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VCNC , the publisher behind many iOS app (Songs For Kids2 ,Color Calendar ,Songs For Kids ,News Gallery Lite ,News Gallery - Art Your News ,Between), brings Between - A secret community for two with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Between - A secret community for two app has been update to version 1.2.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I love the feature where you can share moments..
  • I wished you guys had video call and voice call..
  • I hope it allows us to have " free call "..
  • Great way to share memories..
  • Great way to keep in touch..

Overall Satisfactionc79
Excellent app for lovers.
Perfect for private chats and photos with your loved one.
Add video support.
Thanks for creating this app love the stickers.
Everything seems to work fine.
My boyfriend and I love to use this app for texting.
also i love the sounds of the texts :.
Fun & Engagingc87
Perfect App for couple More stickers to express emotion easily are needed.
awesome butt.
Sweet and fun little app.
It's very cute and you can keep everything private.
This app is good for couples to share everything.
Cute and helpful.
could use this app with useful and lovely features.
Social Aspectsc85
Great way to keep in touch.
Best social network in the world.
Ease of Usec56
I am not able to connect.
maybe you have to make it more simple like before.
It has a nice Interface and easy to use.
Adorable app with a nice layout and easy to use.
Ads not Intrusivec91
Don't want to see ads on eventbox.
Updates & Supportc88
The app is lovely with the new update for iOS 7.
great services and even better customer service and support.
I would ask for Mac version and more functions in app.

Hands down the best couples app I've ever used. found in 7 reviews
I feel that functionally this is the best couples app on the market. found in 2 reviews
collect every moment in a private space just for two. found in 11 reviews
Best social network in the world. found in 1 reviews
Beats any messenger app with options and stability even overseas. found in 3 reviews
My girlfriend and I are in a long distance relationship across ocean. found in 37 reviews
My best wishes to the creators of this app. found in 2 reviews
Great app to use for couple cute emoticons and photo album. found in 5 reviews
Excellent app for lovers. found in 7 reviews
Nice to have a private place to share pictures and messages. found in 6 reviews
I wish I could post videos like Kakao group and. found in 2 reviews
the auto location function is not working at all. found in 2 reviews
Date issue. found in 1 reviews
Just wish I could send location. found in 2 reviews
would love to have an online status at the top. found in 3 reviews
However the calendar needs to be synchronized with the apple calendar. found in 2 reviews
Great app but lack of features like video comment & inapp call :. found in 2 reviews
please develop. found in 1 reviews
The ability to upload videos would be a big plus. found in 10 reviews
No mac version and emoticons are repetitive. found in 5 reviews
No major complaints about this app. found in 2 reviews
I can't browse or post on moments anymore. found in 2 reviews
Great app but need some fixes. found in 1 reviews
but connection issues. found in 1 reviews
But it has won me over. found in 1 reviews
Good but could be improved. found in 1 reviews
the app gets boring. found in 2 reviews
It is the lack of video chat. found in 2 reviews
no sync to google calendar. found in 1 reviews
Cant connect
and in-app alert sounds STILL don't work on iPhone 5s. found in 2 reviews
Can't send pictures. found in 3 reviews
And the customer service does not reply. found in 2 reviews
Pretty good but needs improvements. found in 2 reviews
almost every time I sign in NEW stickers. found in 3 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Between - A secret community for two for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 7.7 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.2.1 has been released on 2014-11-09. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Between - A secret community for two check developer VCNC`s website :

Create your own intimate space with Between Unlike other generic social networking sites, "Between" lets you easily and privately share your sweet memories with your significant other. With this app, you can build a 1:1 archive ...
My fiancé and I use it all the time The stickers are fun                 Cute app
Good app for LDR couples stickers are really cute             
Love this app so much Makes LDRs so much easier and gives you a special place on your phone for your partner It meant a lot to me and my partner in having a spot in the digital world all to ourselves when our relationship has to live solely in the digital world The stickers are adorable The lovely options to customize the chat wallpaper etc This app is just what we needed and makes me so happy to open up every day                 Amazing App
Love this app and how nicely it chronicles time The visual aspect of moments is a fave Love the motion emojis please more                 More gif emojis please
맥부전을위해 별을 비워둡니다 ㅠ              맥버젼만 나오면 딱인 앱
Great app with couple                 Review
Love this app My husband and I use it almost every day                 Love
Honestly guys Just get it your girlfriend will appreciate it                 From a boyfriend point of view
ever        Great app
Love it just need to unlock the themes Or tell us how to              Love it
My fiancé and I prefer this over google calendar The best feature is the calendar We have our whole schedule in one spot and we dont double book ourselves The stickers and crap I never use but overall its a great app                 Best app for keeping up with a busy schedule
Easy to use Fun and lovely stickersemojis                 Absolutely love it
Love this                 Amazing app
I just like to use it with my girlfriens                 Okay using it
집중되서 좋아요                 좋아요
Cannot use hour roll up function will not allow me to select hourcan select date and minutes but not hour How do I get the hour selection feature back              IOs9
앱짱조아여                 짱짱
Previously used Couple Giving this one a try Cute stickers but a little laggy so far              Trying this app
So often as the days pass into months we forget why and what we wanted for our relationship this is a great app to make a part of a positive routine and a document of the good things so we can be reminded why we are in it and why we want to work at it                 Great way to remember the good
Good app Lets add more features                 Awesome
Weve enjoyed it              Nice app with good features for any couple
Love the Mochi sticker so muchAwww                 Cute app
Ive been using this app for more than a year Its a very cute app that gives you a private place to message your other half It had a very great concept and Ill be continuing to use it                 Really cute app
신랑이랑 연애할때부터 써왓는데 정말 조은거같아용                 좋아요
I love this app It has a shared calendar that the couple app doesnt and it has organizable photo albums The emojis that it comes with are too cute                 BETTER THAN COUPLE APP
Nice apps                 Nice
Best app for couples                 Amazing
Great app for couples The stickers are really great                 Awesome stickers
Goood                 Good
Everything perfect except for the fact that you cant record voice messages with the new iOS 9 update please fix it           iOS 9
My fiancé and I have been in a long distance relationship for over two years now and this is one of the cutest apps we have I especially love all the cute stickers                 One of the beat relationship apps
I use this app with my boyfriend and we love to use this instead of texting Great way of keeping track of our pictures together and the shared calendar feature is awesome Everything about the app is great would definitely recommend to any couple                 Great App
i love the app but the stickers should really be shared some other activities would be cool to see maybe a way to do shared drawing and other sort of things that can be done with your partner the app is amazing you guys can make it even better              stickers should be shared
Keeps me close to my partner                 Love it
good app for a partner              good jop
Milk and merry and everything in between make this app enjoyable                 Awesome coupled app
Nice                 Great
Being using it before my weeding Just love it                 Great apps
279 another update and still no inapp sounds working for iPhone 5s     279 and still no inapp sounds
Its really nice but I think itd be cool if there was games to play with each other for the people who like having a little fun              Pretty good
상대방이 어디있는지 업데이트 되는게 조금 느린건지 이상한건지 빼고는 다 좋습니다              좋아요 최고의 커플앱
This app is very cute and so helpful in LDRs                 Super cute app
This app is amazing This app is also private Amazing                 Amazing app
this app is so much fun to use                 fun
Secure way for couples to share and store all of their memories Id definitely suggest to download Feel closer than ever                 Awesome
Very helpful for that one person that forgets the dates                 Cutest app you can imagine
Why arent stickers free tho           Wow

Between - A secret community for two Social NetworkingBetween - A secret community for two Social NetworkingBetween - A secret community for two Social NetworkingBetween - A secret community for two Social NetworkingBetween - A secret community for two Social NetworkingBetween - A secret community for two Social NetworkingBetween - A secret community for two Social NetworkingBetween - A secret community for two Social Networking

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