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Description - Bingo Blast!

Red Hot Labs , the publisher behind many iOS app (Bingo 90 ,Bingo Blast! ,Bingo Snap for Tango), brings Bingo Blast! with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Bingo Blast! app has been update to version 1.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It goes real fast so you have to pay attention..
  • Really like this game one of the best bingo games out there..
  • Great time waster..
  • Time killer and fun to play..
  • Makes a good brain workout..

Overall Satisfactionc92
Really like this game one of the best bingo games out there.
Just started playing this game and it is a lot of fun.
I wasted my time playing this game.
Kool Game Love The Challenge It Gives.
Love the speed that this game can be played.
Need more levels.
but no more levels to use them on.
Love being able to compete against myself.
I would definitely recommend this game to someone & I already have.
I'm hooked on this game.
Fun & Engagingc93
Awesome game once you get the hang of it lol.
Very fun and fast paced game.
Unusual and very addictive variation of bingo.
the fast paced super fun way to play bingo.
Very addictive game lots of fun.
Timed bingo game is fast paced and tons of fun.
This game is loads of fun.
I really like the new twist on bingo.
Replay Valuec80
Need more levels.
but no more levels to use them on.
I love bingo blast because it is very challenging and fun.
Makes a good brain workout.
A little challenging which makes it even more fun.
Social Aspectsc96
I love the timed games and the option to play with friends.
play with friends.
Like being able to play against other people head to head.
Love social aspect.
Ease of Usec85
Lots of chances to win free chips and keep on playing.
This game is fun to play different an easy to win.
Reset the game.
Updates & Supportc44
I love this version of Bingo because you can compete against yourself.
Love this version.

Quick bingo game to play solo or with others. found in 5 reviews
Fun While It Lasted. found in 1 reviews
Pretty good entertaining game. found in 3 reviews
I look forward to coming home from work to play this game. found in 1 reviews
Passes the time on night shift. found in 2 reviews
I love the timed games and the option to play with friends. found in 3 reviews
Bingo bash is addictive and lots of fun. found in 12 reviews
I love this version of Bingo because you can compete against yourself. found in 6 reviews
the fast paced super fun way to play bingo. found in 27 reviews
This bingo game is great for eye coordination and memory. found in 8 reviews
This game is loads of fun. found in 8 reviews
I really like the new twist on bingo. found in 7 reviews
Bingo lover 74. found in 5 reviews
It keeps you on your toes. found in 5 reviews
I'm hooked on this game. found in 3 reviews
Lots of bells and whistles. found in 1 reviews
Very fun and fast paced game. found in 55 reviews
Really good my 3 yr old loves it. found in 1 reviews
Fast pace makes you pay attention. found in 2 reviews
New arcade style is awesome compared to traditional bingo games. found in 3 reviews
SUPER glitchy. found in 2 reviews
Addictive game but crashes constantly. found in 1 reviews
1. found in 2 reviews
Incredible loading lag for everything except the game itself. found in 2 reviews
Please give us a daily reward of power ups and coins. found in 1 reviews
Needs more time. found in 2 reviews
Creating new levels would be nice. found in 4 reviews
but no more levels to use them on. found in 7 reviews
I don't like how you can't use your coins to buy chips. found in 7 reviews
addictive game except for two things:
Wish there were more ways to collect chips. found in 2 reviews
After I watch the video ads I get a message. found in 1 reviews
I didn't receive the 10 credits for watching the video ads. found in 1 reviews
Very fun but crashes a lot. found in 2 reviews
Not a bad game. found in 2 reviews
Please fix problems. found in 1 reviews
What a horrible game. found in 2 reviews
Also - only opens for a brief second :. found in 2 reviews
Actually there is no customer service. found in 1 reviews
I couldn't get on so I deleted and reinstalled the game. found in 2 reviews
Lousy customer service. found in 1 reviews
I think it stole my contacts list. found in 1 reviews
updates don't work. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Bingo Blast! for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 48.1 MB to download. The new Bingo Blast! app version 1.0.0 has been updated on 2014-11-17. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Bingo Blast! in Red Hot Labs`s Official Website :

The fast-paced, super-fun way to play bingo Addictive gameplay and slick controls make this game impossible to put down Most bingos of any game Install now and start getting TONS of bingos ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY Cycle ...
If you watch a video ad you re supposed to get 10chips as a reward but I consistently get a message that I skipped the video so I don t get the reward It would be one thing if I actually could opt out of the ad but I can t I m forced to watch the bad loud ad and then I don t get the reward Please update                 Fast paced and fun but needs an update Supersecrety
So far OK ran out of keys quickly                     My view Sandybandito
Let s see                     Kewl so far Atspades123456789
I have been playing the same 10 people for years I got a new iPad and now the app loads it lets me spin and it gives me my coins BUT when I click on a player I get booted out Your support page does not load soooo now I m thinking you all pulled the app and too chicken to tell us Good Grief fix it or let us know what is going on         Hmmm what is going on My #1 Favorite
I love this game It stopped loading a few wks ago tho It isn t just my device Tried a friend s it won t load either It s a GREAT game will up my star rating to 5 if I can play it again Are you guys working to fix it I see many players have the same issue now Thanks             Fav won t load now Jzcakeok
For some reason this past week game stopped loading What s up     Won t load Toby2202
It s a great game but every time I try to play against others it kicks me off the app The past few days after the update my app won t work It won t even load to let me play I deleted app and downloaded it again but still not working It s been well over a week and it s still not working I ll move my stars back up once I can play my game     Great game Maraha22
After October 24 update the app won t open Been waiting and still app won t open after last update I don t want to lose everything by deleting and downloading     App won t open Jjoyyou
Would like to be able to give it 5 stars but since the update it just stays on the loading screen So since the update I haven t been able to collect I m not the on y one I see a bunch of folks having problems I tried app support but no page found What s going on here             Stuck on loading after update Pickledsass
I updated this game on Oct 25 I haven t been able to play it since then because it won t open What can I do to fix this problem Please help     What happened Gahagaz
Since the update it won t open Have on 2 devices and won t open on either     What s wrong Sushi2209
This game really moves and you need to be quick I wish you could win coins too I run low every day 10 26 17 well things have changed I did an update a couple of days ago and since then I haven t been able to open the game Deleted it from my phone and iPad re added and it s still not opening This is frustrating     It s Fast Helyn211
I downloaded the app this morning and now it won t open                 What happened plants 123
Just got 40 coins I ll give you 5 stars for that now let me play                     Bingo blast Faye's blaster
Fast and Fun I little pesty about leaving review                     Gets your heart rate up Soar203
Fast Fun bingo                     Great 214lee268
I like the fast pace bingo style             Fun and fast The best dumbest game ever
I like the game but can t get connected to other players Hopefully I ll figure it out             Winelvr Nancy640
I just got a new iPad for Christmas When I tried to open from the part where to choose the players it kicks me out every time I try What happened I enjoy playing this game but now I m not sure anymore Any suggestions I got it back where I can play with other players but I lost all my credits and everything else I still want to continue and I need everything I earned back from playing for a long time                 What happened Tinytroll
This is great just started playing and love it                     Bingo blast froggie1936
The amount you win depends on your speed and accuracy I love this Bingo never dull Different levels to play Come join the fun                     Bingo Blast Nita me
Like it play it                     Like it Aaglo
I enjoy playing                     Entertaining Dunn49
It s a blast                     Bingo Blast Woodlands ducks #7
I hit level 115 and now I can t play anymore against other people please fix this problem         I love this game but it stopped working Weber 570
Ok so I played like 5 or 6 games liked it for the fast gameplay After writing my original 5 star review I went back to play another game and realized that I needed 5 chips per card I only had 4 left so I couldn t play another game unless I actually purchased chips I could spin for chips but you only get I free spin every 3 hours and they didn t even hook me up with one being a brand new player I could also go and check out a bunch of ads and surveys but no I m here to play bingo not scroll thru offers So now they get 1 star and that s only because I couldn t select zero Deleted     ZERO STARS Upsydaizie
It takes a really long time to move through levels and the time given for each game is not nearly enough Needs the bugs fixed that keep shutting the app down And when I try to contact app support the URL is not found Fantastic That just dropped this down to 1 star     Takes a long time to level up Dree10678
Love this Bingo game The best bingo I ve played yet Plenty of play time Fast moving don t miss a play and lots of bonuses Must have game to add to your collection                     BEST BINGO ON INTERNET Pieces58
Good game played it all the time with friends but now after many deletes and reinstalls will not let me into Facebook friends or any other to play just kicks me out of the game Please fix if possible loved this game at one point     Disapointed Glory1957
I loved the app but then it started crashing all the time and I can t get in to play anymore     Love it and now frustrated Tns1144
The game is fast and challenging Would like to know what the power chips do I couldn t find anything on the site to explain                 Entertaining LBwins
I ve uninstalled reinstalled game multiple times Social area automatically shuts game down Loading takes forever Glitches all the time What a waste of my money for the addons     Horrible Loading Glitches DRUZOD
Fast paced and fun                     Great game Phillipsdkm
Great game                     Love bingo
Its an ok game good for passing the time I guess but I do prefer others that I played over this one           Its ok
Great game                 Cha
This game is really fun                 Fun
This is a very good and entertaining gamelove it                 Good game
Wont open since I upgraded to IOS 9           IOS 9
Great Bingo Game                 Love this bingo
Game is very addicting and fun                 Excellent
I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of this game However Im scared to try more than two cards because Im a little slow yet on the game Would love to see someone doing five cards with success Thanks for the great game                 Great game
Really enjoy playing this game                 Love it
This is a good bingo game once you understand it It is not a traditional bingo game              good
Awesome fun                 Yanowht
Fast paced                 X
Great Game Just LOVE IT Addicting                 Bingo Blast
What a kickenjoy playing at my own pace Fun tool to teach handeye coordination Different than other Bingo gamesI love it                 Lots o FUN
Super fun and addicting The only thing that bugs me is having to wait so long to get more chips You burn through them really fast But other than that its a really great game              Fun
I really love playing dis bingo It takes my mind off of everything n I love challenging to increase my score                 Bingo
very fun                 v
Great game                 Bingo
Game is fun but takes to long to build enough chips to play 1 game If I cant play I delete           Me
So far ok different from all other bingo games              So far ok
Been playing BB for 2 years Had accumulated 74 million over 9k chips and unlimited power ups and they zeroed everything to make me start all over I guess if youre too good without having to log in to FB andor without making any monetary purchases they dont want you to play This app runs fairly smooth only freezes upon occasion I would have given 5stars but because they made me start all over they are a 2        BB shuts off after 2 plays
I lost all my money that I worked hard for Do you want to lose customers over this I loved this game Im done with this game since you started me back to 0        What did you do
Great game                 Good
Like it so far Fast paced and continuous winnings making for extended playing time                 Ms J
Havent been playing long but I like it so far and no problems or glitches                 Fun
Love this app              Love this app
Cannot play against other players Cannot launch social play to see if anyone challenged me                 Blast is defective Not a blast
Had to get used to speed and time but it is fun                 Different and fun
This game is great fun to play                 Great fun
Have completed all levels Nothing more to do Over 2k chips but nothing to do           More cities
So far I like it                 Ok
Fun game                 Great
This is a great games Not only does it provide fun and challenge the mind it provides an exercise for the body especially the hands fingers eyes and your brain It also allows you to laugh at your mistakes Thank you                 Hi
Fun game No problems so far but really started playing not long ago Need to give a little more time to play before having people rate the game all they are rating is time to start the game or how long it takes to load Not really how the game plays or the actions or game is                 Bingo Blast
Fun              Bingo blast
I love loved and loves this game                 Wow
Fun to play dont like the shop that combines chips coins accidentally used chips when I thought was buying chips              Good app
Its a fun game                 Fun game
Pretty cool Im loving it so far                 Love it
Fun game                 5 Star
Love it                 SO AWESOME
Interesting twist on an old favorite You play against yourself and a timer its about speed Generous app they let you spin for chips to play every three hours most are 2324 hoyrs              Bingo blast
Fun for bingo lovers and it doesnt cost an arm and a leg to play like other games                 Fun game
Fastpaced lots of fun once you catch on and get into the rhythm                 Bingo Blast
Keeps you on your toes              Fast
Ive played this for a month or so and really enjoyed it but now when I open it I get error message that says to make sure I am connected to Internet Well everything else is connected and working properly Really wish you had a solution or an update                 Like this game but it wont load games now
Good game              Bingo Blast
Have twice been denied bingo but all numbers are those which were called When will added features be updated no new levels for a long time              Problems
After the iOS 9 update the game no longer opensbut I enjoyed it before then              Enjoyed for awhile
Love this game                 Awesome

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