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gumi Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS games (Bust-A-Move Islands ,ドールズオーダーな日常 ,Super Slot Showdown ,Brave Frontier ,Crystal of Re:union ,The Alchemist Code Stickers), brings Brave Frontier with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Brave Frontier games has been update to version 1.0.2 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I haven't played such a nostalgic and unique game play..
  • 1 ranking classic styled role playing game in japan and korea..
  • Good game it's very addictive and enjoyable a must for RPG Fans..
  • It's like Final Fantasy & Pokemon had a baby..
  • Really nice classic style to the game..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Amazing game reminds me of final fantasy series.
Otherwise i believe it's one of the best games out there so far.
I strongly recommend this game to anyone who likes games such of final fantasy.
I do not recommend this game until they fix this issue.
This game has always been one of my favorite games to ever play.
Stay as 1 03/06/2014 Updated ruined my favorite game.
this is the best mobile game I've played yet.
I'd definitely spend money on this absolutely wonderful game any day.
Best RPGs game that I ever played so far.
This is the best game on the App Store and always will be.
so now I can't play me favorite game on the App Store.
Fun & Engagingc92
Awesome game must have for any app gamer.
While i hate to give this awesome game one star.
Very fun and addicting although energy times are a little long.
Super fun and the characters are really cool.
I honestly find this game very addicting and fun.
Very easy to pick up and play and hard to put down.
but fun if you're willing to put up with it.
Super freaking most awesome rpg u have ever played.
Tons of fun and a lot of customization options.
Woooow this game is extremely fun and entertaining and also addictive.
I play this game everyday and honestly this game is the best.
I still can't play this game after the critical IPad bug fixes.
This game is addictive as hell I play it every day.
This game is amazing the story and everything is awesome.
Value for Moneyc78
Didn't have to spend money to keep up with arena competitiveness.
you can decide afterwards wether you want to spend money or not.
if you decide to spend money and something goes wrong.
I can make it through without needing to spend money.
Replay Valuec93
It's fun and challenging when you get further into the game.
Best game ever never gets old.
Although the special events can only be done at higher levels.
Every update adds more and more replay value to the game.
It is simple yet fun and will provide hours of entertainment.
Social Aspectsc97
Awesome game to play with friends and compare troops.
This game is amazing and fun to play with friends.
Use my ID to get an item under the social tab.
Go to social tab.
Production Valuesc85
The graphics are great and the character evolutions are awesome.
In the new update the battle sound effects are muted.
then shows a black screen but still plays the sound effects.
Awesome graphics and awesome and simply battle system.
It has great action with great animation.
Ease of Usec92
This game is simple and fun and i love the graphics.
and the gameplay is simple and fun.
Great game simple to play and great for those that are completioniests.
It's fun and pretty simple to play.
Fix game please.
the game freezes and crashes and that is very frustrating.
Just wish there weren't so many connection and server problems.
Great game but terrible server problems.
Ads not Intrusivec56
This is also just to make them STOP ASKING ME TO RATE THE GAME.
Stop asking me to rate you every five minutes.
When you install you are forced to rate the game.
Security & Privacyc49
its really frustrating because i lost my daily login streak.
I lost my account.
Updates & Supportc39
-great mechanics -cool characters -great customer service -do it.
Amazing customer service and great game great updates.
We need the Japanese version transferred over to English.
Despite the fact that the japanese version is much more.
The new update won't download.
New update won't download.

Enter ID number for metal god card
a really action packed game full of fun. found in 17 reviews
I strongly recommend this game for people who enjoy rpg and adventure. found in 12 reviews
Very nice game having fun time playing it right now. found in 23 reviews
U should really consider this one great gameplay and progression. found in 42 reviews
Super fun and the characters are really cool. found in 199 reviews
Every update adds more and more replay value to the game. found in 11 reviews
Blew me away sssssooooooo amazing my new addiction. found in 8 reviews
so it feels very rewarding for all the hard work. found in 10 reviews
It is simple yet fun and will provide hours of entertainment. found in 9 reviews
Interesting game mechanics with level up and evolution system. found in 28 reviews
A beautiful mix between Final Fantasy and Puzzles and Dragons. found in 14 reviews
I expect this game to be long lasting. found in 7 reviews
Definately recommend for rpg lovers or collectors. found in 22 reviews
it's a fast paced TBRPG that always has something to do. found in 31 reviews
The graphics make me feel like I'm playing an old school rpg. found in 39 reviews
Good game
62156314. found in 27 reviews
I have been playing for over a year and it is an amazing game. found in 17 reviews
Metrics are well balanced against the in app purchases. found in 22 reviews
One of the best RPG games I've played on the App Store. found in 52 reviews
The developers have created nice character designs and an interesting storyline. found in 38 reviews
The connection issues are happening multiple times a week. found in 167 reviews
Really fun but the constant connection issues are incredibly annoying. found in 25 reviews
The game freezes on the connecting part at the beginning. found in 35 reviews
Nice game but must buy gems to get the better units. found in 99 reviews
the server become unstable and u cant play the game. found in 39 reviews
It's fun and addictive and a good way to waste some time. found in 54 reviews
This game is awesome but it keeps on giving connection problem. found in 23 reviews
but so many connection errors hinders it's greatness. found in 24 reviews
Great game but crashes frequently with "An Unexpected Error Has Occurred ". found in 47 reviews
If they would fix the connection problems it would be great. found in 27 reviews
This game crashes on me atleast once per play. found in 194 reviews
The new daily login prizes are pretty sweet. found in 42 reviews
Have not been able to connect to Facebook at all anymore. found in 83 reviews
interfering with the fun of the game please fix asap. found in 42 reviews
Love everything about the game except for the arena mechanics. found in 17 reviews
Enjoyable game doesn't seem to scale badly like most f2p. found in 53 reviews
And The connection errors are horrible there all the time. found in 193 reviews
Hate that I can't sell my units in order to play. found in 100 reviews
Game crashes on " checking files " and technical support is a joke. found in 83 reviews
When you install you are forced to rate the game. found in 112 reviews
If you can't sell your units you can't play the game. found in 100 reviews
Customer service refused to help and would send generic responses. found in 82 reviews
On IPhone 4 game doesn't even start PLEASE FIX. found in 53 reviews
I can't even load the game it goes black then closes out. found in 58 reviews
Connection errors seem to be popping out everytime. found in 193 reviews
however since the new update I can't even open the game. found in 44 reviews
I tried to update but it says no internet connection. found in 58 reviews
Keeps saying an unknown error has occurred please fix this problem. found in 47 reviews
Ever since the update the game always crashes for me. found in 61 reviews
Unable to login because of connection error. found in 108 reviews
Game crashes when it supposed to be downloading. found in 194 reviews
tried to re -install the game but still nothing has happened. found in 117 reviews

The Brave Frontier is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iOS owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 36.4 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.2 has been released on 2014-11-01.
More Info: Find more info about Brave Frontier in gumi Inc.`s Official Website :

DOWNLOAD FOR FREE the MOST ANTICIPATED classic style role-playing game for the iPhone Venture forth into "Grand Gaia", the world of the gods, and unleash your Summoner powers to save it by defeating the Fallen God ...
Cool                 Cool
this app is good love it                 greatest
It never gets old especially because it is always changing for the better                 Best game on the App Store
Games good but the gems and the summon is horrible spend like 60 on gems and got the same character like 3 times of each one So is a waste I want refund           Dont buy their gems
Very addicting                 Good
I love this game and it gives you the enjoyment of almost endless fun as someone has said before The Summons thats pretty much all I have to say              Great game but
Perfect RPG game                 Brave Frontier
When i go in game the extra skills dont work and when I try to read them it says none           Extra Skill Issues
My game deleted and I was planning of playing it since I had good characters and I want back vocaloids           I would give more but
Lots of new content frequent updates                 Great game
I cant login I cant open it the only I can get in is by turning off my wifi     Cant even open the app
Nothing more to say                 Amazing
My account is stuck in a loop I recently bought the gems and summoning ticket bundle and when I bought it I received it but now its stuck in a loop and wont get off the purchasing box It keeps taking me to the bundle window and telling me the bundle has expired every time I click the ok button it brings me back to the bundle has expired window please help me Sincerely Alex                 Help please
Awesome game and u can do really cool stuff and really addicting                 Best game
Great game nothing more to say but its very addictive                 Great game
Best                 Woop
Awesome game                 Gemu
Ive been playing the game for a very long time and quit from time to time due to the unlucky summons However the game itself is pretty enjoyable when competing with other friends Lately theres been lots of bugs Ive re downloaded the game for the 10th time literally and theres always one bug This frustrates me because every download takes atleast 4 hours Hours I couldve spent earnings gems for this rare popular unit summons rate up So I hope this could be fixed Again good game overall              Review Caleng
This is a good game Theres a lot of monsters to collect and you dont have to spend a lot of money to succeed in the game unless you want to My biggest complaint is that the game is constantly crashing on me and every day despite downloading the previous day I always have a big download to do before I can start playing           Fun but buggy
Absolutely amazing the only iPhone game I play and ever will play                 Brave Frontier gets it
I downloaded it and it gets to checking files it reaches a 50 and doesnt go any further my device is an iPhone 5 Ok now its getting annoying no matter what I do it wont go any higher than 50 really gumi I havent even played the game once you have some nerve saying bug fixes and having a bug that wont even let you use the game Grow up           Cant play
The Games So Good It got me Horny                 Brace Frontier
You should make it so that we can trade units with our friends on the game If you do me and my friends will be really proud THANKS                 Suggestion
I played this game for a while and it was running perfectlyNow it says your gumi live session had changed and to restart the gameSo I restart it and it says the same thing again so like I cant play this game now please do something about this              Why cant I log in
Ive been playing brave frontier for years now and I still love everything about it character design and fighting styles The game play allows me to do a simple swipe to do a brave burst and when Im doing something autobattle is always there for me I love to see my favorite characters get new evolutions because they start to look more and more awesome also love dual wielding characters and think itd be cool if there was a dual wielding summon gate for a week or so Just love the game and everything about it cant wait to see more                 Been my favorite for a while
I really enjoy brave frontier The combat itself is straight forward enough to get easily but yet complex enough to where mastery is difficult Also I made a small purchase of gems just before a server update was scheduled to happen and as a result I never got what I paid for So I contacted the developers support staff and they worked the issue out within 2 hours through email All in all I am very pleased with this game and its developer and therefore highly recommend it to others                 Great Game and Support Staff
Add me 5877041404                 Awsome game Im addicted
I love this game However the beginning units not the ones collected in the levels are way too weak compared to newer units I feel as though this should be tweaked but that is just my opinion              Impressive
Its good                 Lol
Its stupid how the units do not use bb when they are full causing multiple loses every time i try to do arena Until this problem is solved one star will do for you     Fix Arenas IQ
Ehh                 Ehh
I didnt buy it know I have to pay for it for one I click on one to pay for it and it did not work at all so please delete this so I can play again     It wont let me delete the purches
Game                 Good
Ive only just started but so far this is a great game Glad my friend recommended this to me              Only just started playing but so far great
When they stop giving me Dryads Ill rate the game higher          
I played this once before then I lost all my data and then it didnt work now it works without a problem Thanks                 Loved it
Think they could sharpen up the graphics some for a p2w game bringing them in money like it is        Looks terrible on iPad Air 2
Just upgraded to the iPhone 6s and I cannot summon anything from the summon section The button does not work for anything It works everywhere else but on Summons     iPhone 6s Problem
This game is really fun even though it is a pixel 2d game I dont think words can describe it Its one of the best games Also I have never seen or heard a better game than this it meets everyones standard If it doesnt meet someones standards then there will be updates to meet that standard Everyday the game has something new to offer It is a game where your parents or friends will have to pry your hands off of just to keep you from playing a little I said it before and Im going to say it again never had I heard of a game thats better than this                 One of the best
Addicted to it The pleasure of having all the best units                 Great game This is totally what Im looking for
Thanks Obama                 Best game 1010
I ever see good game online in smartphone like this before                 Good game
Awww yeee                 Cool beans m8
So every time I remove a charector from my squad it tells me I cant and its really bugging me because I cant do quest                 Bug
Okay so Im getting kinda tired of people complaining about the summons Its a random pick with percentages if it doesnt say a percentage of what youre going to get example 100 earth units 1 free unit for every five summons dont complain if you get the same unit again use you gems on a variety of rare gates to get a better chance at a different unit use all of you gems on the same gate to get the same units Anyway besides that gumi can you not make the app kick me out all of the time or at least let me get into the app in the first place It is maddening when I cant get into the game for an hour and when I finally accomplish it the game kicks me out Wonderful art though for if their is any thing about this game that I would criticize it is the art           Gamblers Game
Its a great game but sometimes the game just does not let you play Wifi was working on all my device but for some reason this app lied and said that the wifi wasnt connected to my phone Smh        Doesnt let me play
Fun game                 Bf
I love this app but since I updated my phone to iOS 910 when I open the app it says connection error please fix        I love This game but
Hands done the most addicting game                 Great game
Games got me hooked I have played everyday for over a year However I own an iPhone 6s and idk if its the phone or recent iOS update but I cant do many basic functions due to the 3Dtouch Im assuming I cant even summon Games great Keep up the work And I expect an update soon                 Too good

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