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AppStudio Australia Pty Ltd , the publisher behind many iOS app (MadeForMe ,Brainbuddy ,Brainbuddy - Quit Smoking ,Alberts Catering ,Brainbuddy - Porn Filter & Blocker ,King Fire Protection), brings Brainbuddy with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Brainbuddy app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
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Overall Satisfactionc40
Best app I have ever downloaded.

every day you'll receive a new mission and a new meditation exercise. found in 1 reviews
Literally have been using this app for almost a month and loved it. found in 1 reviews
Really starting to help push and motivate me to stop. found in 1 reviews
as I am not going to pay weekly. found in 2 reviews
Such great pleasure :. found in 1 reviews
I took the quiz. found in 2 reviews
considering I've been addicted for over a decade. found in 1 reviews
Awesome App for Recovery. found in 1 reviews
Best app I have ever downloaded. found in 1 reviews
Why not a flat fee. found in 2 reviews
Good app but too expensive. found in 1 reviews
App Has issues. found in 1 reviews
please let us know. found in 1 reviews
A fix for these issues would be wonderful. found in 1 reviews
Would be awesome without bugs. found in 1 reviews
But scary as hell not being able to cancel your subscription. found in 8 reviews
there is no way for me to cancel my subscription. found in 5 reviews
especially if it's going to cost $1. found in 1 reviews
I'd like these things fixed please. found in 1 reviews
Needs to be fixed app is not working ad should br. found in 4 reviews
Great but broken. found in 1 reviews
otherwise a good app to help those struggling with PMO addiction. found in 2 reviews
New update buggy. found in 1 reviews
There is also no way to get tech support. found in 2 reviews
Find " manage subscriptions " and cancel the rebills in there. found in 5 reviews
Total insatisfaction with black screen bug. found in 6 reviews
I can't yet find a way to cancel my subscription. found in 8 reviews
Black screen fix. found in 3 reviews
Paying a subscription fee. found in 3 reviews
This app is a scam. found in 2 reviews
I hope they fix it since it's a life changing app. found in 3 reviews
THERE IS NO WAY TO UNSUBSCRIBE. found in 9 reviews
Needs to be fixed. found in 4 reviews
Recent update won't even open on my iPhone 6. found in 4 reviews
they offer a free trial but still requires your credit card. found in 4 reviews
NO WAY to cancel unless you go through your Apple "manage subscriptions". found in 8 reviews

The Brainbuddy is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iOS owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 26.0 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-11-27.
More Info: Find more info about Brainbuddy in AppStudio Australia Pty Ltd`s Official Website :

Defeat porn addiction. Brainbuddy is designed to rewire your brain to help you overcome excessive porn use. Features include: - Choose an avatar. Pick the generic male or, better yet, choose a friendly animal to look after ...
This app rocks Support you in hard times of leaving porn amd bringing down your testosterone lvls Only app i can say it does miracle in your life All its says about better skin and hair and voice and self confidence amd etc is truth Why dont you see for yourself                 Worth every penny
This app has been a great tracking tool I am disappointed however at the lack of progress that is made on the app itself The price is 2 a week but I for that price I havent seen any upgrades or improvements to it Like having the same motivational quote for months and its never changed from the future belongs to those who prepare for it today Sometimes if I switch between wifi and LTE during a checkup it will bug out and it wont record that day at all Overall it is a great app but I expect more from the developers if there is consistent revenue generated otherwise I will be canceling soon        Great tool lacks polish
You have to unsubscribe through your Apple ID in settings the same way you do with spotify If you look up online how to unsubscribe from spotify premium through Apple ID or iTunes you should not continue to be charged Also app is working well except my daily quote wont change              If u unsubscribe correctly u wont lose
Over a month sober for first time in years of trying                 Wonderful
At one point I loved this app but that changed when it kicked me out and would not allow me to sign in again I sent an email to customer support and they have not responded It could be a great app but its not     Musician
Helps keep me focused on my goals and what is best for me and my family It takes what I want mentally and puts it at the tips of my fingers                 Great app
I began looking at porn at a young age and BrainBuddy made me realize life is great and dont waste it                 Really works
Im with the other guys This app is a good app Itd normally get 35 stars rounded up to 4 It gets 1 because Im charged every week Dont buy this app until thats fixed And when it is and we all get our money back Ill change my review     Being Charged After Subscription Expired
Wont even open iPhone 4 ios6 I only have heard good things so I really want to try this out     Crashed
I wish I pay for several months at a time instead of weekly The content is great and it helps me check in daily Highly recommend this                 Really great app
DID NOT GIVE PERMISSION TO CHARGE MY ACCOUNT This app didnt help me at all and now I am in minor debt because of it I was wondering why my iTunes and App Store money thing was getting VERY LOW AMS CHARGING MY CC but now that I know I might consider suing Thanks jerkasses     REALLY
Im fourteen started watching porn when i was 9 didnt start masterbating until i was 12 ive just started using this app and its amazing i will stop watching porn                 Amazing App
Im a 14 year old boy that started watching porn when I was 10 School was becoming horrible and all I could think of was watching porn the second I got home I didnt think I was ever going to be able to overcome my porn addiction and that there wasnt anything that could help me until now This app has led to believe that there is a way to beat your addiction and porn Dont give up Use this app                 There is a way
Im sorry if this offends you but this app is a joke to me Porn isnt an addiction its an awesome thing that you can watch a girl get fu I mean have relations its a stress relief I find it hard to believe that people can have a porn addiction how can you have an addiction to stress relief     Im sorry if this offends you
Instead of trying to be open and try to help you they only offer the app as a paid service Clearly a scam None of their scientific evidence is cited either which is troubling because it makes a lot of claims on my brain chemistry     Its a scam
Has been making a big difference for me mentally and educating me on what my problem actually is Great accountability tool The trial into subscription was a bit confusing and I lost my initial profile and had to start over but all in all a GREAT investment Thank you              A great help aid
It seems promising but the app will not open with users with iOS 6     Does not work for iPod touch 4
Worked well the first week Then glitches began Calendar wouldnt track days right so never truly stated how many days porn free Then on yesterdays check up after choices I got a blank screen Then today it is requiring that I create a backup account So I went in to manage subscriptions and cancel auto renewal Thats where I saw there was a 299 monthly option I was never given that option in the app itself only the 199 per week option Thats a rip off Unsubscribed and deleted I can get all that info in ybopcom any way and download a meditation app Good luck everyone        Seemed like a good app
It changed my life                 Im so glad I found this application
Very helpful guide well written and executed Not perfect but its worth 5 stars to me                 Worth a shot
Brain Buddy wont stop you from looking at porn but it certainly helps Its a tool to be used along with medicine like Naltraxone counseling support groups and just common sense dont have a computer in the house etc Yet accountability exercises and progress review is very helpful This has spearheaded my porn free streaks dramatically One thing I hope to see from the developers in future versions is to not throw away valuable data that Im providing daily and increase the input to monitor POSITIVE progress rather than negative Have I been sleeping better How many days have I fought off temptation Whats had the highest impact on me having good days If the daily questions are being asked redundantly then I fail to see the point How about asking my mood every day on a scale of 1 10 so I can see how much Im improving Its a Wonderful app and Im grateful for it I just want to be rewarded for my now 44 days with good data I want this to jump to 5 stars Hope you wonderful Aussies can add these features              Effective Tool
Please keep working on it it can be helpful for everyone Thanks              Need more feature
No matter what answers you put in it will always say your brain is highly addicted to Internet porn unless your married over 25 and view porn less than once a week Id love to see where they got their baseline average from     Ridiculous
Hey so if you cant stop looking at porn DOWNLOAD THIS This has helped me tremendously already and I really do feel better after just ten days free from pornography I still jerk off occasionally but going from five times a day to once every other day is a major improvement                 Amazingly helpful You need this
It is buggy af It suddently asked me for a login that I did not create and continued charging me without access Other than that the activities and contents are free content from reddit put together NOT WORTH THE MONEY        It is buggy af
I have been reading about breaking habits by rewiring the reward pathways in the brain and this actually puts those principles to practical application                 Fantastic
This was a wonderful app until today It is asking me to create a new account and then says that account already exists please login but there is no option to login So now the app is useless And there is no support page Please fix this     Cannot Login
I lost much money to this app not that it didnt help It is just overly expensive The weekly subscription is just a joke and fairly mean I deleted the app to save money knowing my brain was rewired enough to quit porn on my own and yet I continue to lose 199 every week Please fix this so it isnt cheating people of their money Its immoral really        Thieves
Nothing out there like it Keeps you focused and guides you through the journey of eliminating pornography use in your life Amazingly accurate and effective                 Life Changing App
This app is helpful It is not a cureall It is humanistic in its perspective Thus not entirely compatible with those who in incorporate religion in their frame of reference That be said this app hasnt bludgeoned belief in a higher power I like it and dont know of anything comparable Rock on              Solid This One likes
Im so pleased an app like this exists Please keep updating and improving                 Awesome
Anyone who does or knows someone who looks at porn needs to get this app It will teach you something and help you understand yourselfloved one who is struggling                 This is a Godsend
Good app worth the small monthly payment Its a good support but stick with it              Useful
I highly recommend this app to strengthen your program and held avoid acting out                 Very helpful app
Great app                 Great
I purchased this app 4 weeks ago The first week is free and if you decide you like the app and keep it they automatically charge your account 213 every week However I erased the app and yet ever week Im charged another 213 Ive talked to Apple support and it literally seems as if Im unable to fix this problem Brain buddy is very good at stealing your money long after youve erased the app from your phone DONT GET HOOPED     DO NOT BUY THIS APP
I love having something to make sure Im doing well every day can help me when I need it and has preventive methods as well It really helps                 It helps a ton
Its not going to stop you unless you have some willpower but it gives good tools to help and other resources One of the things I never knew was how fake and harmful porn is to the people in the films Painful degrading and disgusting use of human beings both men and women I also never knew porn is a drug You can beat the addiction Get some counseling and an accountability partner and you will break free              Good app keeps you motivated to change
This app is wonderful Ive been looking for something like this for a long time and this is it The 2 weekly fee is nothing for the feeling of empowerment confidence and freedom that comes from quitting porn The daily checkups are great the temptation tips are very helpful and the science behind this app is a great motivator I feel so good after being free of porn for over 100 days This app really does help If you are even sort of thinking about trying to quit porn but dont know how this is a great place to start                 Amazingly helpful
I was fine with this app till they started trying to force me to create an account Deleting now Was fun while it lasted     Sigh
Doing nofap for 3 months now                 88 m8
Brainbuddy is a comprehensive guide to getting out of porn addiction Thank you                 Comprehensive Guide
Goooooood app                 Usha
Has a lot of awesome features and exercises they can get a little repetitive though Other then that its a n awesome app to keep track and motivate yourself to quit porn                 Really helps
Out of all the recovery apps for sex addiction this one is by far the best All the content is helpful and up to date Well worth the subscription price                 Best Recovery App Ever
This is the best app ever just download and install it and youll fall in love with it                 Wow
Its kept me from relapsing into porn and helps me keep track of my progress Encourages you to do better                 Keeps you in check and accountable
Have some minor bugs because I had to be offline Also the quote section seems to remain the same at least for me Other than that awesome app 15 days so far                 Very awesome minor bugs
This app is pretty great The biggest value is that it has gotten me on track to quit porn Just the daily check in and available information and tips on the app is really helpful Not nearly enough info is well known about the scientific emotional and physical damage of the addiction My biggest problem with the app is tech aspects I lost a lot of data switching the app from iPhone 4 to 6 It kept the shell of the account but that was about it had to start over on all the exercises achievements everything No word from my emails to tech support either              Good app some significant bugs switching phones
I guarantee you this app was made by a Christian Haha trust me porn is not a drug it is a just a pleasure or a habit Just like happy when eating or knowing to wash your hands after it gets dirty Its just something some people need to do it doesnt make you sad like it said it does youre just regularly sad about something This app is brainwash If you want to pleasure yourself do it This app is tricking you and telling you to feel happy and you feel happy for reaching the goal that it tells you on this app Trust me youre fine        What Christian made this app

Brainbuddy Health & FitnessBrainbuddy Health & FitnessBrainbuddy Health & FitnessBrainbuddy Health & FitnessBrainbuddy Health & FitnessBrainbuddy Health & FitnessBrainbuddy Health & FitnessBrainbuddy Health & FitnessBrainbuddy Health & FitnessBrainbuddy Health & FitnessBrainbuddy Health & FitnessBrainbuddy Health & Fitness

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