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PopCap , the publisher behind many iOS games (Zuma`s Revenge! HD ,Escape Rosecliff Island ,Plants vs. Zombies ,Bejeweled Blitz ,宝石迷阵 ,Bejeweled), brings Bejeweled HD with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Bejeweled HD games has been update to version 1.3 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Bejeweled HD is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iPad owners. The application is supporting different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish. It weighs in at only 84.8 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.3 has been released on 2014-11-27. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 3.2 or later
More Info: Find more info about Bejeweled HD in PopCap`s Official Website :

Experience the world`s 1 puzzle game on your iPad in HD The all-new Bejeweled HD for iPad rises to new levels with crisp, beautiful colors in four breathtaking game modes. Ease into Classic for cascades of ...
I used to play this game years ago but have things really changed Instead of the old game I was used to I found myself in a whole different world of games that keep you on the edge of your seat The variety is amazing and if things get too hectic then just go to the ZEN game which helps control your breathing and even scrolls words to empower you Just get the gameyou wont be sorry                 What A Ride
Very addictive                 Great Game
Awesome Game Keep Up The Good Work                 Great Way To Relax
Way to make customers feel respected I paid for the game when it was not free Now that the game is free I have to pay again to remove the ads     Bought the game a couple of years back now greeted with ads
Just reinstalled after a break Will be immediately removing due to too many ads Too bad game was fun     Too many ads
I searched for free games and found this one Its really only free with ads I have put up with the short ads for a very long time however now the ads are getting to long and the skip ad does not show like it used too To much crap Im not interested in just to play this game as they are trying to force you to spend money Shouldnt be listed as a free game if your going to punish people for wanting to play it free I used to like this game a lot not getting sick of having crap not associated with my game take all my time You should be paying me for my wasted time        About to get rid of this game
My six year old loves to play this game and I was willing to let her as it lets her learn strategy think a few moves ahead improve pattern recognition etc I was playing the game on my own thankfully and an ad came up for a new show called The Lounge It is animate in a style similar to South Park and the characters are all naked in a hot tub snorting cocain and at the end two of the characters engaging in a sex act Needless the say I was shocked Not at the ad itself at where it came up There is an option to pay money to remove ads but thats not the point This caught me completely by surprise What if my six year old had been playing this in the other room and I hadnt witnessed this ad What if there are other ads like this one Im not going to find out Im removing all Pop Cap games from all of my familys devices right now     Rated R ads with no warning
Another great game ruined with ads plastered on the main screen Deleted     Ruined by Ads
I deleted Bejeweled a while back to make room for an iOS update Now I came back and the game is littered with ads I paid for this game and it should be ad free I am deleting this game and will never purchase another game from this unethical greedy developer Please tell your friends     Ads Ruin the Experience
Loads of fun to play Turn on airplane mode to avoid ads that often last minutes long or totally freeze your device I understand that the ads pay for this free game but some of the ads get stuck on and you have to exit and restart others have count down times that require several minutes before you can return to the game The advertisers should reconsider such because I bet no one watches long long ads           Great fun Some ads get stuck
Can be very addicting especially the Diamond Mine The zen game is calming Good fun without spending money                 Great to pass the time
I paid the 299 ransom to keep the ads from freezing up my device but they still keep popping up What a rip off     Paid 299 but still has ads
Extremely annoying ads with 15 second videos that they force you to watch Then they have ads that pop up in the middle of game play in trusting the game play trying to get you to install apps and you have to X out of it        Ads interrupt game play
It works mostly but the ads are annoying Trying to use the bonus 30second feature is useless since either the game freezes or the ad runs in the background with a loud audio for a couple of minutes I played this game since it came out this latest version is a big step backward as far as enjoying it        When is Electronic Arts going to fix this
I have no problems what so ever                 Love the game
Downloaded and cant even play because it crashes before the menu Wasteful Deleted immediately The app use to work     Crashes before opening
Its a bit of challenge and a lot of fun                 Just fun
If it is quicker for me to quit and kill the app then start it up again than watch the ridiculous full screen video ad theres something wrong and for that you get 1 star     Ads
Its my favorite game Cant get enough                 Addictive
You cant even get to the first screen before multiple full screen ads with no exit take over I like the game and considered buying but this makes me so mad I will be deleting it from my device     Horrible for all the ads
It is relaxing and fills my time Hate it my level arent saved 2nd time starting over because of changes              Ok not great
Really great graphics Lots of fun                 Great game
Game constantly freezes and I have to restart Time on diamond mine should be extended Its difficult to go beyond 220m           Love it but
I have a lot of trouble putting these games down A                 Great game
Love this game                 Game
Play against yourself Youll be better than you ever thought you could be                 Outstanding
When u close an ad the sound from ad keeps going Just plain stupid am deleting I had this game before that I had paid for bejeweled but it just disappeared     Adds dont close
Great game addicting but what else am I supposed to do in my free time                 wonderful
Good gametime waster Too many adds if youre connected to the net while playing              Good enough
I do not like that after You finish a game an advertisement comes on and You have to cancel it to proceed           In between adds
Fun and exciting to play Very challenging                 Bejeweled
Sept 8 they fixed the orientation and now it is not working againhow does this happen Fix the game so it doesnt require you to turn the ipad upside downplease Earlier Im going to stop playing until there is a fix for the orientation I have a case on my ipad and I have to hold the thing upside down the games wont shift They did originally but have stopped Love the games have been cheated out of time in the mine game one too many times but like the others Too bad it locks up and the ads stick could be better           Wont orient to ipad upside down
Very well done                 Awesome Game
Pro Life advertising In a game Uninstalled not going to be buying PopCaps crap again Pity its a fun game But no     ProLife Advertising
Great game and loads of fun for all of family loads of fun                 Gem Dreamers
Ads 245 Ads can be a little annoying in this game I once had to report bugs related to Popcap But the five seconds they ask for is short enough They did show me some stuff I now use Gameplay 455 There is a good selection of gamemodes my fav is Diamond Mine Performancestability 505 This game has no recent crash history or performance related issues Graphics 455 Graphics are crisp and clear under most situations Sounds 45 Good selection of sounds no contradictions on sound vs theme Final score 46 Above par par being 40              Wonderful game once you overlook the ads
The ads last night between games were antiPlanned Parenthood ads I resent that Its bad enough that I get an ad between every game as it is but thats over the line I may drop this game but Im definitely NOT purchasing anything else by PopCap Thats the only protest I can wage     Offensive Ads
This is an addicting game              Gamer
I love this game                 Loads of fun
Poker is a favorite but it goes cash after only a couple free games The other games are fun too              Lots of fun too bad the Poker game goes to must pay so soon
Great                 Great
I really enjoy this gameeverything about the game but every time you hit main menu or play again it goes to the ad and if you end the video it goes back to the game but the audio keeps playing I have to quit the app after one game every time Very frustrating           Ad doesnt quit
sooooo much fun                 Addictive
Great game                 Great game
Love the game very challenging Ty                 Bejeweled Hd
I love this game when it doesnt jam up with ads I have had to download it 3 times I find it not worth the frustration           Frozen over
A fun game that lets me check out for a small amount of time My go to when a need a break Thanks                 A great escape
Great game but they have support problems The ads just kill it especially when you pay to remove ads and then something happens and you lose your paid status The support staff say sorry we cant help you We have no records of your payment I had bejeweled3 on my desk top It was my favorite game until support problems caused it to quit working after a windows update They were no help and offered me a new game They should have fixed the problem And there is no bejeweled3 on iPad           Bejeweled
I love this game Its beautifully designed and the music is very alluring each stone has its own special life force and as a pyromaniac in my youth I gravitate towards watching things explode or catch fire Thats the good My problem is that I dont think the game was designed to the creative Apex that it couldve been The lack of originality in landscapes and the monotonous music playback throughout the game as you get much higher up in the standings is certainly a disappointment One would hope as you reach higher echelons of game scoring achievement that the game designers would have thought up more adventurous soundtracks and scenery to boost the players enthusiasm Now maybe I just havent scored high enough to see things change but I believe after completing enough levels and playing for more than 30 to 45 minutes on one game that the creators would be aware that there is a need for some new blood or new infusions of artistry and music accompaniment Hopefully the next bejeweled will take a page from what I am suggesting because the game overall is very enjoyable but just boring after a while           Great potential but loses its luster with lack of creative landscapes

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