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CBS Interactive , the publisher behind many iOS app (ZDNet Mobile ,CBS Sports Fantasy Football Draft Kit ,CBS Sports Mobile ,CBS EyeMobile ,CBS Sports Fantasy Baseball ,WBZ News), brings CBS with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. CBS app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Next best thing to watching your favorite TV shows on TV..
  • A TV streaming app that delivers what it promises..
  • on our big screen tonight..
  • Graphics are great on the phone so is the sound quality..
  • I love the selection of shows that I have to choose from..

Overall Satisfactionc33
Now I can watch my favorite shows anytime and anywhere I want.
I would like to have more full episodes and current ones.
Love being able to watch Good Wife during my lunch breaks finally.
But not being able to watch them on the actual TV is absurd.
Love being able to catch up on my favorite shows at my convenience.
Now I can watch Amazing Race and Survivor on my iPad.
Thanks CBS for allowing me the opportunity to watch missed episodes.
No thanks CBS.
Amazing video quality on my iPhone.
Fun & Engagingc18
I would like to have more full episodes and current ones.
My only complaint is that it plays the same commercials over and over.
Repeat Valuec27
otherwise perfect minus repetitive commercials.
Ads not Intrusivec22
too many commercials and the same ones.
My only complaint is that it plays the same commercials over and over.
Security & Privacyc10
Updates & Supportc10

Long overdue. found in 6 reviews
David Letterman or Craig Ferguson on this app. found in 17 reviews
It's the only why I can watch undercover boss :-. found in 12 reviews
Needs more full episodes and less clips. found in 339 reviews
Much better since " 2 Broke Girls " Full Episodes. found in 66 reviews
Put a tv subscriber login and let people watch latest episodes. found in 299 reviews
The video and audio quality are also very poor. found in 13 reviews
Wish it were easier to fast forward to a specific spot. found in 57 reviews
Great picture but way way too many commercials. found in 181 reviews
You can't watch new episodes with this app until weeks later. found in 350 reviews
Needs AirPlay for Apple TV & Chromecast support. found in 127 reviews
You only have full episodes available on crappy shows. found in 416 reviews
It doesn't get the Big Bang theory or two broke girls. found in 469 reviews
Please give us access to current shows sooner after they air. found in 107 reviews
Needs fullscreen AirPlay support and more full episodes. found in 52 reviews
It gets annoying watching the same ads over and over. found in 62 reviews
The fact that it doesn't support air play is not good. found in 25 reviews
I check daily to see if new shows /episodes are added. found in 121 reviews
CBS needs to take some lessons from ABC. found in 110 reviews
No need for this app if CBS won't add full episodes. found in 15 reviews
Good app just doesn't have the current episodes. found in 173 reviews
closed captioning can sometimes be five minutes out of sync. found in 38 reviews
I'm sad full episodes of Big Bang Theory aren't included in the list of shows. found in 335 reviews
CBS apparently doesn't show full episodes of all their shows. found in 281 reviews
Can't watch shows unless you have all access. found in 317 reviews
This iPhone app will not let me watch full episodes of Big Bang theory. found in 335 reviews
Does not include Full Episodes of my favorite show "Person of Interest". found in 150 reviews
Doesn't allow you to watch recent episodes of current shows. found in 189 reviews
it consistently crashes and won't even let you watch the latest episodes. found in 299 reviews
No Person of interest watching Full episodes in uncut an unedited to. found in 191 reviews
Unbelievable with other TV apps I don't have a problem. found in 157 reviews
Sadly disappointed there were not full episodes available for all shows. found in 416 reviews
Not having current episodes is absolutely retarded. found in 173 reviews
Needs to have TV shows available 24hrs after it airs. found in 136 reviews
Also why can't we skip the same commercials over and over again. found in 168 reviews
They removed the option to watch full episodes from CSI NY. found in 2102 reviews
It crashes every time i try to watch any thing or do a search for anything. found in 156 reviews
Can't find Big Bang Theory episodes only clips. found in 469 reviews
Buggy and crashes every time I try to watch a show. found in 342 reviews
So I'm asking nicely please give us full episodes of Person of Interest. found in 192 reviews

The CBS is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 20.6 MB to download. The new CBS app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-09. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about CBS in CBS Interactive`s Official Website :

Watch full episodes of your favorite CBS shows with the CBS app for iPad and iPhone Enjoy primetime, daytime and late night episodes from America s Most Watched Network. Catch NCIS, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, How ...
Pretty soon I will stop watch CBS altogether     Keep getting GREEDY
I missed an early episode of Zoo so I wanted to use the app to see it but its only for CBSs paid subscribers The most recent is the same but 23and 4 episodes back are free How can one get into a show after it begins its season if you make them subscription only Poor play CBS Youre using MY federally provided airwaves so you could be nice and let them be free I cant even figure out how to get their paid service if I wanted it just tells me its required and thats all        Free sort of
Gets the job done but the audio quality is terrible        Terrible audio quality
Cant watch all shows and they wont let you know that until they get all of your info Lots of shows require paying more but they dont explain it or give you the ability anywhere in the app Missed the first couple of episodes of a series so I wanted to catch up NOPE only the episodes you can still see on tv are available Whats the freaking point of this app     Boooooo
I wanted to watch Thursday night football so I tried CBS all access They asked for my zip code told me I was eligible for live tv I signed up opened the app Were sorry your not eligible check back soon BS who let them have a Thursday night game     They lied to get my subscription
I cant even rate this app good CBS is ripping people off that already pay for their service through the cable providers Im on the road and cant watch the game a normal way so using the app to watch and all I get is a message saying its not showing but feel free to watch our other shows This is crap and they know it     Crap
Terrible app Poor design doesnt support Airplay very long ads        No Airplay
Glitchy Horrible picture Horrible sound Why bother     Horrible
Not worth the download     If I could Id give it a 0 stars
The sole reason we paid for the all access was to watch old episodes of young and the restless But now last season mysteriously disappeared and they only have the current season Booo CBS     Booo
Seems to mostly be a web wrapper with a video player that doesnt support AirPlay Immediately uninstalled Way to not get apps CBS     Terrible and no AirPlay
So I missed the Late Show with Stephen Colbert and because CBS doesnt put that show on Hulu seriously I was forced to download this app repeat Was forced to download this app I wanted to see a short clip of the show but wasnt sure where it was in the timeline The clip I wanted to watch was 35 minutes The amount of ads I had to watch was 8 minutes and twenty seconds worth Each time I slid the marker up to the next level on the timeline even though I only watched 2 seconds of the clip to see where in the show I landed it would force me to sit through 2 full minutes of ads Come on Make the app smarter to know I only watched 2 seconds so as not to force me to watch more ads Other than that the app functioned well        Awful advertising functionality
No full episodes of past shows yet CBS wont give in and join the HULU family with current shows Also I cant get live TV without paying CBS directly CBS I think you missed the movement called Cut the cordCableSatellite We are not going to kill the cable bill to turn around and pay you for free network TV access Listen to your fan base I now watch NBS and ABC shows because of Hulu I dont watch CBS shows because they are not on Hulu     Such a waste of time
Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt Netflix has nothing to worry about CBS should work a deal with them because technology is not their bag           GLITCHY APP
App lies about being able to watch live TV States create an account then after you create account it states you must have all access account which isnt free Make sure so sign up with fake info since apparently they are hurting for our email addresses     Suckers
Out of all of tv apps you can get THIS ONE is by far the WORST APP EVER first it makes u agree some rediciluase terms then says live tv is available but wont let you watch it POS     Worst app ever
First the commercials I get it Totally You make content freely available to the viewer you gotta pay for it Fine Ill sit through your ads ONCE But if I decide to start watching a show on my phone and midway through to resume on my TV via Chromecast I shouldnt have to watch a new set of ads before my content is displayed from the middle of a segment Second the app fails to provide finegrained controls to navigate through an episode Sure I can use the slider to move back and forth but that is difficult to do with the precision on a phone What if I want to move forward or backward 15 or 30 seconds at a time Third navigation within the app is also cumbersome When I open it up I would like to get right to the content that interests me most Instead I have to look at a screen that gives me information which I am totally uninterested in        Disappointing but its all they offer
1 Why am I paying for an app that has commercials 2 Why am I paying for an app that constantly crashes restarts and makes me watch said commercials all over again 3 Why why why why are the ATTDirect TV and Aflac commercials so flipping LOUD 4 I find it interesting that the commercials stream just fine but the actual show Im trying to watch glitches out and I have to watch the commercials all over again     4 things
Pay for cable now pay again just horrible     Horrible
Ive had this app for 15 minutes and Ive watched at least 8 minutes of commercials This app reminded why I became a cord cutter     Is CBS going broke
Paid for the subscription and I still cant watch live tv in my area Get with the times CBS     No live tv
This APP is worse that imaginable So many more commercials than regular TV And the FULL EPISODES what a joke Yeah there are a few complete episodes but only the ones they want to list Not all of them and not in any order Ive already deleted the APP     Not even worth one star
Signed up to stream football game game isnt available to stream Canceling membership now     Cant live stream footbsall
Why am I paying for the same 4 commercials during my shows and pitiful streaming capabilities Im not anymore This is awful     I cant imagine a single way to make it worse
See all the above Wow CBS Also I cant even complete logging in the submit button is completely unresponsive     Shameful
They should be embarrassed Thanks CBS for preventing me from watching football     Awful
Took me a bit just get threw the sign up part of it And now that I did read reviews all I can say is cbs wake up smell the coffee shame on you to rip people off like that Not very nice I wont be paying twice     Unreal
Its impossible to figure out live tv Its hard to believe when apps like ABC are easy to use and actually allow you to watch live tv Very disappointed     Terrible
The worst app I have ever used     Awful
This was working fine until iOS 9 now it wont let me log in app doesnt respond to return key after typing in password     Cant log in to all access since iOS 9
For the last two seasons Ive started watching Big brother this year I wanted to vote for players for the season Unfortunately I voted one day and now it wont let me vote again Supposedly you can vote 20 times a day well it wont let me vote again at all It has been 48 hours so of course I should be able to vote again but the app wont let me Personally I think this app needs a lot of work With the simple issue of voting not working I most definitely will not get the paid version LOL This app is a joke     Cant find anything
This app crashes so much but when it does work I try to stream it through my Apple TV because CBS Chicago is terrible to try and get over a digital antenna and its so choppy and HD is terrible Other apps work just fine and are crystal clear but with the CBS app if its not choppin its crashin One good thing is the selection of programs        Crashes Choppy then crashes again
This App is far less than what it claims They call it All Access but the actuality is that you can pay 799 a month and get every other network most within 3 hours of air time for Hulu CBS All Access only gives you 1 network and its only 2 less Who do they think they are I spent that all summer long from May to now and only watched Zoo Everything else was reruns of CBS shows all the way back to the beginning of time By the way The most popular shows are in available in their entirety They only have the last 7 episodes of most Id like to have All Access to every season of The Big Bang Theory or Mike and Molly And forget about live streaming that the App promises Its not available I guess if your not from a metropolitan area you arent considered important enough Many of us live in no local areas because they define local as a few miles away I live in Central VT The closest television stations to me are in Burlington VT or Boston MASS These are considered local to my television provider but apparently they arent close enough for CBS And now they have this new agreement that says you agree to let them distribute your personal information willy nilly and you cant do a thing about it except quit the App Well guess what that means boys I QUIT And I advise everyone else to do the same     Far less than it claims
Disappointed I paid for the subscription expecting to watch some favorite shows but sadly all does not mean all access some shows are blocked Aside from that it does not stream well Other channelsapps stream great but at the same time this one has many hiccups with loading and stopping in the middle of live programming The same problems are not experienced on other channels only CBS Will be dropping it soon        All does not mean everything
Have a one star shouldnt of took Colbert off live stream     Horrible
I currently use ixfinity nbc and abc apps when Im stuck at work and want to catch my shows Everyone of them I can watch live shows except cbs Cbs is by far my favorite channel and I cant watch live tv on my phone I am a paying customer with ixfinity and should b able to sign in and watch any live show I want but with this app u have to pay to have all access but none of the other channels make u do that So now Im at work and just missed the season premiere of Big Bang and gonna miss scorpion and ncis Los Angeles Absolutely rediculous If they were on abc or nbc I would b watching right now with no issues but instead I can only watch certain episodes that are all re runs This app is terrible     This app is horrible
Opt in or delete this app Do NOT agree to their user agreement There is no way not to agree and use the app so just DO NOT USE THIS APP You are agreeing to give them and third parties your location based information rights to contact you to push ads on you These are outrageous user agreements     Location and Ads
Your ads are so loud they woke up my two year old sleeping half a house away The volume difference between your shows and ads is appalling Especially ATT ads Why some ads and not others Once I am done watching back episodes of survivor I am deleting this app     Volume of ads
I love this app i love to watch my favorite shows and i can even mark them into my cbs i would rate this 10 out of 5 stars outstanding                 AMAZING
I downloaded this fine app to watch about 10 minutes of content To my surprise and excitement that 10 minutes came with at least another 10 minutes of absolutely free advertisements Not only 7 ads for the first 4 minutes of the show I wanted to see but yet another amazing 7 ads for the next 6 minutes The only reason I am not giving this app 5 stars is because I really think they could have tried to throw a few more ads at me Thanks CBS keep up the innovative work that you do              I learned about so many new products to consume
Cant watch NFL live Very disappointed in this app I pay for CBS in my tv package Wrote tow long reviews but app keeps telling me the nicknames I selected are taken then deleted my entire review     No love NFL
Crap     CRAP
Had a problem with billing I cant do anything about it on my iPhone or iPad a little pop of window says to change your profile or billing info log in on a PC I dont have a PC I have an app why cant I take care of everything in the app So now I cant watch anything until I figure out who is gonna let me use their computer to log in to change my debit card number you you can bill me        Need a PC
Tired of companies just trying to get marketing information with deceitful practices Worse of the big three Cant use cable access to register Demands a SEPARATE payment to view all programming Really Only one of the big three that wants money after subscribing to Comcast If I could give a 0 rating I would Immediately deleted Love my iPad hate this app     Unbelievable
We should not have any commercials especially 3 of them if we are paying for this app One star is all you going to get GET RID OF THE COMMERCIALS     Commercials and we are paying for it This is a JOKE
Hire real engineers     Horrible
Nice app Commercial are so frustrating but it still an industry and that leave us no choice              Cool
Too many adds no HD at all you have to go back and forward between chapters I expected more from you CBS     Had enough of Targets add
miles from a decent company Pay for Tv that I already pay for hmmm Greed lining the pockets of already wealthy execs not for me     Would give less than 1 if I could

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