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21awake Ltd , the publisher behind many iOS app (buddhify 2 ,buddhify), brings buddhify 2 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. buddhify 2 app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I like the way it charts my meditation time..
  • Mainly to help me go to sleep..
  • Good for graduate students..
  • It helps me relax and fall asleep..

Overall Satisfactionc90
I definitely recommend this to anyone who has anxiety.
amazing meditation tool.
My good friend recommended buddhify.
Wonderful meditation practice.
High quality.
Love the wheel of choices.
A wonderful resource for a modern life.
it has made my phone feel useful once again.
Been helpful during stressful situations.
I've been using this app for several weeks and find myself using it everyday.
Ease of Usec94
Wonderfully simple.
Simple to use and very effective.
Very handy and convenient to use anywhere.

The " Feeling Stressed " meditations are wonderful. found in 2 reviews
I've been using this app for several weeks and find myself using it everyday. found in 1 reviews
Soothing and relaxing. found in 1 reviews
A great way to slow down and refocus. found in 1 reviews
I'm 50 years old and have tried to meditate for years. found in 5 reviews
beautiful meditations available in this app have made it happen. found in 2 reviews
This is the first time I've felt compelled to review an app. found in 1 reviews
Great for Beginners. found in 1 reviews
This app is great for learning mindfulness meditation. found in 3 reviews
the content is great. found in 3 reviews
Great app for many situations. found in 1 reviews
The down to earth guided meditations are awesome. found in 2 reviews
Grateful for this app. found in 1 reviews
buddhify is the mindfulness app for your modern life. found in 3 reviews
This is a highly versatile and effective meditation tool for beginners. found in 3 reviews
Great tool to learn basic meditation. found in 3 reviews
Too many useless buttons and too much focus on data collection. found in 2 reviews
No data sync. found in 1 reviews
but confusing and non obvious. found in 2 reviews
poor development. found in 1 reviews
Crashes when re- entering app. found in 2 reviews
wish there were more content updates. found in 1 reviews
and doesn't zoom. found in 1 reviews
One issue - the layout has tiny type. found in 2 reviews
but I find Buddhify more simpler to use. found in 1 reviews
however it lacks any method to skip ahead or rewind. found in 2 reviews
Just started but really engaging approach. found in 1 reviews
which at times lead me to believe that the app stopped. found in 1 reviews
and I wish I could select her voice for all of the sessions. found in 1 reviews
but it's not usable /accessible to everyone. found in 1 reviews
The app crashed within minutes after installing on my iPhone 5s. found in 1 reviews
But remove the ads please. found in 1 reviews
Constantly hijacks the lock screen. found in 1 reviews
iPad Screen Freezes and Won't Rotate. found in 1 reviews
Can't read the tiny type. found in 1 reviews

The buddhify 2 is now available for $1.99 for iOS owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at a hefty 140 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new buddhify 2 app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-01-01.
More Info: Find more info about buddhify 2 in 21awake Ltd`s Official Website : http://buddhify.com

buddhify 2 is the mindfulness app for your modern life. OPENING SALE PRICE - REQUIRES iOS7 Practical, playful and beautifully-designed, buddhify 2 increases your wellbeing by teaching you mindfulness-based meditation on the go. With dozens of custom meditations ...
I wish I had found this app sooner Lately I have been going through an enormous amount of stress with my son having a bipolar episode This app has been helping me relax accept and have courage to face my daily routines and growth Thank you for making this app                 Fantastic
Great tool Wheel could be bigger I have been using daily 2 or more times Great intro and beneficial for balancing              Love this app
This is a great app for beginners or any levels really and those who are busy and would like to practice meditation anytime and anywhere Before buddhify I used HeadSpace which is also a cool app The only downside is that further subscription comes with a fee Buddhify is way more affordable Besides being more affordable than Headspace one thing I really like is the Solo option Both apps have tracks that guide you to meditate but buddhify has a timer that keeps track of meditation when you want to just do it without any guidance Buddhify also comes with a big variety of different types of meditation methods It provides the option to be able to meditate in any kinds of situation I find it motivates me to practice meditation too Overall buddhify is more versatile If you can afford Headspace by all means go for it But from my experience of using both apps I find myself using buddhify more often                 EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE IT
Annoying nasal voice lecturing pablum at you     Annoying voice
I agree with other reviewers Remove the Thanks for using Buddhify message at the end of each track It is already assumed that you the developer appreciates our purchase So then if you value OUR thoughts remove the plugs It completely takes you out of the meditation One of the statements made by one of the speakers at the end of one of the meditations is Thank you for using Buddhify Reallythank you SO much Are you serious STOP     Remove The Product Placement
Love these short guided meditationsgreat for just taking a break to recenter or get in a restful balanced state of mind                 Love it
I just downloaded this and spent 5 and it wont move past the 1st page It asks me to sign up for their newsletter so I did and nothing happens It just stays on this page Hope this is fixed soon or I would like a refund     Not working
Im currently using Headspace but I find Buddhify more simpler to use because of the many a la carte choices offered from the wheel menu as opposed to following a long series eg stress series in Headspace where Ive quickly become bored The price difference between the two meditation apps is amazing Buddhify is affordable while Headspace is not I also enjoy the variety of voices I have ADHD and get bored easily Love the stats showing how many days Ive meditated too The only thing is I dont like the Thank you for using Buddhify at the end A gentle chime would suffice              Love the wheel of choices
No no no Fix this immediately and Ill reconsider my rating I meditate to avoid noise not be faced with it as I surface from mindfulness with BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH DOT COM     Advertisements WITHIN the meditation SERIOUSLY
Enjoying the app Its a great way for a novice like me to get started with mediation Two things Id like to see you add 1 a way to mark favorites 2 a list of meditations completed and a way to rate each one as a reminder to use the most helpful ones again I have only run into one so far where the person promotes themselves by ending with their name and website Please do not allow internal promotion It would be fine to include a list somewhere in the app of the people and their websites but I dont want to hear it at the end of a meditation                 Great app
Say what you will about having attachments to preferred meditations but I definitely like some better than others There is one voice in particular that the cadence and sometimes language I find abrasive With the abundance of choices it would be great within the app to somehow mark which ones I like best just like the ones I havent tried are marked              Would love to save favorites
What more can you ask for                 This app is making a positive difference in my life
I love the versatility of this app As a working mom I rarely find the long quiet time so many say is necessary for real meditation By using this app for the past several months in various situations while online traveling waiting etc I find my focus and ability to quiet my racing thoughts is greatly improved I appreciate the reality and playfulness the speakers bring to the short recordings I cant wait to see where my meditation practice is this time next year                 Useful on a Daily Basis
I like to think I can be intentional mindful and centered within myself but like opening an imported beer with the proper toolthis tool makes it a lot easier more accessible I love the easy menu to pick an exercise based on the situation Advertisements dont bother me we are the world we live in and I get it Namaste                 Great tool for MODERN mindfulness
If you are new to mindfulness or meditation in general or experienced with a long standing practice this is a terrific app to own Great introduction to techniques and lots of options for practice along with suggested settings This is a great way to really understand how mindfulness can be part of everything you do Technically the app is beautiful and simple with an interface that is pure art The app is keeping me on a regular meditation routine and I have started to use the techniques with my kids to help them sleep manage strong emotions and just be more in touch with their interactions with the world                 Wonderful little app
Great design and soooooo many different guided meditations 5 stars is too few                 Love it
One of the best mindfulnessmeditation apps I have yet to find and I have tried them all Would only ask for the ability to save favorites for use offline and for ease of locating                 One of the best
I love the meditations Theyre short and varied and just what I need to actually DO them The UI is gorgeous But the descriptions are tiny and I inevitably end up selecting one by accident On the mediation page itself Id love to see the title description in a readable font so that I know Im truly starting the meditation I wanted to select Id love too to be able to mark some of the meditations as favorites so I can easily find them later And on the stats page Id love a record of which meditations Ive done              Great app but would love a couple UI tweaks
Solid guided mediations for all situations                 Very useful
I have never written a review before but this product deserves praise Superb value for a self directed meditation aide I would pay ten times the price and consider it the most useful app for improving mindfulness Great product great team great energy The Hawaiian word is PONO which means ultimate balance Buddhify exemplifies this highest state of mindfulness Deepest thanks                 Very valuable tool
So far Ive really enjoyed using bhuddify Its themed meditations mean theres a huge number of guided practices to go through and in general I really like the guide voices I also like the way each one ends with an acknowledgement thanks for using bhuddify and affirmation youre great at what you do et al I think theyre charming and warm Its a great touch                 Charming and useful
Whether I enter my email on the first screen or not I can get beyond that screen Is there a secret or is this a glitch Its frustrating     Stuck on the want email screen
Exactly what I needed to calm the whirling dervish in my morning mind                 Thank you
Incredible for body awareness helping to put life into perspective and let go of self criticism Highly recommend Especially love critical under the Difficult Emotions tab Many of the recordings elude to ancient Western philosophies as well                 Healing meditations
Thanks Buddhify for keeping me sane during two very trying weeks                 Thanks
I wanted to start to meditate but I never felt comfortable with the process I couldnt benefit from it because I was concentrating on the process instead of relaxing into the practice I stumbled on this app and it has literally changed my life I feel like the work is being done for me so I can really relax reflect and receive moments of peace The voices are pleasing non intrusive and I really connect with the nuggets of wisdom that are placed in each session I cant say enough good about this app Thank you to the team that created this app                 Beneficial and Beautiful Interface
Love the voice of the person leading the sessions Just wish I could see the description better              Good stuff son
Love this app Ive struggled to establish a regular meditation practice But since getting this Ive hardly missed a day of my regular sitting as well as these little meditation moments Somehow these small meditations act as a primer The sleep and wake up ones are my favs I really like the interface Wish theyd make a workout stretching yoga version to match Little workout moments with the same great wheel Maybe Id get to the gym more                 My favorite app
This is the first meditation app Ive used I would not say I was an experienced meditator but Ive dabbled in mindful activities over the years I can best handle 10 minute meditations but I have practiced a 30 min Buddhist meditation with a group at college maybe a dozen times as a once a week practice Ive also practiced yoga once a week for a decade now I want to mention my experience level because while I still feel like a novice meditator I had been practicing a lovingkindness meditation for 3 months before trying Buddify And my immediate reaction to the app was this is not challenging enough Granted the app offers a wide variety of meditations Ive tried about 7 of them at this point I find the speaker talks too much just shut up so I can meditate But a guided practice is important to me I have become very unbalanced and selfcritical when meditating without some framework to help me avoid criticism That being said Im still giving the app 4 stars Its a solid welldesigned app worth every penny I just wish I somehow could have known how much they speaker talks before I bought the app The good the versatility of the meditations is prodigious thank you Buddify for helping me avoid a state of uncomfortable overexcitement due to an adrenaline rush the other day              Great for Beginning Meditators
Love this mindfulness meditation app The design is terrific and the variety of techniques and guides is awesome Its very accessible for beginners But also terrific for those more Experienced with meditation I prefer buddhify to calm and headspace                 I use it every day Very accessible
I downloaded it yesterday and just used it once to sleep and it worked Cant wait to explore the rest of the wheel                 Great app
I wish there were some tracks of music or sounds in the background if we wanted it It being only speaking is a little too dry for me Dont get me wrong I like the meditations but I think Id enjoy it better use it more and recommend it if I had some kind of preprogrammed audio option           Music
Often twice a day and sometimes more Love the variety in voices topics and durations Probably the best couple bucks Ive spent                 Use it daily
While there can always be additional refinements The Buddhify app is beautiful and effective                 Buddhiful
Good app that would be brilliant if execution was better Please make the type bigger for older folks Im 53 with average eyesight for my age and i cant read the interface without squinting and extra light           Make font larger
Best app on my phone use it every day I tried lots of mindfulness meditation apps and this is hands down the BEST Something for nearly every situation but if its ever expand it that would also be really great The meditations are not at all hippy weird but just perfect Ive noticed so much improvement in my practice this is my goto Also on a side note the wheel itself is so fun and a really great design Thanks guys for making this awesome app                 Awesome
I find this to be an incredibly useful tool to put me to bed but as harsh as this sounds Id consider switching out the male voice I unfortunately dont find his voice to be soothing one bit I instead find it annoying and several of my other friends who avidly use this app agree                 Love it But
Buddifhy does a great job shaping meditations around daily activities Its not supposed to be easy or entertaining but instead allow you to access your most present and mindful self This applied to people from all walks of life My only suggestion is that they add a date log of when meditations were complete and also show the user when the last time each specific meditation was completed                 Meditation made accessible
Really like the app The color wheel is cool but it sacrifices functionality for design The text is so small within the wheel its practically unreadable I wish that there were another option of being able to read what each meditation is and its description outside the color wheel maybe an alternate list form           Text Too Small
My therapist recommended this app for me after she diagnosed me with seasonal depression and two kinds of anxiety social and separation Its been a tremendous help in my experience of mindfulness and my social anxiety level has dropped immensely to the point where my friends and my parents have noticed I couldnt ask for a better helper                 The best tool for anxiety
I made my foray into meditation with this app I love using it It provides you with a multitude of meditative options to choose from depending on your mood or location The meditations also vary by length from about 5 to 20 minutes All of this makes it easy to make a habit out of meditating and make yourself more mindful of everyday experience Highly recommended                 Great for beginners
I am very particular about meditation apps I want to hear the message not the messenger Music voices chimes All these elements are very personal I find the voices here to be very calming and agreeable Im glad theres no music or background noise I wish there was a way to star or favorite my preferred tracks but thats my only suggestion Im looking forward to more selections                 Soothing
Love listening to this on the train in Worth the                 Zen on my Morning Commute
No sound settings means I cant add a bell if I dont like cello This is more secular and Westernized than what I was expecting I feel like Im being advertised to           Wishy washy
Since downloading the app last night Ive used the meditations twice and each time the screen froze and I had to turn the iPad onoff to reset the app So all of the benefits I achieved while meditating were completely wasted in my frustration with the app Plus the app screen wont rotate to landscape Not sure it was worth the money if this keeps happening           iPad Screen Freezes and Wont Rotate
I enjoy meditating but often do not know how or where to start These guided meditations are easy to use and follow I particularly enjoy the falling asleep tracks as I often have difficulty unwinding at night My only suggestion for improvement is to be able to rate each track so I can remember which ones I loved or didnt particularly care for Just a local rating not to be shared To each her own                 Perfect for my life
I love this app I find it extremely calming and comforting Well designed and fun to use It is just what I was looking for                 Love it
Just wanted to say I love this app Its a simple way to bring peace into my life Ive only done about 6 of the meditations so far but theyre all great I look forward to doing more I just finished the Together meditation with my partner We had fun laughed a bit Two minutes later hes now snoring So I think its fair to say he found it relaxing as well                 Love it
My friends joke that Im a salesperson for this app cant stop talking about it because its really been amazing Thank you for making meditation feel accessible and in turn life more manageable                 Exceptional
Buddhify has totally solved my sleeping problems I fall asleep easily quickly and sleep peacefully all night Best 5 ever spent Beats all other meditation apps Ive tried by far                 Best app on my phone

buddhify 2 Health & Fitnessbuddhify 2 Health & Fitnessbuddhify 2 Health & Fitnessbuddhify 2 Health & Fitnessbuddhify 2 Health & Fitnessbuddhify 2 Health & Fitnessbuddhify 2 Health & Fitnessbuddhify 2 Health & Fitnessbuddhify 2 Health & Fitnessbuddhify 2 Health & Fitnessbuddhify 2 Health & Fitnessbuddhify 2 Health & Fitness

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