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Grailr LLC
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Requires iOS 8.0 or la

Description - CARROT Weather - Talking Forecast Robot

Grailr LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (CARROT Weather: Talking Forecast Robot ,CARROT Weather Free - Talking Forecast Robot ,CARROT Weather - Talking Forecast Robot ,CARROT Hunger - Talking Calorie Counter ,Recur! The Reverse To-Do List ,Artificial Superintelligence), brings CARROT Weather - Talking Forecast Robot with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. CARROT Weather - Talking Forecast Robot app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I didn't know checking the weather could be so addictive..
  • it's a "Fun"way to hear/get weather updates..
  • Has become my default app for the quick weather check..
  • Getting weather forecasts from the sarcastic carrot is always fun..

Overall Satisfactionc73
Hands down the best weather app I've used and I've used Yahoo's.
This is one of the best weather apps there is.
Love the humor and animated weather.
I also love the secret weather locations that can be found.
I love the sarcasm and hilarity this app has.
love the jokes it makes looking at weather educational and funny.
Literally the best way to get bad news about weather.
Fun & Engagingc88
I didn't know checking the weather could be so addictive.
This is an awesome weather app.
This weather app is both fun and informative.
It's a fun spin on the typical.
This app is loads of fun the boys and comments are hilarious.
Fun and quirky app that also gets the weather uncannily right.
It's also fun unlocking the secret locations.
A highly amusing and useful weather app.
Not only do you get up to date weather.
Other than that pretty funny and useful /beautiful app.
Everything you expect from a carrot app.
Fun way to check an everyday task.
Ease of Usec93
Simple weather.
Simple yet sophisticated.

Trying to find the Easter eggs is so much fun. found in 4 reviews
Carrot's twisted sense of humor makes this app worth it's price. found in 12 reviews
This is one of the best weather apps there is. found in 6 reviews
I can see the current temperature and a four- day forecast. found in 3 reviews
A highly amusing and useful weather app. found in 5 reviews
Makes me smile when it's raining outside. found in 2 reviews
Just downloaded the app and it's pretty fun so far. found in 1 reviews
This app is loads of fun the boys and comments are hilarious. found in 2 reviews
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatbags. found in 1 reviews
This app presents accurate weather forecasting in the most entertaining fashion. found in 23 reviews
and it typically makes me laugh out loud. found in 2 reviews
How do you use the Command Line. found in 2 reviews
Not only do you get up to date weather. found in 3 reviews
Due to lack of weather details. found in 3 reviews
Use a different app if you want information. found in 1 reviews
but what's a weather application without radar. found in 2 reviews
so this is pointless as a alarm clock for me. found in 1 reviews
Fun to open and hear the witty forecasts. found in 5 reviews
needs better widget. found in 1 reviews
I can't quite put my finger on it. found in 1 reviews
Needs a more fluid way of switching between locations. found in 1 reviews
io which isn't that accurate in the Salt Lake City area. found in 1 reviews
Good app but really needs radar. found in 3 reviews
Doesn't reinvent the wheel. found in 1 reviews
Cute but not worth it. found in 1 reviews
the UI is terrific but the app is very slow and inconsistent. found in 1 reviews
Also wish the little icon had a use. found in 1 reviews
Missing live satellite weather map. found in 6 reviews
Cute but poorly organized info. found in 2 reviews
Not sure why it measures differently/where the data is coming from. found in 1 reviews
I closed and reopened the app again. found in 1 reviews
Needs notifications. found in 1 reviews
No radar maps. found in 6 reviews
No National Weather Service Warnings. found in 2 reviews
Absolute junk. found in 1 reviews
One major issue. found in 1 reviews
Waist of money. found in 1 reviews
don't like that you can't swipe between multiple locations. found in 2 reviews
First 5 mins of downloading app crash city. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download CARROT Weather - Talking Forecast Robot for $2.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10.7 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2015-03-19. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.
More Info: Find more info about CARROT Weather - Talking Forecast Robot in Grailr LLC`s Official Website :

25% OFF DURING LAUNCH WEEK CARROT Weather is an eerily accurate weather app that delivers hilariously twisted forecasts. There are secret locations to unlock. And also evil penguins. CARROT`s apps have been featured by Apple, ...
Great app with all the information one needs to get accurate and up to date weather information The added humor is a nice touch                 Great
Clever little App                 Fantastic
It works for me                 I like it
Very accurate and precise havent had any problems with it also have a teenage son enjoys having it on his phone                 Very Satisfied
Not only is it hilarious But it is accurate and very informative I highly recommend this app for someone whos looking for weather and other stuff that makes them smile And people who like to annoy the ai You will not regret installing                 good sarcasm
The promised eerily accurate weather forecasts turned out to be nothing but hype Perhaps its where I live atop a 6000 ft mountain but Weather Underground is accurate where this is just a bad joke I bought it because of the Apple Watch integration but it lost my interest with its adolescent attempts at humor Embarrassing     Very disappointed
Ive tried a ton of weather apps and realized all of them were missing something So I gave up on trying to find the perfect serious weather app and downloaded this I love the other carrot apps and the secret unlockable locations are worth the download alone Just get it already              Need more apps like this
My favorite weather app hands down and now its even better thanks to the Apple Watch integration Its my favorite app to use on my watch right now Never fails to make me smile when I look at my wrist to check the time or weather Accurate fun and beautifully designed                 Worth it for the Apple Watch alone
It was feature to work with the Apple Watch So I downloaded it Worked well on my iphone 6 It is continually installing on my iphone Apple Watch app It wont sync with my watch Im using 20 It flashes icons on my watch when I open the app on my watch Tried support even upgraded to premiumvery frustrated     Not really please with App right now
The watch works sporadically at best but shows some really nice icons I dont care about secret locations I just want the current to be shown and that happens occasionally Even though this is paid for the ads still come for their own products In summary go buy Dark Sky because the sarcastic humor wears off after the second day        Tired of being a test rat
This app adds a sense of fun to the weather which tends to be not so fun in the winters up in North Dakota                 Great
Very informative on my Apple Watch                 Good app
Whats not to like                 Weather with a fun twist
Great app Just got it and I love it                 Awesome
Great design and very fun very interesting weather app makes me laugh every time I open it                 Terrific App
Loving the new watch stuff works crazy fast Purchasing the premium add on was a no brainier this guy should honestly charge more                 Best weather app out there
This is such a fun app The weather reports are amazing accurate and well designed I enjoy the insulting robot and the endless comments I recommend you spend the money Dirtbag                 Makes weather fun
This is a great app I couldnt think of a better way to check the weather                 Funny
This app is accurate and fun at the same time Its really fun                 Excellent
Buyer beware theres a subscription fee to get a fully functional complications on your apple watch What a bummer     Gouges Apple Watch users
Excellent update to an already awesome weather app Ive been here since it was first released Its the only one I use on my iPhone Apple Watch and now Mac Email support has been spectacular and fast when I had questions Download this app                 Carrot has done it again
Thank you for creating such a fun creative app It brings me Joy I am a weather junkie this apps forecasts are also accurate                 Great App
The app is great The radar map is very accurTe Thanks                 Great weather app
This app was referred by a friend who has a twisted sense of humor and this app definitely pays off                 Love it
With an awesome personality                 Great app
Cant recommend it enough Hilarious surprising and incredibly full featured Like all the Carrot apps of course Now for the love of all that is good please return the moon Carrot We need it for tides and stuff                 The greatest weather service that has ever or will ever exist
This is by far the best weather app I have ever gotten                 Best weather app
I love this app It always makes me laugh and its accurate too                 Weather has never been this much fun
This weather app is the complete package Great information with an attitude Everything you expect from a weather app plus a large helping of the unexpected Plus it keeps getting better                 Most well thought out weather app
Yet another app that claims to work with the watch that doesnt Automatically crashes after spinning The interface is great on the phone and iPad which is why I bought it it so I would love it if they would fix the bug     Crashes on Apple Watch
Always funny enjoy the comedy and surprisingly accurate Im impressed always seems to be pretty closecloser than tv lol The app works good for me and my work you can actually plan your day around it Just dont poke her in the sensor lol Up here in Maine weather always changing I would give it a five star rating                 Maintance manager
Once in the millennium a bright light will shine onceinalifetime we will have the chance to witness greatness this has nothing to do with the app the app stands on its own beautifully done                 Funny bright a breath of fresh air
This is the best and most fun weather app ever Im loving it Its also very beautiful Oh yeah it tells you the weather too Get it NOW and have yourself a gorgeous day                 Simply Put
No matter when I check this app it always says 77 degrees and its always wrong Fix it please        Doesnt work anymore
If you enjoy a little ribbing this app is for you Needles the user with little barbs and insults while providing a fun filled and info packed weather forecast The widgets and watch apps have become my favorite weather option on the iPhone and I have tried almost all the well known ones out there This app is just informative and lots of fun                 Lots of fun and info packed
Ive tried a couple apps for weather but while most of them are quite functional none of them made me want to check the weather for a chuckle Great app                 Weather with Style
The jokes are mostly silly Sometimes stupid The weather offers no more depth than temp and humidity wind Short on maps I was expecting a lot for a cashpaidforapp Not thrilled with the result Ok ok it works with Watch Good So does native watch app which was free Just had day of solid rain and the whole time the app was telling me it might drizzle It poured Hurricane spinoff Hardly accurate        I paid for this
Just the name Carrot for a weather app tells you something is up This app is just plain fun Weather reports are boring most times however Carrot puts pizzaz into weather Great humor and what I call carrotisms spice this experience up                 Now this is fun
Not only is this app helpful but it is also funny                 Hilarious
This app is excellent                 This app is really funny
Carrot has quickly become my favorite weather app after being a dark sky user for so long because of its equally impressive weather functionality and accuracy alongside just how well integrated it is with software From the watch complication to their 3d touch options the team behind Carrot is simply phenomenal for all the work they do Once you factor in the clever AI that is your guide through the whole experience and the secret locations Carrot quickly becomes an App you WANT to spend time in Speaking of I should head to Mordor soon I hear the weather is lovely                 Amazing functionality great character
All I think it needs is a severe weather alerts But maybe I just havent found it              Makes it fun to check the weather
This is the first time Ive been motivated sufficiently to write a review This is not your run of the mill weather app It talks to you in an odd manner If you poke the eye that contains the temp the app replies with a response depending on its mood The app is quite a laugh and it does a good job at forecasting the weather The Apple Watch complications that it adds are also very useful                 Really Different Take on Weather App
Love carrot apps The weather app went from a 4 star to a 5 star overnight when they added the complication to the watch Only one Ive seen that shows more than the stock weather complication Shows weather condition and uses time travel as well Just perfect                 Best Weather Complication
Underneath the stunningly beautiful design and clever hook of the app the AI takes every chance it can to playfully insult you and humans in general there is an amazing weather app At first I was apprehensive about making this my primary weather app as I was used to apps throwing every kind of weatherrelated data point my way But Carrot Weather truly does present all the important weather info you need in an awesome way I especially love the Today widget as its way more customizable than most developers make their iPhone widgets There is no doubt that this is the best weather app You will enjoy opening it and checking it out throughout the day Must own                 Great Weather App
I needed a weather app that works as flawlessly as DarkSky and give some attitude at the same time Who doesnt love a smartass Lol                 Who doesnt love this app
Great app great sense of humour                 Best weather app
I picked up this app specifically for the Apple Watch complication and have been smiling each time I look at it Frakking Windy Moony and Wow Clouds are some of my favorite forecasts so far cant wait to see more Makes weather entertaining                 Funny accurate weather
Simple Buy it                 Yes
Good app all around                 Great design and proper weather info

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