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Buffalo Studios , the publisher behind many iOS games (BINGO Blitz by Buffalo Studios ,Bingo Rush 2 ,Bingo Rush by Buffalo Studios), brings BINGO Blitz by Buffalo Studios with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. BINGO Blitz by Buffalo Studios games has been update to version 1.2 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I love this app it's super fun & very addictive..
  • I gave this five stars because it is one of the best bingo games out there..
  • One of my favorite bingo games it's fun love it..
  • the only guff I have is the sound effects..
  • Awesome game addict ing and good time waster..
Overall Satisfactionclick me67
I gave this five stars because it is one of the best bingo games out there.
I LOVE playing this game with all the different and fun rooms.
I did enjoy playing this game until the past few days.
One of my favorite games on my iPad for over a year.
At this time bingo blitz is no longer my favorite game.
Love the game just wish we could buy credits with coins that we earn.
love it would recommend this game to anyone who loves bingo.
With the most recent changes I cannot recommend this game to anyone.
This game is very addictive and have you playing for days.
I love bingo but this game is very disappointing.
Freezes about half way through every game except Plano.
Fun & Engagingclick me69
Awesome game addict ing and good time waster.
This would be an awesome game if it worked consistently.
It is very addictive game play all the time.
It used to be fun when they first start it now it's ridiculous.
I love this app it's super fun & very addictive.
I love this game- loads of fun and fast-paced action.
Easy and fast paced makes for a great game of bingo.
Otherwise tons of fun & great interaction with fellow players.
Usefulnessclick me56
I play this game every day for the past 2 years.
Every time I play this game I have so much fun.
But whoever did it obviously don't play this game.
I love Bingo Blitz and jump online to play every day.
You can get power ups and play every day.
Value for Moneyclick me32
Game wants you to use lots of real money.
I have fun and never spend real $$ on it.
Get plenty of coins to play with without spending money.
Replay Valueclick me55
Nice feature especially when you reach higher levels.
Fun and challenging for those who know how to play.
This can gets boring quick.
Social Aspectsclick me83
Great game to play with friends.
Great to play with friends.
You get to meet lots of new people too.
You are able to meet new people.
Production Valuesclick me44
the only guff I have is the sound effects.
Ease of Useclick me31
it's easy to accidentally tap bingo.
Reliabilityclick me32
When is this to be fixed.
happens a lot mid game.
I do love this game tired of the problems with the game.
Security & Privacyclick me20
I have a guest account not on Facebook.
on my guest account.
Updates & Supportclick me28
Customer service is great with this company.
I absolutely love this version of online BINGO.
I contacted customer support and got one line.


The Original, Award-Winning Bingo Game that started it all is now available for iPad! We’re working hard to add in additional rooms, gifting, tournaments, teammates and much more. In the meantime, please enjoy the authentic game that over 14 Million people have already enjoyed on Facebook. FREE!


WiFi connection suggested for the best gameplay experience


The World’s #1 BINGO Franchise is now available on iPad! Play the award-winning game that over 14 Million people have already enjoyed on Facebook. FREE!

BINGO Blitz by Buffalo StudiosBINGO Blitz by Buffalo Studios
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BINGO Blitz mixes the classic game of bingo with exciting arcade-style gameplay like power-ups, elusive shadow cards, XP, coins, and tons more to create a unique and addicting Bingo experience.


Connect and play against nearly a million players from around the globe! Chat in-game and in real-time with other bingo players while you daub or between rounds.
BINGO Blitz by Buffalo Studios


Tilt the odds in your favor with an array of powerups that can cause a cascade of bingos, boost scores, and elevate your status in the game.


Travel around the world in 15 international rooms with unique goals, collections, trophies, and rewards!


Access your BINGO Blitz account on Facebook or your
iPadtablet made by Apple
and sync your profile, credits, keys, power-ups, and everything else you’ll need.


Fresh content and regular updates, so there’s always something new to experience in BINGO Blitz. Check our Facebook page for more information!


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Having problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hear from you! You can reach us at [email protected]


Enjoy the game directly on your
PCPersonal Computer
through facebook at


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If you are iPad owner,you now can download BINGO Blitz by Buffalo Studios for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 33.9 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.2 has been released on 2014-11-25. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about BINGO Blitz by Buffalo Studios in Buffalo Studios`s Official Website :


Keeps me occupied for hours. found in 9 reviews
It's my new addiction. found in 6 reviews
I absolutely love this version of online BINGO. found in 11 reviews
Lots of mindless fun when I need a stress reliever. found in 14 reviews
I live this game helps pass the time. found in 7 reviews
I truly enjoy this game it's fun and entertaining. found in 13 reviews
I love the different country settings and creative slot machines. found in 15 reviews
Easy and fast paced makes for a great game of bingo. found in 28 reviews
Great Stress Releaser + It's a BLAST. found in 7 reviews
very fun to play with all the different cities and games. found in 10 reviews
it's a great time killer and I love bingo sooo. found in 7 reviews
Great time passer and always new goals to achieve. found in 11 reviews
Also there's absolutely no freaking way to get a bingo in 3 balls. found in 45 reviews
But they really need to fix the freezing of the rooms. found in 16 reviews
but it's almost impossible to connect to Facebook. found in 47 reviews
Very very hard to complete rooms unless you are using Facebook. found in 453 reviews
but I wish the collection items were easier to obtain. found in 114 reviews
Lately I've had connection issues and have lost TOO MANY credits. found in 8 reviews
it's not really fun anymore with all of these issues. found in 52 reviews
Extremely hard to finish achievements unless you have lots of friends playing. found in 150 reviews
The game freezes up too many times during tournament play. found in 248 reviews
But cards cost too much usually can only play 2-3 games. found in 23 reviews
it's highly impossible to get a bingo when you're playing the tournament. found in 45 reviews
It would be great if the games weren't so many credits. found in 59 reviews
realistic game--now it's impossible to win anything without buying credits. found in 45 reviews
It is nearly impossible to complete collections because of shadow cards. found in 65 reviews
Game has started going downhill with last few updates. found in 6 reviews
Love this game except when the room freezes and you lose your credits. found in 31 reviews
Game crashes all the time taking your Bingo Bucks with it. found in 19 reviews
Can't get extra coins & keys without keys to open chests. found in 45 reviews
Also needs to give more credits for your daily bonus. found in 101 reviews
But you still keep getting collection items you don't need. found in 114 reviews
but it seems impossible to complete any collections for more daily credits. found in 213 reviews
Impossible to complete collections without broadcasting to Facebook. found in 453 reviews
They don't give enough daily credits to even play two rounds. found in 210 reviews
when ever new room opens. found in 78 reviews
December 11th now and still unable to connect To Facebook. found in 107 reviews
Does not give enough bingo credits to get anywhere. found in 261 reviews
You lose Bingos & power ups used for nothing. found in 709 reviews
Not impossible but buying 4 cards will help you win. found in 99 reviews
Wish bingo button was placed elsewhere. found in 82 reviews
but they make you buy power -ups with Bingo tokens. found in 81 reviews
And I refuse to waste real money buying more chips. found in 98 reviews
but it's too hard to win anything. found in 401 reviews
I can't get collection pieces from treasure chests. found in 94 reviews
Really HATE that you can't convert bingo chips to coins. found in 243 reviews
But whoever did it obviously don't play this game. found in 123 reviews
Game freezes up then several numbers come at once. found in 248 reviews
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Icon 175x175 1
Love this game                Bingo
Addictive                Awesome
So much fun to playperhaps too fun                Addicting
This game is a waste of time It will let u get most of the room done then leave u hanging for months Im still trying to get 2 pieces on one room Ive been in for 16 months I quit       Needs help
Quite often the numbers just quit coming up even tho I can here other players getting their bingos Then suddenly the game is overVERY FRUSTRATING          Freezes me out
Best bingo ever                Best
Very fun Very addicting                Love it
One of my favorite Bingos             Great Bingo
Bug fix needed Game cuts out during big wheel spin in slot section If u keep coming back in you can pick up where you left off to claim prize but need to do that multiple times       More Credits
Still sticks on certain pages occasionally          Game is ok
Enjoy playing and meeting others from all over the world                Best bingo game
Wish you could play more cards at one time             Fun enough
I agree I would like to buy balls with coins have spent way too much on this game             Coins
I love the game but wish it would allow a grace period for bad bingos Most often my invalid bingos are because I hit the bingo button instead of the updown arrow with my fat fingers                Fatfingered Bad bingo
I really enjoy this game                Bingo rush
Fun game to play Love different bingo rooms Nice slot machines too Great slots too Bingo Blitz UPDATED Sooooo fun now need to add more friends for bingo pointsDont want to stay in same room for months Bingo Blitzthats not fun                Bingo Blitz
Nice game                Review
Great Game App                Fun Addictive CHEAP
Fun                MrB
I LOVE this game Since the beginning it has made many updates I love them all including being able to collect the items much easier now Thanks BB                Member since 2011
Great game                Lots of Fun
Love the game but for some reason today on my Mimi iPad it keeps crashing                Keeps crashing
The game is good but keeps freezing I dont expend real money in any game but patience helped me to collect more than a 1000 of coins and 550 power ups If I could make it so you do too I am gtting tired to re open the game everytime freezes One more week and bye bye          Getting tired
It makes no sense how hard it is to complete rooms Especially the tier rooms The HTGs are just that HTG You never see the shadows You have to use up 100s of credits before seeing the shadow you need and you still dont win it This is becoming my least favorite game very quickly    Game freezes and app suggestions
Game is one of the best Bingo games but like all the rest it does not give you enough to play more than 4 or 5 cards Understand that the games needs to be profitable however as it stands it is greediness that runs the game Simple and proven logic if people are treated fairly respectfully and not taken advantage of they will be more loyal Which in this case means users will spend more as the game gives more making it more equitable          Great GameBUT IS TOO
I like this game                Review
Great game                Yay bingo
This game is great Best bingo game there is             Bingo blitz
We need more free credits on this game im spending too much on credits Only because its fun and addicting                Fun game
Reading some of the other comments guess stills feel the same Seems less in chests for items 2x payout should include bingos in chests Glad you offer free games Thank you Was 5 star Not so much any more Better before all the changes Thanks for allowing free play          Rate
Multitasking banazaa                Super Cool
Ever since I got the apple update my game closes as soon as the round is over Doesnt allow me to get my coins or anything    Closes out
I have lots of fun playing my bingo I feel like my Momma back in the day Lol                Loving it
Lots of fun games and challenges Love both the bingo and slots Try it you will love                GREAT FUN
Play you will love it Full of excitement                Fantastic lots of fun
I enjoy playing the games The games get stuck and freeze you lose credits and bingo chips I certainly hope these issues are resolved          Manager
When playing the game keeps kicking me out of the game It is very annoying       Keeps kicking me out of app
I love this game I find it so relaxing and fun to play I ignore calls when Im playing so that I dont miss a thing                Addiction
Love it We play every night love the 5 free games Wish it gave you more points or counted all points correctly                Great game
I have been looking for a new bingo game I love the rooms and slots but its too hard to get collections without spending a lot of money          Too expensive
Enjoy this game Many choices of bingo games and various levels             Bingo blitz
I gave up on this game for a while because I was so tired of the issues of freezing up and being told that its a slow connection on my end So I decided to give it another try and so far today Ive had two kids taken away from me while the game froze and Ive had to send to request due to error messages I guess Ill change my rating when they fix my issues    Too many issues
I really enjoy this game The only thing I dont like is it gives a and cuts off I do not like that the last that comes up is the I need to bingo and no time to mark it It takes forever to get a bingo Love the Elvis bingo Getting much betterI always come back to this game                Bingo blitz
I love playing this game The further you advance the more bingo credits it takes You can ask friends to send you credits daily BUT you can only receive 5 per 12 hours I would have given a 5 star rating if we could receive at least 10 per 12 hours I really wish it wasnt so hard to finish these rooms It is almost impossibleHow about it BINGO BLITZ       BINGO BLITZ
Love this game                Bingo Blitz
Its a good game But in Central Park were not allowed to use power ups but thats all thats ever in the treasure boxes And the shadow card is always a card I already have If u aint gonna let me win the only shadow card i need to complete my collection at least let my shadow card be the one I need to make me think Im at least playing for the one I need and just not let me win it Instead always playing for a shadow card I already have And u cant say theyre selected at random Becuz if they were outta the 100 times Ive played the same bingo game u think the shadow card I need would have at least popped up 2 or 3 times seeing as there are only 12 shadow cards in a collection But instead it hasnt even came up once Thats soooooooo annoying          Its good but
Love the diversity of room themes but wish there was more opportunity for winning chips             Fun fun and fun
Love this game                Bingo
I am finally deleting this app from my computer after a very long time playing and a lot of money going down the tube First off the game is fun and addicting Wish there were another similar app Im sure the designers are making a lot of moneyHowever there are a lot of problems for the players They say that you get credit for all bingos but that is not true You never get back more than 1per card unless you win them by getting treasure chests or some other prize while playing And even then youll probably have to pay for them again with gemsAnd when the bingos left start running you can probably kiss your game good by You will never win the last bingo You can daub the number but never beat the computer to his the BingoIts really too bad because it was fun but nothing is worth that much    Last posting


Buffalo Studios
33.9 MB
Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.2

iOS BINGO Blitz by Buffalo Studios 1.2 Mobile

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