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Spooky House Studios UG (haftungsbeschraenkt) , the publisher behind many iOS games (Rail Maze 2 ,2048 : Power of Two ,Bubble Shootix ,Pumpkin Xplode ,Jewel Destroyer ,Rail Maze 2 : Train Puzzler), brings Bubble Explode with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Bubble Explode games has been update to version 2.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The new bonus rounds are a lot of fun..
  • It is an amazing game I love playing it..
  • This a great variation of a bubble shoot game..
  • numerous types of card games at college..
  • One of the best free games I have tried..

Overall Satisfactionc72
I love it and your going to love it.
I used to love playing this game but it stopped working with the latest update.
This has been my favorite game since I downloaded it.
I love the new game modes & it's really addicting.
but it crashed and the " new game " paged has frozen.
It is an amazing game I love playing it.
Frequent crashes ruin amazing game.
I recommend this game to anyone who loves any type Of game.
First time i played and love the music makes is so relaxing.
Wonderful game when you want to get away from it all.
Fun & Engagingc85
This game is very addictive my battery went low twice.
Cute sound effects and a good game to pass the time.
relaxing game that is a lot of fun to play.
Super fun - relaxing and addicting at the same time.
Once started it takes strong willpower to put down.
Very addicting fun fun fun.
Just be prepared to spend hours upon hours playing this game.
Mindless fun and great for passing the time.
That app is sooo fun I play it everyday without getting tired.
u will play it everyday and every night.
I play it when I get up it helps me focus.
Helps me focus and relax.
Family Friendlyc81
This is a great game the whole family loves it.
Value for Moneyc44
It's completely unnecessary to buy the pearls.
Replay Valuec80
Very frustrating now that I have advanced to higher levels.
The new version added some wonderfully challenging games.
This game provide hours of entertainment when boredom strikes.
Probably the app with the highest replay value in my collection.
games that are to play and hard to master.
Production Valuesc81
I am notified during game play when I obtain one of these.
Cannot hold a pattern during game play.
I love the soft music and sound of bubbles busting.
Beautiful graphics.
Amazing effects.
Ease of Usec87
It's a simple game to play - you burst bubbles for points.
For such a simple game.
very challenging game- easy to get hooked.
Easy to get hooked on playing.
Ads not Intrusivec32
Updates & Supportc32
My 3 year old enjoys the classic version.
Low battery & it so worth it.

This is my favorite before-class time killer. found in 23 reviews
I wanna know what the background music is. found in 9 reviews
Could spend hours trying to beat my previous score. found in 2 reviews
I enjoy playing this game to clear my mind before bed. found in 6 reviews
This game is addictive and time flies by when I play. found in 5 reviews
Excellent game to wind down with. found in 4 reviews
The graphics are calming after a stressful day at work. found in 4 reviews
And u live this game. found in 5 reviews
I love that it includes many variations of bubble based games. found in 4 reviews
I love all the new possibilities as you reach different levels. found in 6 reviews
The background music is soothing. found in 5 reviews
Super fun - relaxing and addicting at the same time. found in 26 reviews
A fun/ entertaining game to play whenever/wherever. found in 10 reviews
Finally- A Puzzle Game That Finally Uses iPod Fully. found in 5 reviews
Very addicting fun fun fun. found in 17 reviews
Mindless fun and great for passing the time. found in 5 reviews
That app is sooo fun I play it everyday without getting tired. found in 11 reviews
It's like my stress releaser and free time passer. found in 9 reviews
Love the relaxing music and variety of bubble games. found in 5 reviews
Probably the app with the highest replay value in my collection. found in 3 reviews
It is a great game but it crashes on start up. found in 2 reviews
Everytime i get a text message the game freezes. found in 2 reviews
it got kinda boring popping the same bubbles. found in 4 reviews
Makes it difficult to see bubbles at top of screen. found in 3 reviews
Hate the ad pop ups. found in 1 reviews
This game would be better if the classic mode was longer. found in 2 reviews
that seems an inappropriate ad to include. found in 1 reviews
it opens to the haunted house page and then closes. found in 2 reviews
Why can't I get past level 160. found in 7 reviews
Just doesn't seem fair. found in 2 reviews
However it's constantly interrupting with requests to buy bubbles. found in 28 reviews
I don't want to sign into or join game center. found in 7 reviews
Fun but annoying. found in 2 reviews
Does not work on iPad Air Otherwise a great game. found in 4 reviews
The new ads will probably be the end for me. found in 2 reviews
Great game except bubble invasion ends prematurely. found in 4 reviews
Fun but not worth paying for. found in 2 reviews
Can't tap the screen fast enough. found in 1 reviews
but now constant ads frustrating. found in 2 reviews
It's unfair when the game ends before the game ends. found in 9 reviews
but it hangs on my new iPad air. found in 4 reviews
So sad this STILL DOES NOT WORK ON iPad Air. found in 4 reviews
Turn by turn won't let me have a turn :. found in 38 reviews
but you can't make it next to impossible to win. found in 17 reviews
Don't like how they try to force you to purchase pearls. found in 7 reviews
Now I can't get the app to work. found in 6 reviews

The Bubble Explode is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.0.0 has been released on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Bubble Explode check developer Spooky House Studios UG (haftungsbeschraenkt)`s website : http://www.spookyhousestudios.com/bubbleexplode.html

Bubble Explode has been Top 1 free app in UK, Canada, Netherlands, Russia and has been in Top 5 free apps in USA, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and many other countries Take your Bubble Exploding ...
Love love love this game                 Twelve
Spend way too much time playing              Too addictive
Time flies when youre in its zone                 Only faulttoo addictive
Great game Simple at first glance but has layers of complexity You need to look ahead for the opportunities you can create                 I am now a bubble head
Power of Two is the best 2048 game Ive found Fun challenging Great app                 Best 2048 out there
Okay if inability to quit the game when you desire is the goal then this one gets it The only reason I put four stars instead of five is because it keeps crashing on me However that could be my phones issue so I just play on my iPad Twelve is my nemesis Play on              Too addicting
playing against computer you dont get same move bonuses        not fair
Love the bubbles making them pop and change shooting them down all fun can spend hours just trying them all out              fun and time consuming
Ive always enjoyed these types of games My three yearold even enjoys it Its great for him to learn grouping colors Works fine and has other game options than just the classic bubble pop game                 An old favorite
This set of games is both relaxing and engaging I play primarily the classic game and find it fun to ignore the score and set my own challenges For example I might try to see how large a green mass I can create before popping it all Or I might see how long I can keep one particular tower from collapsing while Im popping as many other bubbles as I can In this game you can play as mindlessly just poke the pretty bubbles or as brainily challenge yourself as you like Have fun                 Bubbly Fun
Best casual game ever                 Amazing
Dont think you will play just a game or two It draws you in and you continually want to better your score Nice way to pass the time                 Addictive
I had so much fun with this game It looks really good on the screen of my iPad Air 2 and it hasnt glitched out once So much fun                 SO AWESOME
This has been my favorite and most addictive game yet I have played hours I need to get a life I have found some issues with the scoring in swapper And oh how I wish there was an option to turn off hints in swapper it is annoying distracting and not the best move anyway Please update              Great game
Love this game but trying to beat levels above 150 have brought on freezes and waiting to reload problems that dont allow me to use my pearls when needed Very frustrating Almost like they wont let you go furtherI have wasted so many pearls trying to beat some levels and it wont let me Games are addicting but if you are serious beware     Game has bugs at higher levels
Crashes galore and as an added bonus the game runs so slow on my iPad with all of the commercials running I have to turn off the network just to play it     Dont bother
My game is Power of Two I do NOT like how youve changed the skin colors Can barely tell yellow from orange Why did you change them The old colors were bold and easy to see some people have vision problems that your young programmers did not consider     Power of Two new skin
This app now chokes between games and during the animation on individual games Loading is VERY slow Whole thing needs a rewrite and streamlining of code     Choking
This is my favorite app at the moment It has many great games included like the power of two critical mass and 12 to name a few of my favorites It is absolutely free and has unlimited lives Very very addictive                 Awesome awesome game
Love this game Good job guys with this game                 My fav
I had been looking for a bubblepop game have tried deleted many This is definitely the best You dont have to spend for in app purchases the way the others do There are many options to choose from so everybody should find something to suit them It is also relaxing not at all stressful to play Definitely recommend                 The Best Without A a Doubt
Super relaxing perfect for playing while waiting around                 So much fun
Very entertaining nicely done Not a pay to play Solid pastimes                 Good
Constantly crashes A real pain Could not leave a one star because that crashed too     Swapper
This game is a scam it is totally controlled you need no skills because it does not matter you never win unless the developers want you to I will never buy pearls it would be a total waste of money I doubt this will post as it is not a good review i have been stuck on 132 for months and i know i am a better player than that     Fixed game
Fun relaxing the music and sounds are great i would give 20 stars if I could This is one of the only games I play thats free With adds that dont get in the way of game play Please try it They are generous with the pearls witch are like coinsthat they give so your not having to spend money on the game all the time they are good to their players Their are multiple games within the app that you can play                 Love this game
Like a lot Could move faster              Love
Im 17 and I love this game its a great time killer and totally addicting there are a few flaws like sometimes itll crash or the balls wont shoot properly but hey its just a game to play when youre bored I play this everyday before bed just to relax me and it really does help Also I play this in between iMessaging because it saves my game right where I clicked off it truly is a great game              very relaxing and addictive
Ads using too much cpu game is not playable with some ads it uses too much cpu on ipad air     ads
This is soothing and fun                 Kb
Im not the most expert in games but have to say that i Iove this app It has some many options within one game that everybody in my family has their favorite              Bubble explode
This has bee my favorite game for at least ten years It is challenging and a strategy game that always keeps me thinking and allows me to forget about everything else Love it                 Bubble Explode
I love this game and Im addicted but as soon as I signed it up on FB it started crashing and wont let me play anymore So its only getting 3 stars because now I have to delete and all my progress and start all over           Wont stop crashing
Crashes in the middle of a game on a routine basis particularly when one makes a highscoring move     Crashes frequently
I enjoy the challenge of getting a better score each time I play                 Great great game
Enjoy playing this game while waiting on my kids                 Bubble Explode
Totally love this game because it is relaxing When you need a challenge change to another level of this game              Relaxing
This game is mesmerizing Love the music and it is fun but relaxing at the same time I am sure I will buy the next level                 I love it
I love this app When I get tired of one game I just go to another one Its great to find little ways to help raise the score                 Fabulous Games
Why did you take the power of 2 away        Bubble explode
Great way to pass the time I like the new 12 game I would like a variety of music choices                 Bubble xplode
Played 12 for TWO hours the first time playing Really like italmost as much as shooting                 Addictive
Love it                 Awesome
This program is a total scam Watch your billings in your iTunes account We noticed some unusual activity charges on our account turns out that Bubble Scamsters charged us about 100 Took hours to investigate and resolve Can any spell Class Action Avoid this game at all costs     Bubble Scam Game
This game is sooooo addictive LOVE IT BIG TIME                 Wow
Good game very fun              Bubble explode
I really like this game but since the latest update the game crashes a LOT especially when Im playing Swapper and have just burst a bunch of bubbles So a game is going well and Ive just made a move that takes out a lot of bubbles As the bubbles are popping the thing crashes game over before it was finished good score erased That is not fun Its frustrating        Newest update crashes
I love it I even got my sister to download the game we love twelve                 Awesome games
WONDERFUL                 One word
This game is so addicting                 Hours of fun

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