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CBS Interactive , the publisher behind many iOS app (Big Brother Cornhole Game ,60 Minutes for iPad ,CBS EyeMobile ,CBS Sports Pro Football ,CBS This Morning ,CBS Sunday Morning), brings CBS Radio News with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. CBS Radio News app has been update to version 2.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The breaking news and 60 Minutes audio are great..
  • There are really only two strong radio news organizations these days..

Overall Satisfactionc62
I thought it was already best news app before update.
easily one of the best news apps available.
Ads not Intrusivec34

com ios carplay for more details. found in 1 reviews
I can pull in WBBM-AM from Chicago for CBS News. found in 7 reviews
My favorite way to stay informed. found in 1 reviews
s 1 news magazine show. found in 1 reviews
Live news audio. found in 2 reviews
Has an audio rebroadcast of the tv world news. found in 4 reviews
Volume Control Bug. found in 1 reviews
newscasts news pieces features and analysis. found in 1 reviews
This is the best app there is for listening to radio news. found in 1 reviews
such as the promos for the coming weekend's sports programming. found in 1 reviews
We may update the app to note that. found in 1 reviews
Application Up and Running. found in 3 reviews
Great app if the looping ads would stop. found in 1 reviews
I will be forced to uninstall. found in 1 reviews
Good idea that needs work. found in 1 reviews
Bad Ads locking phone up. found in 1 reviews
but I wish they paid more attention to it. found in 1 reviews
with a clear menu that offers choices when I log in. found in 1 reviews
but it'd be really nice if you could skip forward or back. found in 1 reviews
Very good but could be great. found in 1 reviews
The double audio problem is not fixed. found in 1 reviews
it is quick loading the news. found in 1 reviews
Too bad there really aren't any better options out there. found in 1 reviews
Wish it was kept current. found in 1 reviews
Frightening and abrupt volume changes ruin a great news source. found in 2 reviews
It throws way too many full screen ads in your face. found in 1 reviews
Wish I hadn't Updated. found in 1 reviews
now it's worthless. found in 1 reviews
The constant modem noise in the background is just obnoxious. found in 3 reviews
Now it freezes every single time I try to use the 3 minute news update. found in 1 reviews
Update killed the radio star. found in 1 reviews
Always locks up on the first ad. found in 2 reviews
If the stream gets interrupted. found in 2 reviews
The content does not load. found in 1 reviews
especially the ads for the CBS TV shows. found in 2 reviews
The live stream audio doesn't work either. found in 2 reviews

The CBS Radio News is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 3.2 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.0 has been released on 2014-11-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about CBS Radio News check developer CBS Interactive`s website :

Listen to the very best radio news, anywhere, anytime with the CBS Radio News app This app offers live-streaming breaking-news as it happens, straight from the CBS newsroom. Get up-to-the-minute national and international news broadcasts every ...
when you open the app all it does is give you a weight icon you never got any content It sure as hell does not work with CarPlay like it s supposed to but just does the same thing nothing happened so it s this is an absolute piece of junk How the hell I got on to the Apple Store mysteryI thought apps how to actually work before they could be on the store What a joke     It doesn t work at all scottfg
This app crashes constantly Always play one story and then gone never to return Disappointed     Crashes constantly hoop dreamer
I used it for CarPlay But after last update they took away the ability to choose what you want to listen to Support is terrible At some point they will probably fix it But given the history They will break it with an update in the future and take months to fix it again     Terrible daveb316
Crashes every time it opens unusable     Crashes Nnoel6
I was expecting KCBS so that I could receive info on Bay Area emergencies e g live updates on huge Sonoma and Napa county fires Instead a steady stream of national news I can get that elsewhere We need a KCBS app so we can get urgent local news when out of town Not a steady repeat of other stuff you already broadcast five times         Need a KCBS App Snowburst
It was crashing but then I deleted and reinstalled new and it works again Please do and poof it will be fixed Old review I used to love to listen to the news updates in the morning But now every time I launch the app it crashes Please fix                     Crashing although fixed delete reload it Bnh.Sah
I m an app developer As other reviews have stated if you are having trouble with the app please delete it and reinstall Everything is running well once you delete and reinstall Please contact us in the app if you are having any difficulties                     Please delete and reinstall Dustin Gervais @CBSRadioNews
I have been using this app for several years and the new version that just updated for iOS 11 I am still on 10 myself will not even load It starts to download content and then totally disappears It s a no star app at the moment Please fix this     New version won t even load airira
Can t get past the splash screen Once fixed I ll be back to love it Update Deleted and reinstalled everything is fine                     Boooo Hooray bribriny
Won t startup beyond the logo screen Wait for the next update     Crashes on launch AIM Fan for Years
so many complaints no update since October 2016 why         update Adizzie
Crap     Waste of time downloading it Muhammad kashif
Revised again 8 15 17 This app appears to get worse as time goes on What a mess and what a shame Will delete yet again At one time this app was my primary source of news while driving Thankful for NPR One Revised Previous The ads are so often so intrusive I have deleted the app from my phone Such a waste of a good app Absolutely terrible now     WAS Perfect JBandrew
Hangs up all the time and blasts you with pop up adds making it unusable     Terrible Radness1021
I wanted to listen to news on the truck not a happy hour singer with a guitar     Horrible Twiz419
Car play used to work But now it does not I finally noticed The app on my phone was trying to play and ad and was stuck Please fix         Car play broken FamousPerson199
This app is supposed to work with Apple CarPlay but it constantly hangs up won t play if my phone is locked randomly shuts down Also the excessive ads are ridiculous especially the full screen ads which require you to touch your phone to close them Lately the app CONSTANTLY redirects you to the App Store to download a game which is maddening because it minimizes the CarPlay interface Total waste of time to download     Frustrating to Use SteveninSacto
This here is a load bearing wall We re going to rip that out Completely unnecessary and it triples the budget That and the terrible App Store push that kills the app So frustrating     So frustrating I want it to work so bad carplaynewswish
It shuts itself off and redirects you to the App Store to download sponsored content DANGEROUS WHEN DRIVING     Absolutely unusable Dprill
Would like to use with CarPlay but it only works about a third of the time     Good when it works MostleyHarmless
While listening to podcast trying to change volume scrub ahead you re constantly pressing ads mute etc because icons are so small and close together Horrible design Pod cast also stops randomly and starts playing the wrong podcast For instance listening to face nation Will stop halfway through then play last week s at beginning         Awful UI Coupon Man
2 minutes news 5 minutes advertisements It s horrible     Too many advertisements Windsurfed
I ll simply echo the many other comments on the latest version version MISERABLE They took what used to be a superb app to access the superb content of CBS Radio News and TRASHED it Bottom line an app titled CBS Radio News should HELP you listen to CBS Radio News not leave you fuming in frustration with amateur hour app design In no manner is this app worthy of CBS EPIC FAIL     Race to The Bottom Nurmedic
This app used to be great for picking up the news especially the News Roundup when I couldn t use a radio Since the last update it plays endless commercials ONE update and multiple This Day In Music History reports I don t care about music history that much I go to CBS for news and can t even get that from them now I m deleting this app permanently     They ruined it AngryAng!
I would gladly pay for version of this app that has NO ads The daily message from a dating service is particularly annoying Am about to delete and treat myself to a radio news service that doesnt leave me annoyed first thing in the morning     Hate the ads
Updated the version on my iPhone 5s 71 and left the old one on iPod Both seem to work ok I use on my bus commune daily and seems fine Noticed new version has a news summary on occasional starts Found you can skip straight to live radio by pressing pause and play to skip summary still get to listen to my 60 minutes podcast downloads so still happy              Update or not
Good app but used a ridiculous amount of data     Poor bandwidth management
Being a news junkie this is a must have app With that being said the new update is a disaster as far as I am concerned It takes at least 1 to 2 minutes to just get to the hourly news podcast having to navigate through useless popup ads of kids games lots of BS I wish I could get the old version back        Wish I hadnt Updated
Some dont even go away when you try to close them     Too many ads
Any way we could get the full hourly newscasts instead of only the first three minutes              Hourly Newscasts
They claim to be the breaking news source what a joke They play the same stories over and over again You will hear the same news story several times in an hour Certain segments like CEO Watch and Tech Watch will run the same story for a week Based on these repeat focused stories it seems more like paid advertisements placed as news Good only for white noise in the background     Repetitive
Solid app for listening to CBS radio news on demand or streaming live              Solid app
I travel all the time and this is exactly what I have been looking for Thank you                 Perfect
I was so enjoying this app until today I find they changes it Now it is all flash and glitter And the splash screen that advances for you is silly or just stupid I can pick when I want to page over so stop It was so good not so now           Go back to older version
Please go back to the old version This app is impossible to control Used listen regularly now I NEVER open it anymore     This app is HORRIBLE
Its a nice app but I wish they paid more attention to it It seems like its the app they update when they have time The World News Roundup streaming today is 5 days old So if you want a broadcast of old news its perfect        Wish it was kept current
App constantly automatically redirects to the apple App Store Thats sleazy CBS Also it locks up a lot Fix it     Fix this App
This App advertisers are attempting to take me to the app store to buy without a touchclick and most of the time do not succeed and locks up the app Forces me to resetrestart the phone even with latest ios Makes me wonder if they could make my phone buy the app if I did not have a lock on it Perhaps that is why it is locking up the app If not fixed I will be forced to uninstall Otherwise I like the app Seems every time I turn around others have more control of my phone than myself        Bad Ads locking phone up
Great to listen to Has an audio rebroadcast of the tv world news Only gets choppy when Im in areas that dont have a great cell signal which is kind of expected                 Great app
Listened to the whole election results while shopping in Costco                 Works great
Talking about the same over n over again     To repetitive
I love CBS radio news and this app gives great options but listen live needs improvements In listen live mode hourly newscasts do not broadcast Needs more of a live feel to it           Great idea but listen live needs improvement
While the news stories were interesting they were repeated over and over again        Boring
this app was never tested with voiceover running which is why none of its button labels speak when moving or tapping them with voiceover running Best for the software house to avoid bidding for government work since the developers do not do Section 508 of the americans with disabilities act or the Section 508 Preamble           inaccessible for voiceover users
Pop up ad Mysterious audio from who knows where Takes forever to load Bogus     New Update Jumped the Shark
Broken     Always locks up on the first ad
This app is awesome I like to listen to CBS News whenever I can The only thing I dont like about it is that it is not available for the iPad Also I read the description and it said that all CBS radio newscasts with the exception of the CBS World News Roundup and the CBSTV newscasts are for three minutes and they are actually four minutes five counting the one minute commercial break              I like this app
Its gotten worse since my last review and I cant push it down any more stars I just turned the app on to get a quick news roundup I got a brief and I mean brief story about the White House which then went into 35 minutes of back to back commercials including many of the same repeated over and over I know what youre thinking but it was seriously 35 minutes before I shut the whole thing down I gave it a chance thinking that surely they would have to go back to the news but no go If the stream gets interrupted say from an incoming phone call or from pausing it the stream restarts from the very beginning Thats not too bad if the stream is ten minutes old but annoying if I have to listen to the same thing for that I just listen to for the last hour Why Any other stream will pick up where I left off or start the stream in its live position Its Thursday The audio stream just hiccuped and started playing Mondays stream I know it was from Monday because I had heard it already and because the stream mentioned events going on tomorrow on Tuesday Not cool That modem connection sound advertising the cbs radio app is kind of annoying I know other people without apps listen to the feed The constant modem noise in the background is just obnoxious Frequently the audio stream suddenly changes mid story and then jumps back to the middle of another story How am I u supposed to hear a complete story The stream on the weekend doesnt appear to be updated It seems to be a repeated feed from sometime during the week This weekend they were making announcements as new even though they announced them five days ago Another update Now the news stories are ALL playing at the same time It sounds as if there are twenty people in a small room all yelling to catch my attention Ive never seen such a buggy app And yet another bug I just got finished with 10 minutes of audio and the stream just suddenly backed up to the middle of the story from about four minutes ago and started replaying I dont think the quality of the news is all that bad Its the delivery that just cant seem to ever work     35 minutes of straight commercials
The double audio problem is not fixed Even with the app offscreen the Verizon ad plays in the background unless you kill the app completely I look forward to the app working correctly as I like the concept of having on demand access to the hourly network newscasts           Good idea that needs work
App works great A lot of options for information Great reporting Indispensable app                 My favorite way to stay informed
Too much clutter and obtrusive ads mar the updated CBS Radio app Wish I could go back to the previous version Also the evening version of world news roundup cuts off at the first ad break and wont resume to play the balance of the newscast        Old App Way Better
After 30 minutes of advertisement I had to delete the app Awful app dont download it     Only advertisement no news
ACE has highjacked the app Cant X it away     WTW
The previous version was clearer less cluttered You open the app now and somethingsomeone is talking at you I prefer to choose what I want to listen to with a clear menu that offers choices when I log in This update does not give you that chance Who is it that is turning stable and serviceable apps into mazes that must be conquered I love CBS news and you had a great app Now you have one that is cutsie Congrats to the nerd who concocted this mess and who just knew the rest of us would see the world like he does Wrong           Why update
Installed the app It reboots every time I click on it iOS7 iPhone 5     Reboots
I originally gave this app 4 stars Then the updates came Now it freezes every single time I try to use the 3 minute news update That is the only reason I have this app Its been like this for months Im going to delete it since it is worthless to me The only thing is does well is play a commercial when it opens No thanks     They ruined it with new updates
It was a great app now it is broken Playback is choppy and download does not work at all     Bad app
App has stopped working Shows news from August and then crashes Cant even get to radio news     App crashes no longer works ios7
When it works its fantastic GUI is beautifully done If its bipolar functioning settles down easily one of the best news apps available                 Bugs no more Top shelf
Hate this app Add comes on first Then the news does not Activate No news     Hate this app
Can you please remove the ad one must watch whenever the app is opened This is inconvenient        Ads
I love the new format and find it very easy to use More aesthetically appealing than the old one too It works beautifully for me                 Great app
This app is just flat out annoying This morning I couldnt even get around the Verizon add that Im required to tolerate for the first minute or so after I open it The option to get past the preroll after its done playing just isnt even there UGH When it doesnt crash it can be decent the content needs to be updated more often and the same exact 5 minute stories can run backtoback fairly often Too bad there really arent any better options out there        annoying
Dont like the update Put listen live button back on each page Put the fast forward button back on the listen live as there are so many repeated stories Needs to be updated daily GET RID OF THE ADS They are obnoxious     Not as good
Thats all i wanted and its what i got without any hassle Thank you                 Live news audio
Love this app Too bad it started crashing about a week ago Please update it     Crashing
Launches into commercial before you can do anything else Deleted Ill use the Fox News Radio app     Horrible
Works great Love my 60mins shows                 Great app
I really enjoy this app However I get a lot of cases where an ad will pop up I hit the X only to have the same ad pop up immediately This loops over and over and has been happening more often in the last few days        Great app if the looping ads would stop
DONT BOTHER WITH THIS APP One of the most obnoxious apps in the App Store I use to enjoy this app but the overload of advertising will cause me to delete the app instead I have had it with all the unwanted advertising So my advise to all dont bother with this app DOWNLOAD NPR NEWS INSTEAD CBS has deep pockets They didnt have to resort to such blatant abuse of our time by instituting so much INVOLUNTARY ADVERTISING Most of the ads are promoting products of dubious value anyway So dont bother with this app DONT BOTHER WITH THIS APP DONT BOTHER WITH THIS APP DONT BOTHER WITH THIS APP DONT BOTHER WITH THIS APP DONT BOTHER WITH THIS APP DONT BOTHER WITH THIS APP DONT BOTHER WITH THIS APP     An Advertising Blitz With a Speck of News
Used to use this app every morning Im deleting it after the update because now 1 user has no choice what to listen to 2 a ton more commercials 3 choppy and 4 has bad sound quality     Update killed the radio star
Great                 Great
I got the app thinking it was news live up to the minuteWRONG all recorded FLUFF Nothing live nothing useful just prerecorded FLUFF I sent them a text from the app and deleted it If you want to listen to mindless FLUFF then this is the app for you Im staying with iHeart radio     Taped News from another dayFLUFF
What a horrible app You get between 14 news stories then its an endless stream of ads many of which start to repeat especially the ads for the CBS TV shows How do they expect anyone to continue using this when theres so little news content Two sessions were enough Im deleting this loser     Ads Galore

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