Candy Crush Soda Saga

What's New
Bug fix...
39.2 MB
Developer: Limited
iPhone iPad
Requires iOS 5.0 or la

Description - Candy Crush Soda Saga Limited, the publisher behind many iOS games (Pepper Panic Plus ,Candy Crush Saga ® ,Bubble Witch 3 Saga ,Shuffle Cats ,AlphaBetty Saga ,King Challenge), brings Candy Crush Soda Saga with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Candy Crush Soda Saga games has been update to version 1.30.30 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • A unique and challenging twist on the match three game type..
  • soooo coool and funny game..
  • Some very challenging levels - some awesome surprises with special combos..
  • Another very enjoyable time waster from King..
  • It's a really cute game and a great puzzle challenge..

Overall Satisfactionc83
I love candy crush soda it's highly addictive.
I think it's better than the first one Candy Crush.
better than the first only problem is.
One of my favorite games at this time perfect for playing anywhere.
Very frustrating when you can't play your favorite games.
Wonderful game app is great thank you must try folks.
This would be a wonderful game if it was indeed random.
love the music and promotions they are doing for this game.
This is a perfect follow up to an already amazing game.
I love this version way better than the original Candy Crush.
I like this game better than the regular version of Candy Crush.
Fun & Engagingc89
Fun new game with a twist to candy crush.
Every time I open the app or start a new game.
Awesome game highly addictive and challenging.
If you want an awesome game try Best Fiends.
This game is very addictive and the graphics are awesome.
Super fun version of candy crush very addicting.
It's a fun and challenging game that I discovered while at home sick.
I have no issues with a good challenging game.
Great game love the animation and fun fun fun.
The challenges are fun and make it hard to put down.
Sorry but I have to put 1 star.
It's loads of fun and totally addictive.
I love this game I play it everyday.
My daughter and I play it everyday.
Value for Moneyc46
Anyway - ALL these games are designed to "encourage" you to spend money.
challenging but you still can win and advance without spending $$$$.
then comes the levels which are near impossible without spending money.
Pushing for in app purchase is off the roof.
Want refund for in app purchase.
Replay Valuec73
It's a fun and challenging game that I discovered while at home sick.
I have no issues with a good challenging game.
Sometimes a little more challenging other times easy.
At first it was fun until it started getting more challenging.
I keep getting bored when I'm stuck on levels on Candy Crush.
Keep more fun and more levels and adventures.
you can't unlock more levels with quests.
Need to be able to turn off hints.
PLEASE make an option to turn off hints.
This game has provided me countless hours of entertainment and time filler.
It's way too easy to accidentally hit the wrong button.
Social Aspectsc29
Production Valuesc80
Sound effects and music take me back to Dark Cloud 2.
mouth watering new graphics candy crush never looked so tasty.
Love this game and it has cute graphics.
Ease of Usec53
It's way too easy to accidentally hit the wrong button.
This game keeps getting new features each time I play.
Despite my attempts to figure out why this game keeps crashing.
This game keeps freezing and glitching in the middle of levels.
Security & Privacyc22
Updates & Supportc83
I love this version way better than the original Candy Crush.
Love this version so much more than I did the first.
I really love this new version of Candy Crush.
I love this new version of Candy Crush.

It's a nice twist to the original Candy Crush. found in 30 reviews
I'm so addicted and I haven't spent a dime on this game. found in 34 reviews
It's loads of fun and totally addictive. found in 55 reviews
I'm having quite a bit of fun with this game. found in 12 reviews
New fun game had become my new addiction. found in 30 reviews
Pretty interesting game and it is fun and different. found in 18 reviews
Love the new challenges and new tricks when matching candies. found in 9 reviews
A nice change from the other candy crush versions. found in 69 reviews
Cute game with a little different twist than Candy Crush. found in 45 reviews
i am glad they come out with this great sequel. found in 18 reviews
Definitely more fun than the first and a great time killer. found in 54 reviews
Who knew blowing up soda bottles could be good clean fun. found in 9 reviews
Super fun version of candy crush very addicting. found in 181 reviews
Stress reliever from a long days work. found in 16 reviews
Great game love the animation and fun fun fun. found in 83 reviews
This CandyCrush Soda is more fun and entertaining than the original CandyCrush. found in 30 reviews
Awesome game highly addictive and challenging. found in 246 reviews
Other than that it's a great time passer and very colourful. found in 11 reviews
Nice change of pace when you are stuck on Candy Crush levels. found in 15 reviews
Lots of mindless fun with just a touch of challenge. found in 10 reviews
the game crashes and glitches so much I cannot enjoy playing. found in 35 reviews
I refuse to spend money on games so guess I'm at a standstill. found in 18 reviews
Wish there was a way to earn gold bars though. found in 101 reviews
Please fix level 160. found in 9 reviews
to the point to where I don't wanna play anymore. found in 23 reviews
When you only have one life left this is very frustrating. found in 22 reviews
I love everything about this game except the chocolate. found in 14 reviews
I have to waste moves to get bear down. found in 52 reviews
Just please don't make these levels impossible to play without extra moves. found in 18 reviews
seems like ever 6 levels is nearly impossible without buying something. found in 17 reviews
Some of the levels are seemingly impossible to beat without purchasing extra time. found in 152 reviews
I wish there was a confirm button for using gold bars. found in 14 reviews
Can't connect to Facebook and it keeps connecting by itself. found in 455 reviews
I HATE it when it tries to make you log into Facebook. found in 34 reviews
Please create a bonus wheel or something as Candy Crush has. found in 24 reviews
I have stopped playing Candy Crush for the same reason. found in 41 reviews
Dont even bother downloading this game if u dont want to spend money. found in 282 reviews
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add the daily wheel to this version. found in 29 reviews
it tries to connect me to Facebook and I don't have a Facebook. found in 36 reviews
I am automatically and repeatedly returned to the Facebook login screen. found in 13 reviews
Levels are sometimes unbeatable unless you use money for extra moves. found in 115 reviews
Despite my attempts to figure out why this game keeps crashing. found in 80 reviews
the levels became impossible to complete without several dozen I app purchases. found in 95 reviews
then comes the levels which are near impossible without spending money. found in 66 reviews
The game won't even let me get on an play the first level. found in 90 reviews
Some levels are virtually impossible to beat without buy more lives. found in 152 reviews
I haven't even gotten to play the game because it crashes. found in 59 reviews
Why can't the power ups recharge like in Farm Heroes. found in 162 reviews
Cant play level one kicks out before can play. found in 67 reviews
Still can't connect to Facebook and now lost all progress. found in 455 reviews
needs a confirm button when getting extra lives. found in 88 reviews
This game keeps freezing and glitching in the middle of levels. found in 80 reviews
but every time I advance to the next level the screen is darker. found in 147 reviews
Gold bars cannot be earned only bought which is terrible. found in 324 reviews
This level is so annoying it makes me want to stop playing. found in 72 reviews
but it does not allow friends to help. found in 93 reviews
So I've already had to waste my bars on buying lives. found in 52 reviews

The Candy Crush Soda Saga is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting different languages: English, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish. It weighs in at only 39.2 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.30.30 has been released on 2014-11-11. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Candy Crush Soda Saga in Limited`s Official Website :

Download Candy Crush Soda Saga for free now. It s SodaliciousCandy Crush Soda Saga is a brand new game from the makers of the legendary Candy Crush Saga. New candies, more divine combinations and challenging ...
The game locks up if you clear the candy in the second row from the bottom in the center before you break through the bar the five buttonsdiceetc The candy below it fight for the open space or toggle back and forth between the the spaces I have a screen shot if thats helpful           Found Error in level 502
I made an in app purchase that was successful However I only received the gold Not satisfied Please rectify     Purchase
Come on guys lol I hate waiting I finished 510 now I have to wait for more The addiction is real                 New more levels
Level 238 please help unbeatable                 LOLO
Im not gonna spend money on your horrible app So stop making impossible levels and stupid updates the game is a waste of space     Terrible
I like the game hate that there arent a lot of the lollipops           Good way to pass time
I have been playing these games for four years at least and love it Things just keep getting better and soda crush is the bomb too                 2 next to CCS
Love Candy Crush Some levels are a bit tough but eventually get through them Also love the challenges                 Awesome game
Fun game              Fun
Was playing the king mini game an update applied and when I return to the regular game Im back at an level I already beat Not only losing levels but now Im losing interest        Losing levels
So far i like the game and I think it is very fun and pretty much the identical to the original Candy Crush Saga but with morenew boosters concepts etc I have both apps and I love playing both My only complaint is that I wish they would create a daily booster wheel just like Candy Crush Saga has I have no boosters and I dont want to pay with my own money to earn them so Id rather get free boosters from a daily booster wheel just like Candy Crush Saga I used up all of my free boosters that the game gives you towards the beginning when you start playing it PLEEEASE PLEEEASE Candy Crush Soda Saga just like Candy Crush Saga create a free daily booster wheel Also I can never completely win the Bubblegum Hill event its literally impossible to complete entirely without boosters Also does Candy Crush Soda Saga do other rewardearning events besides Bubblegum Hill Because like I said I can NEVER win the entirety of Bubblegum Hill and I would like to win rewards from other events besides Bubblegum Hill if Candy Crush Soda Saga does other rewardearning events beside that              Please Create A Daily Booster Wheel
Love this game but I have played level 385 for months now and cannot get past the last screen on this level There seems to be no solution to getting any shot to be effective So frustrating and I dont know how to get to next level           Cant figure out how
But I like Candy Crush better              Quite fun
This is really amazing game                 So good
Just that and Im an old codger                 Addictive and fun
Level 502 is messed up and freezes     Fix bug on level 502 please
Keeps me off social media                 Entertaining
Playing the new levels to beat the King has been fununtil I opened it up today and the new ruling Kings name is uck Ignorant people Kids play this Are you telling me there is no screening process for the user names So sad     Offensive new king
Twice now I have had to restart a new level after I have already beaten it what gives So irritated and boosters would be nice Please get this fixed or I dont see myself playing too much longer        Screwy
There needs to be some kind of confirming message before your gold bars get used I have accidentally pressed that stupid continue level 5 more turns gold bar thing like 30 times There should be some kind of confirm use button or something        Gold bars
Good luck              Fun games when you cant sleep
I play to relax Very enjoyable I feel having to clear a box or section twice isnt an honest or fair chance for the player so Im hoping the creators change this I give it a 4 star rating              My opinion
Would recommend as a great game to make the time pass by           Fun and an great way to pass the time
Fun game                 Awesome game
Please change the overview back so I cansee where my face book friends are Wewere having a contest to see who could be on top of the list              Overview
Great gamevery addictive                 Yungchuck89
I absolutely LOVE this game Ive been playing it forever now every time I go to play a level it throws me out to my home screen Please FIX THIS              Stopped working
Dont know what I was thinking but I purchased some gold bars never got them You guys owe me 10 bucks     Took my money
But I just deleted it Got stuck on level 48 and couldnt move on Thats no fun Im so over it Sorry     For for awhile
Did the fish get dumber in an update Whats the point in making fish if they dont go where you need them to go Lame     What happened
Have no complaintsthink we should be able to earn free dollars though                 Fun addiction
This game is obviously not unbeatable but the makers have it programmed so that it keeps you from doing so How I got to the 300th level area Boredom Im on the jam levels Just now I was at 1 space to beat it and had 26 moves left This game is amazingly stupid that no matter what move I made it made sure I never got close to the area of the missing spaceSeriously Its a FREE game with a gazilion levels Why try and keep me from advancing To show that you have an extremely hard to beat level Well you dont Its just not that kind of a game At best its a time killer but thats it Its not a game of skills a 5 yr old can beat it So I ask why Any way Im about to take it off my list because a challenge I enjoy a go nowhere redundant cheating game I can just play a Japanese game for that But after all the time Ive invested I refuse to be played with instead of being the player        This game is a joke
I love this game                
The oringal one is a lot better     Not worth getting
There should be options for asking and accepting extra moves from other players I for one do not intend to do either If other users want to good for them There should be a decline or not interested option for this category I find it creepy from strangers how can they ask and request lives from other players without player consent Kids play this game Game pieces needs to be bolder in colour it is hard to see them Keep the current colours just make them pop eg like candy crush game pieces           Limited preference option
I just update this app and now none of the music will play My settings are all on my volume is on but all I get are the clicking sound effects No music     Where is the music
I am up 2 level 502 and there is a glitch the candy in the very middle on the bottom gets stuck and just keeps bouncing from the upper slot to the lower slot and the game freezes up I cant do anything Also these new bottle cap levels are stupid I cant even figure out how to beat them with skill I have to just get lucky to win Please fix because I love playing this game              Bottle cap prob
I love candy crush and i have completed all the current levels I only wish when the game updates t had more than 15 levels I enjoy this game more than the original candy crush                 Updates
Level 288 I did the newest update on 92715 and now every time I try to open it on my iPad the game opens lets me choose my level opens then immediately shuts down Please fix it Love this game     Newest update crashes
Within 10 minutes of playing this Ill end up going from 100 to 89 brand new iPhone any way of stopping the battery vacuum of death              Fun but battery consuming
You could make the free version an easier option for us who choose not to pay for games by ads And options to earn helps              Free option could use help
Once the game loads the app quits and takes me to my home screen Please fix this Nothing but issues with this game on my iPod touch the last week or so        App is crashing
Please get rid of bottle cap levels They make no sense I just hate playing the levels           Bottle cap levels need to go
King seriously STOP WITH THE BOTTLE CAPS I get it I know how it works I know how to beat the levels but the bottom line is ITS NOT FUN AT ALL Im like half way through the new update and I can tell you youve pretty much killed this game for me its so hard to open the app and attempt to play cause its made me not want to play Putting it in caps really doesnt do justice to how un enjoyable this game has become     UGH
I want the map back           Bring back map
Id much rather play this than Candy Crush Saga              The Crusher
I love this gameBut whats wrong with level 511 Im stuck in level 510 I pass the level just cant open the next one what happen or how long I have to wait              Not good
Super addicting fun                 5 s
Fun                 Cool game
Fun but time consuming                 Fun but time consuming

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