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Gray Television Group, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (SkyWarn 13 Weather ,KMVT Weather ,KNOP News ,6 Weather ,WCAX News ,KWTX Weather), brings CBS7 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. CBS7 app has been update to version 1.1.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download CBS7 for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 59471872, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new CBS7 app version 1.1.2 has been updated on 2016-10-27.
More Info: Find more info about CBS7 in Gray Television Group, Inc.`s Official Website :

Stay on top of all the latest West Texas news, weather and sports with the free KOSA CBS 7 News application. The KOSA CBS 7 News application provides award-winning coverage of local, national and world news. ...
Please get rid of the stupid ads I would pay for an ad free app as I have done with other apps On a breaking news story I ll swipe and the story is about 5 stories down not the first one popping up         To many ads CWSimons
I like this app however I am very close to deleting due to UNWANTED notifications My settings for notifications are set to receive Breaking News and Weather Alerts ONLY but I am still getting Happening Today notifications I require VITAL information ONLY not the annoyance of looking at my watch only to see a Happening Today notice So what s up with giving the illusion of allowing personalized configuration of notification preferences         Notification settings don t work LindaLu652
I am so sick of the AIM bank ad It stays on too long The other ads are the same junk ads that are all over Yahoo News and the stories have nothing to do with the title of the ad I don t understand how the reporters got their job The grammar is somewhere on the elementary level How did they even graduate high school The lack of vocabulary skills and poor spelling make me cringe Very unprofessional app Two stars for attempting to get the news out to the public         Ads Grammar Spelling BAD Tootsietx
I actually like your app It is simple and direct I do at times find the story may have been posted without using a tool for spellcheck etc to find mistakes The biggest frustration I see is your lack of ability for comments to be posted about a story Your agency is timely with stories and events but you fail at engaging in the feedback of your community Please consider adding this option 4 Stars only due to the lack of comments available and grammar is atrocious                 My perspective Permian viewer
Please develop a paid version so we can keep up with the news without all the annoying ads             Say No to the Ads Kenda Jo
While Ch 7 is fast to report breaking news the site is are to navigate and the stories are covered in ads Not only are there multiple ads they are spam or phishing ads Very irritating             Too many ads Ibears
Don t guess there are any plans to fix it Do not bother     Crashes on load still macsteve5
Not just with this app but all apps with Google or any company ads I keep getting risqu or sexually suggestive ads It s worthless to click on the x click on report the ad mark as inappropriate or any other selection This yields a message that says We ll try not to show this ad again The operative word is try which is a weak attempt by advertisers to weasel their way out of abiding by requests not to see their ads I always get the same ads that I report             Lose the risqu ads Appcrashes2much
The only thing loading when I launch app is the ads I keep getting notifications is stories related to weather tonight but can t open anything     Only ads loading Moorejt1
The app is more adds than news That s why I left channel 2 Now it has adds an old person can t figure out how to bypass Good by Headed to channel 9 This is junk     Junk Oil Craker
What s the deal with the pop up add aim bank Pops up all the time can t close it If I want adds I ll watch the nightly news Lose the ads or you ll lose me     Ads Manofallwork
Updated app does not open or closes immediately Worthless version     Awful Xfar
Not all users of this app live in Midland or Odessa We want to know school closures in our rural schools also schools like Grady ISD Rankin Kermit Monahans Ackerly Sands Klondike and many others CBS7 includes these smaller schools in Sports and school closures on TV why not the iPhone app             Small schools are still around Children in small schools
I hate the update I loved the old cbs7 radar app please change it back it had so much more we could do on it     Update ruined it Beezer87
After the last update I could no longer zoom pictures They are too small Old news stays on thread too long     Update starringuandi
Most times stories don t make sense Misuse of writing skills including misspelled words incorrect phrasing Do Middle School students write your blogs         Lynda Lawrence txtrixee
When you need local breaking news this is one of several apps     It s an app TheCrowingLunchBox
The app is wonderful The only thing that bothers me is all of the pop up advertising Please fix Otherwise the app is amazing Will be referring to my family and friends                     WOW Cbs7 FAN!!!
I don t need the number to tell me to read stories that area should be for updates to the app I also can t find the news for the adv and junk         Dislike Lost 44467
This app is cleaner but you can not navigate because of all the pop up advertising it s ridiculously to much     Not so good Big daddy Parnell
Really love the clean look and that you can customize what s important to you                     New App Annette Knox
This app is a great improvement over the station s last I m glad that I ll be able to customize alerts for my liking                     Great improvement William R Malm
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