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RV AppStudios LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (Extreme Car Parking HD ,Finger Slayer Deluxe ,CheapDeals101 – We’ll Manually Search To Find Best Deal ,Real Fingerprint Scanner System + Phone Security ,1888PressRelease - Distribute Your News & Press Releases To The World ,Funny Pic Maker Lite), brings Best Battery Manager Pro with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Best Battery Manager Pro app has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • One of the best battery apps out there..
  • Everything you could possibly want/ need to know about your battery..

Overall Satisfactionc90
This is the best battery app ever.
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Good battery saver so far.
best download manager pro.
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Awesome battery app.
The app seems useful.
Everything I need in one app.
Cool and very helpful.
It's useful and functional.
Great App use it everyday and sometimes twice a day.
Ease of Usec95
Sweet and easy.
A very simple App that gets the job done.
Pretty convenient.
This is the best battery app ever.
It would be the best battery manager app.
best battery manager pro is an excellent way to help maintain amp.

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Best charger app ever. found in 5 reviews
Battery booster. found in 2 reviews
Best app eva. found in 1 reviews
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Great App use it everyday and sometimes twice a day. found in 1 reviews
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can now see what my battery status and stuff is thanks. found in 4 reviews
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I love the log history & the app does it all. found in 2 reviews
I really like it but one tiny problem. found in 1 reviews
Good but needs an update. found in 1 reviews
It might be a phone app but works great on the new iPad. found in 1 reviews
the music box sounds retarded and embarrassing. found in 1 reviews
Just wish there were more options to customize. found in 1 reviews
There's only one problem sometimes it don't record the full cycles. found in 3 reviews
Don't waste your space. found in 1 reviews
Timer doesn't work. found in 1 reviews
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The Best Battery Manager Pro is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 7.7 MB to download. The new Best Battery Manager Pro app version 1.1 has been updated on 2014-11-01. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about Best Battery Manager Pro in RV AppStudios LLC`s Official Website :

Increase the life Of your battery with Best Battery Charger Best Battery Manager is an excellent way to help maintain & log your battery charging habits. Plus we`ve include a number of useful tips to ...
Just went to use this app and says it s not compatible with iOS 11         Doesn t work with iOS 11 Goodgurls2006
It also needs a memory boost like battery doctor does that s would be very helpful and o can use this app when it has it I really need memory boost for apps to work faster smoothly 2 add alarms for the list it s blank Thanks for reading and understanding my problem and help me fix it             Needs iOS 8 9 update I don't like crashes!
App needs update to work correctly with my iPhone 7 plus and iOS 11 Otherwise the app works fine                 Update mikemmcd
I love this app works very well The only problem I now have is I can not get a date for a full charge I let my phone go down to less than 5 instead of 20 and it still won t acknowledge a full charge                     Great app Nikki Mae J
Very good app                     Very good Michaelww1s
Thank you very helpful App                     Nice App Alonsodiesel
                    سعيد عالي
Hopefully this app will be updated so it will work with the new iOS update                     Battery Manager ImNflight
App                     Cool sixicksix
Love this app                     Battery pro Denny 1954
Not even sure if this app is worth the 1 star     Worthless Rock1MD
very goooooooood pro                     wow Soroush persian
I ve Had this Over 2 Years Honestly Can t Tell There Isn t a Difference Needs Updated Hasn t Ever Had an Update Being Deleted No Longer Compatable With IOS         Nothing Special Pa_Medic
It s great app                 Ahmed Ahmedah69
Would have given 5 stars if it did not have some pop ups that I can t seem to make disappear                 Works as described LGrawL
Alerts user charge is complete while the actual charge isn t 100 You also have to keep unlocking the phone to get the counter to move down from ten minutes when doing a full charge             Battery manager wntwrd3
Works great lots of features and helps keep battery in tune                     Great recharge management app Mkarnoldo
Everything works as advertised so I have no complaints but it says my phone is an iPhone 5 Problem is my phone is an iPhone 7 So this app badly needs an update Other than that it works fine                 Great but badly needs to be updated TomNeumann
Nice app                     Great Lucky Lambo
I find this utility to be very useful Very effective at maintaining and preserving normal battery life on my iPhone which is essential in any phone where you cannot swap out batteries The app does need to be updated to support the 6 7 series iPhones running iOS 10 3 10 3 1 which according to Apple slows the performance of your entire phones performance in some cases may be responsible for crashing other apps if you happen to leave it running in background There is an easy fix for this simply swipe up on the app from the double click on the app is gone To be extra certain either run a memory clear app which wipes all traces of Battery app from your phone or press the power home buttons simultaneously to do a hard reboot of your phone after using this app I URGE the developers to fix these the few other little quirks reported by some other users to stay ahead of if possible if not stay current with Apple s latest technology iOS The UI could also used a little update or a facelift Listen I don t want to draw too much light to a few relatively minor issues because this product clearly is well above the cut bottomline it makes my life easier When I travel a lot and I m constantly on my iPhone even on the long flights but I get great battery life from my iPhone better than without using this app I am confident that whether I leave my phone on my charger all weekend at home ringer off for a uninterrupted staycation with my wife or if I need to use my car charger in a car or plug in to an airport or aircraft outlet I know I m not going to ruin my iPhone by over charging Finally when compared to some of the other battery apps on App Store that I have tried I have tried a lot of free paid similar apps this product clearly rises to the top It utilizes the best underlying technology for maximizing your battery life                 Handy utility works well but CRAIG & ANASTASIA ROSE
I don t like this app at all it s slow and not very helpful at all I m very disappointed         Not happy Bernard11111
I was having trouble getting my iPhone to charge to 100 percent until I found this program This app is very good and easy to use It has many ways to customize the app And I have found that it is probably the best battery management app I ve ever used                     The best battery management app ever Teckels
Really great app                     Wow Hetalia Warriors MLP
This is the best for your iPod because you can t see your so get this app                     Awesome Aiden315
Bjsjdhdf                     Highs Hioppsdffjshshsug
I most like the history log so I can see how the battery is doing                     Great battery management app den.barb
I read the reviews and thought it s a good app I did put it on my iPhone and iPad It does not work It shuts itself off after charging couple of percent and then in the morning instead of having fully charge battery at 100 you are still on 35 or wherever you started to charge I am deleting it from both my devices it is just too bad I can get it off my iCloud     Waste of time Czechmate1969
Love the app better than the others                     Great app Serlin24
I love using this app                     This is an awesome app Dariusdoss27
Awesome great app                 Love it Brandy, Sadie, Joey
Charges recorded on the log shows from the upper 90s to 100 only always My phone is identified as iphone 5 instead og 6s Uninstalling now     NOT RELIABLE INFO REITC
It s Really Great                     Battery Manger William Corveness
great                     Great 3Dcreator 63
Please Make a Widget so I can just look at it at widget section instead on opening the app                 Please OxRawr
Great Battery Saver                     Battery Rocky.A
Good                     Hi Lilzoku
Like the other person said best I ve used                 Great app SenseOne
Works great I love the fact that there is an actual countdown to when you can use your iPhone so you can get things done without worrying about overcharging I added one of my favorite songs to go off when it s done                     Great App Nacelle8745
This is a very great app for my iPod touch 2g                     Great job Joseph44758
the program it s good the program it s good the program it s good the program it s good the program it s good                     good aliman19755
The app has some good ideas for how to increase how long your battery lasts                 Helpful Pachicha1
So far so good                 Battery Life R;card0
Good                     Good DOGE1111111
Grateful for it                     Love it HyacinthWeekes
What a joke You put the phone in sleep mode and the timer stops until you wake the phone up again Sorry fun app for kids maybe but won t help     Complete BS Flup555
This app is great Seems to work fine on my iPhone 6s Needs to be upgraded for the 6s                     Outstanding K_S_Smith
Seems to make the battery last longer and charge quicker                     Awesome App Quasno
Nice                 Good app Fisher0499
I think this app is the best                 Very great app
It really works if u stay on app                 Works
Great It takes a while to kick in But its worth it              AMAZING APP
Need to update app Os 8 and I phone 6 are both here              Battery
Great app but still needs update My iphone 6 still shows iphone 5 during charging Also trickle charge takes a long time and everytime the app closes it gies back to starting trickle charge           Needs ios8 update
Great APP Battery Manager Works Fantastic                 Battery App
I used it and its good              Good app
Keep up the fantastic job                 Da original gangster
I was using Battery Doctor this app doesnt seem to over charge your battery if you forget and leave it on over night like Battery doctor does I noticed when I would pick the phone up after leaving it on all night it would be very hot from over charging with Battery doctor with this app the phone was actually cool to the touch From what I can tell it goes into flex charge mode which keeps it from over charging It also seems to charge faster than any of the other battery apps Thanks for a great Battery app the best in my opinion                 Best Battery app Ive found yet
Its very good                 Its veteran good
I really like this appEspecially so with all the special cistomizationsI am in love with my American Flag backroun for my battery              Very good
i love this app it is asome and good                 great
The best very good                 Battery Pro
I thank this the best battery that you have made                 Best battery manager
The app is the best free battery appand the 2nd best overall              Free Trickle Charging
Perfection crashed After couple weeks today after reaches quick charge starts pinging flashing on desk top will not register into full charge this is new phone with in month Removed and downloaded again Still It also flashes now this accessory may not be supported Any ideas Have to delete     6 plus
It works my battery dies all the time un til i started using this now it does not die ever                 Great
Its very useful Great App Thumbs up for you Guys                 Huwaw
good                 good and helpful
Love it                 Great app
Just started using this app but I like many of the features so far              So far so good
Ive tried many different battery apps and this one I believe is the best by far                 Great
This is the app you need not only to extend the functional life of your battery but to maximize the charge life of your battery I highly recommend                 Must have app
I have an iPod touch 5th generation and I cant figure out how to find my battery present exactly I could look at the battery bar but I just dont know Ya know what I mean Well my friend showed me this app and I have loved how this app shows exactly how much battery I have This app isAMAZING                 Amazing
This app I really recommend getting it its a free extremely good app u can customize how it look like instead of red and green u can put a pic there from ur photo library                 Really helpful app
The app is great but I would like it better if it charged my battery faster because I have i iPod 5 and it runs out of battery fast           Good but
Best app for batter conservation                 Great app
I really like its simple well defined operation works great keeps me well informed thank you all              Battery reserve
This app works amazing                 Love the app
I live this app                 Great app
It has extended the life of my battery                 Great
An excellent app for your Iphone                 Battery checker
How do i use this thingthis is the 4th charger i when through and this one broke and im not sure if this app is working HELPANYONE           Any suggestions
Great                 Great
Its good app                 Good
Just make sure you battery is below 20 Otherwise good              Battery charger works
I love this app so much It helps my battery life so much                 Awesome App
Nice           iPod touch 4G
It tells you a lot about your phone it tells you the goods things about your phone and the bad things so far I really like it right you like it which Mikey says                 What this charger does
It really helps my phone charge faster just used it for the first time yesterday my phone was on 15 and looked at it again it was on 50 Really cool                 Great App So far
Its great but not perfect              Ok
Love it It dose what it says you better buy the app 1 word amazing                 Best app ever
Awesome           Awesome
Good app                 Awesome
I like it it show everythings                 Cool better
Sees to make the battery last longer and charge quicker                 Awesome App
Okay app to conserve battery power           Best Battery Manager Pro
The battery manageris the best out there try it you wont be sorry                 Its a cool app n fun 2 use
Finally found a good battery app                 Yay
this app is really nice                 its awesome app

Best Battery Manager Pro Utilities Battery ManagerBest Battery Manager Pro Utilities Battery ManagerBest Battery Manager Pro Utilities Battery ManagerBest Battery Manager Pro Utilities Battery ManagerBest Battery Manager Pro Utilities Battery ManagerBest Battery Manager Pro Utilities Battery ManagerBest Battery Manager Pro Utilities Battery ManagerBest Battery Manager Pro Utilities Battery Manager

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