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BeyondMenu , the publisher behind many iOS app (Beyond Menu Food Delivery ,Beyond Menu Food Delivery for iPad), brings Beyond Menu Food Delivery with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Beyond Menu Food Delivery app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

Overall Satisfactionc47
This is by far the best app I have ever used since 2008.

The restaurant called to confirm my order and it was very quick. found in 2 reviews
new updates and features to be released continuously. found in 1 reviews
easily check out with a scan your credit card function. found in 1 reviews
easily enter your location with gps location services. found in 1 reviews
An Answer to Prayers. found in 1 reviews
CALL and talk in person. found in 1 reviews
The app will calculate the tip for delivery fee by 10%. found in 2 reviews
filter results by cuisine order type distance and more. found in 1 reviews
save as many different addresses as you need. found in 1 reviews
have access to a large network of support representatives. found in 1 reviews
I literally got food delivered straight to my door in wildwood. found in 2 reviews
It won't recognize your current location. found in 1 reviews
What a waste of time and energy. found in 1 reviews
No stars for this one. found in 1 reviews
Worst Delivery Service We Have Used. found in 1 reviews
It locked up and said there was some unknown error. found in 1 reviews
Action Failed. found in 1 reviews
problem was the restaurant doesn't deliver to our area. found in 2 reviews
Do not download this scam app. found in 1 reviews
Save yourselves the aggravation. found in 1 reviews
Not a single restaurant in a 5 mile radius. found in 3 reviews
Do not use download it or use it. found in 1 reviews

If you are iOS owner,you now can download Beyond Menu Food Delivery for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 5.6 MB to download. The new Beyond Menu Food Delivery app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-23.
Bottom Line: For more information about Beyond Menu Food Delivery check developer BeyondMenu`s website :

Order food online with no waiting line With the Beyond Menu App you can search restaurants online and order for pickup, delivery or even make reservations without ever having to pick up the phone. Choose ...
This is simple deception and lying Dont sign up or even place an order through cash They are very shady with a shady voicemail from an old lady Thank God I used AMEX and will dispute my charge USE GRUBHUB OR EAT24 much better reliable and honest     HORRIBLE SHADY LIARS
This app is terrible It cant find my address add things to my cart and from what Ive seen from other reviews they do sketchy stuff with your bank info Stay away     Awful
Overly complex first time experience and no search for menu items     Awful UX
Please listen to me when I say dont ever use this app I used this app to order Chinese food and paid with my credit card and turns out they never even heard of this app before So here I am scrambling at the door trying to find money keep in mind all I carry is my credit card So I barely had enough for my food and I can tell the delivery man was piss at me but how is it my fault I paid through my card and now I have to pay again at the door Now I dont even want to eat the food that made me look like a fool     This App made me an embarrassment
Food was here in 10 minutes Wonderful                 Awesome
Seems like a good app If I could order a soda pop with my meal Who doesnt want soda with their Chinese food           Guess we dnt need soda
This app is very buggy I was hesitant to enter my credit card info Should have listened to my gut bc it ended up not submitting and I have no idea now if the credit card was compromised It takes credit card info but says the restaurant runs the card info Im not sure how secure this process is if it ever works     I would not enter credit card info
Love this app Wish I knew how to rate the restaurants it doesnt say                 Fabulous
Im not sure why there are so many bad reviews on this app Maybe its the restaurants that people are using that are the real issue This site has never let us down                 Great as always
First time I tried it I was able to place a pickup order and the order was ready and accurate when I picked it up Wish it had confirmation when the restaurant gets the order as well as an estimate on how long it will take before its ready              Worked the first time
There was a restaurant that I knew delivered to me but for me its easier to order food online so there is no miscommunication between us over the phone I noticed that this app had the restaurant that delivered to me After reading a few reviews of others I was cautious I knew the restaurant I was ordering from was in business that wasnt what I was concerned about It was the credit card issues others were talking about so instead of using a credit card to be safe Ill stick to cash              It works
Awesome              Great
Ordered Card charged No food Appears to be a common theme     Bad Dont use
Who calls their food app BM And they dont tell you youre outside the delivery area until youve already placed your order So annoying But they did place my order I just had to go pick it up        Bm
This app is stupid for trying to pick up food on your way home You need to put in an address but then you can only span 5 miles I deleted     Dont waste your time
And they should feel bad     This app is bad
After downloading this free app I saw that I was charged a dollar I only downloaded it to order from one local restaurant that a Google search showed was only taking online orders from within this app but after installing was not available All of the restaurants shown in my area were fictional Ive lived here for a decade and none of them exist Do not download this scam app     Beware SCAM APP
It wont recognize your current location you have to put in an address around you INCLUDING zip code Who the heck knows what zip code They are in if they are not home     This app is Worthless
Easy to use Previous reviewer said it defaults to next day for them but always goes to ASAP for me Order history would be a nice improvement but overall a really convenient way to order either takeout or delivery              Great app
After spending time setting up an account and ordering when I tried to place the order a note flashes Action Failed so I call the restaurant instead who DOES take AMEX and placed my order Ten minutes later I get an email confirming my order What Had to call the restaurant to explain Next time will only use the app to see which restaurants deliver then call them directly     Action Failed
Used this the first time today did everything right No food Not even a call Anyone who likes this app has something to gain     Ugh
Found out about this app through Google search and Im very happy with it I ordered my food through the app with a payment and within 25 minutes my food was delivered                 Great convenient app
Update used the app today and the ordering went well problem was the restaurant doesnt deliver to our area Deleted app problem solved I like the app even though only three restaurants are listed for my area The problem I ran into was the restaurant didnt read the special instructions from the app the food arrived cold and I ended up wasting 50     Worse app ever it has completely tanked
This service is horrible I ordered from a restaurant on their list and the restaurant waited an hour to call and tell me they were canceling my order because I was too far away 41miles when I called Beyond Menus customer service to complain they offered no apologies and no type of compensation I will never use this app again Grub Hub is much better     Horrible
The app works fine but the need to enter and save a full address just to lookup a menu is notably bothersome especially as I was planning on picking up           Too many hoops
I would give this zero stars if possible I went to place an order it wouldnt let me use an Australian credit card I frequent Los Angeles for many months out of each year would really have liked to have been able to order food from this app But because of their archaic payment system I cant thats a lot of orders theyre missing out on     Disappointing payment facilities
Seems nice enough but I cant try it out because it wont take my address Oh well     Wont accept my address
My favorite restaurant is not my favorite due to this app My local Indian restaurant use to have a website that was not pretty but worked great for placing orders and processing payment then delivering the items to my home This app does not allow me you choose delivery when the restaurant does offer delivery I called to confirm It also requires me to submit credit card information via the website when I am going to pickup and pay in store Thats illogical     My favorite restaurant is not my favorite due to this app
I just wish you were able to input half toppings on pizzasbut that could be the restaurants fault           Easy and quick
Just ordered after several tries Hope it works        Very buggy took forever
Ive used this app in multiple states and absolutely love it I used to use urbanspoon a lot but now that theyre zomato it doesnt show Nearest correctly I Am Very glad I downloaded this app                 Great app
Just horrible     Horrible
Use it in the Bay Area quite frequently Havent had any problems with the app Orders have always been correct                 Great app
Nice app                 Plus
I was able to order Chinese food and have it delivered right from the app it was fast and the food was yummy and fresh Would love an option to rate the business I ordered from                 Awesome
I was nervous about using this app The restaurant I order takeout from is suddenly using this to order online It worked ok However using my credit card through this random little app didnt seem smart I should have listened to my gut because 4 days later I found out my card was compromised Was it a coincidence Probably I still wont use it again        Sketchy
This app is a total scam Do not use download it or use it They do a horrible job ensuring delivery We ordered from a local restaurant but had to call the restaurant 30 minutes after the supposed delivery time to find out that the restaurant had never received the order When we called the service line the lady answered the call was completely clueless and unapologetic The only thing offer was ok we did not charge your card Click I strongly question the authenticity of the positive reviews on here     Worst Delivery Service We Have Used
This app was quick and simple My order came in under 30 mins Food was really good also                 Amazing
The restaurant selection ordering functions are fine but its pretty frustrating that it allows you to go through the whole process of menu selection before it tells you that the restaurant doesnt deliver to your address           Frustrating
Wow this app is awesome I have no idea why its ratings score so low Maybe its their phone But I used it and ordered Chinese food Made my order they delivered and prepared it just as I requested and I never had to speak to anybody Love it                 An Answer to Prayers Lol
Do not use this service I have used it 5 times The first 4 times were DECENT I mean I got my food though it took well over an hour every time The last time was a few days ago and I got ripped off nearly 30 I ordered food I never received I called to complain and nobody would answer the listed phone number for the service I spoke to someone nearly an hour later who apologized and told me I would be reimbursed My bank account still shows no reimbursement AND they will not answer my online complaints or call me back Using this service is like playing Russian Roulette with your money I intend to sue I dont care if it is only 30     Ripped off by this service
Everytime I open the app I have to place a brand new order Ive ordered from the same store several times but the app never saves my orders fix immediately PLEASE     Order History Update Please
I literally got food delivered straight to my door in wildwood MO simply by using this app All you need is to enter your credit card number or pay cash when they get to the house The app will calculate the tip for delivery fee by 10 15 20 or another amount They email you the receipt and order number It gives exact time of when it will be at your door in a 5 minute window period This app has the best and easiest user interface This is by far the best app I have ever used since 2008 when the iPhone first came out A                 Best app ever
The app itself is great but there is only chinese places I live in New York so its not like Im in the boonies I put several different zip codes in to see if maybe its just my area but everywhere I put its all chinese Good thing Im a fan           Chinese anyone
Would give 0 stars if I could It only shows partial names of items on the list if you click an item to add to your cart it still doesnt shoes you the whole writing for the item Ordering a Chinese food combination is a crap shoot since you cant actually see whats in the combination because you see the first few words and then But beyond menu doesnt let you click and read the full item name     Useless
Garbage app totally confusing layout Order will default to the next day for delivery but the option to input the delivery time isnt clearly marked Terrible app deleting The restaurant I ordered from thought my delivery was for the next day because ruined our night     Horrendous layout confusing design
No stars for this one Sorry I travel for my company that uses AMX This app waits till the VERY END of the order to let you know SORRY NO AMX After 8 tries I gave up and got rid it Save yourselves the aggravation Just call ask and order     Stupid App Setup
Great app Would be nice if they gave out coupons to regular customers like other delivery apps though                 Excellent
Just save your phones memory and call the restaurant directly to place your order Just downloaded the app to place a pick up order at a local restaurant 5min after I placed the order the restaurant called me saying that BM called them saying I placed an order but couldnt relay the actual order So they the restaurant was given my number so I could be contacted     Horrible app

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