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BioDigital, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (CIVA Pro ,Muscle Anatomy: A Johns Hopkins Medicine 3D App ,BioDigital Human - Explore the body in 3D! ,Hormone Health Network's 3D Patient Education ,3D Body Explorer for Oncology + Hematology ,BioDigital Human: 3D Anatomy Explorer), brings BioDigital Human - Explore the body in 3D! with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. BioDigital Human - Explore the body in 3D! app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

    Overall Satisfactionc92
    Highly highly recommend.
    This is an amazingly helpful app for a med student.
    Amazing 3d app.
    Quality on iPhone is amazing.
    I would surely recommend this app.
    This is an amazingly helpful app for a med student.
    The dissecting feature is extremely useful.
    Production Valuesc100
    read detailed descriptions while viewing and interacting with stunning visuals.
    The new animations are great.
    Very intuitive interface.
    easy to use and the visual effects are great.
    beautifully detailed graphics and all with brilliant animations.
    Updates & Supportc75
    Showed off this new version today for patient-doctor communication.

    This is an amazingly helpful app for a med student. found in 8 reviews
    This app is great to learn anatomy as a medical student. found in 8 reviews
    Really good study tool. found in 1 reviews
    Great for high school to med school. found in 2 reviews
    For students the quiz feature is simply lovely. found in 4 reviews
    I'm a Massage Therapist and this app is absolutely helpful. found in 1 reviews
    Finally it's available on mobile devices. found in 1 reviews
    The dissection tool really allows you to navigate down to every last layer. found in 1 reviews
    This app has made studying for anatomy and physiology easier and portable. found in 3 reviews
    Quality on iPhone is amazing. found in 1 reviews
    Beats reading pages of information without understanding anything. found in 1 reviews
    search and fly to objects within a 3d model. found in 4 reviews
    Great app for learning about the human anatomy. found in 5 reviews
    I have used this app to study for all of my tests. found in 2 reviews
    A 3D anatomy exploration and annotation tool on my iOS device. found in 3 reviews
    Cool new features. found in 1 reviews
    Greatest Medical App on the Market. found in 1 reviews
    The dissecting feature is extremely useful. found in 1 reviews
    and surveying the body affected by different health conditions. found in 3 reviews
    Requires Signing up. found in 1 reviews
    The new update doesn't work. found in 1 reviews
    rotating has completely ruined the experience to me. found in 1 reviews
    Apps don't need signing up to take money. found in 1 reviews
    9/10 the apps don't need signing up just to use. found in 1 reviews
    Great but needs work. found in 1 reviews
    They tole me to get a refund from iTunes. found in 1 reviews
    I sent an email to the developer and have heard nothing from them. found in 1 reviews
    I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still have the same problem. found in 1 reviews

    If you are iOS owner,you now can download BioDigital Human - Explore the body in 3D! for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 35.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-01-06.
    Bottom Line: For more information about BioDigital Human - Explore the body in 3D! check developer BioDigital, Inc.`s website :

    A better way to understand health and the human body. The BioDigital Human is the most comprehensive set of true 3D anatomy and health condition models ever assembled. Choose from 1000 s of interactive visualizations ...
    I also bought the 24 visible body muscle and bone version because it displayed origins and insertions and I like this better If you re an artist or art educator I d recommend you just save your cash and download this app Sincere thanks to the team who developed it I d love origins and insertions as well as animations of muscles in locomotion but even without those this is a delightful app Jacob Romeo                     Wonderful JacobRomeo
    I m so glad I have a subscription that I cannot use After I log in to my account my account will not complete the load data cycle I cannot use any of the systems that do appear I cannot add new systems delete old systems or clear all data The app is completely useless and since my subscription is tied to my Facebook account I can t do anything to fix it     Completely dysfunctional GilchristH
    Yet again with the newest update for September 29 2017 it will not install My iPad has iOS10 3 3 and can t get iOS11 yet when trying to download this update it says I need iOS10 3 3 or Later and as stated I have iOS10 3 3 If this app update is going to ignore that fact then this app is 100 USELESS The newest version of this app released on April 29th 2016 will not install on an iPad With Retina Display running the current iOS iOS9 3 1 The update is listed as in available under Pending Updated but will not install Usually any and all App Updates that are not compatible with the device in this case the iPad With Retina Display commonly also called iPad 4th Gen will not appear as a Pending Update This I fully know for my iPad With Retina Display does currently have apps on it that aren t compatible with the device if they were to be updated to their current versions non of these apps ever appear as having a Pending Update unlike this app Thus logic dictates that this app is the problem and not the iPad especially since its currently using the current iOS iOS9 3 1     Won t Update jetnova16
    This app is pretty good a must get                     WOW Fgcccxd fcwill vgcstxfycycyf
    Very very amazing app with hight graphic features                     5 star Bahar_k
    Amazing Totally manipulatable and interactive     Great app Hkskjsklwkkbbbbbbbbbbb
    sarkawtw bn                     perfect ayub omer
    Useless I am in the tech industry and agree that these app makers need to make money in order to develop great apps that are reliable and secure I m also ok with in app purchases in many cases whereby someone gets to use a limited but not crippled version of an app for free and then buys more features That is different than this It is mostly useless without the additional purchases I realize they disclosed some of that but it should be in CAPS Bold etc that the so called Free version will only let you see a couple areas of the body such as a hand My wife was in the hospital yesterday and I needed to look at something to explain what I could to her Since Google s Body Browser is no longer available I found this app Then I had to burn the time installing and figuring out that I couldn t really get what I needed without at least one purchase if not two of at least Ten Bucks Such a disappointment I probably would have paid ten bucks for the app if they were more up front about the lousy nature of the free version but instead I will go somewhere else     I should have listened to the other suckers that downloaded this rip off JB-ZR1
    It s really a great app and helps me a lot with my work The PC version is more detailed but the mobile version is much convenient                     Real great app Wisdomdavid
    I highly recommend this application It s helped me identify issues to my Chiropractor when trying to illustrate a symptom                     Love this App very helpful Suri309
    Love the app but I wish I could do more without paying for premium                     Amazing but Dr. Paine
    More than satisfied I ll be 70 very soon and starting to feel the effects of aging This app allows me to see exactly what my Doc tells me                     Super Mongo0069
    Nice                     Good Merotti92
    After I paid have no way to open the program and the support send me in a u turn this is a ripoff anywhere if you not satisfied with the merchandise you get money back not here         My app elpepin
    I can t even use a 3 D human     Fix this 111Jack111
    I was so excited I started loading one body area after another I wish I had taken more time to see all the selections I m so saddened that I didn t download the back and heart I m just retired because of multiple health issues This helped me to see and understand the areas of my health problems I love this app It makes the areas of the body so simple and clear to see I love how it can go to the x ray mode to help me understand what my x rays are saying I wish they would give a discount for non professional use such as myself                     I didn t realize you could only load 5 without buying Larinda57
    Would like this app if it didn t freezes up         Freezes all the time Peg at carriage house rest
    I love the dissect tool great way to see the body                     Helpful Dynamic DerrekD-SLC
    I can use it with PC version But I couldn t login with my Google account hope that they can fix the problem Well It s a good app for studying for sure         Couldn t login Kooks1997
    This WAS a great app until i payed a yearly 9 99 subscription to unlock a lot of other models Now I can t even open the app without it crashing on me I emailed support and have yet to hear from them Sent them two emails already If they can t fix it they better unsubscribe me before I get charged Do not buy this app     APP CRASHES AFTER PAYING Franmar89
    cool graphics and easy                     cool graphics and easy sohocti
    Love the app but make it free please                 Good but please make free Having problem in downloading
    Dear This is a really great app for learning understanding and easy operating Thanks and good luck                 Great app Selim1305
    Everything you ever wanted to know about the human body is in here If you ve ever wanted to successfully impersonate a medical professional look no further Many of my med school friends swear that BioDigital is how they passed anatomy                     Like a digital cadaver but not creepy OncDoc327
    I do love the detail I hate that it will randomly sign me out of the app when I open the app Then when I try to sign in via Google sign in it doesn t work Plus it won t allow me to sign in thru email and password alone Troublesome to say the least Especially since I paid for a premium mobile account         Signing out Coachp18
    I used the app to show my orthopedic doctor what I thought was wrong with my hip joint as best I could With the app I was able to tell the doctor where it hurt Thanks                     Mr Lee Cook Butthead1946
    This app is very useful and has plenty of references from the entire body I would highly recommend to any health care concentration student                     Anatomy App dbarger2
    Worth it                 Good reference Rumisfun
    Again everything costs     Crap Bowwtiii
    This should be free very small amount of things are given Good app id you pay for it Free version is not worth much     Everything cost extra money Gmoneybuddah
    The app only shows the lower extremities for 299 I would have to purchase at 999 per month to see upper and lower extremities which the app did not say when I purchased it Your app is disappointing and deceiving     CMT
    Im a Massage Therapist and this app is absolutely helpful Its so detailed extremely easy to use I use it on a daily basis It shows u all types of conditions with description and everything It gives u tools to dissect muscles layer after layer Perfect for any massage therapist or medical uses                 Amazing App
    Absolutely love this app Can spend hours on it The quality on my iPhone 6 is amazing                 AWESOME
    This app is so good but i think there should b more topics on exact organs              More topics plz
    You cant get anything unless your premium     Hate
    I wanted the app to help with my anatomy class so I paid for premium and after using the premium service for about a week it defaulted back to an unpaid limited download app I emailed the receipt to customer service and got no help They tole me to get a refund from iTunes The least they could do is give me a premium membership when I show them the receipt that I paid for it Now Im out the money because I have yet to contact iTunes and the semester is almost over Go with another app     So Frustrated
    Quality is amazing nothing else out there like this and the new animations they are adding are really great                 Great update
    Please fix It keeps crashing I cant seem to open the app     Cant work
    I love this app                 Great
    I liked the app because it gives the features of browsing in and out of organs in case you need to describe a location of a pain you have to your doctor           Informative
    I just wish every system of the body was free and not just certain ones              Great for Students
    Still crashingiPad mini air retina 71     Crashing notice
    I have being using this app for anatomy class and this app is saving my life Totally recommend                 Wonderful App
    App is great however but I wish you could tap on an articulation and have it tell you what it is              Great app
    This is an amazingly helpful app for a med student Great overall design beautifully detailed graphics and all with brilliant animations Kudos to the creators                 Amazing app for med students
    This app is awesome I dont think I would have passed without it Being able to study anywhere even if its only 5 minutes at a time was a life saver                 Wouldnt have passed without it
    I found this app posted on a surgical blog I follow One of the best so far very detailed and accurate The app itself seems to be maintained regularly I have no complaints and would go ahead and purchase the premium version If you are a medical student or premed nursing etc download it Now                 Great app
    Stunning Visuals I use this on my iPad for patient consultations and its amazing                 Stunning
    Great update Now my bookmarks sync from the web so I can use the s                
    I was looking up sinuses Good pictures I clicked on read more and it sent me to a Wikipedia page on the subject Anybody can edit Wikipedia Im shocked On top of that some of the pictures were too blurry to be read Disappointing           It uses Wikipedia
    I just want to say a ton of thanks for the developers its absolutely incredible and precise Use it and please buy it worth it                 Fantastic app
    High quality and easy to use                 Best 3D models
    Its a really cool app it can help me in my pre ap biology class when we study human anatomy                 Breyana Hammond
    you get to see 3D models of the human body                 really cool
    I am studying for my EMT This is a perfect and easy way to learn anatomy I am a very visual and handson learner and this is my ticket                 Awesome and brilliant
    Great colors Crisp looking Love this app Well worth having in my iPad                 Fabulous App
    Excellent features                 Great app
    At first I had trouble getting it to download properly and I didnt hear from them right away but then I did and now it is working fine I think it is a very good and helpful app There is so much available for free              Very good now
    Im a nursing student taking AP 1 and 2 and this app is incredibly helpful in studying Definitely recommend                 FABULOUS
    If app had movement like human movement to see what will happened to active parts and massive one              Mr
    Great app great updates                
    Excelent app for med students                 Thanks
    This app has made studying for anatomy and physiology easier and portable Especially with the skeleton Thank you                 Best free human system app
    Amazing app                 GREAT
    I purchased the premium mobile for 4799 about 5200 after tax On my iPad the constantly asks me to purchase premium and therefore I have no true access I have searched diligently to learn of an email address or phone number for customer service to no avail     If I could use it
    Love the new layout and content Lots of great custom options I love how the pin tool from the web version can now be used as a tour inside the mobile version This is nice big update here                 Tgoldberg
    Very thorough Isolating the layers and individual pieces is a great perk I also love the draw function                 Beautiful images
    Wonderful app Only thing I can think of that this app may be missing is the ability to isolate a single muscle without losing the rest of the skeleton              Great app
    Ive looked around for a good app to help with my studies this app helps with remembering your basic studies in any medical field I love it and my instructor was impressed with it also that hes going to tell the school to get the app also The big plus is its free                 Current Medical Student
    I wish that they keep improving                 Wonderful
    I love the look easy to use and the visual effects are great                 Awesome
    I love this app so much This is what made me realize I wanted to be a doctor I use it everyday                 AMAZINGGGG
    By far one of the greatest human anatomy apps very detailed                 Wow
    I am a current undergraduate student hoping to pursue a career in medical malpractice law While my course material emphasizes a great deal on the law aspect of my intended career my majors are not particularly aligned with the medical aspect involved I recognize the importance and necessity of the later and purchased this app so as to gain a better understanding of the human body This app is as equally enjoyable to use as it is educational It is difficult to navigate at times due to the complexity of some of the models and I must advise that you thoroughly read the instructions in pertinence to the dissection feature the app includes It appears that the initial instructional tutorial for this feature is unable to be replayed or referenced in later use In total I found this app to be both intricate and expansive enthralling and educational and most importantly a must have for any student interested in a medical related occupation or career choice              Detailed and Descriptive
    Great update quality is amazinggg                 Amazing
    I used this in my yoga teacher training and it was so useful to study anatomy and understand the complexity beneath the skin Simplifies the concepts that were so foreign to me Quality on iPhone is amazing                 Yoga Teachers use this
    I like this app very much and I hope they add new free pictures                 Excellent app
    Helps a lot and I know I can ace this test              Bio Test
    The app not only gives a nice image of the typical components of the human body but some sections also gives a description of the function However you can only download 5 of a wide selection of free displays otherwise you must pay for the premium package              Honestly pretty cool

    BioDigital Human - Explore the body in 3D! MedicalBioDigital Human - Explore the body in 3D! MedicalBioDigital Human - Explore the body in 3D! MedicalBioDigital Human - Explore the body in 3D! MedicalBioDigital Human - Explore the body in 3D! MedicalBioDigital Human - Explore the body in 3D! MedicalBioDigital Human - Explore the body in 3D! MedicalBioDigital Human - Explore the body in 3D! MedicalBioDigital Human - Explore the body in 3D! MedicalBioDigital Human - Explore the body in 3D! MedicalBioDigital Human - Explore the body in 3D! MedicalBioDigital Human - Explore the body in 3D! Medical

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