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Big Fish Games, Inc , the publisher behind many iOS games (Secret Mission - The Forgotten Island HD ,The Serpent of Isis - HD ,Drawn - The Painted Tower HD ,Megaplex Madness - Now Playing ,Titanic: Hidden Expedition ,Empress of the Deep 2: Song of the Blue Whale Collector`s Edition HD), brings Big Fish Casino – Free Slots, Poker, Blackjack and More! with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Big Fish Casino – Free Slots, Poker, Blackjack and More! games has been update to version 7.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great sound effects and graphics and lots of prizes..
  • get to meet people from all over the world with something in common..
  • I like the variety of games and different levels of play..
  • Fast paced be careful great apps lots of fun..
  • Great job Big Fish on the interaction level of this game..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Hands down this is one of the best casino games I have ever played.
Love playing this game on my long trip into the city.
My advice is don't even start playing this game.
One of my favorite games to pass the time.
Crazy cool game love every thing about it.
It's a excellent game I love playing slots and video poker.
I was really missing playing slots.
Thanks Big Fish for so many fun and entertaining games.
It's an amazing game takes away my bored feeling.
I highly recommend this game for all you casino and chat room lovers.
I don't recommend this game.
Fun & Engagingc87
Very addictive and many elements to keep you entertained.
It's so rigged with terrible payouts but very addictive.
Super fun and there is a game for everyone.
Loads of fun and great practice for the next Vegas trip.
Great game tons of fun just wish could be real money.
This game is awesome like playing on my down time lol.
Excellent graphics Awesome games available Great gifts n prizes Friendly players.
I love this game it's fun to play with friends and family.
Play all the time meet some cool people on here too.
I play everyday and recommend this game to everyone.
Play everyday this is the best casino to play.
I play every day multiple times and never get tired.
This is an awesome game that I play every day.
usually get decent amount of chips everyday.
Excellent as you get new chips Everyday.
Family Friendlyc100
and it's a very fun way to play with family and friends.
I play with family and friends from work.
Value for Moneyc56
I'm glad it's not real money I'm playing with.
Don't spend real money to lose fake chips.
that being said you will spend real money from time to time.
Can enjoy without spending any coin just your time.
Replay Valuec94
Hours of enjoyment and you won't loose your house.
Very fun and challenging almost like the real thing.
Been playing for a couple of years and it never gets old.
I like the variety of games and different levels of play.
Social Aspectsc80
Love the social aspects such as sharing winnings and commenting.
And social aspect brings out the worst in people like greed.
It's nice to meet new people and play games together.
This is an ok app if you want to meet new people.
I love this game it's fun to play with friends and family.
There's social interaction during pray which is different than most.
Chat with friends while playing your favorite casino games.
Production Valuesc80
The graphics are great and the action is booming.
Graphics are great as well.
Great sound effects and graphics and lots of prizes.
I like the graphics and sound effects.
Beautiful Graphics & a Lot of Fun.
Beautiful graphics.
Ease of Usec48
Hard to gain money and easy to lose.
Easy to lose track of time playing.
Deleted it at first because I didn't want to get hooked.
Great app for killing time and it's easy to get hooked.
Fun and simple way to amuse myself while killing time.
All games are fun and simple to play.
we are aware of the connection issues Issue.
Security & Privacyc26
Gambling without worrying about your bank account.
Updates & Supportc43
Great customer service always replies to your inquiries.
Love this game plus they have great customer service.

Big fish games are totally addictive and endless fun. found in 181 reviews
Great way to pass the time very addicting best casino app I've downloaded. found in 642 reviews
Crazy cool game love every thing about it. found in 132 reviews
Great time killer between the many busy moments of life. found in 155 reviews
I love this game it's fun to play with friends and family. found in 71 reviews
Great variety of games and they are not stingy with free chips. found in 434 reviews
Very fun game and like the pot of gold game. found in 38 reviews
It's an amazing game takes away my bored feeling. found in 60 reviews
With multiple different ways to play gambling games with friends. found in 78 reviews
Loads of fun and great practice for the next Vegas trip. found in 246 reviews
Enjoy the ability to interact with others & make new friends. found in 127 reviews
Super fun and there is a game for everyone. found in 260 reviews
Very generous with the daily chips and lots of freebies. found in 33 reviews
Like the game just wish I could play off line as well. found in 14 reviews
Seems like you hardly win anymore and that's a bummer. found in 14 reviews
Everybody spending money for fake money has some issues anyways. found in 128 reviews
but it tells me poor connection sometimes and my game freezes. found in 22 reviews
Love the game wish I could win more jackpots for the money I spend. found in 245 reviews
Like the game wish the slots were looser though. found in 32 reviews
Not everyone wants to spend real money on fake chips. found in 116 reviews
If you decide to play don't expect to win a lot. found in 19 reviews
It's VERY disappointing however getting booted all the time. found in 19 reviews
One of my favorites but it won't let me connect to Facebook. found in 26 reviews
Blackjack needs a landscape view option. found in 6 reviews
Just wish I could win a jackpot every blue moon. found in 48 reviews
But too hard to win. found in 103 reviews
After getting ripped off multiple times its just not fun anymore. found in 29 reviews
it is almost impossible to win them back- just like real life. found in 32 reviews
Good way to waste time Good game
I just wish you could win every once in a while. found in 11 reviews
Super fun games with decent payouts but connection issues cost tons. found in 21 reviews
This game crashes the second you log in and the next. found in 24 reviews
but not worth spending money for fake chips that they just take away. found in 127 reviews
Please give better payouts and you will have more fans. found in 38 reviews
Get ready to spend real money to earn nothing. found in 116 reviews
They seriously need to loosen up and let the players win. found in 147 reviews
It is impossible to make money when you never win :/. found in 131 reviews
Who's going to spend real money for fake money. found in 128 reviews
Very poor pay outs but very addictive games. found in 198 reviews
Constantly losing and customer service is horrible now. found in 194 reviews
Still don't know about the gold bars. found in 102 reviews
Don't spend real money to lose fake chips. found in 637 reviews
I would rather see advertisements than pay for chips. found in 136 reviews
You are forcing people to buy chips when the game is free. found in 653 reviews
Deleting the app since you deleted word ace. found in 114 reviews
If you think you will hit a jackpot. found in 96 reviews
The games are good but it's really hard to win. found in 708 reviews
Not everyone can afford to pay real money for fake chips. found in 127 reviews
Love it but it's easy to lose chips real fast. found in 150 reviews
You get banned after donating hundreds of dollars buying chips. found in 140 reviews
Don't buy chips they will take them back right away. found in 400 reviews
the odds of winning a JP are worst then the real Lotto. found in 82 reviews

The Big Fish Casino – Free Slots, Poker, Blackjack and More! is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 36.9 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 7.0.1 has been released on 2014-11-26. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Big Fish Casino – Free Slots, Poker, Blackjack and More! in Big Fish Games, Inc`s Official Website :

Card Ace: Casino is now Big Fish Casino The 1 Social Casino Game on the App Store 5/5 - "...just plain fun." The Current Gamer 9/10 - EDITOR`S CHOICE - Slots, Blackjack, Texas Hold`em ...
This is one of the better casinos that I have played You can make new friends on here So give it a try You dont have to buy anything if you dont want to Like their Facebook page for even more fun                 Big fish casino
Good game to pass some time                 Love it
Very cool games              Big fish
One of my favorite apps its lots of fun                 Love it
May not win all the time but its very addicting                 Great
Great                 Big fish casino
I love to play some of the slot tournaments You can win pretty decently in most of them but I wish they would loosen up a little so you could win a little more often              Review
It is easy and fun Wide variety of casino games and bonuses Very fun and realistic Nice promotions                 Big Fish Casino
Big Fish Casino is fun I wish the game was a little more loose but still lots of games that pay fairly well The graphics are great Lots of fun games Love this game Big fish gives bonus chips for regular players and all kinds of giveaways As you advance in VIP tiers they offer bonus points every 30 minutes Very fun to play                 Love this game
Finally a Game Center like big fish that lets communities play together and is very generous and giving free chips                 Big fishy
Thank you Big Fish Casino for providing a fun and engaging adult game that serves as a daily release for many players                 Winner
Really the games are fun but be careful what you say about them on Facebook They really cant handle criticism and they will block anyone that criticizes them on Facebook Its really to bad that they are so sensitive If you dont mind being discriminated against go ahead and download the game but trust me on this one you are only a temporary winner on this app     Be carefull
Used to enjoy this a lot more when jackpots winning came more frequently But after spending own on fake chips decided it just wasnt worth it        Too Tight Slots
Used to be fun but now the featured games are similar to those found in every other on line casino multi line auto play I suggest house of fun or double down chips last longer and are less expensive     Waste of time
Great selection of games                 Great Games
Love this appgame A lot of fun                 Total fun
Just love your slots but been very mean to me lately Cmon bf you know I love ya Play nice with me                 Help
Great way to kill some time              Fun Fun
Fun app but so highly addictive Great graphics and social                 Fun but addictive
Lots of fun for whole family                 Bigfishcasino games are awesome lots of fun
I have been playing this game for sometime now bfc i play all ur bf games i just can not seem to win big in ur casino game everyone i knw have won a large jp n i started playing bfore them i just do not find it fair just like i play all the mini games n still dont win i just wish u would give me a break Luv ya bfc ty                 Awesome i love this game
pretty good                 nice games
So much ingame purchase adv              Good but money
Awesome                 Big fish
Great game Plenty of different real casino games                 Got to try this one
Slow start but grows on you                 Fish
One of the best Casino Apps to play Fun upbeat and slots like nobodys business Not to mention the New games along with New Slots to keep up fresh              Kris
I Have so much fun wish they would add bingo to the casino                 Awesome
Love the slots some of the best around                 SLOTS
This is a fun and exciting app My favorite amongst the slot app options You get free money ever half hour and once daily plus bonus money games too Update still having fun months later                 The most fun
My brother told me about this app and that i should try it cause he said its the best casino app there is Well i did and now im sooo addicted to BFC The best New update 092115 1028 pm pacific Just got to lvl 4 Pls let me get JP                 Addictive fun
I have fun dont expect to win All the time but I do think the slots could loosen up a little The sales are still expensive even at level 4 I do buy only during the 4x sales Love the 5x sales The spread between levels in far I dont know if Ill get to level 5 When I add up the to get there I will have to spend a couple Thousand s To spend that much on fake chips is not in my best judgment Please adjust the spread between levels During sales BFC could use the 34 or 5 xs apply that amount to the points needed All said BFC is by far my Favorite game for Slots or any gambling                 Katrina
All sorts of slots game table games and all youd see at a casino Fair as far as Ive seen in retrieving chips from friends or bought Nice just for fun time blaster                 Fair and fun
Great games black jack is great thanks                 Dce
Fun games some displays too small Jackpots are difficult to hit good graphics waiting to win a jackpot so elusive but fun I get a little poed when Im low or out of chips come on big jackpotbig fungood slots fun fun til you run out of finds waiting to win a huge jack pot been playing for a very long time nothing yet fun games Im eager to hit it BIG Expecting a huge hit its fun but I play so long that I deplete my funds Its fun I play non stop till I run out of a whole lotta fun good assortment of games Join us youll like it My fav game site And they give you free chips with games and big jackpots ok                 Big fishfruit
This will eat up hours of your day I still give it five stars                 Way too addicting
Does not pay off If you win big somehow you dont end up getting your chips Hmmm whats the deal        BIG FISH CASINO
Easy to play Hard to put down Gets in the way of eating dinner                 My Number 1 Daily Distraction
Best Gaming site They are always adding more games constantly Try them all for the most exciting fun of gambling Fun is just the beginningbut all day Fun is even better for this gaming siteyahoo I love it If you love slots and playing cards then this sites for you Just got a new IPhone and Big Fish Casino are the best customer service to help get my account up and running Thank you you Big Fish for being the Best Gaming Site ever Since Ive retired its been a pleasure to have you in my life You sure know how to make fun Having a problem not to worry cause this gaming site has the best ever Customer Service guaranteed I love them Theyre the best I am having fun and just got a new phoneiphone 6 but have to contact Big Fish to have them combine my other account with the account game I tried to get my account from other phone but wasnt successful Big Fish has great customer service and they will help me transfer all my winnings from old Iphone to new one Looking forward to playing on my new phone I have to say that Im impressed with all the variety of slots Thanks Big Fish Amazing awesome I just cant get enough of this game I love it Just the game for stress relief and relaxing in the comfort of your own home and in your PJS Have fun This game has great customer service too Bonus every 30 minutes and lots of chip playing fun Game is sometimes challenging just like Vegas baby Its great when Big Fish gives you bonuses every 30 minutes I just never have enough chips to play with high rollers This is the best slots ever invented I love this game and can be played anytime of day They say home is where the heart is but with my Big Fish in my hand cause I cant stop playing with my casino pal Big Fish Ive discovered that this is the nicest place to play cause you can make friends also while playing in games with chat Thank you BF Fun game and played like regular casino games but on your own iPhone or computer Only wish that they would up the 2000 free chips every 15 minutes from every 30 minutes Or change to 5000 free chips every 30 minutes then I would play a lot more Thank you BF This game is challenging and its anytime on your IPhone IPad computer or any game electronic device This is your game time in your pajamas at home at the beach at the park or just at work on your lunch break I had my game on my iPhone and iPad and use it just to relax at Starbucks with a cup of coffee Having fun 247 You will love the big games and daily bonus giving by Big Fish Casino This is the best fun I have ever had in slots and all card games Lol Wishing for more free chips This is so much fun to play any time These games are a lot of fun and addicting Have fun Some days are paying off then other day but a lot of fun Thank you Today around 210 pm Pacific Time on 050815 I keep having Issues with on of the casino slot games Forbidden Island It has a problem sometimes after getting chosen and it boots me off game This is an occasional problem and an inconvenience because then I have to put in a problem request with customer service It gets resolved and it might take 4872 hours before I get my winning chips but it does get resolved by a great customer service This is the only game that has been more of a problem I like this game but I hesitate to play often My favorite is Snow Day Thank you Big Fish Thank you Big Fish for the great customer service The games are awesome to play Get to chat with some great people during games too Thank you The last two days Big Fish has been awesome Lot of great rooms to play slots in Team players helping with scatters was great Love this game site This game is addicting but a lot of fun Cant get to a gambling casino Well this is the next best thing You will enjoy hours of fun guys Have fun For a couple of days especially 40415 and 40515 was bad days for slots Everyone that I was playing with stated slots were so bad everybody lost all their millions in 30 minutes of play So there are good days and very very bad days I noticed since its only a game some people take it too personally and start getting mad Keep in mind it is only a game dont panic and get mad at the players especially in the slot games where there are scatters and you share a winning with other players Sure there are going to be squatters but only to get them some chips and they start playing again If you see that you have a player that is needing help with some chips and you have 100 million chips then help them out with a little of your winnings Its only fun game and Big Fish does give bonuses daily to get you back in I just think that Big Fish needs to increase the every 30 minute bonus to 4000 due to 2000 only lasts for 5 minutes of play Seriously please increase bonuses and the daily spinning wheel should start at 100k Get rid of the 10k to 75k start wheel at 100k You will make all players so very happy Its addicting and a lot of fun I find myself playing this everywhere I go Thanks BF youre my stress reliever                 Big Fish Gaming
When i play i feel like im are at casino las vegas                 Fantastic
Love it                 Yes
Cool           Cool
Love all the big fish products                 Great games
Nice                 Great
This game is addictingI enjoy the interaction with the other players and the freebies A little frustrated when I lose my chipsbut whose fault is that mine The daily freebies and contests are great too One down side has nothing to do with the gameand everything to do with a small number of players that can be mean an rude My advice ignore them and enjoy this app                 Love it
So much fun and easy to navigate              Love
Best App for Casino Gameplay                 Love the Casino
Loads of non stop fun              Great Games
Love the new look big fish Thank you for all the free coins I love the games and Look forward to my play time every day Keep up the good work                 Slot
Big Fish prides itself on mimicking a real casino except its slots are even tighter They make it clear that they expect you to buy chips in order to play Even the VIP players complain about skimpy bonuses not receiving their bonuses on time Most everyone I know has deleted the app moved on I will be doing the same There are so many complaints that they posted guidelines to boot you if you complain too often     Ripoff

Big Fish Casino – Free Slots, Poker, Blackjack and More! GamesBig Fish Casino – Free Slots, Poker, Blackjack and More! GamesBig Fish Casino – Free Slots, Poker, Blackjack and More! GamesBig Fish Casino – Free Slots, Poker, Blackjack and More! GamesBig Fish Casino – Free Slots, Poker, Blackjack and More! GamesBig Fish Casino – Free Slots, Poker, Blackjack and More! GamesBig Fish Casino – Free Slots, Poker, Blackjack and More! GamesBig Fish Casino – Free Slots, Poker, Blackjack and More! GamesBig Fish Casino – Free Slots, Poker, Blackjack and More! GamesBig Fish Casino – Free Slots, Poker, Blackjack and More! GamesBig Fish Casino – Free Slots, Poker, Blackjack and More! GamesBig Fish Casino – Free Slots, Poker, Blackjack and More! Games

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