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Bluebeam Software, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Bluebeam Revu ,Bluebeam Vu), brings Bluebeam Revu with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Bluebeam Revu app has been update to version 1.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Bluebeam Revu is now available for $9.99 for iPad owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 40.4 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.2 has been released on 2014-11-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 5.1 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Bluebeam Revu in Bluebeam Software, Inc.`s Official Website :

Revu iPad Bluebeam Revu for iPad lets you work without limits. Access and navigate your PDF files on the go from anywhere, and view your PDFs how they are meant to be viewed comments and ...
App is painful to use due to the constant crashes every 5 minutes This really needs to be corrected due to the purchase price of 995 If the app would run without crashing it would be a really great app for use in the field marking up drawings        Sr Technician
Too slow opening drawings Pixelated when zooming in on drawings most of the time Bought to help with having accessible drawings on job site Just wish I could get my 10 back     Slow
Great for viewing marking up plans Would be five stars if able to print from app              Great viewermark up tool
I got this app in order to revieweditmarkup construction plan sheets and the app does a good job incorporating a lot of features from the full desktop software but some things are still missing I was also hoping to be able to scale dimensions like in the full software but the app does not have that feature Overall the app is still a powerful tool for PDF markups              Good app needs scaling
This version is amazing The comments about Dropbox cmon youre downloading a large doc and this is based on your Internet speed The software responds quickly amazing markup tools Great way to use ANY PDF                 Great
Load time for drawings is slow compared to PDF Expert Interface is not user friendly Is designed for construction use and does not have a measurescaling tool Needs improvement I purchased both PDF Expert and Bluebeam Revu and I only use PDF Expert because Bluebeam just doesnt cut it Great disappointment Spend your 999 on PDF Expert        Needs improvement
I have been using this App for awhile and it gets better all the time what a time saver in construction                 Getting Better
I would love to rate this application 5 stars I use it daily but I have a huge issue with it it crashes way too often So I started saving my mark ups on PDFs I was currently working on what do you think happens It crashes well good thing I saved the file to not lose any markups right Wrong The PDF file is render invalid out of the blue very frustrating I loved the app and I love how they added the option to scale just like desktop but the app needs vast improvement in stability and accuracy I would even pay 20 for it if they fixed all the problems and constantly added new tools and so on I daily keep an eye on the App Store to see an update like I said before I would gladly pay again for it if these things get corrected ASAP Please listen to us the consumer and users regards from the field     Awesome app but crashes
As an architect who travels a lot with an iPad and uses dropbox for all of our project PDFs Ive been looking for an Acrobat Pro equivalent for years Just redlined our first project saved it to Dropbox and emailed it to my drafter The interface is clear and intuitive and it has all of the tools that I was looking for and more I am very impressed so far                 GREAT so far
Was a great appnow it constantly crashes Fix it        Disappointed
Bluebeam is a superpowered desktop app thats invaluable for our office moneyhandlers but there is no way I can take this to the field to get work done Its way too complicated difficult to navigate between all my drawings and doesnt give me the realtime annotating that their videos make look so easy Nope This is not the solution for me        Not really a viable field option
I cannot edit text inside markups anymore It use to be that I could tap on the text and the keyboard would come up and I could make the edits but now they are not editable I also have files in the Boxnet account that I cannot sync anymore When I tried to sync them it ends up showing that there was nothing to sync Do to these to issues Bluebeam has me stuck since if I delete the app and reinstall it I will lose the mark ups This is a problem UPDATE The developer contacted me through their support and provided me a work around for the sync issue and already has a fix for the text issue Major Kudos to Bluebeam for their fast response           27 broke it
App is almost there bluebeam The app crashes while marking PDF documents I tried several different files and they all crashed Fix me        Almost there
I had bought this app sometime ago and had forgotten about it till the time I needed to measure off PDFs I use this app to Red line drawings on an ipad 2 Although its a little slow and at times crashes on a 90 drawing A3 size set it get the work done Good app and would recommend it              Excellent
I have been a user of this app since it was first introduced I have recently been pushed to find another to take its place It crashes constantly takes forever to open some blueprints and if I try to use a hyperlink it instantly crashes I hope it gets fixed because the apps potential is huge but in its current version it is completely useless        Needs some major attention
App has functioned well on iPad Air with iOS 7 installed Able to sync documents through iTunes easily and added Dropbox and ShareFile accounts to access files stored in the Cloud Dropbox files accessible and sync correctly Unfortunately ShareFile is not displaying folders or files at all Checked that permission was granted by ShareFile and it was So it appears to be a Bluebeam issue If you need access to ShareFile documents I recommend you download that app and open in Revu           Fine app ShareFile Extension not working
I hyperlink all my plans The days of walking back to the office trailer to look at the plans are over The iPad mini is the perfect size for a safety vest pocket I can answer 90 of the sub questions the moment they ask Priceless                 Must have for superintendents
Awesome app but crashes all the time making this app utterly unusable for any more than about 5 minutes     Crash
Version 20 with its measuring capabilities is exactly what I need as a municipal building inspector to document my inspections on the plans at the job site The only thing now to figure out is how to get my markups and pictures directly onto the approved plans on the server instead of in my iPad alone and having to take another step of uploading the files                 EXACTLY WHAT I NEED
Ive used it on site and in the office and if you have a desktop version that you were willing to pay for and you have an iPad then you need this app Its a bit glitchy sometimes and you cant view 3d pdfs but it sure as hell beats a roll of plans              Worth the cost but glitchy
There seems to be an issue connecting to my box account I this version Please fix Otherwise I love this app Very much like the PC version Much of the same functionality              Please fix Box compatibility
Self explanatory           Needs to have google drive integration
I use this program constantly at work easily saving 30 minutes a day over the other guys PDF markup Most of the time he iPad version works fine but some days it crashes constantly Today that meant losing an hour of on site markup work Is anybody reading the crash reports at I dutifully send        Great in the Office iPad buggy
Have had this app for about a month now in that time the app has frozen way too many times and each time left me in bind have to keep restarting the app to get it back running and then I get blank pages which makes it extremely difficult to finish my annotations really annoying im currently looking for a more stable non bluebeam app     Keeps freezing
Running it on an iPad 2 I LOVE BLUEBEAM It has changed the way we work with PDFs but REVU needs some stability fixes and needs to have the capability to measure like PLANGRID Positives love the studio feature and how easy it is to use and share documents with other colleagues for collaborative markups           Needs work
Bought the app last August The app always crashes on the new iPad when you press and hold on the PDF Called tech support they said they were aware of the bug and they expected to release an update in 30 days and that was 3 months ago     Always crashes
Finally fillable forms Measurements work great as well Hooray Just need to be able to do signatures on fillable forms Or at least be able to add a signature field that can be moved around Keep it up Still need PDF Exert I guess           Soooo close
Whatever issues they may have with app will get corrected if their PC version is any indication By far the best PDF program on the market and useful for the average PDF user and for the design type user The PC version is light years ahead of Adobe tons of features and great support system This will mature under the iPad umbrella and become what PC users rave about              Bluebeam
This product surpassed my expectations 5 stars is not enough Simplicity and function for a PDF editor is unmatched                 CEO
Its a good start Needs to render faster and fix the stability issues It also needs to recognize PDF forms I use Bluebeam Extreme on my desktop and love it With the Studio feature this would be hands down the best pdf app if they get it fixed I dont feel its worth the 995 currently Needs some work        Estimator
I will give a better review if you fix the fact that it crashes It is totally unusable right now Are you going to fix it        Fix the crashing
Difficult to navigate once I start working on a project it shutdown and I lose everything dont wast your money on this App     Not worth the
Works grate when it works Massive freezes with half my PDF files crashes seven out of ten times you open it     Not as good as it sounds
First D This program has completely become an integral part of my career I use it all of the time and can no longer work without it At the office in the field and on the go this app is always by my side And I love the fact that I can use my Boxnet account to manage my drawings because with PlanGrid I was limited to the 50 drawings I could store on their servers Not good for me since most of my plan sets typically exceed 70 drawings On the job site its functionality is second to none I just bring up the set of plans set my scale and Im off Adding pictures annotations and very precise measurements Significantly increasing my workflow I really cant say enough good things about this app A few things I hope to see in the future are totals curved measurements and tool presets But the absence of those features does not slow me down in anyway Still a rock solid piece of software Id give it 10 stars if I could A must have in the modern construction industry                 Absolute necessity
Im an avid user of Bluebeam on desktop PC version is simply the best drawings application I was really hoping that Bluebeam ipad team can write an app that matches the desktop Unfortunately no The app has good set of tools to markup and even measure the drawings so I do not think there is an issue with functionality of the app But the rendering speed is a real liability for this app It is slow and I mean sloooow it take 510 seconds to render the page then another 5 if you zoom in or pan its just unusable Im using Plangrid on ipad and it shows me that instantaneous rendering of big heavy PDF plans is possible As much as I want to have seamless connection between PC Bluebeam and ipad Bluebeam I cant due to speed issue If somebody from Bluebeam would read this review please talk to you boss and hire somebody from Plangrid it would be great investment for your ipad future     Too slow for drawings ipad solution
Absolutely terrible app on the iPad Crashes constantly Be prepared to have your bookmarks randomly deleted and your files corrupted Ive had two files corrupted in the past three weeks Ive had to uninstall and reinstall twice in the past four months but this still does not fix the crashing and corrupting of files problem This app is too unstable Ive lost too much work using this app If you do use it make sure that you backup your work constantly     Love Bluebeam but a nightmare on the iPad
I tired to use this app but I found all the tiny buttons to be confusing and overwhelming The features are good but the usability is lacking        Confusing
Great app has potential to be best app for markingup and collaborating drawings It needs to be a little faster at rendering the drawings and syncing the markups to the studio or have an option to sync all the markups at once instead of syncing as you make them Hopefully these changes can be made I think this app has a tun of potential           A little slow
This product works very well considering the platform iOS we have several iPads on site running either revu or vu Our construction drawings sync with my working set via bropbox so everybody is working from the same drawings Dont get this expecting the PC version but its features are considerable and getting better with every update I gave 4 stars because there are a few small stability issues and large drawings seem to render slower than on Adobe Reader              Better With Every Update
After several updates in which the app went from a solid performer to unstable to downright unusable the app is useable and buggy Glitches remain for months and have not been fixed Flattening and opening a pdf exporting a file to Evernote or other apps requires the operation to be performed twice has been a problem for almost 6 months Unable to multitaskapp closes last file and restarts if away for less than a minute If iPad screen shuts down app screen returns and then force closes Try collaborating and having to restart the app every 30 seconds or tell your client to keep tapping the screen While this has one of the best feature sets around for technical PDF markups the app needs more work and interface improvements for changing specific annotation settings font size line weights etc This is one of those apps you use because you require a very specific set of tools for everyone else there are much more stabile alternatives        My Fifth Review
Crashes way to much Or screen goes white and you have to reset We use at work all the time with no problems Just got iPads and same crashes on all 3 of them        Crash
I have been using this app for about 1 year I loved it til the last time I updated it Now I cant add any comments to my markups I have called and they can help me they said they would call back and its been about a week and I have heard nothing I am so disappointed in this app you have no idea It used to be as good as the actual computer software but unless they fix the bugs from the last update I dont suggest you use it        use to be greatnow its barely usable
Love this app I use it all the time both as stand alone and in conjunction with desktop version Best pdf program out there It is absolutely the best when it comes to plan markups If more desktop functionality could be included it would be even better but still well worth the money                 Best markup app out there
If you work construction this is a must have app Whoever designed it was knowledgable of the tools needed for the construction industry I had some issues right from the start but Kevin in their tech support was outstanding Courteous prompt After having used it for awhile I would have gladly paid much more for this app                 EXCELLENT a must have
I use this for the construction world and it works great Surprised on the amount of low ratings and complaints Im very pleased at what this app can do and havent found any other PDF markup apps that has this many tools and versatility                 Very useful app
This is a life saver when surveying or punch listing If you work with construction docs go get this app                 Roll away the drawings
This is an awesome tools Makes it very easy to communicate with engineers and architects from the field Lots of good videos to get you started very quickly Also some of the best customer support I have ever worked with Gain a big edge and download                 Great App
I have been using bluebeam on my PC for years I decided to try it out for a punch list on a project and it worked out great The app has a lot of features I havent even touched yet It has crashed a few times on me but I have never lost information It also will sometimes not recognize existing PDFs previously opened however a hard close of the app fixed that                 Great App for notes and punch lists
Nearly unusable on ipad mini Great concept though           Almost unusable
This is real slow with PDFs be careful when buying Waste of my money Very poor I would not buy I am a Blubeam fan but I would not buy this version     Horribly slow

Bluebeam Revu Productivity Bluebeam Revu Studio SessionBluebeam Revu Productivity Bluebeam Revu Studio SessionBluebeam Revu Productivity Bluebeam Revu Studio SessionBluebeam Revu Productivity Bluebeam Revu Studio SessionBluebeam Revu Productivity Bluebeam Revu Studio SessionBluebeam Revu Productivity Bluebeam Revu Studio SessionBluebeam Revu Productivity Bluebeam Revu Studio SessionBluebeam Revu Productivity Bluebeam Revu Studio Session

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