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BitRhymes Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS games (Bingo Bash ,Bingo Bash HD ,KickAss ,Slots Fortune ,TruthBox lite ,Slots Bash HD), brings Bingo Bash HD with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Bingo Bash HD games has been update to version 1.8 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The #1 Bingo game on Facebook is now available on iPad. More than 2M downloads. Half a million play everyday!


New and interesting twist in great old game of Bingo! Play in variety of action-packed rooms like regular 75-ball, 30-ball speed bingo, blackout and LetterMania. Chat while playing with friends and help each otter win more.

Bingo Bash HDBingo Bash HD
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"Bingo Bash Powers Up a Classic Game of Chance" ~


"Consisting of the basic rules of bingo, Bingo Bash combines elements of familiarity with much more interesting collection and reward mechanics." ~
Bingo Bash HD


If you are iPad owner,you now can download Bingo Bash HD for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 28.6 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.8 has been released on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Bingo Bash HD in BitRhymes Inc.`s Official Website :


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Icon 175x175 1
Lots of fun to play but BINGO balls are drawn are not random as they should be I dont know why the designers of this game would want a biased draw but for some reason they do       Fun but
I love playing my daily chips but the Option settings have been changing on their own lately I cant stand the music so I turn it off Every day its back on How annoying I buy chips occasionally but would buy more if there was more to do than Bingo Slots stink on here          Recently Options Are Not Saving
One should be able to spend accumulated chips for anything Not be forced to spend money Other than that the game is quite enjoyable          Disturbed
El mejor                Brutal
Ok so with the latest update every time I open app the background music is playing I go to options turn off music but then when I leave and come back the horrible background music is back on Fix it yesterday already    Background Music ugh
Love love love it                Bingo
This app is OK with many different games to keep your interest but nothing spectacular I get tired of it after a while and stop playing and eventually will come back to it It is OK             Nothing spectacular
This is the single most infuriating game I have Ive basically stopped playing at this point because its no longer fun When I first downloaded it I had a great time playing and would look forward to collecting my daily bonus to keep playing Now Ive progressed far enough into the game the only option I have for rooms I havent completed are ones that require specific rows and columns for bongos It takes a sweet lifetime to get them and you end up wasting all your power plays just to get moot All the fun is gone Will probably be deleting this shortly as the only new rooms they have created are all special ones that also require specific bongos to get ahead in and you NEVER get the ones you need    If you like to get really angry
Far too often I try to play this game only to have it freeze or lag Please address this issue I couldve won many times if not for these issues    Really irritating
If you have a lot of coins and chips fun although rooms are expensive and it takes forever to win What are these people thinking So much manipulation is obnoxious One would be really silly to even buy one thing from this App    Way too rigged
Best bingo game in the App Store Only suggestion is to bring back the blackout room It was my favorite and also the best game for the chips I like all the new rooms you keep adding but that one should return                Bring back Rolling Blackouts
Love this game Highly addictive I like the unique bingo games like the leprechaun bingo which I completed all levels and am hoping for a reset button soonHINT Their regular bingo games arent as exciting as some others and its hard to find full rooms in thosebut overall this is one of my favorite online bingo games                Love it
How about giving doubleuppers a little something extra other than what is already offered I doubleup EVERY game and thats a lot of chips with these new games Come on people       DoubleUppers Unite
Just updated can not open any longer Please fix this    Ruined
I updated app because it was locking up constantly spitting me out of specialty rooms constantlylosing credits constantly Now it is even worse cant play single complete game in specialty room without being spit out of room Time to delete app What a waste used to be rather fun lots of friends play waste of time now lose all credits    App is horrible now
Just started Lets see how I do It seems very interesting A little slow but I like it so far Lets have fun now                Mich
After the new update I can no longer open the option feature The new fall games music is so loud I can hardly hear the numbers being called out Please fix this soon          No options
It said I completed the game and press Reset to get 300 chips Not only did I NOT get 300chips it removed all my wins I would like my wins back or 300 chips You keep changing things You used to win 400 chips now its 300 and now its almost impossible to complete the game I play a lot but Im not wasting anymore money on Bingo Bash or The Grand Tour                The Grand Tour
Need to fix update Same music problem and freezing up after log in as others are having Also want daily free mini game back Support said you were going to add some new and exciting thing to replace free mini games but so far nothing Would like a place to friend other players None of my FB friends play this game Also need tournaments on IPad But one does not have to spend to play I did buy chips once a long time ago but no longer And I am able to play everyday with daily chips and winning chips                My favorite but
Just updated on ipad Now i am unable to open profile or options to log outFix it or its gone    You broke it
Very fun game I play every day I was hooked as soon as I downloaded it                Addicting
New update takes chat out of slots Ruined app    Dont update
I love playing this game However Ive stopped playing it daily to let my chips build up so I can play longer The cards cost more now and you dont get chips often enough to replenish I guess there is virtual inflation too          Love the game but used to play more
There are so many creative ways to play Bingo that you will never get bored A new game is released every month and keeps the game fresh and I always look forward too that Economy is tight so make sure you have played wonder rooms to increase your daily bonus Hands down this is the best bingo game by far                Amazing bingo game
Im hooked but agree with everyone else on the frustration of it taking forever and 100s of chips to accomplish something once you have played countless times Also want 1 free minigame per day back Why take that small bone away What skin off your back is it             Fun BUT SERIOUSLY
This is one game that I always go back to Ive always liked playing bingo but this one is my favorite out of them all                Old time favorite
I love this game HoweverI was getting 69 chips per dayI just completed the Great Wall and it was supposed to add 6 more chips daily and it hasnt can you figure out why Would appreciate it Love the new room                Great game
Since my last review complaining about giving you 2 or 3 numbers a time being shorted chips things straightened out and went back to being the bingo bash that I loved enjoyed for the last few yearsWell once again problems have begun Im not being short changed with the bingo chips but once again there seems to be lagging on the numbers they call I wait then they show 2 or 3 numbers at a time They dont automatically fill in the s for you and there is no way I can keep up I have become quite discouraged and have decided that if this problem or issue isnt fixed for good I will start hunting for a new bingo game to play    Bingo bash
since updating I too can not turn off the sound and no matter how many times I turn it off it goes back to on after logging out of the game and going back in also I have noticed no free minigames now either why do they do updates to fix problems only to add more issues Blah    should have not updated
I love this game it is so fun like its 1134pm and I cannot stop playing this game worst of all its Saturday night but yea download this game its pretty cool                Awesome
Im at Level 101 and only get 55 chips per day What happened to our daily mini game or get more chips by watching a video So basically I get to play 2 rounds a day Seriously not good       Level 101
I love this game It never gets old So creative and fun My one note is what is the deal with the 46 credits when you level up I am level 185 and I get 46 crds It makes me lol My thought would be that what u receive should be based on what rank your achieving Just a thought I love this game its the only Facebook game that I actually spend money on at times Keep coming up with new creative ideas thats what keeps us coming back                Best bingo by far
Been playing for well over a year now but this weekend really ped me off The side game of scoring so many Bingos on the 3Wish game was fine but I only needed 6 more Bingos to get to the next level Started scoring Friday night and the ONLY Bingos were the two prizes that I had already fulfilled On one round I scored bingo on three cards ALL with the same by this time useless prize I finished tonight still needing 5 Bingos to finish the level I understand its supposed to be luckofthedraw on prizes but come on I now have 17 of one prize in addition to the 16 needed to fulfill this level       Feeling Cheated
Now I dont get my mini games each day             Need to fix the update
I have been playing this game for awhile but lately it has been crashing I had 4 bingos yesterday and was not awarded any bonuses or B Please patchfix the issue so I can change my rating to more than 2 stars       Crashes and doesnt give rewards
I love this game and the many individual wild bongos                Bingo
I have 2 iPadBut both these options do not work after updatePlease fix it soon                No option
I love this game This is the one bingo game I play daily                Love it
I love the gamebut cant stand the music and sound effects With the update it is impossible to keep them turned off Every time I open I get blasted with the music It certainly will encourage me NOT to play Fix this error and I will give it a 5 star       Sound effects are not appreciated
Game not paying at least twice          Bingo blitz
I think all instant bingos should mark a number on card and if the number is called you automatically get bingo like some cards are Should be on all games Also why do you have to verify billing info when we are only updating to pat most recent games or free apps Very frustrating          Mrs
I hardly play this once enjoyable game anymore due to constant crashes with connection loss failing to issue credit afterwards FIX IT PLEASE I lost connection today did not receive refund    FIX THE CRASHES ISSUE THE CREDITS
Great Bingo game Only issue Ive encountered is having to reset the pref for No Background Music every time I use the app The music gets very annoying very quickly On the positive side it certainly limits my game time if I forget to turn the music off before I begin a session             Fun but
No more free daily scratch off which is disappointing But now the music plays automatically and I cant open options to turn it off or the app crashes Please fix          Stop the music
Used to be WAY more fun Slots are a joke Can never finish collections anymore Pulltabsforget it Payouts are always less than the cost of a gameeven with 2x 1st bingowhats up with THAT Really disgusted with this game now Also the music defaults to ONALL the time no matter if I turn it offnext time I sign in its on again Please fix these things    Terrible payouts
For the past 4 days I have not had the challenge of a mini game What givesCecilePS I still dont know what to do the XPs Ive accumulatedIts been a week or more that I havent seen a mini game When will this be fixed I feel that Im being cheated             MINI GAMES
Love playing Bingo Bash however this latest update left the options with no option for a permanent change Every time I play the game I have to opt out of the background music PLEASE FIX THIS It is very annoying          Please fix the options
Love it                Awesome
Bad    Crashes w ios9


BitRhymes Inc.
28.6 MB
Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.8

iOS Bingo Bash HD 1.8 Mobile

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