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Ken Pletzer , the publisher behind many iOS app (SentryPODS ,Blue Iris), brings Blue Iris with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Blue Iris app has been update to version 1.00 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • they don't continuously monitor motion and send you push notifications..

Overall Satisfactionc85
I love the ability to view alerts and although recently released.
The features are amazing for the cost.
Works better than I thought it would.
Amazing software.
Best CCTV system.
Fun & Engagingc93
Blue Iris is awesome.
Awesome iOS client for Blue Iris.
Security & Privacyc89
I've got it working with my dyndns account just fine.
Updates & Supportc83
Brings my computer version right to my IPhone.
08 April New version is outstanding.
Developer responds quickly to emails and is attentive to suggestions.

The software supports so many different IP cameras. found in 1 reviews
The features are amazing for the cost. found in 4 reviews
I've been very impressed with the Blue Iris desktop application. found in 2 reviews
Great app to accompany the software. found in 1 reviews
Compared to accessing the server via the browser the is incredibly fast. found in 2 reviews
I've got it working with my dyndns account just fine. found in 1 reviews
And the tech support is the best in the industry. found in 1 reviews
because the archiving and access to video clips is excellent. found in 2 reviews
Seamlessly view your recorded video and live camera feeds. found in 5 reviews
Developer responds quickly to emails and is attentive to suggestions. found in 1 reviews
Long Time Coming. found in 2 reviews
The browser interface is ok for desktop remote viewing. found in 6 reviews
Blue Iris has done an exceptional job designing this app. found in 1 reviews
just like Blue Iris server software. found in 6 reviews
0 of this long awaited app. found in 1 reviews
Live camera view loads very fast on wifi and LTE. found in 1 reviews
Well worth purchasing. found in 1 reviews
08 April New version is outstanding. found in 1 reviews
Crashes a few times. found in 1 reviews
Stupid requirement. found in 1 reviews
Developer needs to fix these 2 bugs. found in 1 reviews
Very nice app however on the last update a problem arose. found in 1 reviews
Even if it takes a while. found in 1 reviews
Needs GUI improvement. found in 1 reviews
Awesome app but should have iPhone 6 plus support. found in 1 reviews
Requires update on the PC server. found in 1 reviews
This app used to work perfect until the UI update. found in 1 reviews
checked swap left/right
Issues: audio static & Geo fencing. found in 1 reviews
Good but Needs some work. found in 1 reviews
That screwed me up for a few minutes. found in 2 reviews
I had a lot of trouble connecting. found in 1 reviews
it needs an auto -reconnect on disconnect. found in 1 reviews
It needs a setting for default start mode. found in 1 reviews
Waste of 10 dollar. found in 1 reviews
Crash on launch after upgrade + Geo location updates don't always occur. found in 1 reviews
It doesn't work with dyndns & port forwarding. found in 3 reviews
I just paid $10 for this app and it doesnt work. found in 1 reviews
Lousy Application. found in 1 reviews
iPad buttons are missing on my iPad 2. found in 1 reviews
Really Disappointing Experience. found in 1 reviews

The Blue Iris is now available for $9.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 16.1 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.00 has been released on 2014-11-25. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Blue Iris check developer Ken Pletzer`s website :

The app is a CLIENT for the Blue Iris Windows PC software. In order to make use of this app, you must have a Blue Iris version 3 server with which to connect.
Can no longer save videos on the phone Get an incomparable error saving to the photo album Everything was great until I updated Fix this     Was Great but new update broke it Fishguy79
I ve been testing remotely for about a week and it has been rock solid for the basic function of viewing motion alerts definitely worth the price I have much to learn regarding the various features and configuration of Blue Iris NVR and the iPhone app but I m already a believer because core functionality on both work so well I m getting ready to work with Support for using a Samsung Hanwha PNV 9080R and it will be worth the effort I m moving to all 4K cams and I m optimistic the foundation can handle it So much better than my old dedicated NVR which was full of bugs My NVR has robust hardware 8th gen I7 32G RAM and responds well the responsiveness continues to be good using the remote app so it seems well designed I was under the impression the NVR supports H 265 so it would be nice if the remote does also as do my new 4K cams I m not sure about the description saying no router config needed I set up port forwarding for remote access to NVR as documented but it works just the same                     Nice Companion to Blue Iris NVR whine Zlover
Like other reviewer said 2 stars without 5 stars fixed Cannot get geofence radius to save on mobile It clears every time I exit the menu         Geofence broken Cyruskayos
Geofence setting does not hold it reverses back to off     Geofence bug G37x
Love the program and app but geofencing doesn t work since most recent app update Please fix 2 stars with broken geofencing 5 stars if fixed and previous version         New version broke geofencing bls0n
Update 10 16 17 after several iOS updates now 11 0 3 and iPhone 8plus reboots all glitch issues have been resolved and Blue Iris is running stable and without issues Updated review from 3 to 5 stars for this great app Old review The app has been great in iOS 10 5 stars but the recent iOS 11 release appears to have introduced many software glitches I hope this will all be back to normal once an update comes out                     Software glitches in iOS 11 Resolved Hopenextversionworksagain
Updates too much Just get it right and leave it alone             Working better Sculptor of light
I like the fact that it is a doorway to the full blown Blue Iris Software Its simple navigation is easy to use and the cam viewer is a snap to follow within the app Just remember it s a gateway to the Blue Iris app for Windows and you won t be disappointed                     Gateway Pi math nerd
Works fine with my Blue Iris desktop software Fast loading PTZ works great Much better than the mobile web browser version                     Works as designed VinDecent
After spending 60 on V3 of the server software and 10 on the app the server software needs to get upgraded to V4 which cost an additional 60 or 30 with a discount code in order to work properly On top of paying the upgrade fee I was double billed for the upgrade in which they could not fix and said I will need to file the claim with my credit card company Bad business model and horrendous customer support Through when the software is up to date it is fantastic Just dont be mislead by thinking the already pricey 60 server and 10 app is a one time fee and do not expect any kind of customer support     Good App bad customer support and bad business
Nice improvement to the iPhone6 interface Now if I could just see the IP addresses of the cameras in a Utility section Id have everything I want Keep up the good work on this app              Looks great on a 6
Great app to accompany the software Loads fast great option to be able to choose between different servers                 Great app
Very powerful app and backend server combo Not always the easiest to setup but has been working flawlessly for me for a long time Anybody that says differently probably just couldnt setup what they wanted And thats not the apps fault Oh and only one of the two apps known to me to support H264 and MJPEG Most apps support only one protocol This developer really stands behind his work Continually tweaking both the server side and the app frequently The few times a release causes problems he usually pushes out a fix within a very reasonable amount of time                 Flawless
App is crashingplease fix asap I use this every day and cant live without it                 Crashing
Not seeing it any more           Did the broadcast feature disappear
This is to confirm what others have already confirmed I am using both an iPad and iPhone As soon as the cameras start to load the program disappears If I double click the home button I can see the camera screens as a hidden application but I can not click on the cameras and bring them forward                 Instant Crash on opening latest version
Since doing latest update the app crashes when trying to view cameras or recorded video Been solid up to this point so Im confident we will see a fix ASAP              Hold off on update
This app used to work perfect until the UI update Once that update occurred my geofencing stopped working Hasnt worked since then        Geofencing issues
This app has been working great for me on my iPhone and iPad without any issues Its easy to use and has every feature you need for a home surveillance system remote monitoring motion triggered recording audio support for my cameras at least iOS notifications allows modifying basic camera setting from the iOS app remote access to the recording library etc The UI could use an update but that becomes irrelevant since the app is 100 functional and supports my h264 cameras which many other apps do not                 Dont let the 1990s UI fool you this app works great
This is the best companion to BI desktop Tons of mobile features And full control over BI Kens support with BI settings is amazing Update made even better with this latest version                 The best companion to BI
We primarily use HIK or Unifi cameras and they work flawlessly with Blue Iris The swipe to next camera feature is great as well as zoom quality Blue Iris as far as I can tell will work with any camera with an IP address Safe and Sound of Austin says so                 Works great with all cameras Ive tried
This app would be great but I have to configure every other day Its a pain in the butt Dont spend the money on it Its not worth it     What a headache
It will crash crash crash App has worked great up until this version Huge screwup on their part Stay at 14012 in the meantime or downgrade back if you updated like I did Im sure a patch will be released shortly              Dont upgrade to v15002
1 I always have to restart the app upon entering my wifi perimeter 2 The geofencing is responding sporadic           Developer needs to fix these 2 bugs
Best way to view IP cameras setup in BlueIris for Windows I have about 10 cameras and this is fast and easy                 Excellent
Was working till recent update now crashing when trying to view live feeds on iPad 4                 iPad Crashing
This junk does not work Forget all of these great reviews because they have some sort of ties to the developer I have spent two days trying to get this to work You cant even call to speak with anyone I sent an email two days ago and still have not heard back from anyone People listen to mePLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont waste you money or time on this junk     HHORRIBLE
The new update causes crash Guess we will wait for patch 1502 SP1              Was working great before 15 02 update
Cant get out of detail alert screen Spoke to owner Fix is on the way Waiting for Apple approval to upload new version                 Update broke the program
Logs in fine can change settings App displays live cameras Alerts notices show up fine on my iPhone The only complaint I have is that the videos for the alerts take a while to show up sometimes Its nice to see all my cameras of different brands showing up on the same app              Update Fixes Most
Like the app But not sure why when you try to record video from an alert to your iPhone that it says the file is not compatible with Photo Album when it contains audio Turn audio off and it saves fine           Great app with a major flaw
Good job on the new update I like the new layout with alerts Now we just need a little Apple Watch support Maybe just like a jpg of the video alert or something like that But super happy with the app as always and the new update has just added to the awesomeness of it                 Love the new update
I installed Blue Iris at my house for my 7 camera security system A mix of three brands This software works great for me I spent the money and got this app and it works well too I have been using it for about a year now I can see live feed from my cameras across the LAN or WAN w firewall changes and review clips It does require technical savvy to get working through your home routers and firewall Has options galore which can make it complicated but I love messing with it In very pleased with the software and this app Well worth the money                 Works better than I thought it would
I very rarely take time to rate software I am extremely impress with BlueIris and the mobile app rounds it off perfectly I was caught off guard before buying by the middle of the road ratings but convinced myself to pull the trigger due to apple push notifications I am very happy with the purchase and have already recommended to some friends I work with in IT Future feature request is there a chance we could get video feed to Apple watch Great app Brent Halsey                 Excellent Software
This is a very good app Even more so the developer is quick and responsive Frequent updates and excellent support Feature request I wish the iOS app would show playback of multiple cams at once like the server does So you can follow images from cam to cam on a multi screen But I suspect that would eat up too much bandwidth in a mobile device Very happy and always look forward to the updates                 Excellent app Attentive developer
Its a great app It does everything its supposed to except for the Geo Location updates I cant pin down why they stop occurring after a few days but it has consistently done since setting up the feature     Crash on launch after upgrade Geo location updates dont always occur
Blue Iris is the only app Ive found that flawlessly supports my several different models of IP cameras and this app is a fantastically designed iOS app that gives me full access to them                 Fantastic Companion App
Live camera view loads very fast on wifi and LTE Ability to review recordings is great Latest update fixed an issue where the recordings didnt always load when accessed Must have if you use BI and have an iPhone or iPad                 Great app
Great app Great features Easy to use Could use a refresh of the UI                 Great App
The app keeps crashing as soon as I attempt to view one of the feeds Running an iPad Mini                 Crashing
I give it three stars because they are not completely forthcoming You must know that you have to buy blue iris software at 60 for this app to work The app is fine works ok Instructions need a little more detail I had a lot of trouble connecting           You must purchase Blue Iris software too
I feel like a gameshow contestant with a parting giftother bugs fixed but not the bugs that bug me I still have static noises on my audio The geofencing still gets hung up over 5 minutes of waiting with updating before I am forced to close out the app to restart        Issues audio static Geo fencing
Really starting to appreciate the new layout in cameras and in alerts Awesome as usual                 Great update
I have been using Blue Iris for nearly a year and finally purchased the ios app and wow works great All the functionality is logically designed and enables a user to monitor activity at camera sites with ease I highly recommend the app                 Works like a charm
I purchased this app by mistake After trying tos set it up unsuccessfully I emailed the developer for help Rude and unhelpful emails followed I could have been potentially converted into a paying customer but after such unprofessional emails never No refund issued     Horrible indeed
The program is incredible after hating life while using my cameras awesome software programs sarcasm and trying all the free programs out there Finally a breath of relief to find this program i bought two licenses as well as the app for my iphone Incredible to say the least I tried the demo for a couple days and was sold Everyone look no further this is it To Boot any question i asked through email was very promptly responded to Would and will reccomend to anyone i know Thanks again Ken                 Honest
Was worth waiting for Fabulous piece of software                 Fantastic App
Hallelujah it works again Thanks to developer for getting us the fix quickly                 Working great on iPhone 5
I finally updated from v3 to v4 and love it Great update But the iOS app seems like a step backward Cant get full screen or cycle cameras to work on the iPad Im sure this will get fixed as BlueIris folks have always been responsive to fixing these issues Update on newest version improved functionality but there is a bug on the iPad version From the Alert viewer screen I cannot exit back to the main screen Tap Done and nothing happens Stuck on this screen And since I had set the Alerts screen as the default when I open the app I am stuck Even when I force close the app on restart I am thrown back to being stuck in the alerts screen No way to get back to the home page           Good but Needs some work
Its simple fast and works beautifully                 Perfect
Likely these lowstar reviews have more to do with router configuration than the app itself Before using this app you should have blue iris installed on the PC and have remote access configured and tested via browser first                 One star
There was a hiccup in the last update I emailed support regarding the issue and received a response that same day saying it is being worked on Checked for updates in the morning and notice there was an update to be installed on the computer It fixed the issue I cant say enough about this software Nice work on their part for keeping all running tip top Keep up the great work Ken                 Very nice update
With the most recent upgrade which did fix the crash problem I have not been able to log in with my 2nd gen iPad iOS 84 The iPhone app works fine Uninstalled and reinstalled the app on the iPad and all is well Love the application Have ten cams on it                 Problem with 15004 fixed
Please roll back or fix latest update Thanks loyal customer                 Crashes every time
Great app overall for viewing cams and receiving alerts Worth the A few items could be better 1 in the alert or schedule view the jpg image preview next to the alert time should be a lowres video preview like dropcamnest does No one has the time to review tons of motion footage and there are lots of motion triggers If youre like me the mobile app is the primary way to interact with the cams not the server or web view Would like to be able to quickly scroll through alerts and see whats happening in the clip before clicking on it 2 Needs configurable resolution imagesvideo to get full res if needed as well as the ability to zoom in more 3 if connection is lost or focus is lost and regained would be good to return to the last view rather than relogging in to the default view              Great start could be better
Ive used BlueIris for years and love it Ive got it running on a server 2k8 VM on Dell poweredge hardware running ESXi All in all the app does everything I want it to the geofence was hit and miss for a little while but appears to be working as it should now Im using geofence to enable notifications and recording on interior cameras when Im gone Some of the reviewers Ive seen dont appear to be bright enough to configure the application and have rated it low due to that This app is IMO anyway easy to configure and works well                 Great app
This app has been nothing but a headache Im no expert on setting up IP cameras and networks so I depend on tech support This app has little to no tech support no number or live people to talk to Unless you are well versed on the aforementioned technical stuff stay clear of this app     Poor tech support
Updated new version IOS Blue Iris client is broken     Do not install New version 15002 it is broken
Just updated and now it crashes when I select a camera to view           Crash

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