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3asoftware, the publisher behind many iOS games (Bubble Breaker (Bubble Burst) for iPad ,Sliding Puzzle for iPad ,Chinese Chess Lite (中国象棋) ,Sliding Pictures Puzzle ,Famous canvas Painting Puzzle ,Bubble Burst Free), brings Bubble Breaker (Bubble Burst) with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Bubble Breaker (Bubble Burst) games has been update to version 1.3 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Bubble Breaker (Bubble Burst) for $1.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 2.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.3 has been released on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about Bubble Breaker (Bubble Burst) in 3asoftware`s Official Website : http://bigcokernut.blog.com

Bubble Breaker (also called bubble burst, jawbreaker) is an interesting puzzle game. Select bubbles with the same color and let them burst. The more you break with one click,the higher the score you get. First ...
The new colors are terrible change them back please     Terrible
keep updating                 Much better than before
New updated version is horrible I want the old version back Someone help It wont let me buy the old one back again Im going crazy     Hate it
New colors have ruined the game Does anybody know a way to undo the update Change it back please Too hard to see now     Me
Loved game and then you completely changed it The new version is horrible colors are impossible to see Please bring back the old version     Change it back
Disappointing expensive The HP game is great but this not sadly Please update it        Bubble Breaker
This is not as showed on the cover of app terrible and waste of money     U
Can I get my money back     What
The graphics are terrible I want a refund on this     Bubblebreaker
No way to start a new game Typos galore     Poorly designed
This app was so sad that i ended up deleting it The version of bubble breaker that exists on my HTC touch pro 2 windows phone is far superior Crisp background bright easily discernible colors good resolution everything that this poor little app wasnt And this is saying a heck of a lot since wellits not like the windows phones are known for their good apps So this poor app was being judged by a very very low standard and still underwhelmed me Avoid     Deleted it
Want my money back color is bad cant see them if I could give it zero stars I would     Horrible
They all look too close in hue and cannot be instantly differentiated visually     Hate the new colors
This update is the pits This was the only game I played and now I wont be playing it either Change it back please     I hate it too
Doesnt work right Thought this was the game on my old samsung     Waste of money
I agree with the others I want my old vibrant bubble breaker back Cant stand the changes and cant see the new colors well Not fun anymore Please make the change     Hate the update
They shouldnt have changed itcant see the colors well at all The old game rocked the new one blows goats     Updated Game Is Trash
It is a fun little game Needs some tweeks done but still fun                 Pretty fun
We should get a refund I didnt purchase it with the hard to see colors Dont like it     Yuck to the update
Does not look like the picture as i was expecting it would the bubbles are very difficult to look at and get annoying real quickwould like my money back     Do not buy
Not worth the 199 I got ripped A few words were incorrectly spelled I think a 5 year old wrote this app        Ok game
Thought This was like the game bubble breaker on my old Motorola Q This one has weaker graphics and poor animation Not worth 199     Wast of 199
I love this game but I just updated it on my phone now whole game has changed I want the old version back I hate the new colors of the bubbles theyre not as vibrant as they used to be The new colors blend together Not happy        Sad
I wouldnt mind this game if it were free But 199 is ridiculous The graphics are terrible And bebbled is only 99 and a way better buy My advice dont buy this crappy game Save a dollar and buy bebbled if you want a bubble popping game thats actually worth it Oh and ps green bubbles on a green background is stupid Change the freaking background and then Ill consider raising my review a star Doesnt anyone know how to make a good game anymore and charge a reasonable price for it Thumbs down on this one     Dont waste your money Buy bebbled instead
Seriously horrible     The worst period
Dont waste your money this app is trash the update is horrible They need to bring the original version back I too wish I could get a refund     Save your money
Cant see the bubbles very well because of the colors It strains my eyes to the point of a headache No fun anymore and I wont play until its changed back     Hate the new colors
Its pretty lame Do not get this game its a total waste of time     Pretty Lame
Colors horrendous and the game modes do not work FIX THIS DEVOtherwise dont waste your money     Waste
I couldnt even play a single game The colors are horrific and a huge distraction Would give me a headache if I had to play this thing I uninstalled it after tinkering with the color adjustment settings for over half an hour     Not Good
The app has the four types of mode but it is very slow to response tap on the bubble and the graphic background are terrible hopefully they do some changes and update        Slow response
I loved this game but when I updated it the new version is so bad I hate it Please tell mr how to get old version back Please     Hate
Like the title says all the game features work except for shifter Also how are you going to advertise connecting to the Game Center but nothing shows up Thats wack     Shifter Malfunction poorfalse advertisement
Bad design Not intuitive Not aesthetic Waste of money     Low quality
Great gamevery good to pass the time              Good game
Please update so we can have the option to change the background color Like the game but the green is terrible           More Options Please
I agree with all the other comments The new iPhone version is awful I wont download the update onto my iPad and my high scores we erased I had to give this at least one star but I really think it deserves ZERO STARS     New iPhone version stinks
One reviewer said theres no way to start a new game but there is you tap replay Worded incorrectly but its there However the game starts with the same puzzle every time you launch and then proceeds in the same order through puzzles every single time It is not worth the money     Poorly made
The update was terrible The colors were muted the record keeping was moved to the cloud Luckily I still had on one of my pieces of equipment the original version of Bubble Breaker so I deleted the update from the computer tethered the equipment that had the original version of Bubble Breaker to the computer and let the original version be reinstalled on my computer Now I just have to individually downed updates from individual apps rather than doing a collective update Apple needs to include a button for the user to permanently reject an update     horrible update
Change the game back The update is terrible and the bubbles are so difficult to see now with the optional backgrounds The game was better when it was simpler It hurts my eyes now     Hate the update
Pretty sad Bubbles are too big so it makes for a pretty lame version of the game I used to loves on my windows mobile phone        Pretty lame
I should have headed the rating This game has way too small of a gameboard The free facebook app is infinity time better Reassure the temptation to play this on your phone Go find a free version I wish I could return my game     Not worth it
The green background is horrible Do not waste 200 on this Wish I could return it for a refund     Dont buy this
Fun game for those who like it The app is horrible You cannot play it and listen to music Cannot spell the word cancel An update is due folks           fun game and poor application
I really hate the update Its very difficult to differentiate the new colors Can you change it back     Really Hate Update
Waste of my money for the same reasons someone else mentioned No way to start a new game either     Ugh
Please make the background color changeable or at least pick something other than that rancid green Thanks Otherwise the app is great so far Can be 5 stars but 4 for now until that color is changed              Background color
I loveD this game until I did the update I hate the new colors to hard to seePLEASE CHANGE IT BACK     Bubble burst
Do not waste your money Advertisement makes it look like the fun and addicting game on the blackjack but it is not even close Horrible waste of money Only giving one star because I have too it doesnt even deserve one     Not as advertised
I used to love this game on my husbands blackberry This is definitely not even close Wish I didnt buy it     Dont buy

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