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Blackboard Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Kent School District ,BbWorld 12 ,MySPPS St Paul Schools ,Ritenour Schools ,WSIPC ,Blackboard Transact Mobile eAccounts), brings Blackboard Mobileâ„¢ Learn for iPhone with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Blackboard Mobileâ„¢ Learn for iPhone app has been update to version 3.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The interface is clean and I love the Dropbox integration..
  • The Drop box add on makes sense..
  • I am not receiving push notifications now otherwise great app..
  • I actually like the iPad version more than the online version..
  • and current announcements that my teachers post..
Overall Satisfactionclick me11
Thanks blackboard for making my education more expensive to access.
Fun & Engagingclick me12
Usefulnessclick me25
I can access everything I need to.
Family Friendlyclick me23
Pretty helpful app for college kids.
A necessity for college kids.
Value for Moneyclick me20
Production Valuesclick me17
Much better than the web interface.
Ease of Useclick me39
I love this app and it's very convenient.
Super Convenient.
Reliabilityclick me11
Security & Privacyclick me16
when accessing BB through Safari.
Updates & Supportclick me11
respond to discussion boards and see my grades.




- School enablement is required -
Blackboard Mobile Learn works with Blackboard’s Web-based teaching and learning software. Given all the important and secure information in your school’s Blackboard system, Blackboard Mobile Learn must be enabled by your school before the app will work on your device. There are several eligibility factors (all versions of Blackboard software aren’t yet supported, for example) which could impact the timing for your school.

Blackboard Mobileâ„¢ Learn for iPhoneBlackboard Mobileâ„¢ Learn for iPhone
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Once Blackboard Mobile Learn is enabled by your school, it is available for free to all students. The app provides access to grades, announcements, discussion boards, course blogs and all your Blackboard course content.


To find out if Blackboard Mobile Learn is available at your school, download the app and search for your institution or check in with your helpdesk or technology department to find out when Blackboard Mobile Learn may be available.
Blackboard Mobileâ„¢ Learn for iPhone




Want to access all your Blackboard® courses and interact with other students, wherever and whenever you choose? Now there's an app for that.


Built to make the most out of every square inch of your iPhone, Blackboard Mobile™ Learn makes interacting with Blackboard easier than ever. Post to a discussion board. Check on important class announcements. Read that new assignment. Check the grade you’ve been wondering about. Find out what’s new across all the classes you’re taking (or teaching). Go beyond the course and access important information about the organizations you’re part of right on your iPhone.


You can do it all using your existing Blackboard username and password. Getting started is easy. Just download the app, enter your school name to verify that your institution has enabled Blackboard Mobile Learn, type in your credentials and away you go.


Now engaging and convenient access to your courses can be as mobile as you are.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Blackboard Mobileâ„¢ Learn for iPhone for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.0.1 has been released on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Blackboard Mobileâ„¢ Learn for iPhone check developer Blackboard Inc.`s website :


and read study guides ALL ON ONE APP. found in 5 reviews
this app does nothing for faculty. found in 11 reviews
Good app but needs multitasking support and most importantly 3G support. found in 18 reviews
The app crashes frequently and doesn't like to save log in information. found in 15 reviews
Super upset it's not free anymore. found in 24 reviews
when I click something it just says " can't connect to server ". found in 19 reviews
App Needs to be Accessible Through 3G Access. found in 16 reviews
the app still crashes frequently and it will not remember your login. found in 8 reviews
they reappear in their original order the next time I login. found in 7 reviews
it takes a really long time to load anything on the dashboard. found in 11 reviews
This version is awful compared to the old one. found in 51 reviews
Don't want to restore my account every time to access it. found in 110 reviews
I guess it's a good shortcut than having to sign in every time. found in 20 reviews
but why do I have to sign in every time I open this app. found in 6 reviews
My course won't load half the time. found in 4 reviews
This app makes you log in every time you want to open it. found in 45 reviews
Also needs to fix crashes and some bug issues. found in 6 reviews
It doesnt update u need to log out n back in. found in 7 reviews
Now it won't find my school to let me log in. found in 86 reviews
I would like Blackboard to change the need to login each time. found in 6 reviews
Do I have to login every time I want to check something. found in 23 reviews
Very irritating because I use blackboard on a consistent basis. found in 141 reviews
I'm very disappointed that this application is restricted to wifi. found in 51 reviews
I can no longer check my grades using the Bb app. found in 66 reviews
I have to log in every time I open the app. found in 45 reviews
Discussion board function still useless and update less stable. found in 187 reviews
Plus I can log on with a web browser just fine. found in 104 reviews
Push notifications would be a welcomed addition as well. found in 47 reviews
it will ask me to search for my school and login again. found in 53 reviews
Can't even find my school without having an iPhone. found in 86 reviews
The app crashes while looking at discussion boards. found in 296 reviews
My school uses blackboard and I can't even find my school. found in 56 reviews
Get a spinning loading symbol every time I try to restore purchase. found in 110 reviews
the Blackboard Mobile Learn app will not accept my login information. found in 79 reviews
Save yourself the small tip an just log in through safari for free. found in 59 reviews
Typical Bb Product - Half-baked & Not User Friendly. found in 60 reviews
Please return to the old version or at least speed up this one. found in 51 reviews
just log into BlackBoard via your phone's internet browser. found in 86 reviews
Log out and suddenly school doesn't support. found in 44 reviews
You want poor college students to pay to use the app over cellular data. found in 94 reviews
Unreliable doesnt work half the time       
Why would we pay for blackboard when we are already getting it for free and we are paying tuition This need to be fixed because it doesnt make sense to pay for it    Tricks to pay
Sometimes it works most of the time it does not work Pretty useless app if it cant even open the blackboard content It just shows a spinning arrow while giving some motivational quote Its almost enough to make you want to throw your iPad    Will not load classes
This app is nice because the notifications it sends when your professors update post things But terrible in every other way It crashes all the time is slow Ive had it for two years now it asks me to pay for it every time I open it I cant do ANYTHING So frustrated       Nope
I purchased it so it would be more convenient but it doesnt even work properly    Someone needs to fix this app
When I open it it tells me I have to buy the programno thanks Ill just use safari    I have to pay
This app worked great during the summer session Now the arrow just spins and spins and spinsno classes no notifications Nothing Needs a serious system adjustment    Disappointed
Needs a bit of work but its not so bad Id rather use this for a quick glance at something from my classes than the actual site          Ok
I hate school I hate blackboard    School
Forcing a purchase on someone with absolutely no features on the free version is pointless and extremely annoying To Hell with your 199 What a waste of time    Absolute garbage
Rarely works anymore    Useless
Its pretty functional for me but I wish you could see your grades like on the websitetheres no other way for teachers to do it while preserving privacy             Works fine
When I tap the editing button it crashes and closes the app          Crash
This app works for the most part However this app is in desperate need of an update Not only does the app crash often but iOS 8 and upcoming iOS 9 support would be nice as this app is fuzzy and stretched on iPhone 6 and more so on the iPhone 6 plus Blackboard you guys must have an IT team on hand correct This should be easy to update for you guys After all Im paying tuition and my University uses some of that money to pay Blackboard so implement a fix ASAP       In Dire Need of an Update
its beat    beat
I cannot believe that Blackboard is now asking students to pay for this app It seems like one more way to rip off college and graduate students across the country    Horrible App
It wont load nor reloads    Absolute Trash
Okay so they tell you the app is free You download it login and then immediately they give you a purchasing option of 199 If you dont pay youre forced to logout and the cycle repeatsSo basically you cant do anything or see anything except the purchasing option Now I know 199 is not a lot of money but they have the nerve to say its free and not allow you to do anything on the app Thats got to be the most trifling experience Ive ever had with an appDont waste your time if youre not willing to pay    NOT FREE
Nothing will load very slow Please fix    Horrible
Blackboard does not work at ALL for instructor on new iPad Many students have had problems on all mobile devices Now I see firsthand This does not work at ALL I am tech savvy This is the single worst app Well maybe not as bad as the lame famous Mexican authors app that consisted of their pictures and lame music that crashed my phone OS    Does not work on iPad
I will open this app and its extremely temperamental It doesnt always want to show my courses so when I try to access something as a reference point while doing an assignment I cant use my phone The website is the only reliable source Unfortunately even my professors have told me this app is sketchy so dont even waste your time    Useless
All has been super buggy recently Havent been able to log in all day Have relaunched app and rebooted my phone numerous times Just tried uninstalling and reinstalling No help    Buggy recently
Excellent app I am liking the improvements they are making although I am sure it is frustrating for students of the millennial age bracket Works great for me                Great for educators
Why would I pay 2 for an app that clearly has not been updated since 2007 nor has it got over 2 stars in the App Store Without even going past the app login screen that you cant pass without paying you can tell this app is junk Ill just stick to the FREE browser version thanks    Costs 199
just do it    CloseFCPS
Tons of bugs constantly freezescrashes and regularly fails to display courses and constantly sends out error messages I wish my education didnt require me to do work through this app but unfortunately I do    NO STARS
App is useful when it loads Most of the time I have to restart the app various times for it to load my classes       Useful when it works
I have to use Blackboard for my university and it is so frustrating when pages either dont load or take forever to load In the time that it takes the page to load I have gone on the Internet to see what I need in Blackboard Please fix    Needs major fixes
Bad    Bad
Although the app is very useful on the go it is only useful when it works Only about 10 of the time the classes load even in strong reliable internet connections Documents rarely open and crashes occur often If the app works for you then it SHOULD be great    Very Unreliable
This app has the potential to be awesome It badly needs to have work put into it though It takes forever to load anything course list documents etc That being said you can access everything though which is useful if youre not by computer          Semi useful Very slow
This app has the potential to be super helpful but instead its the slowest most glitchy app Ive ever got With as much money as Im paying for college this app should be flawless    Horrible
Does this app connect to blackboard Yes Does this app help you to interact with blackboard Yes Does this app have pretty colors and a maneuverable interface Yes SO WHY DO PEOPLE HATE THIS APP IT WORKS AMAZINGLY                I dont get the haters
Pretty stupid considering that you can use the website for free on the computer    You have to pay to use the app
I dont like that I have to log in every single time I enter       Not good
This app has the equivalency to the Washington Red Skins Absolutely Useless    Gay app
Give me back my 2 Or update this software What use is this app when they cant even let you type using ipads virtual keyboard    Useless
This app is a very useful tool In many cases it as allowed for a portable and intuitive form of accessing my online classes and content One of the things I feel needs some more refining is the plagues of crashes On multiple occasions this app has closed down on me while writing posts on the discussion boards in my classes This is some I feel should be looked into to for the betterment of my experience as well as others using this app and experiencing these crashes I want to always use this app HELP ME USE THIS APP       Awesome App Unfortunate Set Backs
I get notification which is nice but the links lead to no whereIve never been able to access content of a courses through this app Pretty terrible app    Notifications lead to nowhere
Please improve you app    Update
Never loads    App never works
I attend Austin Community College This app use to be free now you have to buy it I purchased it yesterday logged in and everything was ok Log in today and it will not let me do anything without repurchasing it I have the receipt for yesterdays purchase so I know nothing went wrong with purchase I spoke with someone from Blackboard and apparently ACCs connection to this Blackboard app is an older version Hello you want students to utilize technology get with the program    This version is a horrible joke
This app has work very much its propose in keeping students informed with what the teacher has assigned as homework The bug fixes has work well with my account no issues so far Easy to log in to my college campus                Very Much Improved
Half the documents wont open discussion board posting is almost completely out of the question if it does ever load the actual board and the gradebook is never consistent with the full site Oh not to mention getting kicked out once or twice a day and asked to purchase access only to revisit the app later and suddenly no longer needing to pay I would take these issues up with support but it is impossible to reach them I spend a decent amount of time carefully explaining my issue hit send and I am rerouted to a page that says my email wasnt forwarded because they think my problem could be fixed by reading some FAQ answers Right Because I didnt read through those before sending my email The page never properly loads either so I can see the answers that they think will help me but never get to hit the button to send my email This app is a joke Bb doesnt seem to give a crap whether it works or not Not that they could ever troubleshoot issues since they dont get emailsUPDATE After weeks of having to delete and reinstall the app every time I used it just to get it to load I deleted it for good and now just use the browser on my respective devices to access Blackboard    Virtually Useless
Most buttons lead you to a the desktop version website if youre lucky enough to get the app to open past the loading screen Just add a shortcut to your home screen    Save your money
If I could subtract a star for every document this app fails to load for me it would easily be in the negative by thousands I have to reload each document page at least 10 times just to get it to show up Opening a document is even more of a struggleI seriously cannot believe this company willingly takes money from our schools and mobile app users in good conscience This product is a failure and a burden to anyone who uses it If I had any kind of say in what my 22k undergrad student school does Id leave this company high and dry in whatever contract we have and sue for failure to deliver promised services    Worst app in my collection
Dont waste your time    Horrible
So most of the complaints for this app arent even the problems of the producer Its up to your teachers to make sure all the documents and link work for all outlets not just desktop So if they arent doing that then yea this mobile version of blackboard isnt gonna help you But this app is great I can get to all my classes on here and its simple to navigate through so stop rating the app bad for stuff your teachers arent doing             Yall complain too much
I love this app and how easy it is to access my classes especially since my laptop is fried I just hate the fact that every single time I open the app I have to logout and log back in because if I dont it will sit and try to refresh forever Please change this What makes me even more upset is that I paid for access to my school it was a wasted 2    Would rate 5 stars but I have to log in every time


Blackboard Inc.
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 3.0.1
iPhone iPad

iOS Blackboard Mobileâ„¢ Learn for iPhone 3.0.1 Mobile

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