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JPMorgan Chase & Co. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Chase Freedom® Mobile ,Chase Mobile ,J.P. Morgan Mobile ,Chase Mobile Checkout (SM) ,jot ,Chase My New Home), brings Chase Mobile (SM) with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Chase Mobile (SM) app has been update to version 2.18 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Works great for basic banking including deposits..
  • Love how the header changes with your location and time of day..
  • Makes everything so easy send money pay bills whatever..
  • Using the chase banking app makes running my business so much easier..
  • So far one of the best banking apps I've seen and worked with..

Overall Satisfactionc71
So far one of the best banking apps I've seen and worked with.
Compared to other mobile banking apps this is far inferior.
I love the check deposit feature and having an updated balance whenever I want.
Chase's is simply the best mobile banking app I've used.
This app is just the worst mobile bank app ever.
This is really helpful and I love being able to deposit checks through it.
Having the same issues with trying to deposit check using the app.
Thanks Chase for providing a great technology experience.
Thanks Chase for making an app that crashes after 15 seconds.
Very easy to pay bills online - great job chase.
poor job Chase.
I agree with others and this app NEEDS touch ID.
Love the new design making this app very iPhone friendly.
Fun & Engagingc95
Love the people who work there awesome bank.
I think you guys are an awesome bank.
Easy to navigate & remote deposit is awesome.
Electronic check deposit is awesome.
Easy to use and very helpful for keeping tabs on our accounts.
Very easy to use and very helpful to keep track of your money.
Perfect multifunctional app does everything I need it to do.
This app does everything I need it to and does it in style.
Love this app very much saves time an gas thanks.
Saves time visiting the bank to make deposits.
I find the CHASE App to be very useful and convenient.
This is a very useful and convenient app.
Production Valuesc78
Much faster to deposit remotely and I love the new interface.
I absolutely love the new interface on both iPhone and iPad.
It does almost anything that you'd get from your web interface.
Has almost all the features of web interface.
Ease of Usec72
Easy to pay bills and transfer money between accounts.
This app does not allow you to pay bills through the App.
Love this app makes it easy to transfer money to family and friends.
I have been unable to transfer money between account for months.
Chase always makes banking easy for me as a visually impaired person.
Outdated UI makes banking on this platform very inefficient.
easy to use and very convenient to have your bank information in your pocket.
Easy to use and very helpful for keeping tabs on our accounts.
This app makes everything super convenient and easy to maneuver.
I can see all my accounts and it's easy to navigate through it.
Very simple app and does exactly what it should.
If you can't work a simple app.
I never have any problems logging in and it's always secure.
No problems logging in using desktop.
Security & Privacyc51
It's great for checking account balances and making transfers and deposits.
it crashes upon checking account balances and transactions.
Great app very handy when I need to check my account and make transfers.
The latest update doesn't allow me to login and check my account.
The incorporated secure message function is a big leap.
-Give the option to delete the messages in the secure message center.
Not gonna complain about entering my password every time.
Really hate having to enter my full password every time.
Updates & Supportc55
Extremely user friendly and fabulous customer service when questions do arise.
Best version of a Chase app yet.
This version follows form and function much better than the previous version.

The new look makes it inviting with the same easy navigation. found in 24 reviews
Love how it works and the new updated version. found in 11 reviews
I love the functionality and anytime anywhere features. found in 16 reviews
A convenient and great app to have for Chase bankers. found in 12 reviews
Thank you Chase Team. found in 11 reviews
Very good app with very beautiful and functional design. found in 9 reviews
Easy to manage my accounts and send money via quickpay. found in 59 reviews
I can keep track of my accounts and I receive notifications of the process. found in 16 reviews
I can see all my accounts and it's easy to navigate through it. found in 37 reviews
Long overdue update for iOS 7. found in 10 reviews
I love the new UI Interface and with the new iOS 7 integrated. found in 8 reviews
Does everything I need it to with an easy interface. found in 14 reviews
I love the new layout that they introduced a little while ago. found in 18 reviews
It's a great tool helps me manage my money really well. found in 19 reviews
The app is easy to use and very dependable so far. found in 12 reviews
send and receive money all will sitting at the restaurant table. found in 25 reviews
Very elegant & loaded with features
I find the CHASE App to be very useful and convenient. found in 11 reviews
and it keeps telling me the service is temporarily unavailable. found in 43 reviews
Most banking apps have the quick login feat. found in 14 reviews
There is something wrong with the Log In button. found in 10 reviews
Still needs Touch ID & iPhone 6 Plus support. found in 505 reviews
Would be great if it save username as previous version. found in 71 reviews
Update looks cool but have been unable to deposit checks since update. found in 160 reviews
Sometimes the chase mobile deposit doesn't work at all. found in 78 reviews
1. found in 52 reviews
After updating to latest chase app I can't deposit checks anymore. found in 1218 reviews
Overall good but desperately needs Touch ID login. found in 49 reviews
The save user ID function stopped working after the last update. found in 56 reviews
Forced updates are ridiculous. found in 48 reviews
I am disappointed that the check deposit feature doesn't work. found in 21 reviews
it's been " temporarily unable to connect to chase" for weeks now. found in 80 reviews
Pretty good app however it crashes almost every time I try to deposit a check. found in 1155 reviews
Every time I try to deposit checks on here it crashes. found in 121 reviews
it's been "temporarily unable to connect to chase " for weeks now. found in 346 reviews
One problem: secure message center never works on my iPhone 5s. found in 81 reviews
2 BIG flaws that Chase needs to address QUICKLY
Ever since the last upgrade mobile check deposit doesn't work. found in 665 reviews
Unable to deposit checks via the mobile app for several weeks now. found in 189 reviews
I am no longer able to deposit checks from my phone. found in 167 reviews
I can log in but every time I try to deposit a check it shuts down. found in 1155 reviews
Poor customer service that mobile banking is still down. found in 168 reviews
Crashes every time I try to take a picture to deposit money now. found in 340 reviews
PLEASE fix the check deposit feature for the IPhone 4S. found in 967 reviews
Quick Deposit Doesn't Work and not enough time. found in 406 reviews
Having the same issues with trying to deposit check using the app. found in 288 reviews
Loved this app until I couldn't deposit checks using Quick Deposit. found in 170 reviews
It always says temporarily unable to connect to Chase banking. found in 303 reviews
single time I try to make a deposit it completely crashes and logs me out. found in 668 reviews
Making mobile deposits is horrible with this app. found in 275 reviews
I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but still " unable to connect to Chase ". found in 346 reviews
Ever since iOS 7 it shuts down when trying to make a deposit. found in 668 reviews
please give us the ability to deposit checks via the iPhone's camera. found in 193 reviews

The Chase Mobile (SM) is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.18 has been released on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Chase Mobile (SM) check developer JPMorgan Chase & Co.`s website :

FREE Mobile Banking App Customized for iPhone and iPod touch users. If you own an iPhone or iPod touch, try banking on the go Our exclusive iPhone application makes it easy for you to: BANK ...
I have been using chase app for a while and all of a sudden it stopped supporting special characters in the password field Which I have at least one of and have had and used for years It just would not even accept the input of the characters into the field When I called the support number I got a typical bad attitude response from chase I miss WAMU employees She tried to tell me that they never accepted special characters in the password field Strange since I have been using it that way for years and the iPhone app has accepted it that way for months The app would get a much better rating if it worked right and if they did something to have a support number for the app where the customer service rep know what they were talking about     Most annoying app Send notifications and forces password even after Touch ID used
Check deposit doesnt work anymore since last update Called chase and went through the nightmare that is there customer service talked to three different people who insisted on every possible scenario except that theres a bug in the app since the last update The app specialist even tried to insist that the ink on the same checks Ive been depositing for five years must have changed The OCR works It sees the account numbers The app gives an error when trying to submit the deposit Update Pictures wont even process now says the pic quality is too low Again worked for years and has become useless on the latest update     Check deposit doesnt work anymore
Ive used check deposit for years but now it doesnt work after the new update I work long hours that typically mean I cant get to a chase bank to deposit in person Please fix this soon     Used to work
Finger sign in simply the best                 The Gold Standard
It works the way its supposed to except when I try to use the quick deposit it says it cant connect to Chase and when I try to put the routing in manually it wont let me select the bar to start typing these problems need to be fixed soon        Needs improvements
Overall luv it              Touch ID a little fidgety
Great app has all the information that I need but it denies me when I try to pay my Chase credit card Hope that gets fixed soon It seems to be getting worse by the day Help me Chase     Generally good but has flaws
This app is garbage I have used it for over a year and could not log on anymore I tried a password change and no matter what I try to type it will say invalid password This app basically forces you to change your password and then will not accept your new one This is unacceptable Chase as a whole is pretty subpar and I will be changing banks now     Terrible
Every time I attempt to sign on it says that it doesnt recognize my mobile device and sends me a new identification code Id give zero stars if I could     No longer works
Unprofessional bank with crap service This app could be useful if I didnt have to download the latest version every two days to use it     Boo this app
Overall great app for a great bank but please add Apple Watch support like all the other banks are doing              Great app needs Apple Watch support
This app does not allow you to make stock transactions You can only view your transaction activity This is useless     Not a very good app
I use it everyday because I need it every day Please continue the great work Its user friendly Thank you But I must say that I do have the newest iPhone but up to May I had an iPhone 5 and I didnt have problems Yes the status down on the weekends but I still keep mental track of my spending like in the old times                 Great
Wifey convinced me to come to chase for our joint account and I like that chase offers better branches and atm machines and a lot less fees than Bank of America but having come from using the Bank of America app Chases app leaves a lot to be desired Overall this app looks cheap and lacks fluidity Bill pay is very unorganizedcant even search for payees you basically have to pull up every bill My advice to chase is to have employees use the Bank of America website and app and take notes to make chases website and app much better        Functionalcould be better
I switched from HSBC to Chase I can say this app is Excellent 1 The design is Clean 2 The app is user friendly 3 I can deposit a check in 1min 4 The app never crashed 5 I can login in 5 sec Keep going Best app                 Excellent App
I used to be able to save time by depositing checks with my phones Chase mobile app Ever since the most recent update which I was forced to download if I wanted to continue using the app the app force closes every time I take a photo of a check I want to deposit I tried multiple times to deposit a check and its crashed on me every single time Why force an app update on your customers when doesnt work properly Now I have to go visit a branch to deposit my checks What a waste of time Fix this app     Update Ruined It
It takes me less time to drive to the bank and get my balance than to use this app It CONSTANTLY makes you update close the app reopen update againthe worst Hey zillion dollar company Im sure the geek squad at best buy could make a better app or better yet hire someone from Apple to make you an app and stop trying to save a penny so your CEOs can afford one more kilo of blow at their Caligula yacht party     Sorry for the inconvenience
This app keeps updating Wont let you log in to check your money unless you update Piece of crap now     Crap
I loved this app and how easy and fluid it was to use until the fingerprint login stopped working We live in a fast paced society now guys I dont have time to enter my iD and password thats why Touch ID login was great Now that its done it makes the app a chore to use Im over it        FINGERPRINT FEATURE
I looked at everyone on the app download page the app itself and on the website There doesnt seem to be any obvious way to send feedback about the app Bug report Logged in to the Secure Message area in the app The badge indicates multiple messages After login Im presented with a blank screen Nothing to do but exit the message area Running iPhone 6 w841           Tried to find contact for App feedback
Why cant I redeem for statement credit using the app Every time Im forced to go online to get my statement credit Its like you are pressuring people to get gift cards        Gimmick
I love this app HOWEVER every time I log in it requires me to get an identification code to gain access This has never happened before and I have not changed devices so it should not be requiring it each time I try and log on Please update and fix           Update Needed
I like this app It makes my life so much easier My big problem is that the fingerprint recognition stopped popping up I usually check my account throughout the day and that made it a lot easier           What happened
Easy to use The app is awesome Its helped me make great decisions by knowing my balances of accounts quickly However with TouchID it seems to crash ALL THE TIME It gets annoying every time I want to log in using TouchID that it crashes Please fix I love TouchID           Great app but TouchID fails
Shouldnt be asking for password to access some features other bank apps with touch id dont ask for password to use some of the features or at least give the customer the option to disableenable that extra security     Asking for password
The app at least 1x per week sends me a message that it does not recognize my device I have been using the Chase app on my iPhone for 3 years It is really annoying to always have to enter the long code Also the phone number chase has on record is old and I have called Chase to change it 4x But it still never takesit is really frustrating dealing this this co Negative stars     Malfunctions all the time
Por quería de app     No hace de a la cuenta
My app is not working pleas help me to fix it think you and you have good day     Pleas
Update I discovered belatedly that I do have full access to all my recent transactions from this app I now rate it five stars Its functionality is great and I love the fingerprint sign in First my most significant disappointment with this app is its inability to display recent credit card transactions The main thing I want to do on my mobile device is to be able to see card transactions at restaurants shortly after the purchases are made Secondly I am disappointed that the fingerprint ID feature does not consistently work                 Not so great for credit cards
It would be nice to see your pending purchases add to the total balance so you know where your balance will be once the pending charges are complete Bank of America is 10x better app and o it use this to manage my Marriot Rewards card Hopefully BofA will do Marriot soon Ill switch faster than TouchID works        Needs work for credit card view
One issue my fingerprint isnt working anymore to login in It stopped working after the last update              Great
Better than no fingerprint log in annoying because you have to enter password to view your statement useless at all iam deleting this asspp           SLOW
Stop forcing users to update to use the app This is stupid     User
Dear Chase mobile app as much as I love my credit card Im seriously thinking about making a change I cannot get rid of or replace the background picture on my mobile app You see I have recently experienced a traumatic breakup and Im tired of looking at the picture of the happy couple walking in the park You never know he could be cheating on her but nevertheless she walks beside him without a hint of knowing the doom that lies in the road ahead If there was a way I could get a city skyline or a pic of the beach without a wicked couple parading before me as I check the balance on my credit card that would be wonderful I believe I would be able to resume my life without bitter thoughts and feelings emerging after being visually assaulted on the reg I prefer a city skyline any city will do Thank you Signed Misery in the MO     Chase bank youre ruining my life
Would be even better if once the user ID is entered and Remember me is selected the user ID is only half displayed For instance userid would be a good way of keeping the ID safe from prying eyes              Great app but
Its really annoying     New security features render this inconvenient
Im not a Chase bank customer but I do have two Chase credit cards so I guess I am a bank customer lol Its a very convenient app for looking up my balance or making a payment I love it                 Great app
I enjoyed and appreciated this app until it started having trouble with mobile check deposits recently Whenever I attempt to deposit a check on my phone the app declines my attempt and tells me that I do not have any valid accounts for mobile deposits which is strange considering I was allowed to deposit my checks until the current update I would greatly appreciate a solution to this issue        Good But Wont Allow Mobile Deposits
If you are a chase account holder and want to make 9000 to 15000 overnight no money required serious inquires call or text 17862295697                 Serious inquires
The deposit check feature no longer works Huge bummer     Deposit check feature no longer works
Got the latest update It crashes before it launches EVERY TIME Useless I used to use the app often Now it is impossible     New version
This was a great app when the fingerprint was working on my iPhone 5S What happened Please fix           Finger print not working
App is not working since 9115 please do an update        App not working
Loved this app until the Touch ID function no longer available Why Chase did this I havent the slightest idea Uninstalling this app now Ill go through the mobile site     Touch ID gone
Love the preview page for balances and easy to use UI Would like to have search function to look up specific charges deposits or checks              Like app need search
please fix Touch ID           notifications great Touch ID not working
Used to be able to deposit money orders now it wont work at all     Mobile deposit doesnt work
I shouldnt have to constantly enter a password to make a payment This is frustrating     Fingerprint should work for everything
It does what it needs to do for me I wish there was an option to switch accounts where the quickpayment goes intocomes out of Please update              Quickpay

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