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Zondervan , the publisher behind many iOS app (The Purpose Driven Life HD ,BIBLIOTECA DE IDEAS ,Adventure Bible Memory HD LITE ,Bible Memory for Kids ,Bible Memory for Kids - Lite ,The Beginner`s Bible), brings Bible Gateway with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Bible Gateway app has been update to version 1.4.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • And the dramatized audio is excellent for my children to hear..
  • I love the reference material with the different dictionaries and commentaries..
  • The search engine feature is also very practical and use friendly..
  • and an option to write notes about what you just read..
  • 26 different English translations alone along with audio versions..
Overall Satisfactionclick me82
You can also listen to the Bible in 3 different voices.
Love the audio version as well as the written version.
I love being able to read side by side the many translations.
like the features and daily verse to share.
I enjoyed reading my daily verse until just recently.
I am glad that I found this thank you Bible Getaway.
Thank you Jesus Christ for this app.
This is a wonderful resource with multiple translations.
I love the note taking capabilities and the audio option.
Fun & Engagingclick me98
Otherwise awesome Bible app.
Awesome bible study aid.
Awesome resource for study or daily reading.
it is easy to use and a awesome resource.
Usefulnessclick me94
Really great app with many useful tools to read and study.
This Bible app is full of very useful tools.
It has everything I could want in one APP.
Everything I could want.
Social Aspectsclick me58
Has social media options which are very easy to use.
Ease of Useclick me61
Very easy to copy phrases in the bible and share them.
I like to switch between bible versions when I'm reading.
Many great features and easy to navigate through God's word.
Its easy and simple to navigate through this app.
Comprehensive and Easy to Use.
Reliabilityclick me41
Updates & Supportclick me52
The ability to Chang to the dramatized version in audio is great.


The Bible Gateway App is the OFFICIAL free mobile Bible reading and study experience in association with Our mission is to encourage Bible reading and deepen Scriptural understanding among Bible readers worldwide. We fulfill that mission by making Scripture and study texts freely available in as many languages and translations as possible, in the web browser and on the mobile device. For more about who we are, visit About Us ( and read our Statement of Faith (


The Bible Gateway app offers many compelling ways to read and study the Bible, including:
*More than 90 different Bible translations
*Easy-to-use Bible search
*Daily Bible verse in the translation of your choice
*Daily Bible reading plans
*Bible audio
*Tracking of your Bible reading history, so you can quickly go back and forth between passages you have viewed
*Personal notes - both general notes and notes tagged to specific Bible verses can be created
*Star the Bible verses that are your favorite
*Highlight Bible verses or passages
*Parallel translation viewing
*Side-by-side viewing of Bible resources for more in-depth study

Bible GatewayBible Gateway
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Do you read the Bible every day? Then you`ll love the easy navigation, quick history and parallel translation views in the Bible Gateway App.


Are you a student, looking for the right verse reference for your writing assignment? Then you`ll love how easy it is to search the Bible in many translations and find exactly what you`re looking for.
Bible Gateway


Are you just curious to understand what the Bible is all about? Then you`ll appreciate our daily reading plans and Bible commentaries that offer simple explanation of the Bible text.


Features Coming Soon:
- Offline mode. Download Bible translations and read them without an Internet or cellular connection.
- Account creation. Store your notes, favorites and highlights in the cloud, and sync them across devices or to the Bible Gateway website.
- Devotionals. Read daily devotions side-by-side with pertinent Bible text.
And much more!


If you are iPad owner,you now can download Bible Gateway for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 15.5 MB to download. The new Bible Gateway app version 1.4.1 has been updated on 2014-11-23. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Bible Gateway check developer Zondervan`s website :


This app is like having numerous bible translations at your fingertips. found in 34 reviews
To be able to relax and listen to the word of God is wonderful. found in 81 reviews
This is a great way to stay in GOD's word. found in 9 reviews
I have used the Bible Gateway website for years and love it. found in 12 reviews
This bible app could be hands down the best Bible app on the market. found in 3 reviews
It would help readers/listeners out when trying to study the word of god. found in 11 reviews
It's a fantastic tool for anyone interested in reading God's word. found in 6 reviews
let me say that this is the best Bible app I've seen yet. found in 5 reviews
Very user friendly a must have app for Gods people today. found in 61 reviews
Have used Bible Gateway for years because it was the best. found in 18 reviews
It's a great study Bible when it works. found in 15 reviews
I also love the selection of translations that I use daily. found in 4 reviews
being able to read different translations side by side is awesome. found in 38 reviews
One of my favorites tools to study the bible in English or Spanish. found in 39 reviews
Praise God for this wonderful Bible study tool. found in 14 reviews
It is easy to use and has many study tools available. found in 139 reviews
and which my Sunday School class and Church are using this year. found in 6 reviews
Many great features and easy to navigate through God's word. found in 6 reviews
May God continue to bless you and your ministry. found in 8 reviews
but suddenly it doesn't have NIV 1984 anymore. found in 13 reviews
Why no copy to clipboard when there is no Internet connection. found in 2 reviews
Seems nice but needs refining for usage. found in 2 reviews
If only if had the NLT version available. found in 5 reviews
it needs a bible that can be used offline. found in 1 reviews
the chapter will "load" again and scroll to the top. found in 4 reviews
it needs a bookmark option. found in 4 reviews
but the new update has crashed it. found in 1 reviews
but why oh why isn't there a bookmark feature. found in 7 reviews
However I'm disappointed there isn't a catholic audio translation. found in 1 reviews
Now I can't select verses in the audio area as before. found in 6 reviews
I wish it would pick up where you left off reading. found in 5 reviews
REALLY needs a bookmark or ribbon feature like a paper Bible. found in 4 reviews
I don't know why but I can't download any offline version. found in 5 reviews
The reading plan will not come up without internet connection. found in 5 reviews
in audio it doesn't continue to the next chapter automatically. found in 5 reviews
needs one thing for me. found in 3 reviews
Please restore the continuous audio reading from chapter to chapter. found in 3 reviews
Deleting and reinstalling the app fixes problem. found in 4 reviews
The bible overlays Gen 1 so is unreadable. found in 7 reviews
Any NIV after the 1984 version is inaccurate. found in 13 reviews
Unfortunately this option is unavailable if there is no internet connection. found in 23 reviews
but my main issue is when switching to another app. found in 15 reviews
each time it opens it goes to Genesis 1. found in 32 reviews
Please add bookmark feature. found in 7 reviews
It also doesn't play the next chapter automatically. found in 5 reviews
and apparently the " font size selector" is not working. found in 9 reviews
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Thank you I can access my favorite scriptures to meditate at anytime and pick up my studying where I left off Thank you for an amazing gift                My traveling Buddy
Ive tried a lot of Bible apps and this is by far the best one                Great Bible App
Please put a sound button so we who have need can hear it                Sound
I love it I enjoy the fact that I can hear the scriptures as they are read                Bible App
I liked this app till I was at church the verse we were reading was not in here If youre going to have a bible app you need to have every single page verse on each every book in the bible Example You cut off Job at verse 30 Why It goes all the way to chapter 42 You need to revamp this app So that all books have every single chapter verse page Thank you    Review
I love this app as I search for verses with key words or topic I use it to find outside references for teaching Sunday school Years ago I used my concordance in the back of my Bible Now my app is efficient to point me to more Scripture and aides me in digging deeper in Gods Word and growing my faith Wonderful blessing                Excellent tool to dig deeper
I love this app because it really does aid me in my study of Word I feel that I can go as deep as I like to learn about a particular script or subject I might be stuffing at the time It really can serve the milk as well as the meat of the Word I highly recommend it to all                One of the best
Please release NASB and NIV for offline purposes          Limited versions for download
The current version of the Bible Gateway app does not work For those of us who are users of the voiceover screen reader for iOS the current version is a complete dud Version 31 was the last version I was able to use satisfactorilyI am unable to downgrade to a previous working version of Bible gateway    Voiceover users stay away
Love this app but there are no red letters for Jesus words                Excellent app but footnotes is needed
This app has fullscreen popup ads In early July 2015 the one that popped up was heretical I quote Dont let bad luck Truth is truth God is God There is no such thing as luck The concept of luck is from the devil with the goal of having people drift from belief in God and in His power and control It is heresy I earnestly attempted to get them to remove the heretical ad to no avail I have deleted the app as I cannot use one that allows heresy    Heretical ad content
Awesome                Gods Warrior
I love having so many translations literally at my fingertips But most of the time the search function DOES NOT WORK How can a Bible app tell me it cant find Proverbs 31 Or Mathew 6 I end up having to go to the first verse of the first chapter of a book and then scroll down to what Im looking for And sometimes it will jump from one book to another in the middle of a chapter PLEASE FIX THIS       PLEASE FIX THE GLICHES
Im so very happy that I have this app its great has given me and my wife so much enjoymentUP DATE Im so excited about this app I literally cant stop listening and reading everyday I recommend this for everyone who readslistens or doing both at the same time it gives you a reinforcement of Gods word read it daily use this app in your daily growth in Jesus                The best
Decent Bible app but regardless of such the FULL SCREEN popup ads in our faces has no place in the ethics of Christianity I would have given a 5 star rating but dropped 4 stars due to the ads and the app also asking for access to the email used as the appleid so that it can be shared with the publisher This should be banned by apple App deleted and blacklisted    Intrusive Christian App
This is an awesome app                JJD
Have recently downloaded this app and found it to be everything I was looking for in one place It allows me to read study listen notate plan organize research and the list goes on and on Thank you so much for creating such a spot for both old and young to come and study His word God Bless                Bible Gateway AppWhat A Treasure
I love this app That is all                Love
The app is easy to use and audio is excellent I would use a timer if it can be made available             Bible app is exceptional
Awesome app it has never let me down and is always uptodate                Love
I remember as a little boy the only 2 translations offered was the King James and the American Standard With all the available work done by translators like Gateway and Zondervan children with even the most remedial reading skills can learn to read the Bible at an early age                Grateful
I use this app at least every morning while Im getting ready for the day Listening to Gods word especially in the dramatization has become my routine for the last year It is also great to be able to look at different translations of the same verse Love love love                Bible in my pocket
I chose to start a reading planthe New Testament The app started with 1 Corithians 8 Why start in the middle There is information in the previous chapters and books that needs to be read    Reading plans
To think that you thought you had the right to delete verses from the very Word of God It is quite obvious that someone has never read the book of Revelation Because you would have known better than that I think that you had better start praying for your soul because this is wrong on so many levels18 For I testify to every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book if any man shall add to these things God will add to him the plagues that are written in this book19 And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy God will take away his part out of the book of life and out of the holy city and from the things which are written in this book Revelation 2218 19    Wrong on so many levels
I really enjoy using he online desktop version of bible gateway It is a superior bible software to many others being very useful for exegesis papers as a concordance I would however like for your app to reflect the versions found online especially the New American Bible Revised Edition and the Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition Its frustrating that these arent offered on the app Please add these          Add more versions please
Which is more than you can say of many apps This is my our my wife has it too third bible app The others had one issue or another so Im tickled to find one that after six months of use still works as promised Please dont fix it                Works like its supposed to
This has an incredible amount of great resources                The best
Como hispanohablante necesito la verdadera palabra de Dios ReinaValera 1960 y esta aplicación no la tiene favor de agregar    ReinaValera 1960
This is an awesome app Use it for bible study and to start my day with a verse of the day Love the ability to do the parallel reading with my three choices Highly recommendThe first paragraph was written earlier since that time I am disappointed They allowed the new published versions to come in and remove verses from the Bible NIV Now I have to get out my Bible What a pity You allowed what Revelations 2219 warns against Why cant I have the option to keep the Zondervan version             Love it
This app has helped me through some sleepless nights by reading the Word to soothe my anxious heart But often it refuses to play and stops as soon as I turn off the screen So Im looking elsewhere as I need one I can depend on       Tired of being disappointed
I like the app on my galaxy 7 tablet but on my I phone no tool bar shows up Any help             Tool bar
I have iPhone 6 and Im having trouble with the audio Can someone help    Audio
Everything flows pretty smoothly the menus are easy to learn and navigate there are many different bibles to download but I cant understand WHY you only allow download of SOME to use offline Im not gonna pay YOU to read Gods wordDoesnt make sense Its HIS word not yours or mine Who are you really working for God or mammon    Ok so its a good app
Please make in Nepali language too So billions of people will download I hope       Great app but I dont see bible in our language
This is great Im loving the voice version you need it to sync to a dictionary That will make a huge difference as to whether you are the best or 2nd best          Jesus follower
I use this app every day Since I travel weekly this app enables me to always have the Bible with me My only complaint is that it turns off my music when I open it I use it on an iPhone I would very much like to listen to Christian music while reading the Bible I hope they fix this Otherwise I would have given it 5 stars             I use this app every day
I love this app however when you search for a verse it never goes straight to the verse it goes to the beginning ALWAYS and I always have to scroll through to find what I am looking for Even the one I have marked favorites it still goes straight to the beginning          PLEASE FIX
You started having pop up ads After last update the dashboard does not always come up Tech support did not respond with possible solution Please dont mess with it when it works just to be doing something             Was better before
Ive tried other bible apps and this one perfect for me                Best bible app
I like the parallel feature thats available on my tablet would be nice if it was available on the iPhone too The only issue with the app is it stops working periodically and I have to delete and download to gain access again When the kinks are worked out it will be an excellent tool to use for readingstudying I look forward to seeing future improvements because this is very convenient to use with easy navigation and wonderful study tools          Good app needs a little improvement
Useful app assisting my quest to memorizing verses Matthew 1235 NLT A good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart Like the different Bible versions available Use this app on my iphone multiple times throughout the day                Memorization
I started the Bible in 90 days plan and instead it took a month before I realized they keep showing me the wrong plan no matter how much I change it so I guess Ill be finishing the Bible next year Not only that but they delete a verse on some how can I fully understand the Bible when I dont have the whole Word    Not functional
I have only just began to use this app the built in commentaries and dictionary are great I am looking forward to its many features 1 draw back I found was in my daily reading as I went to the next reading I could not back up to the previous selected reading for the day Since I only have a wifi connection it would be very helpful to have the NIV NLT TLB versions downloadable so I have access to versions I use when Im away from home Would also appreciate additional Reading Plans Very pleased though with what I have experienced so far          Very pleased
So I thought I would check this APP out and I saw that it contained the ISV Thisll be the APP I use from now on Period                Gateway has the ISV So excited
I think this is a great app Lets remember that nothing is perfect as far as apps go If you are experiencing difficulties be patient and work through them                Servant of God
I like all of the features except wish that I could download a lotor ALLof the material for use offline It seems to require access to internet in order for it to work I wish there was a way to have the Gateway during getaways that cannot provide internet access             Very good but
This is the best App in AppStore easy to use I just want to say I love it                App is the best
I would like to see access to ALL the translations that are available on the website I prefer the interface of the app but must use the website to access the versions I need The website is somewhat clunky             Good interface
For the past few months I have noticed that when I click on the Verse of the Day on the dashboard it doesnt go to the correct scripture verse in the bible Please fix this problem       Please fix
This used to be my favorite Bible app However about 6 months ago the app started randomly crashing Id be in the middle of something and it would just freeze up and close We often listen to the Bible while doing other things For some reason the app now will read anywhere from 110 chapters before it just stops The app is still open nothing else with audio has been opened The audio just stops Sometimes the audio works fine Its super annoying Please fix these issues       Continual crashing and audio pauses


15.5 MB
Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.4.1

iOS Bible Gateway 1.4.1 Mobile

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