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TG2, LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (Easy Addition ,Jacks or Better -- Video Poker ,Bond - Personal Security ,Bigfoot Calls), brings Bigfoot Calls with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Bigfoot Calls app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Bigfoot Calls is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 5.5 MB to download. The new Bigfoot Calls app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-10-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Bigfoot Calls check developer TG2, LLC`s website :

Need some quality Bigfoot calls to spook your friends? This app has some of the best howls, whoops, and wood knocks available.
Family truly enjoying the calls and hours of fun in the woods                     Bigfoot Caller Fantastic Bombastic Bigfoot
This freaking thing never be worse whoever that wants this app I will never get it again done all done never talk about it again     Terrible 🏒🥅MR.AWSOME
Makes me laugh every time I hear it                     Awesome acedia@speed
I use this to scare my cousins and friends when we are in my back yard and make them think that Bigfoot is going to kill us It s hilarious                     Love it PuraNattyPlayzMinecraft
I ve called them in from the other side of the lake with this call Female call brings in the big males every time                     Best Sasquatch Call ever Jagger Moves
I laugh every time I press one of the calls Sometimes I use the Human Alert to wake up my kids in the morning They laugh and so do I                     Bigfoot Call Little cabbage!😜
Best app purchased by far let me tell you how great                     Scoot the squatch squatchboy
God bless you for creating this app Bigfoot can t stay away                     SasquatchLovah69 SasquatchLovah69
I was using this app one night when from a nearby lake a ship arose this large ship was non other than Bigfoot His ship landed and he stepped out and spoke to me This was a life changing event and it would have never happened without this app thank you so much                     Better than I could have hoped for haileedee
I have a jerk for a neighber and hope to prank her                     Finding Bigfoot and Bigfoot pranks Jaedcandoit
This app is the worst it s totally fake and the calls sound like some weirdo yelling     Horrific Gami'n Girl
Don t get this app     I hate this app Nol11
The noises that this app makes gets the attention of believers and nonbelievers alike                     TONS OF FUN Jim 72
So realistic just like the one I heard in 1978                     Awesome calls squatchy Joe
Clearly the developer knows his stuff He has mastered recording that rival Mozart in the Yeti world The moment I hit the Howl button I heard animals run from under my house I live at the beach I have seen Bigfoot dart between the homes here No doubt if a alley trash digger can sneak in my garage and steal a bike a Bigfoot can me hiding among us                 Near Perfection save3lives
Awesome I love the human alert If you r e a l l y believe in Bigfoot this might not be the app for you                     Lol Davidtheroadwarrior
Great quality and excellent for finding Sasquatch After recommending this app to a group of people during my quatch studies 46 people out of 50 reported seeing hearing Bigfoot One even got mauled Finding Bigfoot come find me My number 666 6689                     Better than it looks Ja Crispie
I went to Mohican state park near where i live I tried these out not only did I get nothing they sound like an old man at a football game     Terrible Iluvhillary
Works a little too well I called in a squatch It took me to its lair Send help my battery is almost dead and I think it s their breeding season             Help How about This 1111111
I LOVE looking up Bigfoot stuff because me and my family live at a forest and these are clearly human and the female call is just a man trying to sound like a girl I m a girl so that is just insulting and I even tried to do them but nothing will work The only thing this is good for is scaring my mom at midnight when she is checking her Facebook Clearly a piece of trash     Rip off Letsdance15
At first I did not believe this Bigfoot myth But on my trip to go camping I was just sitting out on the deck minding my own business But I heard some strange noises I just thought it was some animal in the woods After I got back from one of the shops around where I was I saw some strange tracks I remembered an app I had for finding what anima tracks these were but none of them matched up I was very confused at this fact I started to think about previous knowledge of the elusive Bigfoot This was the moment that changed my life forever I had to know what happened so I searched up on the App Store to find some apps that could possibly help me and I found this At first I was skeptical of this because of the noises I tried it a couple times to see what I could get but I got nothing At the end of the weekend that I was camping I tried it one more time as my last chance This was the time I got a response I tried the female call I began frantically searching for the Bigfoot all around the woods Then I saw it a huge mysterious creature just standing staring at me This changed my life I used some more calls to try to get closer to it but it stared in awe Then finally after almost an hour it came closer and started making noises She sounded angry then at last it spoke to me I can t see my forehead and I tried to help it I let it follow me back to my tent and picked up my diamond encrusted mirror and showed the beast what it looked like But she did not like it and she ran away This was the last I ve seen a Bigfoot Now I find bigfoots for a living as a job as my everything After this app changed my life I continued searching for that very Bigfoot to learn more about what she wanted                     Truly amazing Jason----------$$$$$$88
if this has some of the most realistic Bigfoot sounds out there Id hate to hear the worst Not only did it NOT signal a squatch it has made me flacid for a whole day     for real BluRedBull
They ate my children for me                     They ate my children Hagan312
The knock do not sound like a big foots knocks since I have heard one In reply to my knock     Knock Hagan312
I was camping in Canada once and I used it and I got responses from what I believe was a Sasquatch mother and child The next day I went out and saw tracks They looked big for human tracks Don t mess with this thing if you think it s a joke It s a weapon                     Works well CharlieSheen45
This app is horrible The calls are clearly human and will not get any responses from a Sasquatch out in the woods     Complete Garbage BigFootHunter1911
it is completley inacurate i have heard one first hand     inacurate Hdjeidhfjfifudu
This is fake these are made by humans Not Bigfoot sounds I have heard and seen Bigfoot these are not big foots call 1 star     Fake Cool as a snow
I have now seen a real Bigfoot thanks to this app It was late one night at the cabin as I was sitting out on the dock having a smoke Suddenly there was a bright light coming from the middle of the lake and out of no where a ufo started slowly coming up from the murky depths I quickly remembered a bit of knowledge I knew about Bigfoot that they were aliens who parked their spaceships in lakes So without a second thought I took out my phone held it high above my head and used my Bigfoot calls app The spaceship stopped and sent out beam of light toward my location before I could do anything I was already in the spaceship I ve been hiding on the ship every since eating scraps of food trying to learn as much as I can about these mysterious creatures thanks Bigfoot app                     Life changing Weberboy3
You have to ask yourself why don t I have this app yet                     A MUST HAVE Awww Sad
As most I was skeptical of Bigfoot thinking and believing it was all just an urban myth After hearing stories of my great aunt Nila going camping up in the wilderness of Washington states Roosevelt Lake and how she and her fellow campers heard a strange call not like any other animal she s heard before I began to question if it was a myth or not So this year while my curiosity at a peak of this illusive Bigfoot I wanted to know for myself As we began packing for our annual camping trip my friend told me about this app that has interpretations of Bigfoot calls I decided to download it hoping that I could come across my first Bigfoot and to only harden the idea that he s real So as we get to the campsite of where we re camping at I noticed something There were these tracks that didn t look like normal tracks from an animal in the ground I called over my uncle who knows a lot about tracking and hunting animals over to take a look While waiting for him to come over I noticed something about these tracks that looked familiar These tracks had toes but not like animal toes human toes But these toes where different they were larger and wider They had to of been at least 2 4inches in width and at least 8 10inches long While puzzled and intrigued my uncle finally got to me to take a look at the tracks As he looks down to tell me what could ve made these tracks I looked up to only see his face locked in an astounded yet frightened state I asked him Uncle do you know what could ve made those tracks He replied in a frantic yet hushed tone There s only one thing that could have made those tracks you do lad And that would be the elusive Bigfoot Scared but aroused by the thought of there being a chance of this legendary creature being amongst us I got up and ran for my phone As I m dashing for my phone I left in the car charging so I could use it tonight for campfire songs I stumbled over a branch Hurrying to get up and get to my car for the phone I reached inside my pocket to grab my keys only to find them missing Frantically I began to search to where they could be on lying thinking that if I wait any longer there would be a lesser chance of my catching this creature of great stature I finally found my keys about three feet away on top of a pile of branches and leaves As I pick my keys up and finally make it to my car I hear a loud ear piercing screech I jump in a terrified manor losing the grip in my hands and dropping my phone Frantically I scurry my hands and arms to try and keep my phone from busting on the ground I drop down in a finally effort to catch the twiddling phone As I go down I close my eyes as I brace for impact As I hit I let out a loud pfft only to open my eyes in amazement as my phone has landed directly on the chest Once I got up and my bearings in order I opened my phone up to the Bigfoot app I pressed the howl call to see if I could get a response from the Bigfoot that had left the enormous print in the ground Minutes have passed and no call So I pressed the same button again A couple more minutes have passed and still nothing I had started to give up hope and give up on my attempts at this Bigfoot In a finally despite attempt I click the Female Bigfoot button After I clicked it it turned off my phone and walked down to the beach in disappointment While walking down to the beach with my head down in shame we heard a large and loud ruffle noise as if something was moving in the woods I turned my head over my shoulders and there it appeared It was large in stature It was hairy hairier than an ape who missed his barber appointment And it smelled it s stench could make and onion cry It It was Bigfoot I was baffled and in awe My body stiffer than a steel beam My mind conflicted whether or not to believe if this was real But all of a sudden I hear a low soothing voice come from the beast as he said Do not fear I come in peace and would like to know Do you guys have beef jerky My eyes and ears couldn t believe what I had just saw and heard I collapsed where I stood and that was the last time I ever saw and heard Bigfoot                     He s real Liar duuu
I thought this would be a good app I ve been studying Bigfoot for many years and a lot more to come if your looking for a good app I don t think it s this one for accuracy     Fire success
I ve been hunting Bigfoot up in the mountains for years now and no app is worked as well as this one You no longer need to look for Bigfoot with this app they just come to you Great app                     Awesome Bz94
Omg worst so dumb my god some hippy in a basement on a mike is the worst thing ever I would rate a 0 if I could     Worst bigfoot crap ever
Ive been waiting for a Bigfoot app like this for years Now I can call for some of those sweet female Bigfoots                 Sweet
Some guy just yelled Into his microphone lol                 Lol
I have been hunting Bigfoot critters for years now never have I heard such accurate recordings of a Bigfoot he must have been 10 feet from them at least to get such a good sound quality Man he better start charging money for an app like this I woulda spent hundreds to get my hands on this                 Get now
It was not the best app ever Its just a guy yelling Ive heard Bigfoot before and it sounds nothing like a Bigfoot but its fun           Okay
This is by far the best Bigfoot calls app out there The calls are very accurate and will probably lure in a Bigfoot                 Great
I used to go months out in the field without a bigfoot sighting Maybe hear a lame whoop or something but that was it Until I scored this app With these authentic whoops and screams I basically gotta beat the bigfoots off me The human alert is my favorite yell and the dual tree knocks are a cant miss Female bigfoot yell a nice touch Ten stars                 Greatest app ever
but my dogs LOVE it                 not very realistic
Hilarious Great Bigfoot call 100 authentic sounding Hah ha                 BFC
Just someone yelling and whooping like an idiot     Sooooooooo fake
Best app from 2014 1110 its only a matter of time before we find him now                 Yes please
This app is so easy to use and had accurate Bigfoot calls Now I have the tools to go to my favorite Bigfoot watching spot and call some Bigfoot                 Perfect Bigfoot call app
I thought this would be a good app Ive been studying Bigfoot for many years and a lot more to comeif your looking for a good app I dont think its this one for accuracy    
Ive been hunting Bigfoot up in the mountains for years now and no app is worked as well as this one You no longer need to look for Bigfoot with this app they just come to you Great app                 Awesome

Bigfoot Calls Entertainment Bigfoot CallsBigfoot Calls Entertainment Bigfoot CallsBigfoot Calls Entertainment Bigfoot CallsBigfoot Calls Entertainment Bigfoot Calls

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