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Cartoon Network , the publisher behind many iOS app (Rock Bandits - Adventure Time ,These Lumps - Adventure Time ,Ghost Toasters - Regular Show ,CN Superstar Soccer ,Blamburger – Fast, Fun Burger Building Arcade Action With Clarence ,Free Fur All – We Bare Bears Minigame Collection), brings Cartoon Network Video with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Cartoon Network Video app has been update to version 2.0.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Little kids Op..
  • you idiots are complaining beacause of the clone wars..
  • And some old school shows too..
  • over to the Adult Swim people with a suggestion or two..
  • including a Gumball version of fruit ninja..
Overall Satisfactionclick me43
I love this app so much because I can watch my favorite shows.
Now I can't watch my favorite shows from cartoon network anymore.
This only happens on a couple shows like the amazing world of gumball.
All that they need to do is ADD MORE SHOWS.
Great video quality and so easy to setup.
This app is amazing because I love CN.
Fun & Engagingclick me43
All that they need to do is ADD MORE SHOWS.
Awesome it works.
It is really cool and fun.
awesome better that the rest.
Family Friendlyclick me67
Now just bring back Code Name Kids Next Door.
Little kids Op.
Do not download unless you're trying to entertain little kids.
Reliabilityclick me44
ipod 4th gen ios 5.
Im with dish network and dosen't work please fix this.
Ads not Intrusiveclick me33
Too many commercials repeated though.
Security & Privacyclick me18


• Watch full episodes and clips from your favorite Cartoon Network shows!
• Search our huge video library. It`s easy!
• Find out when your shows are on with the Cartoon Network TV schedule!


Watch your favorite shows instantly! Get Cartoon Network any time with the Cartoon Network Video app for iPhone. Check it!

Cartoon Network VideoCartoon Network Video
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If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Cartoon Network Video for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 5.0 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.0.2 has been released on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
More Info: Find more info about Cartoon Network Video in Cartoon Network`s Official Website :
Cartoon Network Video


Please add Time Warner Cable and other tv providers. found in 547 reviews
It crashes when ever I try to watch a episode please fix. found in 129 reviews
I love this app but you guys should put more full episodes. found in 75 reviews
And I can't even watch any episodes without logging in too. found in 479 reviews
You guys need to add more cable providers. found in 146 reviews
Needs older shows and more providers. found in 28 reviews
I love this app but IT NEEDS TIME WARNER CABLE. found in 30 reviews
Never do. found in 294 reviews
I cant watch full episodes unless its featured. found in 493 reviews
Pretty useless w/o a cable TV subscription. found in 20 reviews
I Would Put 5 But There's No Time Warner Cable:. found in 8 reviews
Why can't we watch full episodes without a username and password. found in 86 reviews
But whenever I try to watch a show it just crashes on me. found in 122 reviews
Would rate 5 stars if u had bright house network. found in 23 reviews
You say your gonna add more tv providers but you
Good but add bright house and more games and longer clips. found in 93 reviews
My tv provider isn't one of the providers in the list. found in 21 reviews
Please please please please add time Warner cable I really want to watch. found in 548 reviews
Fix Cartoon network app like before so I can watch new episode. found in 552 reviews
Please add bright house to the server providers I'm begging you. found in 93 reviews
I just wanna watch Adventure Time episodes but it won't let me. found in 176 reviews
Every time I try to watch a video my app crashes. found in 129 reviews
Now I can't watch my favorite shows from cartoon network anymore. found in 107 reviews
No password and still can watch new episode every week. found in 77 reviews
You can't watch Full Episodes without Putting in a Service Provider. found in 86 reviews
Can't even watch full episodes without a cable provider. found in 493 reviews
If you add more tv providers and fix ALL the annoying bugs. found in 294 reviews
they need to add Time Warner Cable to the list of providers. found in 591 reviews
Please add time Warner cable to the providers list. found in 547 reviews
It is literally impossible to watch live tv now. found in 147 reviews
Please add time Warner cable to your list otherwise I can't use it. found in 548 reviews
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Icon 175x175 1
Really awesome app But needs more steven universe episodes like NOW                NEED MORE STEVEN UNIVERSE
I like the idea of this app a lot because cartoon network is my favorite channel but the problem is the video wont start any video I start they say what the huh Then sorry for the trouble I press try again but it doesnt work for some reason please fix this bug                I just downloaded the app
This app surely deserves it Hours of entertainment Also live TV Now you can watch it when the TV is occupied Amazing app                Dont usually rate apps but
The app is good when it works but right now it will not bring up a log in point for Xfinity Please fix this problem          Not allowing Xfinity log in
Love this app would be better if it was compatible with chromecast             Chromecast please
I wish this app still had the lab and the games that was my favorite part          The lab
Whenever I try to do the tv provider log in it tells me to wait but screen goes blank Please fix this          Kinda disappointed
When I signed in I can only watch unlocked episodes all the others wills say what the huh and the mix will not work every awesome thing says what the huh i have att uverse    One problem
Tried connecting to my tv provider typed all the information it asked for in but will not continue to the third step So no my daughter is unable to watch the episodes she wants PLEASE FIX          Wont work
My tv provider isnt added and I cant any episodes unless selecting but its not on there On the next update add it For time warner cable users    Add
When ever i try to watch now the app will play the ad but then say oops and wont play the episode          Not playing episode
They should put a movie section so instead of just shows because when its movie month or week it will show recent movies                Movie section
I think the app is great but you shouldnt have to log into your tv provider every time the app gets an update             Good
This is retarded u should not have to use your parents tv cable to see full episodes of showswhat about the people who dont have cableThis app would be much better    This app is retarded
App still broken even after update Please fix devs my kids love your app    Still broken
This app would be great If they only removed the dumb clips personally as a fan of cartoon network i downloaded this app to watch SHOWS not useless one min clips PLUS the clips take up 80100 of every mix so your LUCKY to get a show you want unless you sign up which makes sense i guess but still remove the clips and add more showsThan i would rate the app          Good but remove the clips
Plz add the TWC provider I have CN but I don not have of the listed providers Plz help and add this provider          Add TWC
Please I would like to see all the old episodes of a show because right now Steven universe you can only watch 13 episodesI would like to see a feature that will allow you to watch any episode of the series like Steven universe to start the feature with thanks if you read this             Please add this
It is pretty good but it 1 needs EVEN MORE EPISODES and 2 There too many crashes plus Im logged in          Umm
I just got the app and a little disappointed that I have to sign in to watch an episode of regular show it makes me a little sad that I cant watch my favorite shows for free its a little pointless because most types of TVs have Cartoon Network on them I think if sign in is removed it would be a 5 star          Why sign in
75 of the TV is locked because you cant watch free TV you must have a TV provider or else you cant watch TV PS anyone who uses Warner cable wait for it to update                To all of the idiots out there
AWSOME                Great app
Hey CN Ioved this app so I could watch sonic boom clips but today it wasnt working it kept says oops something went wrong with bemo can you guys fix it Soon thanks             Awesome until
Before I start hating I would like to say this app is great It works fine although advertisements can be annoying at times but what do you expect Anyways it had a lot of episodes of their popular shows ex Steven UniverseAdventure Time Etc But then I believe a couple of days ago they updated it and then suddenly all you would see are clips of shows I wanted to watch another episode of Over The Garden Wall and then suddenly they only had clips of it Ok thats fine I try to watch a specific episode of Steven Universe Friendship I look and see they only have 6 episodes At the time I get a bit more frustratedso I tried to watch We Bare Bears its all just clips Cartoon Network I dont know what youre doing but I want you stop it now I hurts me to know there are more Jonny test episodes then there are of Adventure time on your app One of your best shows I really hope you can at least explain yourself on why you did this          Oh boy
Please do more bug fixes because every time I am watching a show it quits in the middle and wont let me back on             A
Im so tired of every time I watch something a ad comes plz update to remove this but still a good app             Enough of the ads
Can you add it where you can log in using a sling tv provider and not just cable             Sling TV
This is a fantastic app and I use it so It was much better than I thought it would be SKADOW                So Spice
Please add time Warner cable please please please             Please add
Ok why do you only have like 15 episodes of one show IT IS BULL I know that there are more episodes of Steven universe than 13 come on now Nickelodeon is beating you with their apps             Cartoon Network please listen
Cartoon Network wont open for some reason on my phone It just stays on the screen with the intro music       Cartoon Network wont work
The loading times are terrible please try to fix it other wise pretty good app          Good but
I love the app but you guys need to add Time Warner Cable to the list of TV providers I believe with this happening sales would go up and more people would enjoy the app hope you guys consider my thoughts             Cable
I WANT WE BARE BEARS IN THIS PLZZZZ                Its great But
I love all of your shows             Awesome
Plz put it in plzzzzzzx                Amazing app but I cant sign in because theres no time warner cable thing
Love cn but needs all shows like Dexter and chowder It also needs all episodes of all seriess And last but not least it needs all the seasons Cn if you do all of this I will rate this app 5 stars but now only 4 I hope you do this cn             More seasons episodes and series
When I did the update and tryed to login using Verizon it didnt pop us with a login screen plz fix this because this app is awesome                Great but
this app needs WAY more episodes for Teen Titans Go WAY theres only 15 full episodes theres clips for episodes BUT ONLY 2 WHY CAN U PLZ PLZ PLZ AT LEAST TRY 2 ADD ALL THE EPISODESim disapointed          Needs more
GREAT                Cartoon Network is rad
its honestly a really good app and i love it but for as long as ive had it about 2 months ive not gotten a single new episode for steven universe they may be on a break or something for the next season but i havent gotten any old episodes either and i really dont like the fact that whatever is on my list of shows is whatever is on demand for uverse and uverse hardly ever updates their shows          so
Its a good app but my onlyproblem is that time warner cable is not listed in the list of all the others There is but no time warner ITS RIDICULUS       I like but
I really did try with this app but I just couldnt watch tv with even the slightest bad connection to the internet it cant run that definitely needs a fix The only reason this is getting two stars is because of being to watch shows early before they are on on tv       Cant adapt to internet
The reason I am only giving this app 1 star is because I have never used it before When I get on the loading screen right when you tap on the app it keeps saying having trouble getting on and when I press reload it says it again in less then a second I am not sure if the app dose not work with the IPhone 4S or Verizon does not work with the app    Something Wrong
Ok I just want to tell you that when I try to watch a video it always shows the what the huh screen and I really want to watch Cartoon Network and my tv doesnt have the thing that lets you record shows and stuff Please fix this    Good app but
It will not let me login to xfinity login box dont come up its just blank screen Too bad my kids love CN    Login
Great app but Cartoon Network really you should be able to watch any episode any time instead of having to sing in whenever you want to watch them I know several apps that are better than you because of that you hear meDO YOU HEAR ME oh and take away the clips especially the monster high ones             Ripoff
Plz In begging u CN add Time Warner Cable It even has u Plz if u add this I will give u 5 stars          I dont see my tv provider
They have good shows but there all locked andThey dont have all of the episodes    Bad


Cartoon Network
5.0 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.0.2
iPhone iPad

iOS Cartoon Network Video 2.0.2 Mobile

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