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Taconic System LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (Healthsome G for Glucose ,Blood Pressure Monitor - Family Lite ,Blood Pressure Monitor - Family Pro for iPad ,Blood Pressure Monitor - Family for iPad ,Healthsome ,BPMonitor), brings Blood Pressure Monitor - Family Lite with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Blood Pressure Monitor - Family Lite app has been update to version 1.5 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Easy to use n you can write notes..
  • and saves time..
  • I like the color coded zones for BP..
  • Love the daily reminder..
  • A great way to keep track and excellent tech support..
Overall Satisfactionclick me96
Love the charts and graphs and the reminder option.
My doctor loves to see the historical data that I've collected.
My Doc Loves the reports.
Easy way to keep track of BP - love the graph feature.
And he is going to recommend it to his other patients.
Best health tracking.
My doctor loved it and is going to recommend it to his other patients.
Fun & Engagingclick me100
Awesome tracker.
Usefulnessclick me96
Easy to use very helpfully.
and saves time.
Does everything I need to keep track of my numbers.
Very helpful tool in monitoring b p I love it.
Very useful for tracking something so tedious.
This is one of my favorite apps and I use it almost every day.
This app tracks everything my doctor and I need to track.
Repeat Valueclick me100
Would be nice to also have a blood glucose column.
& glucose levels.
Production Valuesclick me95
clean and easy interface that makes entering your readings very easy.
easy interface that helps me track my BP readings.
Easy to use with colorful graphics.
Ease of Useclick me88
Convenient way to track bp and access for your doc appt.
Easy to enter daily numbers them get beautiful graphs.
My Doctor likes to read the charts it produces.
Works really well easy to input data and very helpful to keep track.
Easy to use very helpfully.
A good set of features and easy to update.
This app is simple and straight to the point.
Updates & Supportclick me77
My paid version got kicked back to the lite version somehow.
Although I paid for what calls itself the lite version.
Customer service also leaves a lot to be desired.
Great customer service.
No response from customer service.
and the new update makes it even better thanks so much.
update makes it even better.
This app's free version works nicely with easy data entry.
Free version works great.


Blood Pressure Monitor - Family Lite keeps track of your important health stats, including blood pressure, weight, and heart beat rate, right on your
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
or iPod touch. It is one of the best health tracking apps with lifetime data visualization, now for free with features hard to find anywhere else. These include,


1. Ease-to-use interface to record your blood pressure, weight and heart rate
2. Graphical charts for visual trend and warning
3. Data export through
emailE-mail (electronic mail) is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication
in multiple formats
4. Data import through iTunes file sharing
5. One tap data backup and restore through embedded email link
6. US and international weight unit support

Blood Pressure Monitor - Family LiteBlood Pressure Monitor - Family Lite
Tags :   pressure ,   health ,   blood ,   charts


The all-in-one data entry form lets you enter your measurement numbers right after the app is launched, and instantly serves the updated trendspotting-friendly charts according to the norms from American Heart Association.


Need to communicate with your doctor about your recent measurements, or just want to visualize old health record data? No problem, this app lets you send your health stats data through email. It even allows you to import your existing data records through iTunes file sharing. You will be able to visualize your health trend and get a real sense of your health condition.
Blood Pressure Monitor - Family Lite


Have multiple iPhone or iPod Touch devices, and want to have the same data/charts on all of them? No problem. With the easy data backup and restore feature, it`s just a matter of couple of taps to get the data visualized on all of your devices with our free Blood Pressure Monitor program.


The Blood Pressure Monitor - Family Lite is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 0.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.5 has been released on 2014-11-23. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Blood Pressure Monitor - Family Lite check developer Taconic System LLC`s website :


Use it twice a day to track my bp and weight. found in 6 reviews
My doctor loved it and is going to recommend it to his other patients. found in 3 reviews
I wanted a simple app where I could track my blood pressure and weight. found in 31 reviews
make it able to document more than one medication. found in 7 reviews
Easy to use and very user friendly great records. found in 29 reviews
Easy way to keep track of BP - love the graph feature. found in 5 reviews
Easy to use and a great record keeping tool. found in 7 reviews
Like it better than the Apple Health App. found in 16 reviews
pulse and weight daily to report to my doctor. found in 10 reviews
Easy to use great tracking options. found in 11 reviews
Love the charts and graphs and the reminder option. found in 17 reviews
Great app I showed it to my Dr and she loved it. found in 25 reviews
My Doctor likes to read the charts it produces. found in 34 reviews
One suggestion: - integrate a reminder feature to promote more faithful monitoring. found in 11 reviews
Has needed plus bells & whistles for good BP tracking. found in 26 reviews
good for showing the dr without having to print out anything. found in 21 reviews
Works well keeping track of my BP and pulse ratings with dates and times. found in 38 reviews
Easy and great visible tracking tools. found in 10 reviews
I searched and found BP Monitor that same day. found in 106 reviews
I am having some problem printing. found in 2 reviews
but cloud sync would be less pain. found in 1 reviews
After bug problem. found in 1 reviews
Does what's needed very well. found in 4 reviews
No multi- device syncing as of yet. found in 2 reviews
Easy to configure for your specific tracking needs. found in 2 reviews
Basic but useful. found in 2 reviews
But the sync function does not work at all. found in 3 reviews
Keeping my BP log has never been this cool. found in 3 reviews
clumbsy and needs much more detailed graph. found in 1 reviews
Bummer: No Sync Across Devices. found in 3 reviews
Great blood pressure log. found in 6 reviews
New subscriber. found in 2 reviews
Excellent app missing only one thing. found in 1 reviews
My doc doesn't accept such data via email. found in 2 reviews
In app upgrade does not change app name in home screen icon. found in 3 reviews
The note field is broken. found in 4 reviews
Great app only thing missing is a pill reminder. found in 1 reviews
Up date for syncing does NOT WORK. found in 1 reviews
but bad for not syncing across iOS devices. found in 3 reviews
Good app poor support. found in 1 reviews
Wish I could give negative stars. found in 1 reviews
No support from this developer. found in 1 reviews
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Works great                Just as promised
The app worked yesterday but today it just freezes Nothing I tried makes it work Help          Stopped working
This app is one of the best thought out app only needs a few adjustments to make it the best Thank youEddie                Eddie
Its great to have this at my finger tips I can take my BP other info and enter it quickly I like that I can send my info via emailexport Glad I can sync to my other devices too Its been extremely valuable to have the info when I see my doctor                Like app very much
Great app User friendly Measures every component                BP App
This app provides an easy way to track blood pressure heart rate weight and BMI It also syncs with other devices when set to do so One suggestion that I would make is to give it the ability to print history so a written record would not be necessary to share with doctor but could be substituted with a printout                Great app
I use this to keep track of my blood pressure and when I go to the Dr I take my iPad in with me My Dr is very impressed with this app Its easy to use and with my history of blood pressure issues I need something I can count on and this is it I highly recommend this app                Love it
Anyone that need or just wants to monitor their blood pressure will love this app Easy to use and easy to share with your Dr The best                Need this
Easy to use sync works across all my devices Wish it would record mg for blood sugars not just mmol but easy enough to convertI just take my iPad with me for my Dr appointment                Good app
i triedpurchased several similiar apps including BPMonitor Pro This app is the best that i have tried You can add other family members and lots of other different vital readings can be recorded graphed and result can be emailed as a cvs file pdf file with graphs and a couple other ways i obtained this version and paid to upgrade                highly recommend this app
This app stopped syncing with iPhone negating the price I paid 499 for the syncing option with upgrade Dont waste your money for the upgrade    Stopped syncing
The app is easy to use and record the data and provide a good history for me                Easy to use record keeping
It would be better if it interfaced to Apple Health             App is good
Does what it says and does it well                Nice
Perfect for what I need it for                Perfect
It allows you to record BP and view it in a graph over time                A fine little app
Great app Love the flexibility                Works as advertised
It works just the way it says it does Compatible with communicates between iPhone iPad Easy to use Great product                Works very well
It interfaces with all my Apple devices with awesome information its super sonic                Great App
I use this to track my health issues The customizable entry tables and charts make record keeping a breeze                Extremely useful and easy
I have using this app for months and my doctors love it when I print out the results and show them my history Great app                Very good
This gives me a record of my blood pressure that I can share with my family Doctor                Best app on my IPhone
I only use the basics but it does just what I need             Works fine
This is a great app for tracking vitals that can be given to your medical professional for review Combined with a diet monitor program to combat type 2 diabetes this app provided the necessary information that my doctor was able to use to take me off my type 2 medication I use it almost daily                Excellent app for tracking vitals
An easy and interactive program to track blood pressure             A great program
Helpful and easy to use                Great App
This app makes monitoring my blood pressure so easy I used to hat writing down the date time numbers This app makes the record keeping easy Thank you                Easiest best app
Ive tried several blood pressure monitor apps and this one is my favorite Better charts more inputs customizable inputs and more Docked 1 star for no iCloud syncing One of the things this app does that ALL the other apps Ive trief do not is that DATA IS NOT AUTOMATICALLY INPUT WHICH IS GREAT The other apps for example automatically populate your weight So you must make sure your weight is correct EVERY TIME you input your BP readings to ensure your weight correctly correlates with your BPplus you wont know which weight inputs were input by you or the app With this app you dont HAVE to put in all the data such as your weight Data doesnt automatically populate so erroneous data wont accidentally be entered For this reason alone this app excels However as mentioned above it excels in most if not all other areaswith the sole exception of no iCloud syncing Add iCloud syncing and this gets 5 stars             Better Than The Rest
Excellent app It is very easy to use to track my blood pressure and pulse as well as my weight             Excellent free app
I like easeofuse and the tracking that this offers I tried other blood pressure apps but this one seems to be the most simple                Ease of use
This app does what I need it to do Easy to use when inputting my information and I can see my progress each day                User Friendly
No CUSTOMER SUPPORT Great app But you CANNOT SYNC to your other devices Says to use the embedded email link Never got it BAD CUSTOMER RELATIONS Elsie in HoustonTx    BE AWARE
Simple easy to use and useful                Does what it is supposed to
Ive just been using this for a couple of weeks but I think it is fabulous it does everything I want and more give me a chartlog to take to my doctor                Does it work with Apple watch
I needed to be able to track medications supplements to see how this affects my readings and this app allows this feature In addition I can make notes to explain situations like ate high sodium dish Exporting of data is easy and clean too             Better than Apple Health Tracking
I have used this app for a long time All history is there and I can also email it to whomever I want Highly recommend if you want to keep track of your BP                Good App
Excelente herramienta para monitoriar la precion y llevar estadísticas y récord                Brutal
When I first began using I was able to indicate more than one medication being taken Now it is only allowing me to identify one What happened Please fix this          Medication
I recently found out that I had high blood pressure I was having trouble keeping track with pen and paper I found this app it works great simple keeps good records highly recommended                Good app
Love this app I use it every day to track my BP and Pulse and meds Easy to use and easy to read Like it better than the Apple Health App Good one                Great Health App
This app is easy to set up and easy to use The charts give you a quick picture of your readings You can easily export your data into an Excel file                Easy to use
Easy to use takes mere seconds Yet outputs charts stats are very useful easy to search Feels like an extract of a clinic based software package                Simple yet very Effective
I have had the BP Monitor HD for at least 3 years now Since this app is no longer available to download I cant review it under the original app profile However based on the other reviews I have read from BP Monitor Pro BP Monitor Lite it appears to be a systemic issue accross all related apps When I click on the history radio button then click the emailexport radio button I get a blank black screen It just does not work I used to email my Doctor this information which is very convenient I also use the note section to further explain when the BP was taken ie after a run etc There appears to be no way to contact customer support for help on this issue as there has been no response from other complaints If it was not for this issue I would rate it 5 stars Since there is no support I am going to give it 3 stars My workaround is to take a picture with my cell phone of the history in the ipad and then email it to my Doctor Is there anybody still working at Taconic System It is a great app except for a few recent issues          BP Monitor HD EmailExport Issue
Great app                Dr Haick
Great free app Has several useful fields for recording bp and other health data             Great app
Just what I needed to track my blood pressure                Nice app
Like this app Helps me keep up with parents BP levels                PD
Okay Im stupid How do you start the process and where do you place your phone or iPad I cant find anything on this    How to use
Good             None
I am so impressed with this app Its easy to operate and it allows me to keep a running record to keep my blood pressure under control Its also a handy tool to show my private physician when I go to my blood pressure checks I highly recommend it                Great App


Taconic System LLC
0.5 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.5
iPhone iPad

iOS Blood Pressure Monitor - Family Lite 1.5 Mobile

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