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Blinks Labs , brings Blinkist – The essential insights from non-fiction book bestsellers with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Blinkist – The essential insights from non-fiction book bestsellers app has been update to version 2.1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Perfect for avid readers..
  • Life Changing App..
  • Huge time saver and is so easy to use..
  • Helps me find books I am interested in buying..

Overall Satisfactionc76
Great way to get the best out of some great books.
love the audio feature.
One of the best uses of your time.
I have always loved reading.
Love learning new things with ease.
Fun & Engagingc100
Update: The new version looks awesome.
Saves Time & Gives Knowledge.
Super useful app.
Ease of Usec67
The interface is super easy and intuitive.
Simple idea.
Nice simple clean design.
Very convenient for someone with a hectic schedule.
This app is a solution to both problems.
Great idea with big bugs.
Updates & Supportc72
The customer service is excellent.
Customer service doesn't respond.
Update: The new version looks awesome.

Great for readers on a tight schedule. found in 2 reviews
and this app gives me the opportunity to read nicely constructed "executive summaries" quickly. found in 1 reviews
I've told all my friends. found in 1 reviews
I read a book in the morning and one at night. found in 2 reviews
I have piles of books I want to read and get part way through. found in 3 reviews
Love the idea of boiling books down to the important points. found in 5 reviews
This beautiful app helps cut to the chase and get through my curiosity. found in 1 reviews
Learn wisdom from great minds in a fraction of the time. found in 2 reviews
Books usually have around 5 main ideas. found in 3 reviews
Just sometimes listening in the car to the blinks is inspirational. found in 1 reviews
showing you the highlights at the top and bottom of each page. found in 3 reviews
A welcome addition to my daily routine. found in 1 reviews
$10/ month to read book advertisements. found in 1 reviews
Great but needs monthly payments. found in 2 reviews
Great app but expensive. found in 1 reviews
" There isn't a single title with other points of view. found in 1 reviews
iOS 7 installation issues should reinstall. found in 1 reviews
Audio Skips Blinks. found in 1 reviews
There are still some issues with stability. found in 1 reviews
Hope to have more health /life style books. found in 2 reviews
it's worse than useless. found in 1 reviews
I think the subscription is overpriced though. found in 2 reviews
Really disappointed that they took away the suggestion feature. found in 2 reviews
Audio cuts off and skips forward. found in 1 reviews
but prefer monthly option. found in 1 reviews
but was disappointed by the lack of a monthly payment option. found in 1 reviews
Under each chapter title is says "null" and that's it. found in 2 reviews
weak content. found in 1 reviews
iPhone version is unusable. found in 1 reviews
Can't get it to work. found in 4 reviews
not a year in advance. found in 2 reviews
Why Basic service shows null instead of the chapters. found in 2 reviews
Not sure what this is supposed to be but it doesn't work. found in 1 reviews
I paid for 1 month subscription after my trial ran out. found in 1 reviews
Crashes/ unable to even open app since recent update. found in 1 reviews

If you are iOS owner,you now can download Blinkist – The essential insights from non-fiction book bestsellers for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, German. It weighs in at only 5.1 MB to download. The new Blinkist – The essential insights from non-fiction book bestsellers app version 2.1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-01.
Bottom Line: For more information about Blinkist – The essential insights from non-fiction book bestsellers check developer Blinks Labs`s website :

"Blinkist is like CliffsNotes for mobile with the latest and greatest business books." - Julia French The easiest way to know more stuff: + Get the key insights from non-fiction books condensed to 15mins each. + Find inspiring ...
Amazing app                 Great cliff notes
This gets 5 stars for its summarization of some great books and its contribution to a good investment in ones intellectual self I am contemplating upgrading to the annual subscription A caveat Upgrades charge you for the full annual amount rather than a monthly premium However this app can achieve a few things 1 Actionable knowledge of the basic concept of great books Ie top finance books 2 Enough knowledge to contribute to dinner conversations on a wide spectrum of subjects 3 A great place to filter through which books you should actually buy and read 4 Great for commuting Good for note taking Time well spent One final observation Like most modern media sources for knowledge The selection of books can tend to be biased This is most apparent in the religion section Which has a great selection on the reasons why you should be an atheistnot believe in Godhow to live life as an atheist and virtually nothing on the other side of the spectrum Just an obersvation                 Investing in yourself
I am premium member and I cant play video by using this app Every time it shows your book still downloading     I cant play audio
Ive used this a few weeks and am impressed at the constant release of new books They do a nice job of packing some of the key points in a very brief summary The premium features work quite well to send my highlights to Evernote for later reference Id like to see commenting added as well as highlighting              Very active team
Easy to use does what is intended gives you what you need to know from the books you want to know                 Great way to feed your brain
The book is always updating and I can never read the free daily How can I expect anything different from the paid version     Free daily doesnt work
Heres what I love I can triple my consumption of lessons without reading whole book Which is often filler text to fill up space But what I like most is that the company is always trying to improve on a daily basis and making sure we remember the blinks with stories etc its a game changer Mike                 Leveled Up My Learning
Possibly life changing                 Great app
Best synopsis reading app available They do a great job capturing the main points of the books in an insightful and sometimes humorous way Good app                 Absolutely fabulous
for people like me who want the meat of a book Cliff notes with better structure Ive told all my friends                 A dream come true
Helps me get through key learnings very effectively Great job Blinkist                 Outstanding
I love GetAbstract but Blinkist takes things to a whole new level Helped boost my reputationauthority at work as I can consume dozens of relevant books in a weekend letting me master tons of content quickly Highly enjoyable too                 Spectacular content highly efficient
A solid meh out of 10 Overpriced IMO Does some neat stuff if you are willing to pay Offers little one cant get elsewhere for free That bring said the presentation is quite slick        Meh
Ive recommended this app to all my friends and business associates Its perfect for me I have very little time to read all the great books out there This app takes care of that Simple as that                 Recommend it to everyone
I thought this app was super useful and interesting from the start Now that theyve added Evernote highlights and audiobooks its a game changer Blinkist is one of the few apps Im happy to pay a premium for and an app I find myself constantly recommending to people                 Great app and quickly getting better
I love this app but would have preferred a monthly subscription option              Love the app wish it was monthly
Love this service and app Helps me read books on the go while I used to buy a lot of print books sometimes never had time to read them With Blinkist am reading not books on the go and buying the essential ones that I will read completely Love it so far 4 star due to books finished on my mobile devices not syncing as read when viewed at their website              Read books blazingly fast
I love this app when it works Its a great way to test drive a book or refresh your memory of a book youve read in the past Cons Not many but some of the narrators have a thick accent or are monotone making it challenging to follow Biggest issue is that about 35 of the time youll have to redownload your entire library because it will simply wipe it out This is quite annoying especially since it often takes almost the same amount of time to download a Blinkist book as it does to listen it to Occasionally its taken much much longer even with great wifi connection If they ever work the bugs out itll be great but it hasnt happened yet           Great idea Poorly built
Content are so good but It just crash out and close immediately     Cxo
Every reading person knows the list of books to read is impossible to keep up with This book is incredible in that it allows you to get the core out of books you otherwise wouldnt have time to get to I usually only remember a few key points to books I read in entirety anyway so this really takes a lot of time out of it 8020 rule put to work in a great app                 Knock out your ToRead List Exponentially faster
I cant browse or navigate outside of my library This is ridiculous        What happened to the top bar
Great effort                 Great effort
Problems with downloading audio     Never downloads audio
Cant get out off my library after this update The menu bar is gone           Bad update
I loved reading summaries of books I always wanted to read but had no time I am still exploring to see how good their library is              Great concept for people with little time
I downloaded this a few months ago and loved the 5 free days I initially received but was disappointed by the lack of a monthly payment option I would definitely subscribe if there was one however I agree with the previous reviews that I cannot justify paying for it up front Hope that this option changes as Im sure Blinkist is losing out on a lot of consumers who would prefer this option           Good but prefer monthly option
Very useful and easy to use                 Great app
Who trusts an app enough to throw down 80 bucks Kickstarter campaign maybe Waiting and willing           Brilliant idea Monthly plan please
Outstanding app Get smarter in the small downtime moments of your life Wide diversity of material and expanding All the time                 Blinkist
Superb idea fab staff great content Could use more audio editions Id even volunteer to be a voice                 Highly recommended
The most inspiring and amazing app Definitely worth downloading                 GET THE APP NO HESITATIONS
This app promises a free book a day but clicking on the free book page just pulls up a teaser page then that is eclipsed and obscured by the app selling the paid upgrades Complete bs     Free daily doesnt work
Its great Im doing all the reading I wanted to do in significantly less time                 Lets you catch up on business books
This app is a godsend for those of us most of us I think that wish we could read more and ingest knowledge more quickly However I wish there was more content particularly audio content Its hard for me to justify a subscription this high when I foresee running out of content within a month              Great concept
Easy to understand user flow too                 Great synopses
This is a great app Ive saved so much time and theres no reason NOT to read non fiction books you may not be sure about Such a great way to discover new reads                 Saves me so much time
This is a great app My brother recommended it to me and I paid the full year subscription after trying it out and Im very happy with it BUT AFTER AN UPDATE FROM APP STORE ALL MY 50 SAVED BOOKS IN THE LIBRARY WERE GONE I HAVE TO SPEND ALL THE TIME AGAIN TO FIND THEM I WANT MY MONEY BACK IT WASNT CHEAP     Great app but after an update lost my entire library
This is the app that I turn out to during my long commute hours Time then just goes past by with me ending up with a sense of feeling that i have learnt something new                 Best commute app
It wont open Keeps crashing     It keeps crashing
The concept is cute but there is a reason people write books and its not just to charge you 20 Our brains work in such a way that we need a conversation to remember an idea These blinkist blurbs come so fast and skip so much that many amazing books are rendered virtually useless Id rather read the books        Just not impressed
This is an excellent way to read very interesting books on many fascinating topics I love to read the summaries and then decide if I want to buy the books Usually the summary is enough                 Wonderful resource
It is worth the price if you love to read and dont have the time to read a whole book                 Great App
Magnificent app user friendly with beautiful design Personally not great reader but thirsty for knowledge and this app is very informative Good books which you may never find time to read brought to readers in summary Excellent idea If the app were cheaper I would certainly subscribe but the premium is really expensive              Great app but expensive
because it is free it is a social app which lets people review the books mentioned There is no feature unique to Blinklist that I like           Goodreads is better
Amazing app that saved so much of my time Great summaries and even better audio books                 Amazing app saved my time
The reviews are a few paragraphs long the audio segments 15 minutes long You cant really be serious that youre delivering real insight and value     Seriously
Love this app                 Awesome
Well done Great info and summary of each book The breakdown of sections allows for easy navigation through the summary Only draw back is limited selection which seems to be growing every day Keep up the good work              Great App Love it
Blinkist is a great idea that needs some work A significant portion of their library of nonfiction titles DOES NOT have audio           Great Idea
Excellent resource                 Manoj

Blinkist – The essential insights from non-fiction book bestsellers EducationBlinkist – The essential insights from non-fiction book bestsellers EducationBlinkist – The essential insights from non-fiction book bestsellers EducationBlinkist – The essential insights from non-fiction book bestsellers EducationBlinkist – The essential insights from non-fiction book bestsellers EducationBlinkist – The essential insights from non-fiction book bestsellers EducationBlinkist – The essential insights from non-fiction book bestsellers EducationBlinkist – The essential insights from non-fiction book bestsellers EducationBlinkist – The essential insights from non-fiction book bestsellers EducationBlinkist – The essential insights from non-fiction book bestsellers EducationBlinkist – The essential insights from non-fiction book bestsellers EducationBlinkist – The essential insights from non-fiction book bestsellers Education

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