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Scripture Network , brings Bible GT with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Bible GT app has been update to version 0.9 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

Overall Satisfactionc100
A true Parellel Bible app.
Best mobile bible.
Very recommended.
I'm amazed that this app is free.
Amazing search range throughout tons of versions.

Great treasure indeed. found in 1 reviews
Best App for any Bible reader and scholar out there. found in 1 reviews
multi language bible study. found in 1 reviews
When I'm not at my desk. found in 1 reviews
this bible study app searches multiple bible versions at the same time. found in 2 reviews
Our understanding of God's Word increases as we compare them. found in 2 reviews
tap any new testament word you are interested in. found in 2 reviews
I'm amazed that this app is free. found in 1 reviews
I like the power of this app. found in 1 reviews
I use this as my number one app for reading and studying the bible. found in 1 reviews
Today there is mo excuse for not reading the Bible. found in 1 reviews
at church and during studies. found in 1 reviews
read the bible every day. found in 2 reviews
Greek word search features. found in 1 reviews
Best mobile bible. found in 1 reviews
A true Parellel Bible app. found in 3 reviews
such as various translations and Greek word studies. found in 4 reviews

The Bible GT is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 1.3 MB to download. The new Bible GT app version 0.9 has been updated on 2014-11-31. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Bible GT in Scripture Network`s Official Website :

Bible GT is a quiet, theologically neutral safe haven for considering the Scriptures. Displays up to 3 versions in parallel. Supports adding notes and sharing with friends. Choose from 100+ versions in 50+ languages. Free (no in-app ...
An indispensable app for Bible studies                 review
Very helpful app Easley navigated                 Mr
I teach regularly and am very impressed with the functionality of this app to have original languages side by side and FREE is a gift                 Incredible and simple
This is a Great tool for bible study                 Angelo
Love being able to compare bible translations side by side and study using this app                 Love it
I love having the sidebyside versions                 Great App
Awesome Thanks                 Awesome Thanks
Love this app I am a lay leader at my church and we all use iPads and have been using a different bible app for years I wanted to see what other bible apps may work for myself to study with and have used this app for two weeks now to study and found it very useful I will recommend to my Pastor and fellow Lay Speakers at my church home                 The Bible
Love the format and the ability to view multiple versions together Very easy to use                 Excellent
Since I have this app I have learned a lot from the bible                 Great study tool
I use this as my number one app for reading and studying the bible When Im not at my desk its awesome to have to many translations and Greek words in my pocket without all having to schlep my whole library with me I love this app and use it nearly daily                 So useful
Wow what an app A great app if You like reading multiple versions or comparing versions It even lets you change versions wo purchasing it It also lets you change the font if it is too small                 A true Parellel Bible app
This is a very useful tool Im my opinion the best one I have ever seen I have a couple parallel Bible hard copies that I use often but this is a wonderful alternative With one search you can see 4 different translations at once If I could give it 10 stars I would                 Extremely useful Bible study tool
A very good app for the Bible with multiple translations available side by side in parallel format                 TheBibleorg
Very good app for reading multiple versions of the Bible I highly recommend it                 Great app
Really my favorite for bible study on the go Great resource for anyone wanting to know their Bible a bit better                 Great app
At home I use a bible with NIN and KJV printed sidebyside on each page Now with this app I have sidebyside with me all the time No need to close one version to read the other                 SidebySide
Very helpful                 Great App
I use Bible GT app on both my iPad and phone I love doing my daily Bible reading and having multiple versions pulled up It is so nice to be able to easily do a Greek word study while Im reading Having it on my phone gives me a way to read the Bible when Im on the go with my children Also I love using the share features I share Bible verses by email instagram message and Facebook                 So Helpful
The easiest for viewing parallel translations                 Easy to use
Fastest Bible app when using multiple translations and the only app I have found that will allow 4 parallel translations Quick word study for Greek definition look up in the NT Ive tried many apps and this works by far the best with the most to offer                 Best Bible Appperiod
Has several hard to find translations thanks and bless your hearts                 Wonderful app
This is a very valuable study tool to have on the go I always use their website and now to have a mobile version is going to be very convenient for Bible studies on the go                 Great treasure indeed
Your personal interpretation bled through Matthew 1618 in the definition of Peter and rock you put your own opinion rather than scholarly definitions     Biased
I have been a servant of Jesus for nearly 14 years I expanded my study tools to include various interpretations of the bible Ive purchased different versions on my ipad but always wanted to have parallel versions on the screen at once I discovered Bible GT by the grace of God and immediately donated to it because I just love it My donations will not cease This app is a must have for those diligently looking for an understanding of Gods word                 This is a blessing
Great app Great concordances easy Word searches and more that I still need to utilize God bless                 Re TheWordorg
great app many versions to choose from love this app                 great app
Very well put together even compared to other more popular bible apps Im especially impressed with the accuracy and truetothetext work in the bible Working Translation available in the app Bravo                 Excellent craftsmanship
I just got this app so will not be able to provide an exhaustive review of all of its features But the fact that is has the Greek New Testament that can be placed side by side with literal translations like the NASB make it immensely valuable especially if one is learning Greek Thank you for an amazing service                 Great for learning Greek
Simple and effective app                 Best of breed
This app makes studying the bible easy and effective while comparing different languages versions to get the best interpretation Very recommended                 Best App
The perfect App for Bible Study In order for the Bible to be relevant it needs to be translated into the contemporary language of the people who will read it Over the last 50 years as the English language grew and the meanings of words developed we have had a dozen incredible translations created This App allows us look at 7 of them at the same time Our understanding of Gods Word increases as we compare them Awesome Get it                 Bible GT Rocks
Bible reading and studying with Bible GT is fabulous It is wonderful to have different versions on my phone to read and study anytime I start my day reading the WTJ before my feet hit the floor Best App for any Bible reader and scholar out there If you are hungry to know God and His Word youve come to the right place                 Brilliant Best there is
Best app ever for bible studies                 Review
I have been using the site for in depth study of the word Im privileged now to have this app I can use on the go at church and during studies Amazing resource                 Superb app for study
Love the app Nice features for reading                 Great resource
I love this app I enjoy studying the bible in languages that Im learning as it gives me a new perspective on the verses With this app I can put two languages side by side which is a wonderful way to compare and learn I hope this app never goes away Id gladly pay for it                 Fantastic way to study
Im amazed that this app is free So much fine work put into it So many versions in so many languages and it doesnt freeze It would be great that they kept adding versions even if they charge its a great investment Thank you for making it available Today there is mo excuse for not reading the Bible I downloaded it because i read that it includes Thayers translation No other app does Thank you again                 The Bible unleashed
I like the power of this app One can access many things such as various translations and Greek word studies I almost think that I could learn Greek from using this                 Good user interface fast personal troubleshooting
Impressed with the selection of bibles And I really like how I can put 3 bibles next to each other to compare translations                 Spanky
Ive tried several different ones and this one tops them all Their customer support response is always quick and courteous too                 Best Bible App

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