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Toronto Professional Services , the publisher behind many iOS app (PinPoint Tech Solutions ,RepairCare Vendors ,Call Recording), brings Call Recording with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Call Recording app has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


This Record A Call application, allows any
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
telephone call to be recorded.
Their are 3 ways to activate the recording feature. Their are 6 ways to listen to the recordings.
Recordings are archived for future retrieval. Calls can be downloaded at any time.
The recording choices are:
1 - You can add recording to any call, while the call is in process. This means that you may have made, or received a call, and you decide that you would like to record the remainder of the call. This choice works for all calls, even international calls.
2 - You can make recorded calls.
3 - You can record memos, without any other person on the line.


The listening choices are,
1 - Listen to your recordings on the phone.
2 - Listen to your recordings online.
3 - Have your recordings immediately Emailed to you.
4 - Download your recordings.
5 - Allow another person, to hear a specific recording,
6 - Playing your recordings, while you are on a normal call, or are on a conference call.

Call Recording
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Useful Information
1. Our web site is: www.recordAcall.com. Here you will learn more about this app, as well as the special recording and listening features. The web site is also where you go to, to listen to and to download your archived recordings. To log on to the web site, you need an account number and a password. Your account number is your 10 digit iPhone number. Your password is only available by calling 312 429-0547. When you call that number, you will hear your 6 digit password.
2. When you add recording to a call, the system automatically plays the message "This call is being recorded". This message is heard by both parties on the call.
3. The app is free to download.


The Call Recording is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iPhone owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Call Recording app version 1.1 has been updated on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Call Recording check developer Toronto Professional Services`s website : http://recordacall.com


iPhone 320x480 1
Icon 175x175 1
Fake not working    Fake
Dont bother downloading it Just move on    It doesnt work
They charge 10 a month and its impossible to cancel    Stay away
Tried to use this app to record an interview with a customers and the call out to the companies server never connected I got a message that said this call cannot be completed at this time Ridiculous    First try FAIL
even though they charged 10 system stays no payment has been receivedseveral time tried co contact customer service this is no response    this is spam
Definitely would not recommend this to a friend Placed a test call to a known good phone with full reception from a phone with full reception Listened back to the recording and was not thrilled quality was marginal at best       Works But Poor Recording Quality
Does not record a Bluetooth call Only records both ends of a call when speaker is used Stops recording 4 or 5 minutes into a callunacceptable Has at least 40 seconds of lag time while it connects to their computers to record and hook in your call Does not work every time This is yet another App Store rip off The trial version is cap too    Just garbagegenuine cap
I followed the instructions It would hang up after a few seconds into the call EVERYTIME This isnt even worth ONE STAR    Worst app
They want u to pay 10 dollars per month so u can record phone calls    Cero stars apps
Never never never set up this loser and poor application    Do not setup this loser program
Why Why do you do this    Horrible
Hung up    Hung up when activated
Lots of BUGS Its not the way most of us would expect It make you call another number And its recorded on line Its kind of poor quality But not a lot of options out there I deleted it from my phone as it wasnt want I expected or wanted       Its not very easy to use
Great appSo cool You people should learn to read                What
Dont rely on this I never could get it to connect to a call    Didnt work
What a joke Cant get it to work Cant get help from customer support Dont waste your time or money    Junk
A failed program    A failed program
Stay away from this app Its a fraud    Save your money Dont buy this app
Dont download    Dont Work
I used this app when I first got an iPhone I needed to record an important call country wide and Bank of America were stealing our home I finally got them I thought but it only had saved 30 seconds of the call Bye house bye App Worst App Ever    Yikes
It does work u need to merge calls for it to work 1 Make call while the call is on go app and press record phone will call a 312 number the just click merge calls 2after you hang up go to app click listen Ill call back the 312 number were call is recorded kinda works like voice mail                Great app it does work
Yeah this is a legit AppNOTThis is not a free App And if you are wondering if it works consider the grammar spelling of the details IDK if these developers are Englishspeaking but cmon If you cannot even write one page of description how can we believe your App will workGetCheckedforADHD is a moron And I am sure he is the developer calling us morons LOL Look at his typos and compare to the typos in the App Coincidence Idk but it is rare that two morons make such similar errors    Yeah Right
Read the description It tells you everything This app is so good its great for evidence or stuff like that I LOVE IT                Awesome
Really worst    Worst
I didnt have any issues with the functionality of this app but this is an extremely unethical company that makes it impossible to cancel your account After speaking with multiple deliberately negligent customer service people over several months I had to change my credit card and repot them to the BBB in order to discontinue the serviceI unequivocally recommend AGAINST using this app andor given this company your credit card information    UNETHICAL COMPANY do not use
Stores your call online and not on your phone not sure anyone should accept such a privacy violation    Bad App
Does not record and requests user to send data to their company very weird    Does not record
It recorded my test call but when I made the call that mattered it didnt record it    Didnt work
You have to call a number and a third party conference call is started to record your conversations Does not store recorded conversations on your phone Do not download this    Horrible
Dont buy this app It worked for one recording and the other a keep coming back with just a tone instead of the recorded calls I made numerous calls to the number provided and no feedback just left messages with the call center Dont buy this app is CRAP    DO NOT BUY
Works for sporadic amount of time Does not always record Sometimes only first 30sec of call and sometimes everything more than that is static Frustrating that there is no recording beacon to confirm it is recording You only find out later it failed Customer support is nonexistent Wasted 10    More miss that hit
Terrible horrible    Jett
The app works pretty goodu gotta read how to use it but it definitely worksI just cant figure out how to delete the recordingsI did like 4 different calls and its all 1 big recording its not broken up into 4 different ones for some reason             Pretty good
Worst App in market    Worst App in market
Does exactly as it should Easy downloads of your call from their website You can use this one for free for a week before you pay without having to give them all your info No one gives this service for free so stop trying to find it Read the directions it works great                Awesome
Its a big time ripoff save youre money and time I had to get a new credit card over this app that dont even work    DONT GET THIS APP
Its the worst app I have ever downloaded    The worst
They charged my card and every time I tried to use the service it says my trial has ended and I have to sign up Customer service is horrible it is an answering service that takes a message and no one calls you back I called 4 times and no return call Of course I will never get my 10 back    No good
This app is perfect Read the description and LEARN how to use it people                READ the DESCIPTION
App works PERFECT If you all just stopped and read how to use this you wouldnt need your money back Sometimes you cant just buy something press buttons not know whats going on cry and write a bad review I fell bad for the people that put their hard earned time and money into creating a product to make YOUR life better and people are so dumb that they cant figure it out resulting in bad reviews costing this developer money and basically telling the whole world not to download something that works awesome It should say I give this one star because Im a moron its not fair that people might not buy this because you have such bad ADHD you didnt read the instructions To all the people thinking about downloading do it but read directions you wont be disappointed                Get checked for ADHD
This app either crashes when you dont accept their privacy policy orYou accept it and it does not work at all    The app either crashes and is fake
At title says    Didnt work
Kick this app out of the App Store    Fake Scam
Hot masss    No way
I followed the instructions to record a phone call while Im on the call and it completely didnt work    Doesnt work
Too good to be true This is just a trial so they can try to get a bunch of money out of you every month after Better off finding a flat rate app but there arent a lot They all seem to think its ok to make you sign up for their service outside the App Store against the rules    Awful basically a scam
Fake    Poor
You hit record during a call and it dials another number Dont waste your time    Does not work


Toronto Professional Services
Compatible with iPhone. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.1

iOS Call Recording 1.1 Mobile

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