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Jolly Dream , the publisher behind many iOS app (CamWow: Free photo booth effects live on camera ,CamWow Retro: Vintage photo booth effects live on camera!), brings CamWow Retro: Vintage photo booth effects live on camera! with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. CamWow Retro: Vintage photo booth effects live on camera! app has been update to version 1.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Cam wow brings the pictures to life..
  • I get so many beautiful pictures from this app..
  • pretty cool effects for a free app..
  • This is like the best camera effect app i EVER had..
  • love taking old school pics of stuff its my new hobby :..
Overall Satisfactionclick me72
You could have more effects though to make it more awesome.
I like the effects but i think it needs more effects.
This is like the best camera effect app i EVER had.
i love this app and ive been taking amazing pictures with this app.
I absolutely love the filters in this app.
Love the filters but it crashes way too much.
This is the best photo effect app I ever had.
It takes amazing photos I think u should try it out:.
Fun & Engagingclick me74
You could have more effects though to make it more awesome.
I like the effects but i think it needs more effects.
I love this takes awesome pictures makes everything look better.
Wow Cam Wow is awesome get it best camera effects in daaaa world.
Worst thing ever the original cam wow is awesome and much better.
Fun for days :.
and I'm kinda obsessed with this app <.;
Ya it's FUN.
Usefulnessclick me79
I love this takes awesome pictures makes everything look better.
Production Valuesclick me61
You could have more effects though to make it more awesome.
I like the effects but i think it needs more effects.
pretty cool effects for a free app.
Reliabilityclick me62


CamWow throws back to old-school photography with the best real-time vintage filters on the app store!


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download CamWow Retro: Vintage photo booth effects live on camera! for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 7.2 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.2 has been released on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about CamWow Retro: Vintage photo booth effects live on camera! check developer Jolly Dream`s website :

CamWow Retro: Vintage photo booth effects live on camera!


This app is like hella amazing it has really cool fonts. found in 3 reviews
Omg I love this app especially for my iPhone. found in 2 reviews
The best cam i've ever used :. found in 5 reviews
I like the different features and settings of the picture quality. found in 3 reviews
Defiantly worth downloading. found in 1 reviews
Awesome app me and my friends love it
Great and fun app. found in 1 reviews
Its really great for i pod touch. found in 2 reviews
I love camwowpro it is great love the edits. found in 2 reviews
Thanks for fixing the bug. found in 2 reviews
it makes my eyes blue when they are really green. found in 5 reviews
This is the best photo effect app I ever had. found in 12 reviews
Best app everr. found in 1 reviews
Get it. found in 5 reviews
But there is NO iPHONE 5 SUPPORT. found in 2 reviews
i love the effects n stuff BUT whenever I try to open the app. found in 64 reviews
But when it comes to it force closing and crashing. found in 2 reviews
I love the effects but PLEASE FIX the crashing. found in 3 reviews
but it won't save my pics to my camera photo album. found in 25 reviews
i havent taken anpic on there for 6 days cause it crashes. found in 3 reviews
Takes really good pics but I can't save them to my album. found in 8 reviews
I've clicked on save to photo album but it still won't save. found in 4 reviews
I think that if you pay to remove one water mark. found in 7 reviews
Only thing to fix would be shutter speed. found in 27 reviews
Great but doesn't work with iOS 6. found in 3 reviews
but it won't let me upload the pictures to Facebook. found in 10 reviews
I don't like the fact that if you're listening to music. found in 8 reviews
Every time I open the app it crashes I always have to reinstall it. found in 66 reviews
But maybe adding some more effects will be pretty good. found in 53 reviews
Definitely needs more effects and fix crashing. found in 53 reviews
Pretty good app but it would be better if you added more effects. found in 2 reviews
PLEASE add a self timer for taking pictures PLEASE. found in 3 reviews
It takes FOREVER to open the app and to change the filter. found in 66 reviews
Since CamWow doesn't have a photo album or anything. found in 11 reviews
and I cannot download the regular camwow. found in 16 reviews
but since I updated my iPhone to iOS6 all my pictures are black. found in 27 reviews
everyone's been yelling at me because everytime I take a picture with Camwow retro. found in 30 reviews
and nowww everytime i take a pic its a black screen. found in 30 reviews
It takes me half an hour to take a pic Bc it's frozen -. found in 82 reviews
Great app but all my pics come out black -_-. found in 109 reviews
But now all My pictures turn out black. found in 118 reviews
It won't let me share my photos to Facebook. found in 10 reviews
It's annoying someone needs to fix this. found in 27 reviews
iPhone 320x480 1
iPhone 320x480 2
iPhone 320x480 3
iPhone 320x480 4
Icon 175x175 1
OMG I loved it Had it for more then 2 years But Now when I open up the app all I see is a black background Cant take picture cause all I see is a black background Whats going on Please fix it          Take Blank Pictures
It lags in ios 7 and 8 and this is the best app thats why i want it to be developedSo that i cane asily take pixa from here                Updateee pleaaeeee
I love it this app is awesome You can do lots of things to make funny or better If you dont have this app get it and you will never regret it             I love it
I downloaded this app a while back and paid for the no watermark when you take a picture then I accidentally deleted it and now the watermarks back and Im not paying again for it to go away You better do something about this    Are you kidding me
love this app                
Its a great app but it keeps freezing when I go through my pictures They really need to fix this issue             Good BUT
I recently got a new iPod touch on my other iPod I had cam wow as well and paid for the watermark to disappear Now on this iPod I logged back in with the same username and all but the watermark is still here Why I already paid for it once why should I pay for it again I love the app and would like to continue using it Is this possible to fix If so please let me know    Watermark
This is a good app to use for a camera better that a camera                Good app
My selfie game is so strong                Thank you
sjsvdidhsoddo it makes me look beautiful             Camwowpro
I love this app its amazing                Amazing
Fyhihcdfhjigcfgh                Ffzhedguikobvdwzgg
This app is the best one to take photos with I take pictures of any plant animal sign etc I love this app and I recommend it to anyone who likes to take photos I seriously love this app                Awesome D
I love using this app but when I am listening to music while using this appit shuts my music down Its very annoying Other than that its a good fun app I would enjoy it much more if it wouldnt stop my music when i take pictures             When I take pictures
I hate the water mark Its too big and it annoys me It should be smaller like the one on retrica          Water mark
Its awesome and really fun yay                Awesome
You did a great job on this game it is very fun          Awesome
Its a good app and I have no problems with it I think they should keep up with the good work                Its a good app
About a year ago I loved this app It was the only one I ever used to take pictures Now it wont even upload Every time I try to get on the app it shuts down I would love to use it again because the pictures are beautiful Maybe an update can fix this I have an iPod 4th generation so maybe and update    Not anymore
Wonderful turnouts                Great
I love the filters on this app But after about 2 or 3 pictures it freezes up and doesnt do anything I have to wait days at a time for the app to start working correctly again At first when I downloaded it I didnt have this problem Update and fix the problem and Ill give it 5 stars because thats what it really deserves          LOVE this app but
If you want the real good app buy cam wow       Blah
I dont know if its the update or what but the camera isnt working anymore So disappointed because this was my favorite camera to use I hope its fixed soon                Its not working anymore
Cam wow retro is great but I wish there was more effects I really like it though and if you cam wow you can get all kinds of effects                Like it
I bought the first CamWow and I loved it So I also got the Retro CamWow and I saw that it was pretty disappointing Its OK but I thought there was more to it          Disappointment
It wasnt the best but it is great             GREAT
I love this camera app Ive had it for 5 years now but just recently it started to do this weird problem Ill open the app and the camera will be nothing but blackness and when I try to flip the camera the app just closes down completely Ive tried resetting it and Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling it but its still doing it Please fix the app             Takes good picture but a lot of bugs
This app glitches a lot dont get it    Glitches
Id give it 5 stars alright                Amazing App
We need support for iOS 7 its been 2 years    iOS 7 support
I loved the app until it stole my money I paid for the removal of the watermark from the pictures It worked well until it crashed and the watermark was back when I reopenedNow its asking me to pay again I really regret paying for the pro version They just keep asking for money Very disappointed    Eaten my money Disappointed
Its a great app but all you need to do I add a flash                Its great but
4 fxs that r like crapBOOOOOOOOOOO    Eww
The app freezes a lot and every time I try to turn the camera to the front facing lens it freezes and then exits out Also the camera doesnt even show up the screen is just black and theres a camera button and it takes a picture of nothing but blackness But when the app DOES work the filters are amazing and the quality of the pictures are great But if you are using the app on an iPhone 5 or larger the picture zooms in because the app is meant for the iPhone 4 which is kind of annoying but you will get used to it          Bugs
Best camera app in the world please make more camwow apps                Best app
Can you guys update this please          Good
Pretty slow but I love the effects it has             Love the effects
It has the same effects not as cam wow but the same on each page its all plain so its worthless they should make it can wow and cam wow cam wow pro                DONT GET IT
Every time I try to go to the end of my pictures the app just closes It needs a camera roll so I can look at all of my pictures at once          Needs a camera roll
Love it I love the filters                Amazing
Overall it takes great pictures and I love the vintage filters but it freezes up when you try to open it and when you change the filter Once youve taken a few pictures it speeds up and doesnt freeze up as bad If it didnt have that problem I wouldve given it 5 stars             Fantastic pictures but freezes up
The app takes great pictures but its constantly freezing now and its really annoying lately it wont even let me get on the app itll just turn black then kick me off of it they should really fix it because I dont want to have to delete this app          Freezes
Theres no front camera at all None Maybe you could fix that       Eh
Boring The regular one has more effects And the other one is better No offense but I dont like this game    No offense but bleach
Cool man                Cool
Love it plus its free             Nice app
This app is great overall but you used my face in the screenshots of this app without permission BEWARE they might look through the pics that you took with camwow Mine is the first screenshot at the second pic on the bottom    YOU DONT HAVE THE RIGHTS TO USE MY FACE IN THE APP SCREENSHOTS JK I dont care
Fantastic app that only makes pictures better                Fantastic


Jolly Dream
7.2 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.2
iPhone iPad

iOS CamWow Retro: Vintage photo booth effects live on camera! 1.2 Mobile

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CamWow: Free photo booth effects live on camera
CamWow Retro: Vintage photo booth effects live on camera!

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