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Description -, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Box for Good Technology ,, brings with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. app has been update to version 2.7.7 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I like the ability to edit documents within Box..
  • Quickly sharing pictures and allowing anyone to upload to my Box..
  • The offline feature is great..
  • Simplified user friendly interface and customer service is diligent..
  • I would recommend for any small business..

Overall Satisfactionc85
By far the best cloud storage app available- simple.
this is the best cloud service and app in the App Store.
I have portability across all platforms for file sharing.
Wow 100000000000x better than dropbox simply because you get 50GB storage.
Great app offers 50 GB for limited time thanks box.
Much appreciated for the 50 gigz.
Needs auto -upload.
Fun & Engagingc84
Box is Awesome.
50 GB is awesome.
I trust them to quickly store everything with ease.
I can store everything.
This app is absolutely awesome I use it for everything homework.
I use it for everything.
Great and usefull App.
Great and usefull.
Useful and reliable.
Production Valuesc68
On top of the great web interface.
Simplified user friendly interface and customer service is diligent.
Ease of Usec72
great way to share files and save valuable phone space.
Box OneCloud allows you to edit your files with other Apps.
and simple user interface.
Security & Privacyc57
My box account is for personal use - manage my GTD system.
Love the free 50 gig promo too.
Its more secure than Drop Box.
Great for personal use but businesses need something more secure.
Add Password Protection.
The security features.
Updates & Supportc81
Simplified user friendly interface and customer service is diligent.
you can not ask for more also great customer service.
Worst customer service.
This app is a great mobile version for the web based version.
Great Mobile Version of Box.
So much better with new update.
3 version in order to get the free 50gig's.
3 version.

Wow 100000000000x better than dropbox simply because you get 50GB storage. found in 33 reviews
There are several cloud based storage and sharing services out there. found in 10 reviews
Great for sharing files with others while maintaining complete control. found in 22 reviews
Primarily use to share documents with a small group of people. found in 10 reviews
I have portability across all platforms for file sharing. found in 40 reviews
This is by far my favorite cloud storage solution provider. found in 5 reviews
this is the best cloud service and app in the App Store. found in 82 reviews
Also being able to create folders and move content would be really helpful. found in 24 reviews
You can't seem to create folders with the iPhone app. found in 45 reviews
Having 50GBs is the only upside. found in 42 reviews
Ditto for the inability to select multiple files for downloading. found in 30 reviews
Needs auto uploading of pictures/videos. found in 6 reviews
Till i noticed theres no awesome desktop sync feature. found in 29 reviews
Recently it crashes every time I try to upload a file. found in 10 reviews
but it's definitely lacking auto upload. found in 209 reviews
when I try to upload multiple photos to box it keeps crashing. found in 35 reviews
the application crashes when I try to upload multiple photos at once. found in 22 reviews
needs an automatic photo upload feature like its competitor. found in 24 reviews
The file size limit is capped at 100MB and unfortunately. found in 20 reviews
you can't Delete files you upload
Overall not a good alternative to Dropbox. found in 49 reviews
This app will not let you upload multiple files. found in 35 reviews
Takes years to sync and shows hundreds of fail uploads. found in 36 reviews
Can't upload files from a Mac for syncing unless you pay. found in 43 reviews
Missing automatic selection of entire camera roll. found in 45 reviews
WebDAV Great - Not Able to Move Files - BOO. found in 72 reviews
because the desktop sync client is unavailable. found in 29 reviews
No auto upload photos from Photos app. found in 211 reviews
Cannot upload files or create folders on iPad. found in 45 reviews
Keeps crashing when using the multi-select tool to delete files. found in 65 reviews
You cannot download multiple files at a time either. found in 36 reviews
This app does not have a desktop sync program. found in 30 reviews
Can no longer download video files to view. found in 54 reviews
No ability to send files to other apps. found in 31 reviews
It crashes almost 100% of the time while attempting to upload photos. found in 209 reviews

The is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 4.5 MB to download. The new app version 2.7.7 has been updated on 2014-11-01. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about in, Inc.`s Official Website :

Box gives you 5 GB FREE to easily view and share files on your iPhone and iPad. Box for iPhone: - View files directly on your iPhone - Share files easily with a link - Save files to your ...
Best way to keep my files synced between devices                 Awesome
This is the app all teachers should get Great for storing and sorting files between home and school Saves time and money on flash drives and other devices Links and synchs to systems whether mac or pc                 Box is the Best
This is my go to app for on line storage Accessible from anywhere and integrating with a lot more apps Thanks for a great program                 Excellent app
Really nice and useful app Autoupload is a missing feature from the free versiononly reason why i still use dropbox              Miss Autoupload
Loving having all of my computer documents at my fingertips                 Love this app
Box is just right for my use Have been using it for quite a while now and have never had any problems Keep up the good work                 Oldman
I love the ease and convenience of using Box as my cloud storage I am able to seamlessly transfer files between all of my devices Thank you                 Box Rocks
Ive used box since its first version I can only say exceptional                 Exceptional
The app doesnt match up the files available in the desktop version It says some of my files are there and others are just empty which I know is not the case A little frustrating           Inconsistent
Really like the mobile app Simple to use                 Ease of use
Great app Has an option of opening files without wifi Stores almost everything Access it anywhere that has wifi Easy to use                 Stores almost everything
Box is great an safe but how do u connect photos to box so it automatically uploads my photos                 jus sayin
Box is by far the best app out there Highly recommended                 Best cloudbased storage app
Functionality and easeofuse are amazing Technical support has been very responsive over the years We have integrated box intimately into our customer service and product delivery As a psychology based firm our security requirements are very high and the activity tracking and ability to turn links on and off give us the added control we need Thank you Box                 6 years powering my small business
Flawless app it helps me everyday on the road And 50 GB nobody better than the Box Guys Keep up the excellent work SP        Great App
I was a Dropbox user through through When Box came in I tried it got annoyed bc it wasnt Dropboxand deleted it Recently decided to give it another shot and am so glad I did Easy to use gives all the options I need on files easy to share Sure some of the options are for paid accounts but I get it and who knows maybe Ill convert completely and start paying So far so good Glad I gave Box another chance                 Once I warmed up to it loved it
Box is the best feature on my iPad Everything I need use and read is uploaded here I can also access Box on any computer I trust Transferring anything and I mean anything is simple and quick Box is reliable safe and private I recommend anyone who saves pictures documents and more to download Box immediately The friends and family I have referred Box to love it                 I use Box everyday
Love the app Very good at what it does                 Very good app
This is the best writing and reading app It has many capabilities Tools that Im really happy with are the Save for Offline and Folders for organizing It did crash on me several times as I was pasting in some text but Im sure that will be fixed One suggestion I want to save published articles for offline reading I did a copypaste It would be nice to have a function to send articles from other apps or online the way you can send to Evernote for reading later andor offline              Best Yet
Box is my favorite cloud storage app But I dont like the new look The blue text is too low contrast and hard to read Why does everyone think we all have 2020 vision                 Great
Great app                 Popcorn
Excellent app and its free Please keep it that way                 Excellent app
I love it If you have tried other cloud services then you will be amazed at the ease of use of BOX you will find yourself thinking where has this App been all my life Ease of use fast loads of storage flexible inexpensive instructive support ease of use followup suggest support On on Simply the best Dont give it another thought get it Oh did I mention easy to use and fast                 HEH
Fantastic for work as well as personal use Particularly like the saveforoffline feature for when Im traveling and the ability to add passwords or explorations to links I share with friends or colleagues Also appreciate the automatic photo upload so my photographs are backed up and I can save space on my phone                 Great features and some new ones
I have box on all of my devices and it has always been very reliable app no complaints ever                 Long time satisfied customer
Love the app Would like to support Touch ID soon                 Love it
Awesome all the way                 Awesome
I use Box in my classroom to transfer edited notes and presentations between home and school for several applications I can pull a document from Box into an annotation app for algebra or into PowerPoint for a parent presentation on open house night Easy to use Well done and not one problem                 Box is great
Great and intuitive Hope they make a google docPowerPoint counterpart                 Box is great with still room to grow
I find box to be better than Dropbox And the app is awesome                 Better than Dropbox
The depth of function here is amazing But its pretty easy to use I also love how you can maintain collaboration continuity between users and devices greatly saves time and confusion                 Awesome deep secure collaboration
I love the fact that I can use Box with apps on the iPad in a way similar to the Finder in Mac OS I prefer to not save files within individual apps so Box allows me to create a file cabinet for storage Incredibly easy to use also                 Wonderful integration with iOS apps
Excellent file share app                 Great productivity app
Only request is continual enhancements and optimization of UI to make it more intuitive and comprehensive I do most of my Box activities on mobile              Excellent App
I must not have used this app in a while because its really well executed Videos loaded right away in preview the navigation is pretty intuitive too                 Pretty great
Great app for organizing g and sharing files              Great App
Useless I cant upload anything to it Every single time I get an error upload unsuccessful message     Doesnt work
Great syncing                 Very Reliable
50 GB free and you can set permissions Nuff said                 Best cloud app
I use this cloud storage app almost everyday I love that I can create folders and load them with pdf files that I have saved from the web or I can copypaste into a box note to add to a folder I like the visual layout of the folders and files and the choices I have in terms of what I add and how I add it I also really like that I can edit stored items The one improvement I would suggest is to allow for file organization within the folder Id like to group the files according to how they relate to each other rather than by the date added If there is a way to do this I have not found it                 My Favorite Cloud Storage App
Ive tried all the major cloud services and have found Box to be the best of them all Security and sharing docs are important to me and I can use Box with a high degree of confidence that my data remains private Ease of use is also a factor in my selection of Box                 The best
Box is an key component of our business IT infrastructure Safely houses our documents with easy retrieval from any location                 Essential Business Tool
I use it all the time one of the best apps I have ever downloaded Oh and check out DanTDM on YouTube He is epic                 Epic app
Works great                 Love it
I use at work and home Powerful features and great interface                 Superior
Alright so at first I loved this app and found it easy to share my pictures with people Then I upgraded Which was a horrible idea because I did it through the app and lost all my pictures couldnt log back in and had to create a whole new account Then I started having problems with the new account when I tried to upgrade again Its uploading the files but not showing them All in all this is a great app but needs a little fixing        Not too happy with this app
Next stepallow utilities and other service providers access to deliver PDF bills directly into my Monthly Bills Payable Box folder              Keep Growing
This is an awesome tool I am constantly using multiple devices to work on the same project and this app has helped make that connection a little bit easier I have run into no problems thus far                 Great App
By far this is the only app that I trust and store all my files I dont store anything on my computer any more and can access all my documents from any computer or device I highly recommend it                 Best Cloud Storage
My Best favourite storage App EVER                 My Best favourite App EVER Business Offline Access Share Business Offline Access Share Business Offline Access Share Business Offline Access Share Business Offline Access Share Business Offline Access Share Business Offline Access Share Business Offline Access Share Business Offline Access Share Business Offline Access Share Business Offline Access Share Business Offline Access Share Files

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