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Leaf Hut Software LLC , the publisher behind many iOS games (Benjamin Lite – a Franklin style task manager ,Benjamin – a Franklin style task manager for iPad), brings Benjamin – a Franklin style task manager for iPad with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Benjamin – a Franklin style task manager for iPad games has been update to version 2.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.

    Overall Satisfactionc90
    The best organizational app I've found.
    Best iOS Task Manager.
    Updates & Supportc41

    that really helps me keep track of everything. found in 1 reviews
    Task management Franklin style. found in 6 reviews
    and suggestions for future enhancements were rapidly responded to. found in 1 reviews
    you get the same list of time management apps. found in 5 reviews
    solid search results and familiar FCP similarities. found in 1 reviews
    uncompleted daily tasks automatically forward to the next day. found in 6 reviews
    Looking forward to every update. found in 2 reviews
    Exactly what I have been looking for in a todo list app. found in 1 reviews
    mainly because of the simple drag and drop function. found in 2 reviews
    Made the switch from Franklin paper and like it so far. found in 1 reviews
    prioritize future tasks to plan your week. found in 1 reviews
    This one gets my vote. found in 2 reviews
    The best organizational app I've found. found in 2 reviews
    00/year and everything is at my fingertips. found in 1 reviews
    have zero formatting capability. found in 1 reviews
    but $ 20 for the iPad version. found in 1 reviews
    syncing the app between my phone and ipad doesn't work so well. found in 1 reviews
    but misleading description. found in 1 reviews
    Rest is ok but this is a big issue that needs addressing. found in 1 reviews
    It's great but could use more functionality. found in 1 reviews
    It's definitely not worth the money and is very 'buggy'. found in 1 reviews
    Benjamin support is very responsive to questions and issues. found in 1 reviews
    it was difficult to keep ALL tasks at one's fingertips. found in 1 reviews
    I have had issues with the calendar function syncing with my iPhone calendar. found in 1 reviews
    I will keep searching until I find something closer. found in 1 reviews
    Why would I put my life into an app that crashes. found in 1 reviews
    why charge a monthly subscription fee just to sync devices. found in 2 reviews
    If you have a Doctors appointment at 10:00am. found in 1 reviews
    and no ability to integrate with native calendar. found in 1 reviews
    and the inability to try before you buy. found in 1 reviews
    Don't really care for it. found in 1 reviews
    but no better than Daily Notes. found in 2 reviews
    Wished it would sync with google calendar. found in 5 reviews
    Very deceptive. found in 1 reviews
    Save your money until these limitations are addressed. found in 1 reviews
    Bought it thinking I would be able to synch between my iPhone and iPad. found in 2 reviews

    The Benjamin – a Franklin style task manager for iPad is now available for $19.99 for iPad owners. The application is available in multiple languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish. It weighs in at only 4.8 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.0.0 has been released on 2014-11-01. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
    Bottom Line: For more information about Benjamin – a Franklin style task manager for iPad check developer Leaf Hut Software LLC`s website :

    Benjamin is a task manager based on the FranklinCovey method of time management. Built specifically to help replace your heavy Franklin Planner, Benjamin stores your master task list, daily task lists, projects, and daily notes ...
    This is a good app that I like a lot It is the only task management tool that mimics my old Franklin Planner and enabled me to covert from my paper planner Now that it works on my iPad and iPhone and syncs between them Im never without my notestask manager just like my old paper planner              Good App
    I find Im really settling in with this app Ive tried MANY apps trying to find that elusive FC system This one gets my vote It has an excellent system for the PDTL Prioritized Daily Task List Notes are a bit confusing still but that is less important to me Love the Projects part of the app as I have 2 businesses a nonprofit that I run Oh and really liking the changes with the latest updates The new view on the iPad is awesome Keep up the great work                 Well done
    Missing governing values and goals sections Paramount to a successful FranklinCovey user              Great APP Slight Tweaks
    Just what I was looking for Task management Franklin style Pros use it immediately Cons had to buy twice for iPhone and iPad apps Also extra clicks for starting a new task Notes are a bit funky to enter Pros definitely winif you liked your leather binder youll like this              Finally
    I like this very much It is easy to use and most like what I remember of the Franklin system I have been looking for something similar to that forever However syncing the app between my phone and ipad doesnt work so well Also you cannot see tasks that are due on future days only today and overdue tasks Id like to see them all regardless of the due date or have some way to show future tasks without having to go to a specific day to see them              Great App
    1999 to buy and then another 199 a month if you want to sync your data Useless if you dont sync your data so the price gets out of hand quickly     Ridiculous
    Bought it thinking I would be able to synch between my iPhone and iPad but I have to pay 199 monthly subscription on BOTH my devices NO THANKS     Subscription REQUIRED tonSynch
    I was a die hard Franklin Planner guy for over 20 years and this Benjamin app replaced that paper based system for me I have used this app for nearly a year I got this app in an attempt to replace my paper based Franklin Planner that was the nearly the size of a phone book For several months I maintained the Benjamin app and the paper based system Yes I did dual entries because I was hesitant to break my two decades of using the paper based system However the convenience of having this be digital was too great I do wish the content could be exported Currently the only way to ensure the data is not lost is to sync it for a monthly charge with another device Thus I an access with my iPad or with my iPhone There have been a couple of times when I needed technical support and the developer was quick to get back me and resolve my issues This tool has improved my quality of life by dramatically cutting back on the time I spent writing entries in my paperbased system The search function is very good and I use it every single week to look up past activities Previously I would always maintain a monthly index on paper No more the search function replaced the need for all that work Furthermore uncompleted daily tasks automatically forward to the next day That is a huge time saver over recording it on paper each night like I used to do Bottomline Get his app if you are still using the paper based system                 Replaced my paper Franklin Planner
    I am a little disappointed that this planner does not give me a day long planner with the hours of the day to schedule appointments There has to be one someplace        Not exactly
    I love this app Portable but allows for using all the great principles of FranklinCovey life planning Personal professional blend in this real time organizational tool Recommend as a great way to balance life work Thank you for developing this tool When considering improvements would be excellent if we could sync with calendar or did I miss a feature                 Recommend Benjamin Best Planner yet
    Enjoying the latest update with the adding of the calendar Thanks                 Better App
    First I would say that I like the app but for as much as the tout the ability to sync between iPad and iPhone for an additional 2 a month you would think they would mention that the iphone app requires a second 10 purchase The developer did respond to my question about this and I now understand that I should look for a sign in the buy box otherwise it is not compatible with both devices They should really make it clear in the description        Good app but misleading description
    When you google franklin covey app or GTD app you get the same list of time management apps none of which really capture what its like to use a franklin planner time management system This app is closest that I have used mainly because of the simple drag and drop function I would give it a 5 if it had an option to view a 5 day work week so that I could drag a task to a particular day in a week The developers seems responsive though and I hope it keeps improving Great job so far                 best FC style app yet
    This app has helped me switch over from using the Franklin Planner to the iPad I was worried that it would not be able to do everything I needed from the Franklin methodology but I found it has almost all the features I need I used to use the the twopage daily view so this app does not really reflect the nondiscretionary time as well as the Franklin Planner twopage view did but that is OK I have other apps that do that A recent addition attempted to pull in meetings from the calendar but that stopped working for some reason on my device but it was not core so no big deal All in all I like it and use it daily              Very Helpful App
    Having been a long time user of the old Franklin planner I have missed it I have tried numerous planning app and task management apps but none have come close to the prior strength provided by my Franklin planner I love having it back in electronic form Im using it daily and weekly and on my iPad and my iPhone The only suggestion I have would be to add a web interface for the quick and easy keying of tasks thats it great job guys and gals keep it up                 Finally my Franklin is back
    Cant reprioritize tasks once a priority is set up Cutting and pasting from emails cause Benjamin to crash and shut off Im giving it a few days before I got back to the Reminder app included in my ipad which at least syncs with outlook        Not liking it much
    This is the app that finally let me ditch my paper planner I spent several years looking for a decent substitute for my paper planner Franklin Coveys own software was terrible and no one else on the market had a suitable replacement I nearly commissioned my own app developer But then Benjamin came along Having this app on my iPad and iPhone and being able to sync between the two has simplified my life and lightened my load Benjamin support is very responsive to questions and issues The only issues that prevent this from being a 5 star rating are minor 1 The behavior of tasks that recur based on task completion should not be the same as on schedule 2 I always have to manually sync before I use the app because I get sync errors each time 3 Text of phone numbers and websites get rendered in white making them extremely hard to read              I love this app
    Im on the same page as rater 2 Its great but could use more functionality I wish I could create and view separate task lists by category such as work and personal Add that function and this app will be perfect              Almost perfect
    I wish the app had a more distinct Appointment bar like their beautiful hard organizers do However this is really going to help me I love the search option and the ability to adjust priority Tips 1 Make an Appointment bar like their organizer 2 Make it so I can retrocomplete a task that I forgot to complete the day before 3 Make it possible to edit the order of the lists in Project Folders Thanks              Very Helpful
    Exactly what I have been looking for in a todo list app and I have tried about a million                 Fantastic
    This app is by far one of the best Ive seen so far Im a Franklin Covey supporter and really have wanted something like this online for some time now Can I please make a suggestion though How about the capability of uploading docs and pdfs in the Project file Or adding notes in addition to the task option within the project file I would also love to see an option to view the whole month calendar with color coded appointments and tasks listed much like the iCal or Google cal One last item that would make this app even more effective would be the ability to email an invite for a specific task and attach pdfs or other docs and images to the email           Excellent layout but
    I have tried at least 5 other organizational apps and this one is the best one yet It allows me to prioritize tasks which no other app does It also automatically organizes tasks alphabetically so you can find a task once you enter it It lacks the annoying aspects of Things like once you assign a task to a day it is almost impossible to remove the scheduled task I also like the fact that I can assign tasks to individuals that really helps me keep track of everything                 Best organizational App yet
    O melhor aplicativo organizador que até hoje utilizei Muito similar ao FranklinCovey                 Excelente aplicativo
    This was the app I was waiting for I love that I can type in my todo list at work and when tasks arent complete they auto populate to the next day This has saved me hours of handwriting tasks over and over I mean who really accomplishes everything they set out to do in one day The new feature to sync with the calendar is good too                 The best organizational app Ive found
    I tried several task managers over the years including Wunderlist Toodledoo and Nozbe I settled on Benjamin It allows me to set priorities set up project folders and schedule recurring tasks No complaints                 Best iOS Task Manager
    I am very pleased with the new app I once bought it but did not use it because the app did not connect with my iCalendar Now I can see my calendar and tasks in the same page which helps a lot with my daily planning Nice job with this upgrade The only friendly suggestion I would make is to consider a forward option to send tasks to another date and a follow up option for when you want to follow up with a specific task Nothing much to say but that I am very happy with this app and it is now the best time management tool out there Love the option of syncing my iPhone and iPad For 199month you cant beat it Being a former Franklyn Covey userI paid 80 to 90 per year to refill my agendacalendarthis is actually cheaper Now I only pay about 2400year and everything is at my fingertips Again nice workplease do not loose the momentum              Much Improvement
    As a longtime Franklin Planner user Benjamin is the first task management tool on the iPhoneiPad that has worked for me Also want to mention that the developer provided fast support via email when my account had an issue during the most recent upgrade Happy to leave a 5star review                 Happy LongTime Franklin Planner User
    Now that it synchs with ical this tool is incredibly helpful in managing tasks and time Thank you                 Awesome help for time management
    Made the switch from Franklin paper and like it so far Would like a way to sync with iCalendar or add an appointment time function Fairly user friendly and easy workarounds to make it yours A way to tie notes from writing apps would improve it overall              Great Application
    Ive always been a Franklin Planner user This app does bring the functionality of the Franklin I have had issues with the calendar function syncing with my iPhone calendar           Okay
    This app is the best planner I have purchased so far Still a little cumbersome at times But it is the closest to the old Franklin system I used to use Keep working on it           Really pleased
    After the hefty charge for the Apps why charge a monthly subscription fee just to sync devices Decent App but you could pay forever           Organize
    Could offer it for free through iCloud but instead have to force a subscription model Greedy     2month to sync data Cmon
    I got this APP because of all of the stars and the great reviews I sent 2000 on this APP to find out that it doesnt sync with my calendar and if you want to sync with the matching APP you pay for on your phone you have to pay a monthly fee But when I bought PlanPlus Goals it sync back and forth between my two ipads I use one ipad and when its battery goes dead I use the other ipad The PlanPlus Goals is much way cheaper and has more options     Disappointed Dont wast your money
    Benjamin increases the value of my iPad Air innumerably Looking forward to every update                 Bye Paper
    Great planning software Can be used just like a Franklin planner                 Just like franklin covey
    Just bought the app and loading it As soon as I put in a due date it falls off the master task list Need to maintain the master task list until its completeddeleted Rest is ok but this is a big issue that needs addressing           Whats with the Master TAsk List
    As a pastor of a growing church Ive used Franklin Day planners for years When everything went digital I tried different personal management apps but nothing like my old Franklin Planner Benjamin is awesome The notes feature is great since you can email it to whomever and it is searchable Really everything is organized well with this app as you can seamlessly flow from tasks to projects to notes to calendar The latest revision now allows the app to sync with Google Calendar which I also use every day Well worth the money I sync between my IPhone and IPad and that makes it totally convenient                 The Best
    As a current FranklinCovey follower and user of their fabulous time management products I think this is a GREAT App that captures the heart of prioritizing your life I personally dont need the synchronization feature for my phone but if I did I dont like the idea that you have to pay for a subscription to activate it Otherwise if you have been looking for a Franklincoveylike app to replace your binder like I have this is the perfect one to choose It works great and I have no complaints                 Well Worth the Money
    I have used the Franklin Covey planner system for several years I was looking for something similar to use on my iPad This app is fantastic and exactly what I was looking for You can prioritize task make notes within them check them off or move them over to the next day My favorite feature is that you can keep track of your projects and connect individual task to them Totally worth the price                 Franklin Covey User for Years
    I failed to completely read the inapp purchases section and AFTER PURCHASING the app realized that the syncing they talk so much about is a subscription service I was so excited about having an electronic version of my old Franklin Planner that i just dived in for 20 bucks Yes it looks and works okay but no better than Daily Notes which costs less than six bucks gives you all the tools as this one and provides syncing for free with much better support These guys were nice enough to respond to my email with some mumbo jumbo about the cost of their servers to sync but we all know they dont or SHOULDNT be storing our personal data with iCloud Evernote and Dropbox available since they hopefully respect our privacy which eliminates the need for an enterprise server resource I didnt just fall off the back of a turnip truck That said Ill consider this a twenty dollar lesson in the necessity to read the fine print        Cateat Emptor
    Not as helpful as I wouldve hoped Waste of money Wished it would sync with google calendar     Dont really care for it
    I find that the application is pretty good and resembles the franklin planner closely Really love the prioritizing by dragging and dropping What it could use that would earn more stars is Alarms for the tasksmost to do list programs have them windows version so that I can cut and paste data and text from my PC to the tasks and events a way to connect the contacts to tasks or events so that I can quick access a phone number or see the contacts info values and goals section where tasks can be added to the tasks list I use the projects section for this but it is a little clunky           Pretty goodbut
    App is functional however does not sync with google calendar unless you pay a monthly subscription fee which was not disclosed until after purchase     Very deceptive
    The app does what it says it does It is rather expensive though I use it daily              Good app
    I loved my real Franklin Planner hard copy I was hoping this would be set up the same way It definitely is not It is missing the essential planner stuff I will keep searching until I find something closer        I am disappointed
    Had to spend 2000 for an app with no help and no ability to integrate with native calendar contacts or reminders already on the device Pretty significant limitations considering the price and the inability to try before you buy Integration with Evernote would be nice to have Save your money until these limitations are addressed     Disappointing
    For years I have used the Franklin Covey organization system I was looking for an App that would work on my iPad Benjamin has been an effective organizing tool and I would suggest it to anyone interested managing their tasks in an easy way                 Great Task Organization App
    After my management tried to give me the Blossoms refill I decided to go paperless Im still getting used to this This is my first week I find its harder to take notes when Im on the phone and feel funny dictating in my cube I havent figured out the linkage to the notes Ill associate it with a task but in the day view its not always clear what it refers to Im hoping this will help me capture my accomplishments              So Far so Good
    This app appears to target corporate professionals who are augmenting their daily productivity toolsets I am a business champion on large technical projects for a major oil company I have used 5 useful apps like this to enhance my productivity on corporate projects over the past 5 years Still searching for The One This apps layout is CLEAN and relevant to decision making Benjamins ability to link notes to tasks and tasks to projects is not only valuable to me but not found in any other RELIABLE app GREAT job in crossreference ability and I wish I could merge great features of other apps with Benjamin Benjamin appears to model their format after the coveted Franklin Covey Planner FCP binders that so many of us leveraged for years Task prioritization and status is EXCELLENT Notes are functional but BLAND have zero formatting capability and a timestamp would be logical Project grouping is EXCELLENT Search capabilities are OUTSTANDING and generate event task and search results with lightning speed The Master Task List MTL is very important and needs real fixes The apps website FAQ says MTL is intended to serve as a staging area for tasks that have no due date and need to be scheduled during a regular weekly review Problem isits just a napkin full of tasks with a view thats useless for a weekly review I have 50 tasks that are all associated with various projects in the task properties but the MTL view doesnt tell me to what project each task is assigned or any other task properties And thats useful for my weekly review how The MTL view doesnt even permit me to rearrange these now projectlost tasks into a sequential order Even Benjamins daily task view allows users to prioritizesequence the entire task list We bought a TWENTY DOLLAR APP development team You gotta make this a 20 winner ok I give it 3stars because of the note formatting deficit and the critical MTL section deficit but Ill raise it to 4stars because of notetaskproject link good navigation concept solid search results and familiar FCP similarities I will increase to 5stars if MTL section can be fixed I plan to reach out to the development team to see if they are receptive to app mod and enhancements I will update my review with any progress GREAT APP WITH LOTS OF POTENTIAL TO FINALLY BE THE ONE WEVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR              Almost hits the bullseye

    Benjamin – a Franklin style task manager for iPad ProductivityBenjamin – a Franklin style task manager for iPad ProductivityBenjamin – a Franklin style task manager for iPad ProductivityBenjamin – a Franklin style task manager for iPad Productivity

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