect to Facebook to compete with friends.
Production Valuesc60
Very cool new graphics and very fun to play.
I like the new graphics and effects better.
The new graphics are horrid and reminiscent of 1980.
The sound effects and graphics are beautiful & "nerve wracking".
I love the bright colors and sound effects as well.
If I mute my phone I can't hear the sound effects.
Keyboard keeps popping up during game and won't go away.
Ease of Usec65
A simple game that's hard to master consistently.
This is such a simple game to learn.
Please keep it a simple game.
Love it very addictive game keep up the updates.
This game keeps crashing and reverts to the last saved scores.
I love challenging myself for better scores every time I play.
Love the game never have never have any problems with this game.
Ads not Intrusivec30
Security & Privacyc28
I DISLIKE being connected to Face Book.
Updates my FB account too.
Updates & Supportc26
hopefully next update brings over keystones from Facebook version.
but needs to match the Facebook version.

Awesome game very addicting would recommend to everyone. found in 875 reviews
Great way to pass the time when you've got 10 minutes to spare. found in 488 reviews
Bejeweled blitz is a fun and awesome game. found in 2726 reviews
Upgraded this morning and now the game won't open on my iPad. found in 77 reviews
I don't like not being able to play in landscape mode. found in 40 reviews
but now every few games the high scores reset to zero. found in 78 reviews
Last update changes the whole game - NOT FUN ANYMORE. found in 59 reviews
Just wish I could play with the phone sideways like before. found in 30 reviews
I don't even want to play anymore because have to adjust my eyes. found in 78 reviews
You have to log into fb via a computer to get them. found in 158 reviews
I like just about everything about this game except the look. found in 28 reviews
Every time I open the game or try to start a new round. found in 48 reviews
After your latest update the game shuts down in the middle of playing. found in 87 reviews
I love the various boosts and the bonus spins. found in 38 reviews
Seven features don't work unless you connect to Facebook. found in 525 reviews
Kicks me back offline after attempting to log into Facebook. found in 617 reviews
The game freezes periodically and then kicks you out. found in 59 reviews
Since the last update the game fails to keep my highest scores. found in 87 reviews
I don't need to login to Facebook nor publish my scores. found in 71 reviews
Tired of deleting and reinstalling to connect to FB. found in 130 reviews
I can't purchase free spins since the update. found in 324 reviews
App crashes everytime a Facebook login is requested/attempted. found in 55 reviews
and you delete my scores and take me back to zero DAILY. found in 78 reviews
The leader board resets and I have lost my ranking. found in 114 reviews
This game keeps crashing and reverts to the last saved scores. found in 165 reviews
The new version "uninstalled" some previously available special gems. found in 311 reviews
I did not expect the new game to be horrible. found in 132 reviews
Lost my high scores numerous times today after crashes. found in 1021 reviews
now the timer doesn't work and it seems much harder to score. found in 95 reviews
I can't even play one game before the app goes black. found in 159 reviews
I personally refuse to spend money on an app like this. found in 172 reviews
Daily spins have yielded less and less coins. found in 1030 reviews
to pay for coins in a supposedly free game. found in 109 reviews
But suddenly I can't log into FB & play my friends. found in 158 reviews
Really dang irritating bc I can't buy gems or power ups. found in 236 reviews
Don't log into Facebook or you will lose everything you've accomplished. found in 617 reviews
Daily challenges have started crashing the app since the last update. found in 378 reviews
Can't even connect to Facebook because it crashes so much. found in 525 reviews
The spins and play should pay out more coins. found in 244 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Bejeweled Blitz for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 18.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.2.3 has been released on 2014-11-29. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Bejeweled Blitz check developer PopCap`s website :

BEJEWELED BLITZ Connect to Facebook and challenge your friends to fast-paced gem-matching action now in dazzling retina display You have 60 seconds to strategize, match and detonate as many gems as you can. Match 3 ...
Excellent game           Player
Fun game              Blitz
I updated the game a few days ago when it was suggested and now it wont load for me What happened to my favorite game please fix     What happened
Love the game but with this latest update if took a a lot of the jewels that I had earned from previous daily challenges I had quite a few different ones so I am kinda upset that it took them away Please fix this Other than that its a great game           Lost my jewels
The game Is wonderful my biggest problem Is getting up dates its always difficult                 Blitz
Boo You got rid of being able to play the daily challenge while offline Bad move     Daily challenge
Awesome                 Awesome
I have enjoyed playing this game for years Every week my score is different                 My down time
I enjoyed this game far more before the ridiculous birds and oxes or whatever they are The current version crashes repeatedly It does let you reopen immediately but you lose all your points if the crash is in the middle of a game If you dont log in via Facebook and you win a major prize that doesnt get credited to you forget contacting the company They wont help since they can verify play only thru FB        I agree I am not interested in competing or logging in to Facebook etc Helps kill time waiting
Usually this game works perfectly but for some reason for the past few weeks it wont let me sign in to Facebook to play against friends can you please do something about this     Issues
Another problem with the app when I use a gem in my bank the app deducts the correct amount of coins but it never subtracts the gems by one Fix it           Doesnt deduct coins correctly
Nice but gotta give a longer chance to get blazing speed                 Love it
Love this game but so tired of my free spins not working on IPad and also tired of my rare gems not loading on IPad Please fix this problem Why doesnt all my rare gems load on my Ipad And why dont the free spins ever work Fed up with Bejeweled Blitz              Love Bejewelled Blitz
It gives too low of score on game and it doesnt give enough time The game is fun but you need to give more time On the reg Bejeweled on classic you get more time              Bejeweled Blitz
Mike219 is right the daily challenge hasnt worked since the update on my end Not an internet connection problem might want to further look in to              Frustrating
Still loving this game after all these years Struggled for a LONG time to figure out the best way to play This is what Ive learned Forget the points concentrate on earning free coins I play for long periods of time just earning free coins Once I have about 8 or 900000 coins then I play for points by buying the most powerful boosts as many times as I can afford in order to be the 1st place player in my group Its not so hard to accomplish that when I can buy as many boosts as I need I stay in 1st place for the 6 day game period After that I take more weeks to bring up the number of coins in my bank so that I can buy the boosts I need to power myself back up to 1st place again Even bringing myself up to 5th place is exciting Since I have discovered this way to play Im enjoying Blitz more than I ever though possible              coolchick
This is a good app Great fun I like that you have yes option to connect or not to connect to Facebook                 Good app
Yay                 This is the funniest game I Have ever played in my inter life XD
Since the most recent update the apps been crashing every time I try to load the Daily Challenge Ive tried turning off the phone as well but it seems to be an app issue Please fix it I enjoy the Daily Challenge the most        Update Issues
Lots of fun and changing all the new jewels are always exciting                 Fun game
Still so much fun I cant wait to go to the top of my leaderboard every week And the new stones are always fun                 Magnificent
Love Blitz A nice competitive game that doesnt cost an arm and a leg to play Recent updates have added a new type of game that enables points to spread much further allowing for even more fun Everyone should try it for a week or two So much better than most of the games FaceBook offers Try it youll like it                 Totally Addicted
Ive been playing this game for years now The daily challenges are the most fun I love the challenge getting super high scores                 So fun
Love it Very addictive but fun                 Bejeweled
Great fun I waste hours on this game                 Blitz
I bought the game years ago so I wouldnt deal with ads just update 91715 and all of a sudden Im inundated with ads 5 in 5 minutes of game play Whats the point of purchasing for ad free play when thats no longer true        Ads
Awesome game Love playing this Just wish I could get spins more often to earn more points to play the extra fun games offered                 Great game
Great game Always a challenge                 Bejeweled blitz
Great game                 Love it
I really like how it adds up so quickly its a great game              Bejeweled
I really enjoy this game Some days I do well and when I do its an accomplishment I just would like to see it easier to earn coins That would be more of a bonus                 Me
This game is fun and fast I play each night after getting my free spin Bejeweled really keeps you on your toes                 Great game
I love this game but have no idea why sometimes I get no cats and other times a few Looked for answer and couldnt find any              How do you get the cats
Need to get better returns when you use the jewels Costing 100000 and only getting 10000 as a prize is not good           Review
Love this game but for some reason it isnt saving my high score against my Facebook friends Went to the customer support and they only have preset questions and answers none of which help with my issue There is no option to contact the developers Great game but customer support is zero     Customer support is crap
I love this game SOO much Im glad the doctors finally found a cure for the deadly disease Boredom If you are sitting there reading reviews What are u doing Go jump of a bridge swim to the Statue of Liberty skydive to Starbucks use their free wifi and download this app Not really but u get the jist                 AMAZING
This is a fun game I like the spins for extra coins Ive never had a problem with the app opening                 Moosic Teacher
Im addicted to this game Love the new jewels that get added                 Addicting
I first started out a few years ago on my moms phone then when I got my own iPod I downloaded it now I have a iPhone so I downloaded on my iPhone 5S This game is awesome I love the newest update to the power ups and just the game in general I recommend this game for anyone who is interested PS Fun glitch where u can start before it says go                 Best Puzzle Game Ever
Love the game but since the last update my daily challenges havent been loading nor my rare gems so I cant use them during the games              Big fixes
I dont know what tricks are being pulled but the fact that this game is so freaking hard to get a decent score makes this game more frustrating than fun I have played this for years EVERYDAY but when I do finally delete this game it WILL be for good                 Was addicted
Im really addicted to the game I like the daily challenges Today I didnt get my daily spin It was saying no internet connection when I was connected Please help I needed the daily spin Also the video to get free coins didnt show up I hit play but no video Please fix I want my free coins                 Blitz is awesome
Ive been playing this game for years I love it I wont play anything else                 SDM
Your game takes so long to start I have lost daily spins about 10 times cause of it I like the game but OMG     Way too slow
Havent been able to play without losing major coins because I cant get out of what were free bonuses since update Extremely disappointed     Cant undo what were free bonus points
I just love playing this game with all of the different ways to earn bonuses It makes you feel and stay alert I still love this game it helps me to relax I give the app five stars I love the different challenges especially the daily challenge and videos to get additional coins                 MsVi62
I am hooked on BeJeweled My morning and afternoon commute is spent trying to beat my last high score                 Be Hooked
This game is full of nothing but lies and cheats and thieves It steals your money and cheats you out of your rare gems and doesnt even have enough respect to email you and fix the problem I would give it zero stars if I could     Terrible cheats and thieves
Horrible Run awY Scam     Hated it
Fun strategy game                 Addictive

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