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TheCodingMonkeys , the publisher behind many iOS games (Lendromat ,MonkeyBox #1: Polarized! ,Carcassonne ,Blinkenlights Stereoscope ,Carcassonne ,Chicken Cha Cha Cha), brings Carcassonne with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Carcassonne games has been update to version 2.51 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • it's even superior to the excellent Xbox Live Arcade version..
  • The multiplayer mode is especially fun to play with friends..
  • There's is a mix of city building..
  • Also the solitaire game is worth the price just in itself..
  • Awesome strategy game with multiple layer complexity..

Overall Satisfactionc90
This is still one of my fav games for iOS.
Favorite Game Now Rendered Unplayable.
This is the iOS game against which all others are measured.
The princess and the dragon enhances an already amazing game.
This is a wonderful game I have recommended to many.
Original review: This is a fantastic port of a favorite board game.
I highly recommend this game.
High quality game.
Highly recommended for board game lovers and for casual gamers alike.
Fun & Engagingc87
Awesome game played against people online and friends via Bluetooth.
Awesome Game but OVERPRICED.
The solitaire game is new and also will provide hours of fun.
You have to put pieces together to get points.
addicting and just super fun to play.
Otherwise amazing and an addictive game - great job.
The single-player solitaire mode is a ton of fun.
I never get bored with this game.
Awesome graphics.
ios up to date.
I play this every day of the week.
I play this every day.
Family Friendlyc95
I love playing with my family long distance.
I enjoy playing with my family and friends.
Replay Valuec93
Ton's of replay value as mastering it will take some time.
The solitaire game is new and also will provide hours of fun.
It's the type of game that never gets old.
It's a strategic game that gets pretty involving.
It can't get any better to play a challenging game.
is challenging and addicting.
Social Aspectsc89
Worth the price - excellent multiplayer game.
You tried to accomplish this through the play with friends setting.
from local and online multiplayer to the spacious screen layout.
Move over Words With Friends - I have a new iPhone addiction.
It makes an excellent gameboard for multiple people to play together.
This game is great if you have other people to play with.
Production Valuesc96
Very polished game with obvious close attention to detail.
it is quite simply one of the most polished games on the platform wired.
nice sound effects.
Game play is smooth and quick.
Features beautiful graphics & sounds.
The interface design is flawless.
Great Game - High Production Quality.
Ease of Usec79
The game is very simple to learn and a joy to master.
and the game is very high quality throughout.
beautiful and intuitive joystiq.
Beautiful and intuitive UI.
from the beautiful art style to the intuitive controls.
Intuitive controls and many game options.
That doesn't have intuitive controls.
I picked it up last week and found it very fun and easy to learn.
it's a very fun and easy to learn.
Updates & Supportc93
I like this iPhone version even more then the 360 version.
Very addictive and the solitaire version is very unique.

This is how all board game apps SHOULD be made. found in 2 reviews
This is hands down the best board game experience on iOS. found in 4 reviews
ios up to date. found in 6 reviews
Great translation of an amazing game. found in 6 reviews
The solitaire game is new and also will provide hours of fun. found in 10 reviews
and one of the most persistently enjoyable games I've played on any platform. found in 3 reviews
overall it is an incredible version of an excellent game. found in 20 reviews
This is a great game for family game night. found in 3 reviews
I picked it up last week and found it very fun and easy to learn. found in 2 reviews
Online games work in both real time and turn based modes. found in 13 reviews
Worth the price - excellent multiplayer game. found in 25 reviews
Pass and play made a long car ride much more fun. found in 16 reviews
I don't believe they're necessary for an overall enjoyable game experience. found in 5 reviews
Keep up the great work guys. found in 2 reviews
Definitely the most playable game I've downloaded for iOS so far. found in 2 reviews
You tried to accomplish this through the play with friends setting. found in 17 reviews
And the solo play solitaire is also a great idea. found in 6 reviews
elegant interface captures the essence of the table- top game. found in 7 reviews
Remains the absolute Gold Standard board game adaptation for iOS. found in 3 reviews
makes it more of a luck of the draw game. found in 3 reviews
The game freezes. found in 3 reviews
but playing online needs a LOT of work. found in 2 reviews
People keep playing until they know they're going to lose. found in 6 reviews
It is way overpriced for a puzzle game. found in 3 reviews
but they need to fix the chat feature. found in 1 reviews
but lacking key features. found in 1 reviews
then crashes to desktop. found in 2 reviews
Internet play needs tweaks. found in 2 reviews
Needs option for more tiles. found in 6 reviews
but the latest update freezes the home screen then crashes. found in 4 reviews
Amazing but one thing. found in 2 reviews
It's way overpriced for essentially being the base game. found in 3 reviews
but there is no in- app feedback option. found in 1 reviews
NO iPod MUSIC WHILE IN GAME PLAY. found in 1 reviews
Can't keep the same color when playing live opponents. found in 3 reviews
1 Star Until iPad Update. found in 9 reviews
Failure for Code Monkeys. found in 3 reviews
Don't know why all the rave reviews. found in 3 reviews
this game crashes at least once every time I play it. found in 5 reviews
but at $10 the price is too high. found in 3 reviews
this results in an automatic loss and ruins the game. found in 3 reviews
After the latest update home screen is frozen. found in 4 reviews

The Carcassonne is now available for $6.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting different languages: English, German. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Carcassonne app version 2.51 has been updated on 2014-11-01. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Carcassonne check developer TheCodingMonkeys`s website :

Introductory Price Free iPad update coming later this year. Now with full Retina Display support on iPhone 4. Carcassonne on your iPhone and iPod touch. Play the original award winning board game with friends, family, or ...
Update to be better as you did for Android         Update WilliamJr84
Ok I could go on and on and on let s us just tell a true story that consistently happens in the game The Count and Juggler have a massive city that should not get completed because there is one tile required and then the servant sweeps in and places the tile so in one moment the Count and the Juggler get a whopping 105 point city Here is the punch line all so the servant can get 20 points on the bonus No human world ever throw away the game like that The is so much wrong with the AI and it is not because the Count is smarter It is because the pact card is stacked You contact the developers and they basically tell you to play the easier players and they are wrong The cards are consistently stacked Pride doesn t fix a broken AI     Worst AI ever consistently bad Todd 1
Update my husband figured out how to regain access to my account Still disappointed that the makers of the game never responded to my request for help though Original review I can t recover my account after deleting and reinstalling the app It tells me it will send email and never does I also sent email to the developers asking for help and have received no response I have bought all expansions except one and now I m upset to be out all that money and have lost access to my games my in game friends and my ELO rating Thanks a lot By the way I d happily give five stars if you could fix this and I can play as myself again Otherwise I guess I m disappointed that you just don t care                     Love the board game sfgirl726
Hello At least once every a game the computer player will place a piece that will instantly block the very NEXT piece I get The AI will suddenly deviate from its normal style of play and as soon as it does the above will happen It knows what tile I m getting next Please please please undo this Or at least tell us why you think it s needed I ve deleted the game a few times now because of this And silly me I forget this happens or hope the developers have fixed it so after a while I miss the game and download it again only to have it happen to me in my very first return game There is no way a real player would CONSISTENTLY be able to do this It happens whether the available tiles are hidden or viewable Also could you please add a speed control option to make the end game scoring proceed more quickly Or a feature to give me the final score instantly Thank you A great game otherwise but these two features keep me from playing it more often Oh and some of the buttons and tabs are quite misleading for new players Not as easy to discern what an internet game is Technically that can be with my friends or other remote players but for you it very specifically means one or the other             Predictive AI JoeR2
Great game beautifully adapted for digital play I loved the board game and expansions and I actually enjoy the digital version even more because it does the scoring for us so we don t have to stop and look up the scoring over and over to make sure we re doing it fairly and correctly Love the option to be able to see what tiles are left and the ability to turn off the option The tutorial is humorous and helpful for getting started with the game The board is your friend Get this game                     Love love love Carcassonne Like itWhisper
This is one of my favorite iPhone games Fair AI and the developer keeps it updated I highly recommend it                     Awesome game runs smoothly stays updated WRS15743
Great game love it wish they would add more expansions of varied nature to spice things up even more give it more complexity Nevertheless i enjoy very much                     Add more varied expansions please kchango
This is the best digital adaptation of bird game that I ve played The textures feel authentic to the original and the UI is meticulously done intuitive to use and so much fun Great multiplayer too More expansions please                     Authentic intuitive and worth every cent n8 e2.718
Multiplayer is seriously flawed in iOS 11 Do not join a game You won t connect and you will loose ELO Fix is needed ASAP                     iOS 11 shawn cooper
The tiles are badly shuffled Hence it is difficult to follow ones strategy Look at RISK where the show you the stats on throwing dice I can take that info into account as a way for AI to cheat Show the percentage I can get each type of tile vs the enemy This game falls short against playing the real thing           Statistics missing
This is a very entertaining and well done game I have played it many times with various friends online or pass and play It is one of the apps that have never left my device                 Amazing
I have bought every expansion Love this implementation                 Best Board Game in the App Store
This used to be a classy fun smart game Carc sharks mean play and meanness in general Suggest a way to match games with players who abide by gentlemans rules        Crashes
One of my absolute favorite iOS games Great graphics Fun solo and multiplayer game play Lots of expansions at great prices Must own for any fan of fun                 Fantastic Game
Great game Please consider adding colorblindness support Thanks                 Make colorblind accessible
I love this game I just wish I could get it on my Mac The bigger screen would make it that much more AWESOME                 Love it But
Online play is crap     Garbage
The solitaire mode is terrible The tiles you receive are in the same order every time which completely takes away replay value Shuffle them Multiplayer online is ok but I still have yet to play with more than one other person I wish I could play with two or three others Maybe have a minute long lobby to see if one more person can join in This game isnt worth ten bucks five or six would be more reasonable              Shuffling needed and a bit pricey
Love this app We play all the time But we play locally connecting two iPads I create the game my fiancé sees it clicks join and it waits forever He has to go out of the game and go back in every single time for the game to start           Would be 5 star except annoying local player bug
The 5th Anniversay Bundle is a nice idea but it doesnt reward customers who already paid for several of the expansions If you want to celebrate the anniversary and the success of the app with fans you should discount the existing expansions rather than or in addition to adding the new bundle        A 5th anniversary celebration that misses the mark
Great game My gf and I love playing this to pass time Wish it was a little cheaper but hey Its still a great game for local play                 Awesome
Amazing realtime multiplayer Thanks codingmonkeys for such an excellent game Thanks for continuing to give us updates Winter is awesome Thanks for the awesome new icon                 Brilliant and Fun
So I was a little apprehensive about buying a ten dollar app Its definitely one of the most expensive in the App Store But its totally worth it Its a great implementation of the Carcassonne game You can play with your friends online or pass the phone And the stronger AIs are BRUTAL Im a decent Carcassonne player but I lose to the AI as often as I win This is my new go to app Im constantly playing it                 Worth every penny
If you like the boardgame Carcassonne then you should get this app It is the best implementation of a any board game out there With regards to the anniversary addition its a great way to encourage new users to get all of the expansions Ive been playing for years and already have everything so it doesnt apply to me but Im happy theyve done this so new and current users that dont have everything will upgrade                 The Best
By far one of the most polished gamesapps for iOS Well worth the money If you like carcassonne youll love the app                 Well done
Current version is laggy and crashes frequently even on new devices It does preserve the game though        Crash fest
Recently Ive noticed the scoring especially for fields is a bit wonky My fields dont tally in the final score even though they flash on the screen              Scoring seems a bit wonky
Special edition with all expansions No special edition to rip you off No expansions with this purchase 999 and they still want another 499 for the expansions that are supposedly included What a scam     What a ripoff
I play this with friends more than any other app The only glitch I would mention is the in game purchase for Prince Dragon while the game play is fun its too easy to make a wrong move with the Fairy It should be added to the Meeple tray                 My Favorite Game App
I would give the game 5 stars since I love playing it I bought it when I had the iPhone 5 and back then it was solid as a rock Once I upgraded to the iPhone 6 Plus it started crashing all the time About every other game it will crash Since it is a turn based game I have never lost my turn or anything like that After it crashes you launch it and you are back where it was when you crashed but it is annoying and frustrating I dont know if the programmers cant make it work on the larger phones or if it was just coincidental that it started crashing all the time once I got the iPhone 6 Plus I keep waiting for an update to fix it but for over a year now they have not fixed it To their credit it is a good enough game that I continue to play it but I sure wish they could fix it           Great Game but Crashes a Lot
Still the gold standard to compare all other iOS board game ports against Additions and updates are slow but always worth the wait A bit pricey to be sure but I consider it well worth the cost So much that I gifted 4 copies of it for xmas                 King of the Hill
I am upset that I can no longer play this game with my wife without her buying it We had been playing a lot until app sharing was disabled with this app I am so disappointed     No more app sharing
Please fix           Great but crashes all the time after new update
It crashes A LOT Probably once a game At least you dont lose the game and you can just restart the app but for 10 I expect a heck of a lot more        Plays like the real thing but
I play this game non stop and love it but as the other reviewers have noted the latest update is a huge regression Looking forward to squashed bugs and better performance in the next update              Best game on iOS but latest version buggy
I just purchased the game on my iPhone 6 running iOS 812 and the tutorials dont work The game loads up the tutorial and freezes for about 1015 seconds then shows the two computer players place tiles then its my turn but isnt explaining anything Please fix this issue thanks     Tutorial not working
Love the physical and app version of this game                 Great multiuser game
Revising my review from 5 to 1 I bought the game and all expansions I played them and enjoyed them immensely Sometime in winter 2014 an update was introduced which leads to constant crashes more than once per game on both my iPhone and iPad Dont buy this game it may run on your hardware now but it may not in the future Its not really a purchase its a rental for an undefined period     Crashes Constantly
We cant get it to work at all even after deleting and reinstalling It stalls crashes doesnt execute the walkthroughs Our familys favorite game but a bummer in this iteration Well be seeking a refund sadly     Save your money
Best board game and one of the best games for iOS in general                 Best board game on iOS
First I like the game Second to Nth the software is mediocre Notifications are inconsistent navigation is poor for an app this price and in general the UI is clunky We must be paying for licensing           Price merits better software
Hands down this is the best board game app in the entire App Store The app is a must have for any Carcassonne fan I love playing with my family long distance or pass and play around the kitchen table I cant wait for more expansions to come out My kids love the music that plays when it is time to move the dragon Keep the expansions coming Great job developers Well worth the price                 Fantastic port of the game
I bought this app because I wanted to try the game out before buying the actual board game and it quickly became my favorite board game ever Honestly it was the first app I ever purchased and Im really glad I got it I quickly saw how much of a deal the expansions were so I bought all of them Each one changes the game in unique and fun ways The app is so well made and so fun that I never got the actual board game The app is MUCH cheaper takes no time to set up or put away and requires no space to store it as opposed to the large box and multiple small boxes for the game and its expansions that it made more sense to just play the game digitally Even with the expansions this game is simple enough that my kids ages 8 and 5 enjoy it but its different each time and challenging enough for a lifetime gamer like me If youre looking for a great game you cant go wrong with Carcassonne It just may be your new favorite game                 My new favorite game
I love this game The sound effects and graphics give it a really nice feel The only thing I wish it had was a replay on the scoring Especially on the fields I feel like a lot of times I should be the one awarded with the field points but it happens so fast I cant see where my guys are on the fields I think it would help me to improve my game if I could actually see the scoring in a freeze frame Other that its a great game The computer is challenging and I love the way the juggler plays Gives me a whole new way to look at some strategy that I hadnt thought of                 Great Game
Easily the most elegant and welldesigned adaptation of a board game Ive ever seen Ive been playing it on my phone for two years with no problem but as of early January its been crashing frequentlyat least once or twice a game The game is still there when it reopens thankfully but its really annoying        Great game but lots of crashes lately
Want a game where the tutorial consists of you playing a game where you have no instruction at all as to what youre doing Want a game that expects you to figure out how to play completely on your own Want a game that costs a lot but is a complete waste of money Want a game that freezes That doesnt have intuitive controls Then this is your game I downloaded this game hoping it would be fun and awesome like Settlers but after an hour of tinkering with it wondering if I was the problem Im giving up Buy Ticket to Ride instead Its a great game and comes with a tutorial that makes sense This game feels like you feel when you ask the IT guy at work how to do something on your computer It acts like youre a total idiot that you cant figure it out yourself     Things That Make You Say What
Been playing this game app for years Love it but now it keeps crashing after I put a piece down then when I log back in it deletes my move and gives me a different piece Please fix     Doesnt work correctly anymore
Wonderful game I just wish it were 100 optimized for all the newest iOS screen sizes              Please Optimize
I love playing Carcassonne on my phone and iPad Its the only game I play regularly and the Internet multiplayer works great My only quibble I hate that when I play for a while on one device then switch to another device the game has to catch up and play through all of the past moves I wish there was an option to turn this feature off so I dont have to wait for the game to update when switching between devices sometimes takes several minutes Otherwise Carcassonne is a beautiful nearly flawless game                 Exceptional game
Awesome game but playing online needs a LOT of work A resign button for one People keep playing until they know theyre going to lose then Im forced to wait for their time to expire plus an extra 30 seconds for some reason to win the game And you dont even get to see the points tallied up Plus the expected time to wait for an opponent is usually at least a full minute off Could be perfect fix please              Love
Love playing it but it constantly crashes on my iPad2           Great Game but buggy
I dont buy many games but Ive never regretted purchasing this I dont love each of the expansions but the majority of them are excellent This game is worth the purchase                 Great game
Great game Ive been playing the basic game against the AI for about a week now The basics were easy to learn from the tutorial My wife and I played over wifi a fancy feature And I introduced my 10 year old to it And I just discovered it can be played asynchronously like Letterpress                 Simple to Learn Fun
The game itself is great quick play feature is fun Lots of annoying little bug or design flaws but nothing too bad              Great game
I paid ten bucks for this give back please At least one expansion Edit 2 was really not worth ten dollars fun but not that fun        Free expansions please
Cant believe a developer charges 10 for a game and thinks its OK to keep releasing updates not optimized for the iPhone 6 Plus even over 6 months after the newest iPhones were released If you havent bought this game then dont No reason to pay a developer money to not optimize their games You pay to support developers in their effort to improve their games Not pay them to pocket the money     Not Optimized for the iPhone 6 Plus
While the discounted bundle is a great bargain for new customers to the IAPs customers who have already spent money on some of the upgrades are left behind with no discount to complete their purchases It would be nice and seem fair for those who have spent more than the discounted 499 if there were a way to receive the extra upgrades free of charge        Fifth Anniversary Bundle for loyal customers
I LOVED the old version but HATE the new one In addition to the other reviews it is ugly and Game Center symbol is obnoxious Find a way to let me go back to the old one please                 I want the old version back
Ive had this game for at least 3 years Such a great game But Im also disappointed that there wasnt a better 5th anniversary celebration I dont necessarily care about new rule additions but having new tile variables would be a simple addition and add more playability           Great game

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