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CBS Local , the publisher behind many iOS app (CBS Philly Weather ,Tailgate Fan - Mobile Companion ,CBS Baltimore Weather ,CBS Philly - CBS 3 HD, KYW Newsradio 1060, 610 WIP and Talk Radio 1210 WPHT ,CBS Minnesota ,CBS Minnesota Weather), brings CBS Local YourDay for iPhone with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. CBS Local YourDay for iPhone app has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • live stream audio and video broadcasts..
  • You can even set an alarm clock with it - Pretty cool..
  • Makes it easy to listen to any radio station..
  • Streaming radio improved..

Overall Satisfactionc12
It's everything I need in one spot.
Everything I need in one place.
Repeat Valuec20
Ease of Usec12
It's easy to navigate and incredibly helpful.
The screens are easy to navigate and clear.
Ads not Intrusivec10
Updates & Supportc20

Bluetooth audio integration: When. found in 1 reviews
Very user friendly and fantastic content. found in 8 reviews
Every update is a step backwards. found in 1 reviews
Same thing: crash then can immediately open with no problem. found in 1 reviews
Great potential but falls short. found in 1 reviews
and streaming ads over lap one another. found in 3 reviews
Alarm Clock Stopped Working. found in 1 reviews
App freezes when trying to open up/expand the News section. found in 10 reviews
Good app but having trouble using appointment calendar. found in 2 reviews
Dump the ads before video. found in 3 reviews
Radio Streaming cuts in and out intermittently. found in 12 reviews
App will not open unless Location Services is set to on. found in 6 reviews
My local news radio station constantly buffers than just stops. found in 4 reviews
I hope they fix the glitches & make it more user friendly. found in 2 reviews
Buffer error on broadcast radio. found in 1 reviews
Live radio -- only plays ads. found in 3 reviews
Needs Another Update. found in 1 reviews
Needs fixed or updated. found in 1 reviews
Doesn't work with headset. found in 1 reviews
Good news coverage BS background music. found in 1 reviews
CBS has ruined Minnesota's favorite news station : WCCO. found in 6 reviews
When we opened the old app today we we're forced to upgrade. found in 14 reviews
The old adage "if it ain't broke don't fix it" holds true here. found in 6 reviews
Very disappointing update to a decent local news app. found in 27 reviews
Can't listen to the Sports Hub channel. found in 9 reviews
Probably the worst marketing I've dealt with on any news app. found in 34 reviews
think it does this because I don't use location services. found in 6 reviews
Since the last update it crashes the first time I try to open the app. found in 10 reviews
CBS needs to make some changes to this app. found in 10 reviews
the icons are tiny and it's difficult to navigate. found in 29 reviews
If it isn't broke don't fix it. found in 9 reviews
If it's not broke don't break it. found in 12 reviews
Just tried to read an article and the app crashed. found in 6 reviews
The live stream for radio always force closes. found in 9 reviews
haven't they heard if it ain't broke don't try to fix it. found in 8 reviews
Disappointed I was forced to update to this new app. found in 7 reviews
Why do you make it difficult to listen to KYW newsradio. found in 5 reviews
This app suddenly stopped playing local sport radio talk shows. found in 11 reviews

The CBS Local YourDay for iPhone is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, German. It weighs in at only 4.2 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.1 has been released on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about CBS Local YourDay for iPhone check developer CBS Local`s website :

YourDay is the new FREE iPhone App from CBS Local that brings the best of the local web right to your fingertips. Select your city, sit back and let YourDay update you on the latest ...
STOP WITH THE GLUT OF CBS LOCAL COMMERCIALS They make me want to leave the app The end of the cbs local commercials make me gag Stop them I know gagging Otherwise the app remains much improved Stations no longer drop on a regular basis News content still leaves a lot to be desired           Does anyone at CBS listen to their stations
This app constantly crashes on my iPhone 6 Terrible     Constantly crashes
This app is still not optimized for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Please make this happen     iPhone 6 support please
A smart phone needs a smart app and this aint it Once you open the app it takes three taps to get to a full listing of news stories The home page shows 3 stories and to see more you have to tap news which takes you to a screen that has the exact same 3 stories and a variety of 3story sub categories which in other news apps are treated as actual categories and are accessed via a menu or via one tap on the home page and then you tap on news again to finally get to local news which of course begins with the same 3 stories Third time for seeing them And then further furious tapping ensues If youre keeping track thats one tap to open the app three taps to get to the news list and two more taps to get to an article Six freaking taps just to get to a news article I am not including all the duplicate taps that just dont register as taps at first but trust me theyre there too And oh the ads I flat out hate the full page ads disrupting my news reading and I wont put up with them more on how later Tap on an article get an ad Ignore the ad content completely 100 of the time on principle alone and tap again to close the ad and you finally get to read the article You dont see intrusive full page ads for every single article but I saw two ads while reading three articles so I guess its one ad for every two articles You also have constant ad banners at the bottom which I also ignore 100 of the time but at least those are less intrusive than the ones that hijack your screen Also its annoying that tapping on the top of the screen does not bring you back to the top of the page whether in a list of articles or within an article Thats a standard iPhone capability so it had to be intentionally excluded for it not to work properly in the app Thats just stupid to me I thought this app loved taps Plus it crashes For a user thats usually considered an important issue and when it happens its their 1 complaint but in this apps case it was actually a relief I got fed up and quit after all that Id expect this crap from a tabloid like TMZ maybe but CBS is supposed to be straight news so I just dont get it at all I wont and dont need to put up with the bogus problems with this app because there are other better local network news apps that simply dont have these issues Ill happily use the NBC or ABC app instead of CBSs for my local news     Needs a Lot of Work
On first startup this app shuts down instantly and then works OK on the second try Otherwise good           Glitchy
This app is terrible Its hard to navigate through all of the junk While it has plenty of ads paid participation it has almost no local news Theres also no local closings delays The other 2 Pittsburgh news apps are so much easier to use They also offer plenty of local news Dont waste your time with this app     Not enough local news
I try to watch CBS Local Boston version and the videos never load I try to watch local live streaming news and again the streaming never loads Funny that local channels 5 WCVB and 7 WHDH work fine Note to CBS Local web app developer spend some time and money and fix this app Or hire channel 5 and channel 7 Boston station apps developers and see what your missing     Once again CBS Local App fails over and over
Radio works fine Issue breaking news and alert notifications never link to the actual story Goes to cbs Local homepage of app Is that normal CBS LOCAL 212 iPhone 5S running iOS 814           App works Improvements needed
If you prefer ads over content this is the app for you Its nice to have mobile access to all the cbs stations but I just took a 2 mile walk and the ads dominated 15 of those miles        Decent app but way too many ads
When I started using the listen feature of this app I mistakenly thought I would be listening to the live radio feed But no a commercial breaks into a live conversation which results in missing part of discussion that I had interest I understand this happening on a radio jukebox app but not the radio station app From now on if I want to listen to my local CBS stations Ill use an old fashioned radio     Why
Since the improvements its turned into a completely unreliable app It takes about 10 minutes to stop working as an audio streamer Makes no difference between WiFi or not Sending tweets to the local station WBZ 1050 is a waste of typing skills Theres no option for user feedback so all my gripes go here Youd think that a company the size of CBS would be somewhat concerned about public opinion Think again and stay away from anything related to CBS Cant rate low enoigh App fsils everytime on dtartup but runs fine on rrstart Trued messahing WBZ my local ststoon That wad eeeks sho and no rrsponse and no fix IOS 82 iPhone 6     CBS Local failures
I dont want to watch live I want to watch the actual news recorded from actual TV as it was at dinner lunch breakfast yesterday or two days ago Just give me a list Ill be happy     All I wanted was the local TV newscast but recorded
Im enjoying CBS Local This is a really cool app If you dont have this app you should get it lol Essie Eure Suffolk Va                 CBS
I would like to request that the comments section of this app be removed I dont know whats happening in other parts of the country but in Pittsburgh the most nasty racist classist comments are being posted It has nothing to do with the news and is very disturbing If the problem isnt addressed I will have to delete this app It is also glitchy and quits unexpectedly all the time     Fed up
Everything CBS tries to do with regards to technology is horrible Why say the app will broadcast my local news when it wont     The Worst
Crashes very little news maybe they will start over and try again For now dont bother     Buggy
The news headlines are available but the links are blank pages limited to showing the advertisement of the day     Block the update
9 times out of 10 the articles do not load the app keeps on spinning Today Ivan get them to open better but it is just a teaser paragraph and a new button saying that the article is on CBScom Guess what that wont open either     Articles never load
The only local network that does not provide live video feeds of local news     Worst of the local networks
What a POS inaccurate crashes does not load and very slow think I will stick to WFAA as its a much better app all the way around     CBS local DFW
Your pos app doesnt work anymore it just takes me to the awful national cbs radio I cant listen to local radio stations anymore this app is useless after its last update Fix it     Broken
I had to stop wasting data on this app The endlessly repetitive commercials did it for me Sometimes its the same ones back to back If I had heard Flo from Progressive one more time I was going to smash my Beats and iPhone 6 It made listening to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING UNLISTENABLE I had to break out the pocket transistor avoid downloading anything that has anything to do with CBS Local or get ready to have your favorite stations rendered useless And FYI dont even THINK about trying a different app to listen to the same stations they simulcast the SAME ADS     Endless Ads
Ever since the update my app crashes every time I open it I literally need to physically close the app and open it back up sometimes it works sometimes I have to do it a few times     Newest update is Buggy
Two items that I believe need improvement 1 radar in the weather section has no point of reference showing PittsburghUnsure exactly what I am looking at without a city noted on map 2 news section is better than before but could more stories be listed in the section Right now it takes three taps on screen to get to a list of news stories WTAE app is perfect lists news stories right in front of home page and allows you to access other things from tabs        Needs some work
Unable to listen to Rush Limbaugh no audio Not the first time this has happened Sent message to inquire on status no response either time Sad        No Audio
Too many ads sadly some of the news stories dont download pictures The particular story that had gone viral about breastfeeding moms Never Downloaded There are better apps that dont have these inconvenient issues so I uninstalled this one and wont be back     Not good place for news
A native interface into the website would be better than this app You have limited access to a limited selection of information     No access to school closings
The news feed is horrible You can find more timely updates elsewhere That is disappointing given that it is supposed to be a local news app     Useless
Local and always updated Great app                 Great app
Why do you have a link entitled watch live when it links to you tube videos This app is less than usless     Do you guys know what live means
It crashes at least once every single day When it doesnt crash it works okay Its really no better than going to the CBS website directly        Crashes every time
Living in the Palm Beaches I have always experienced difficulty in getting an App that could provide uninterrupted service for my favorite sports talk shows from Miami Finally CBS Local came along and solved this problem Thank you CBS                 Outstanding
For being such a big company your app should be very good I find it middle of the line Why is there no contact button to be able to comment on news stories        Disappointed
I love this app and have had very few problems Recently though and perhaps since the most recent update it crashes when I open it Then I immediately open it again and it works fine Close the app and try to open it later Same thing crash then can immediately open with no problem Again otherwise its a great app that lets me stay up to date with Philadelphia sports even though I live far away              Good app but currently with a crash problem
Watch live and ondemand video still does not work with voiceover blind people would like to view your content to may have to delete app especially CBS Pittsburgh        CBS Pittsburgh watch live and on demand videos still does not work with voiceover
Recent attempts to fix crashes have only made things worse TRY AGAIN        Review
Totally useless     CBS Commercials and more commercials
Way too many commercials and they cut off the content I want to hear such as the weather report or the program currently on air Its very annoying Started listening to MPR when I need news and weather No commercials either        Commercials Cut Off Content
Very easy to get all the info I need no matter what city Im in                 Great app
Nice layout                 CBS
The app displays the same story headline repetitively while scrolling Seriously you need to dump this app and go in an entirely new direction     Worst news app around
Each opening of app asks for upgrade again and again Latest ios and only app runningannoying     Update Repeat Update
Too little content Weather does not update        Weak
Could be a decent app but has no search function Seriously Also the contact support function where I intended to request a search function be added does not work Really hard to give more than one star if these two critically important features are missing or dont work Guess Ill have to just delete this one and stick with my other local news apps Thumbs down     Missing features
The ap is decent in that it allows me to listen to my favorite cbs radio stations but from time to time it crashes and makes connecting irritating           Ok but crashes a lot
The site was ok until that stupid Google ad app hijacked it Now you cant access content its beyond annoying I dont mind ads but this is ridiculous I wont use this app anymore     Dysfunctional site
Crashes all the time please fix     Needs help
Why have all CBS Local markets in one app if Im unable to switch between markets I first selected LA for a location then wanted to check out other locales but cant The Change Location under settings offers a market list but no matter what I pick Im stuck in Los Angeles Come on CBS     Lacking basic functionality
Just constantly loads Doesnt work Garbage     Doesnt Work
Terrible app slow to load crashes all the time With all the resources available I would expect CBS to do a better job Its too bad as they do have program that I really enjoy     CBS could do a better job

CBS Local YourDay for iPhone News Local YourdayCBS Local YourDay for iPhone News Local YourdayCBS Local YourDay for iPhone News Local YourdayCBS Local YourDay for iPhone News Local YourdayCBS Local YourDay for iPhone News Local YourdayCBS Local YourDay for iPhone News Local YourdayCBS Local YourDay for iPhone News Local YourdayCBS Local YourDay for iPhone News Local YourdayCBS Local YourDay for iPhone News Local YourdayCBS Local YourDay for iPhone News Local YourdayCBS Local YourDay for iPhone News Local YourdayCBS Local YourDay for iPhone News Local Yourday

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