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Chris Phillips , the publisher behind many iOS app (Cheerful Charts ,Flick Boxing ,GeoChallenge - Flags, Countries & Capitals Geography Quiz ,Team Mate ,Cheats for The Sims 1, 2 and 3 ,GTA Game Cheats), brings Cheats for The Sims 1, 2 and 3 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Cheats for The Sims 1, 2 and 3 app has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • the real sims games are on the computer..
  • I used it for sims 3 xbox and it is awesome..
Overall Satisfactionclick me97
A great app there is more cheats can you add it.
The best free one out there.
Amazingly Awesome.
Plus love the fact that i can set my own simoliens.
Fun & Engagingclick me70
A great app there is more cheats can you add it.
They have awesome cheats I never knew.
I'm just bored.
Amazingly Awesome.
Usefulnessclick me83
This app is so helpful especially with the simileons.
This was very helpful thank u.
Ease of Useclick me65
in one easy place.
Basic amd simple.
I can pull up the app really quick so it's fast and convenient.
Updates & Supportclick me52
iPhone and ps3 version of the sims 3.


Cheats for The Sims is a thoughtfully designed app providing simple quick and easy access to every cheat code for every Sims game, on each console/platform.
Cheats for The Sims works beautifully on your iPhone, iPod touch, and even your iPad!


This app contains cheats for all currently released Sims games:
· The Sims - PC/Mac/PS2/Xbox/Gamecube
· The Sims 2 - PC/Mac/PS2/Xbox/Gamecube/PSP
· The Sims 3 - PC/Mac/PS3/360/iOS

Cheats for The Sims 1, 2 and 3Cheats for The Sims 1, 2 and 3
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No internet connection required! All data is stored locally.


This application is an unofficial guide to The Sims, The Sims 2 and The Sims 3. It is intended for educational purposes only. This application is the sole creation and responsibility of the developer. The developer is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts Inc. Neither has anyone else authorised, sponsored or sanctioned this unofficial guide.
All characters and their names, places, events and all other aspects concerning The Sims, The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 are the property of their respective owners. All trademark and copyright concerning The Sims, The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 are the property of their respective owners. We make no claim to and do not have any rights to any of the foregoing. Images in this application are used only to convey what the application is about.
In creating this unofficial guide to The Sims, The Sims 2 and The Sims 3, I assert its rights under the "fair use" doctrine pursuant to United States copyright law and the equivalent in other jurisdictions. If you believe that there has been a contravention of your proprietary rights then
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details to [email protected]


The Cheats for The Sims 1, 2 and 3 is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 2.8 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.1 has been released on 2014-11-25. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Cheats for The Sims 1, 2 and 3 in Chris Phillips`s Official Website :
Cheats for The Sims 1, 2 and 3


Nice it works. found in 1 reviews
000 simoleons works over and over again. found in 2 reviews
However not the click and drag. found in 1 reviews
I lose my money really fast. found in 1 reviews
Beyond Cool. found in 1 reviews
I've had situations where my Sims got stuck in limbo. found in 1 reviews
Sims cheat app thingy mcjigy. found in 1 reviews
This is a great app for a beginning simmer. found in 1 reviews
Bam bam. found in 1 reviews
I love this app I'm Rich In Sims 3 Now. found in 2 reviews
it stop working and I hope it starts working again. found in 1 reviews
Best app everrrrrrrr. found in 1 reviews
Thise app helped me so much with the sim 3 cheats. found in 3 reviews
This thing works like magic. found in 1 reviews
Totaly worth it. found in 1 reviews
Once when i was shaking my ipod my sims threw up. found in 1 reviews
the sims 2 pc mac ps2 xbox gamecube psp. found in 5 reviews
Xbox game. found in 1 reviews
I've seen a lot. found in 1 reviews
but cant remember the name. found in 1 reviews
i really dont like that it doesnt have it for wii. found in 6 reviews
Needs Wii Cheats. found in 2 reviews
but i cant get the sims 3 iphone cheat to work :. found in 22 reviews
please add cheats for the games on the ipad mini. found in 2 reviews
Doesn't work plz read. found in 1 reviews
but please make one for iPods and iPhones and iPads. found in 3 reviews
Great but Useless App. found in 1 reviews
How come it doesn't have the cheats for the wii. found in 7 reviews
Also there's no option to edit your sims looks with testingcheatsenabled true. found in 1 reviews
Can someone please help me. found in 1 reviews
Thers only 1 iphone cheat and its worthless -10 stars. found in 22 reviews
It doesn't include sims Freeplay. found in 11 reviews
This is stupid do not get it only for Mac /pc. found in 3 reviews
It didn't even work waste of time. found in 1 reviews
Terrible didn't work for iPod. found in 1 reviews
Needs cheats for wii versions including pets. found in 6 reviews
It doesn't even deserve a star. found in 2 reviews
Lacks codes for IPads. found in 2 reviews
iPhone 320x480 1
iPhone 320x480 2
iPhone 320x480 3
iPad 360x480 1
iPad iphone 360x480 2
iPad 360x480 3
Icon 175x175 1
To be honest this app probably works just not on phones in general like u need a pc Xbox 360 or a play station to use it          Okay
I got this app thinking it would help me in Sims but all it did was wast my time It wouldnt tell me how to unable the cheat code for the iOS version It doesnt even deserve a star    Wast of Time
These cheats are amazing I have sooo much money Get it you will remain happy                AWESOME
This app is great Ive had situations where my Sims got stuck in limbo and I couldnt do anything These cheats will come in handy                Helpful
I love the Sims This has helped a lot and all my sims are living happy lives Thanks again             Thx
Is it for sims free play like the first sims                Is it for it
I love this app Im Rich In Sims 3 Now Download NOW                IOS sims 3 cheat works
It says includes the whole sims series but it doesnt have freeplay CRAP    Not what it says
The most organized well made cheating app for sims I have ever seen and a brilliant idea to make an app on thank you all of you who made this app i really appreciate it and all of you that want to download it go ahead if you have sims                Extraordinary Download It now
This app is so stupid U good literally just look up all of these on one site It would be good if u didnt have a computer but if u didnt have a computer you couldnt play Sims Soooo Just look up the cheats    DUMB
This game is awesome but the thing is some of the things arent working The one when u cheat on getting Simoleons             Pretty Cool
This very useful This makes the game much more easier for me now Even though I hate cheating I gotta love this But for the people on the iPad and whatever else I dont enjoy calling it HORRIBLE Therefore this is my Opinion                Great App
People are upset that the cheats dont work but I think that I should clarify and tell all these people that these cheats are for the PC Sims Not your phone I personally love this because looking online is a hassle and its great to have all of this all together                Clarification
Its really convenient because if i ever want to enter a cheat i can just pull up this app on my phone This is a really good app You should get it                Great App
I doesnt work with the iPhone worst app ever    Hate it
This app is fantastic so much that I decided to pay for ad removal But I would like to see cheats for the sims 4 get to work expansion pack on here ps there is some 7 year old that rated ur app and said if u dont put cheats for the sims free play I will delete dis app And maybe say a bad word I laughed so hard                Wow
This is really handy Great app Great design Great idea I really like it                Perfection
You should try it out it is a great game and you should try it out you will love it                AWESOME GAME BEST GAME EVER
Your grand theft auto and saints row cheats apps are awesomeI was hoping you could add cheats for sims free play the mobile app game                I have a request
Gesut what I tried and tried but it didnt work dont get the stupid app because its dumb    Stupid
Thise app helped me so much with the sim 3 cheats                I heart it
All the cheats in one easy place It makes me sad that this app doesnt have a better rating just because of one person who would rather scroll through trying to find cheats                Awesome
I always refer to this when playing the Sims 3 It makes the game more fun                Wonderful
The Bool Prop testing cheat doesnt work on Sims 2             Bool Prop
Um Weres the wii on the sims 3 I wanted cheats for that    THIS IS HORRIBLE
Amazing but I wish It would tell you mo cheats             Good ref
The cheat that gets you 50000 simoleons works over and over again Its great for getting a bit ahead in the game Cash in to your hearts content I made over 10 million simoleons with this app                Motherlode
I used this app on sims 2 they r now millionaires at the top of their careers But should have glitch menu like one or two fun glitches if there r any So thx for this appPS Could the app have a button so i can see some ads It would be nice to look for a game there saw one a while ago but cant remember the name             Could add glitches
A lot of these cheats dont even work    Horrible
These cheats are perfect and cover all 4 upgrades of of the Sims Since I still older versions its is great to have all in one place                So Awesome
I tried it all and none of it works but other people say it works so go ahead waste your time       Doesnt work plz read
really good helped me get started                The Best
I am a true simmer and when it comes to cheats for all the sims I use this app I have one problem though with the sims 4 cheats because I cant do any of the shift click cheats on my sims and this bothers me I have no troubles with any of the other cheats though I recommend motherlode so you can get some money So overall I use this app every day and after a little while you will remember them without looking at the app So I believe this app is worth it even though a few things could be changed             Works Great almost
A great app with a great interface and it does what it should offer But it needs as fast as it cans a update appers that the app were discontinued because since the sims 4 release there are tons of cheats to be putted there          Good but need updates
Need sims 4 cheats for Mac          Sims 4
I like having the cheats all in one place I can pull up the app really quick so its fast and convenient Easy to read too rather than having to look them up scrolling through forums Its a free app so who cares if you can find them online The app is for the convenience No brainer                Nice
It dissent even work    I hate it
Everything went really well in this app However not the click and drag                Awesome
The app is great Now what about The Sims 4                What about The Sims 4
This app helped me conquer the sims 3 and now Im about to use it for the sims 4 Without it my sims would be sad and poor                So convenient
Its not supposed to work for mobile sims only PC so stop complaining                Bam bam
Im not that kind of person who likes to spend money Right So I only have the sims free play Right But on this app they only have the simsthe sims 2the sims 3 and the sims 4 So I want you to put the sims free play on this app RIGHT NOW if you dont I will delete this app oh yeah you have a week If you dont put the sims free play up in a week I will say something nastylike a bad word    Problems
I like this app a lot and it has a ton of helpful information but some of the cheats are out of date and I would like to see more updated for this app          Helpful
Do you know how to use cheats if you are playing off an iPhone 5s I dont have a computer and would love to know how to use these cheats on my phone       Cheats
This is a great app I use it often and it works almost perfectlyIt seems the lifetime points cheat isnt working for me but it may be my computerOverall an amazing app if you need help                Great App
This app is awesome If you want a better game experience on the original way The Sims is played by that I mean on the computer then this is the app for you                LOVE IT
I love this app so helpful Thanks for the ts4 update                GREAT APP
Great app I like it                Great


Chris Phillips
2.8 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.1
iPhone iPad

iOS Cheats for The Sims 1, 2 and 3 1.1 Mobile

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