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Microsoft Corporation , the publisher behind many iOS app (Billboard MSN Russia ,Bing for iPad ,Microsoft Lync 2010 for iPad ,Microsoft OneNote ,UFC on Xbox LIVE ,DANCE CENTRAL 2 : DANCE*CAM), brings Bing with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Bing app has been update to version v3.03 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The voice control works better than the Google app..
  • Actually like it better than the desktop version..
  • So many more great features like the barcode scanner..
  • Add turn by turn navigation with voice activation for iPhone OS 4..
  • to maps with directions and even a "mini web browser "..
Overall Satisfactionclick me68
Best search engine app ever keep up the good work.
I was much better than google's apps and seemed much more integrated.
Much better than google and faster then using bing on iPod safari.
Need an update for iPhone 5 pls.
New flatter icon and iPhone 5 support.
and thanks Microsoft for offering a great free app.
awesome thanks Microsoft for a great attempt.
Absolutely the best mobile search experience I've ever seen.
Bing is amazing - way better than Google or Yahoo.
Fun & Engagingclick me88
Bing is awesome & the pics are so beautiful.
Voice recognition is awesome even hit searches when I'm buzzing and slurring.
I use Bing all the time and look forward to their daily image.
Usefulnessclick me78
Also several useful search features in one place.
Love this and most useful search tool.
Bing was a useful search engine until the update.
It is extremely useful for just about everything.
BING is my #1 go to for just about everything.
Social Aspectsclick me28
Production Valuesclick me84
The interface is beautiful though.
it's interface is beautiful.
visually stunning and extremely stable.
Bing is a visually stunning app.
Elegant interface.
Ease of Useclick me56
I like the streamlined and simple search functions of this app.
simple search app.
until I tried a simple search for "coffee" in my area.
Now add more features and keep the simple and beautiful interface.
It is simple and beautiful.
Reliabilityclick me49
Security & Privacyclick me46
Love the fact that it links to my Microsoft account.
You cant sign into your Microsoft account to gain bing points.
Updates & Supportclick me19
Need an update for iPhone 5 pls.


Make decisions and get where you need to go with Bing. Connect with friends and see their opinions when you search. Find products with your camera. Search maps with your voice – even say an address. Search for anything on the Web including images, weather, and local business listings. Quickly find movies playing now, along with reviews, clips, and trailers. Get accurate walking or driving directions with current traffic conditions. See the Bing image of the day plus daily trivia right on the home page. Download Bing today to find stuff nearby and get there fast.


The Bing is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Bing app version v3.03 has been updated on 2014-11-20. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Bing check developer Microsoft Corporation`s website :

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Rewards and great unique search features what's not to like. found in 12 reviews
I like the UI very good job microsoft. found in 58 reviews
Best search engine app ever keep up the good work. found in 133 reviews
Nevertheless it seems to work better than Google and better than Safari. found in 30 reviews
It has definitely replaced Google Mobile on my phone. found in 11 reviews
my only complaint is you can't save pics from searches. found in 29 reviews
Only the app doesn't fill the entire iphone 5 screen :. found in 19 reviews
Needs full screen for iPhone 5. found in 3 reviews
Needs voice guidance to compete with map quest. found in 5 reviews
Needs Bing Rewards and Live account integration. found in 6 reviews
I love the app but no iPhone 5 support kinda bummed me. found in 27 reviews
Voice search needs a lot of improvement. found in 9 reviews
Not cool since u cant save pics. found in 13 reviews
Like the app but social doesn't connect. found in 2 reviews
but still if u can't save pics use google instead. found in 29 reviews
which means you can't copy it. found in 7 reviews
But you can no longer save images to camera roll. found in 77 reviews
Still no home button and no way to clear search history. found in 40 reviews
but it needs to be updated for the iPhone 5. found in 30 reviews
but it crashes way to much can you please fix it. found in 15 reviews
Great but could be amazing if only add a multiple tabs. found in 10 reviews
and it can't locate my current location even with location allowed. found in 22 reviews
But does not support iPhone 5 screen. found in 19 reviews
Be nice if you guys fixed the Save to Camera roll option. found in 94 reviews
However the only option to sign in is through Facebook. found in 23 reviews
Why can't I save pics to camera roll anymore. found in 29 reviews
However MS doesn't upgrade the app for the iPhone 5 larger screen. found in 30 reviews
No birds eye view = no bing. found in 40 reviews
No more navigation buttons after update for iPhone 4. found in 34 reviews
but they removed image search /news/maps/etc. found in 118 reviews
It's not smooth at all and it needs iPhone 5 support. found in 27 reviews
I can't save to camera roll or share directly to Facebook. found in 94 reviews
You can't even erase your search history. found in 40 reviews
Extremely useless as you cannot use bing maps. found in 66 reviews
No option for not participating in location services. found in 28 reviews
I HATE the new setup for image results. found in 34 reviews
Can't save photos to my photo album anymore. found in 27 reviews
and the save to camera role function has also been deleted. found in 94 reviews
it fails to give me directions to anywhere. found in 35 reviews
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iPhone 320x480 4
Icon 175x175 1
So far great                Great
Bing has slowly won me over from Google and now that there is bing rewards I dont think Ill ever switch back Go BING or go home Lol                Extremely useful
Lamentablemente está última actualización está muy mala la versión anterior era muchísimo mejor antes podía guardar imágenes y ahora ya no se pueden guardar de la misma manera    Muy mala
I recently purchased a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and the Bing app on my iPhone helps me get points to win prizes like Microsoft Store gift cards and Amazon gift cards                Great way to rack up points
Its a well done app they clearly took time designing it its easy to use and the pictures are a nice touch I definitely prefer it to Google                Actually well done
I love it it has everyting i need                Bing
Cant ask bing real questions and get answers You usually get a yahoo answers page of somebody asking the question Not the answerAlso voice animation is really confusing    Doesnt answer questions like google
The app wont even open it constantly crashes Ive reinstalled it like 4 times    Doesnt work
Never really used Bing Just so use to using Google But hey I like Bing especially since I can earn points towards good itemsThank you                Good
Love the shake thing Great app                Great
After being forced to update due to app force closing the second I opened it the app is worse It automatically goes back to a search I was on a week ago even after closing al miss you searches out every time I open the app I can double click my home button and go back and itll go to an older page instead of what I was on Very frustrating if Im in the middle of a form pulled up from searching Very inconveniencing Im also being logged out of rewards multiple times a day even with remember me chosen so I am unknowingly not getting credits for my searches Please fix       Update not good
I just started using bing to try something new and it isnt bad The point system seems nice Just give it a try for yourself             Not bad
The app is very slow when searching and loading webpages this happens no matter what network Im connected to    Slow and glitchy
Weak search engine and even weaker app Very glitchy unreliable and randomly freezes The Bing Rewards program is unofficially canceled so if youre downloading the app for this reason then dont waste your time Theyre banning accounts left and right as soon as you go to redeem an award regardless of legitimacy which they cant and wont disprove Bing is nothing but a crappy search engine that people only used because of the financial incentives and now those are gone which they refuse to publicly acknowledge and so are the users who were loyal to the engine even though it uses a lesser algorithm Bing is a con at this point    Glitchy
Great app                Must have
UpdateBing results are better but google results are more appropriate Dont expect to get your bing reward points using the app It only works if you sign and completely clear all cache every day Its just not worth it Original postI dont know how they do it but Google just give much better results That being said this app is otherwise as good as google Some of the map features might even be better but I am staying with google for search Bing resultsespecially images are just better       App is good but results lacking
So many bugsso little squashing    Bugs
I love the way it looks but why do I have to alway close my current window to run a new search Unlike Safari where I can just tap the the search bar at the top of the Page each time bing wont let me do that unless Im on the home page          Looks great performs ehhh
Google may have come first but this is WAY BETTER Better descriptions images and popular searches Love the app guys                BING ROCKS
Its soooo hard to win the 5 Burger King giftcard    
Ive been using the app for a while Everything was fine before but for the past week and a half the app has been freezing on every website that I try to go to After that it just shuts down and closes I was hoping the last update would resolve this issue but it still remains Please fix this Thanks       Freezes and shuts down
I like bing better than my safari Its a faster way to search             Faster way to search
I really like this app I use it for my main news portal and for searches It gets better the more you use it My recommendations to make it better would be to allow for my categories of cards For example itd be nice to have a category of gaming cards and another for technology cards Then depending on what mood Im in I can peruse the category that I feel like Right now it looks like the categories are just hard coded to breaking news and financial                Very Good App
Every single time I use bing to load a page it crashesevery single time This is the first time I have ever used bing in my life This is NOT a good impression       Crashes every time
This app is pretty handy for searching and keeping track of rewards                Handy
Recommend                Excellent app
so far I like how bing is more unique than google its more than just a search engine                different
This is actually a really good app The layout and functionality is great Sometimes having a layout thats to simple shows how limited it is this app is just right 2 problems I hate the way the blue and search results look It feels extremely generic compared to everything else and the rewards and points thing makes me feel like your trying to buy me and makes me feel like you dont believe invthe product and just want my personal info Build a great app and promote it People will come             
Bing crashed and kicks me out of the app please fix    
No issues or have anything negative to say about this                Great App
Very good search engine                Great
Everything runs so smoothly                I love Bing
This app works great Way better pictures and videos if looking for pornorgaphy other then any other search engines                Review
Free rewards             Good so far
Easy to use True rewards High quality search results                Awesome
So easy to use and so innovative and interactive thumps up                The awesomeness
I love bing I have removed all Google access and have advised my friends to do the same They all agree Its fast accurate and the best ever                Only Bing 4 me
There are real problems with the site or Microsoft doesnt want to pay out rewards Cant connect to the site have to change dns and reset wireless to get points    Getting worse
Great app works just fine                Bing review
Bing translator it                Help me understand you
Hey how come when I load Bing I end up staring at the black Bing screen for 2030 seconds until the daily photo search page pops up It has been like this for the last 2 updates It be a waste of me time mun I have an iPhone 6 that loads every other app fast fast fast SOFix this pronto             Hey how come
Pretty good app No problems so far             Bingtastic
A very useful app Very simple beautiful and elegant I highly recommend this It is also very creative The Bing Rewards is a very good thing to get into                Recommended
It freezes and crashes occasionally I can just restart the app It seems to happen on adheavy pages and new sites Im having trouble checking my Bing Rewards It freezes on the cappuccino cup wallpaper          Few Bugs
No major issues works just fine Layout isnt perfect but not everybody can be Google so I just have to adapt             Perfectly acceptable app
Its brilliant                Awesomeness
Please fix or create an app that will allow me to have a new bing wallpaper everyday like WP    The save image for your wallpaper isnt working
I have Bing on my PC iPhone and iPad This is one great search engine                Great App
Useful                Great app
Some sites the videos always bring me to a page not available page on my iPad Does not occur on my iphone          Videos


Microsoft Corporation
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / v3.03
iPhone iPad

iOS Bing v3.03 Mobile

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