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79.5 MB
iPhone iPad
Requires iOS 6.0 or la

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Caramel Tech Studios, the publisher behind many iOS games (Gems Frontier ,Brain Teasers & Buddies HD ,Brain Teasers & Buddies ,Blades of Battle RPG), brings Blades of Battle RPG with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Blades of Battle RPG games has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The best Trading Card Game on the App Store..

Overall Satisfactionc55
better than great dev team.
best devs ever.
'blades of battle rpg' is one of the best fantasy card collection amp.
Fun & Engagingc83
Addictive Game and Well Supported.
Awesome gameplay.

blood brothers and gi joe battleground on steroids. found in 4 reviews
collect gold and items to make your team best in the land. found in 1 reviews
Superb card battle game with a unique variability of gameplay and options. found in 2 reviews
also downloading this game you agree with our terms amp. found in 1 reviews
check this game out. found in 2 reviews
You can get very far without paying a dime. found in 1 reviews
Couldn't ask for a better way to pass the time. found in 1 reviews
Still a work in progress. found in 1 reviews
InApps are pretty generous too. found in 2 reviews
better than great dev team. found in 2 reviews
battle your deck of cards against opponents. found in 1 reviews
use the code DGSB8C for free rewards to get you started off :. found in 1 reviews
rage of bahamut. found in 1 reviews
we asked for guilds we got guilds. found in 2 reviews
Best TRADING & Card Collection game. found in 3 reviews
compete alongside friends and win massive rewards in weekly events. found in 1 reviews
The card art is good. found in 1 reviews
let have some fun with friends :. found in 1 reviews
Game crashes. found in 1 reviews
In app chat is horrible. found in 1 reviews
Horrible Game. found in 1 reviews
Wish I could play. found in 1 reviews

The Blades of Battle RPG is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 79.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-07-26. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Blades of Battle RPG in Caramel Tech Studios`s Official Website :

Introducing: LIVE Chat. Chat with Friends, Foes and everyone from around the globe.`Blades of Battle RPG` is one of the best fantasy card collection & battle game on iOS. The game has stunning visuals, handcrafted ...
Superb card battle game with a unique variability of gameplay and options The game plays fast and is addictive                 Superb card battle game
This is a great trading card game I like how it magical and have feature of dragons and witches and such You will get addicted pretty quick and that because it fun and you are eager to collect the best cards and challenge opponents           Trading Cards Game
then you will love this game Needs guild and guild war version to be top 5 But as good as legend of minerva rage of bahamut reign of dragons or blood brothers And can be better                 If you like trading card games
Fun game Nice artwork on the cards No glitches Events frequent Generous In App Purchases instead of being ripped off like a few other App games lately Gotten Rares but having to put effort into Epics Not too easy but not all about pumping you for moneyNiceTry itUse my Code for good lootKOL69D                 Good Game Code KOL69D
After GI Joe Battle Ground was shut down without warning I began looking for a new game to occupy my time I was fortunate enough to come across Blades of Battle This game is very similar in content from deck building to events The only thing missing is a fancy license which in my opinion is a good thing No chance for that fancy license to be pulled You can excel as a free player or if you prefer to spend money that option is also there The best part for me is that the game is fairly new and the devs are very open to suggestions from the community to improve all aspects of the game Its great as a player to have your input asked and then implemented Great game so far I can wait to see where we can take this game                 Great Game
Great game Its still in the early stages so devs are open to suggestions and reply personally instead of with standard form e mails The gameplay is good and ftp players really have a chance to do well The card art is good with new art coming for each event reward After playing other tcg Ive found this one to be a keeper taking the place of others like woh which is a money pit and bb where only spenders have any chance If youre looking for a game with a good community nice card art and that wont drain your wallet blades is the game                 Blades of Battle
I always liked trading card games and this one is really good and the animations are smooth and great If you like card games you should try it                 Super cool
BoB is a very addictive game that is entertaining and easy for anyone to jump into The developers of this game take into account the input of the community and their customer service is second to noneNew trading feature has opened up the game in a great new way                 Addictive Game and Well Supported
So far enjoying it beautiful artwork for most of the cards too                 Enjoyable game
Not bad feels slow Its a blood brothers clone with tighter artwork Use referral C929OC for bonus              Use C929OC for bonus
This game is really great After GI Joe Battleground shut down didnt think I would find anything comparable but BoB has very similar mechanics Plus the devs are super responsive We asked for guilds we got guilds We asked for trade improvements got those We even asked for a bigger skip button and they delivered Couldnt ask for a better way to pass the time If you are looking for a fun game with a great community of players and caring devs check this game out                 Best Devs ever
Good game Make sure you take time to improve your party members                 Really enjoy so far
Best of its kind                 Awesome
Loved the game b4 last update Now the top players have to much of an advantage over players who are just trying to have fun You get attacked nonstop now To get good cardmonsters to attack with you need to spend cash Was a great game     Waste of time
This game is absolutely amazing You can get very far without paying a dime The trading system is also very unique If you go under more and then invite and enter code use the code DGSB8C for free rewards to get you started off                 5 Stars
For a new game BoB is already doing great Events happen weekly and updates are constantly in the works Devs are responsive and actually take player feedback into account                 Still a work in progress but has potential
this is the one im looking for playing and trading card are so much of fun the graphic is awesome the cards are perfect nice jobs                 awesome
graphic is awesome gameplay and cards are the best this is the best tcg in the appstore compared to other game this is a must have                 best tcg in appstore
Awesome Game                 Awesome
Excellent game Very funny and entertaining battles where the strongest will Win              Super cool
Is it just me or does this take a ridiculously long time to load and sometimes never finish Other than that I love it Its like MtG meets Hearthstone Has more strategy than Hearthstone              Load times
Looked interesting but hung at 97 of summoning at title screen Broken     Broken
Best amongst other card trading games Loved the graphics and the characters                 Loved it
This is a great game Weekly events keep players interested and the pvp aspect of the game is great                 Excellent App Play
This is a well made app with great card gaming features Free but lots of funs              Cool card game
Nice idea alliance feature is a good thing which acts a social feature though trading in TCG is pretty questionable The game is pretty depth in terms of storylore and the art style is pretty awesome so anyone whos looking for a good TCG will surely love to give this one a try              Guilds on TCG
Sick I kcjcgHcycishg                 Great
This game plays almost exactly like Blood Brothers which is a very good thing The main difference is that Blades is actually better graphically So far its still new but if the developers keep up with events and keep rolling out new material they have a real gem on their hands that could give BB a run for their money Definitely one of my favourite games and Ive only been playing for a couple of days                 Awesome Game
Great game Better than great dev team Player community is mostly awesome Such a relief to find this game after the downfall of GI Joe Battleground Try it out you wont regret it                 Player
Nice illustrations nice gameplay nice sounds Fun to play card game One of the best in AppStore for this genre              Great
Really fun game Use code 5GFXXR for free gifts                 Fun game
This TCG is fun because I can play with and trade cards with my friends instead of just fighting them              Good coop
I saw all the stellar reviews and expected an awesome card RPG What I got was 20 minutes of a loading screen with no progress Wanted to try this out but it wasted my time for nothing Deleted the app Cannot recommend     Wish I could play
This is truly one of a kind Card battling RPGs Its crazy its complicated and its great A good challenge                 Great new kind of game
Cant stop playing at any chance I can This game has been awesome since I started                 Awesome gameplay
Doesnt work at all Stuck at 97 loading at startup     Not working
This is one of the saddest games Ive seen for a long time It took the ideas from other games and tried to mash them together very poorly if I do say so myself They took 90 of their game content from blood brothers and made it an even bigger pay to win game At least make the game original this is just sad but its the most honest review youll read about this game     Awful Game
The honest reason I rated 1 star is because no game should be listed as a full 5 while not being the top selling game Sorry but developers I can see your BS     No game is perfect
This game is simply awesomeit has stunning graphicsgood story plotevery single monster is uniquethis game probably the best RPG i ever saw                 Amazing game
This game has a lot of originality illustrations and characters are nicely recreated and the graphics are incredible the fluidity of the game is very good and fantastic gameplay options                 amazing card game
i highly appreciate this card trading game the guild is awesome and the game play is so much of interesting let have some fun with friends              best card trading ever
The best Trading Card Game on the App Store And the developers actually listen to us InApps are pretty generous too Update Guilds are here and guild play is awesome                 Best TRADING Card Collection game
Very fun and addictive game Customer support is great A must download for any fan of RPG games                 Love this App
Use invite id 2AYH0Q for bonuses                 Awesome game
Best game Ive played seriously really easy and addictive no money needed to be good I love it                 Awesome game
A great RPG Card Trading game to play                 Blades of Battle
This app is really awesome specially the concept of cards game with beautiful graphics I love this totally worth it           Awesome app
RAID BOSS Cant wait for it to startPs There should be an x on the daily rewards screen Sometimes I just want to get in the gameOld ReviewGuilds are awesome Theyve got me hooked with cool features and ahmayzing support Seriously after playing denamobage games I thought these games are just money hoggers but this one is diff n great Right strategy well balanced and super helpful community Highly recommended                 Best trading card game ever
This is a trading card collecting game with great illustrations Dont take me wrong but its more of the same It has an interesting social aspect to it but other than that if youre not into trading cards RPGs you wont find your way in this one           Another one
Its a fun entertaining game It has a lot of great graphics in it                 Great trading card game

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